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[Fate 304395] Disabling (or handling) screensaver during installation
  • From: fate_noreply@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 08:09:35 +0200 (CEST)
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Feature changed by: jsrain
Feature #304395, revision 11
Title: Disabling (or handling) screensaver during installation

- openSUSE-11.1: Evaluation
+ openSUSE-11.1: Candidate
Requester: Desirable
Projectmanager: Important

Requested by: locilka@xxxxxxxxxx
Partner organization:

We currently have screen-saver active during installation/upgrade. This
is a bit problematic when some exception occurs and opens a pop-up
window requesting some user-decision (Abort/Retry/Ignore/...).
On slower networks, installation can take tens of minutes, even a few
hours. It would be nice to disable the screen-saver (easy) or at least
handle all the exceptions by disabling the screen-saver.

Bug 393890 - How to disable screen blank during installation
Black monitor (thread): "The screen suudenly went black"

Use Case:
Installation on slower computer and/or via slower network

#1: aschnell@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-05-27 15:10:07)
On slow computers people might actually want the screensaver. Suppose
you start the installation and go home or sleeping: I would expect that
the monitor powers off after some time.
We could add a call "xset dpms force on" to popups. But I doubt that
this is worth the effort.

#2: locilka@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-05-27 15:43:16) (reply to #1)
Bug 393890 says exactly:
During installation the screen will blank when for some period no
keyboard and
mouse activity is recognized. The drawback is, that you will not
notice error
messages that pop up. So one has to move the mouse every 5 minutes or
so and is
bound to the installation.
It would be cool, if we could
either do not blank the screen at all,
or "deblank" it, when a error message pops up.
... and Stefan Hundhammer adds:
The screen saver should be off during installation. Why would there be
exception to this rule? (It's not even that screen savers serve their
purpose these days - it was an issue with old (very old) CRT monitors
could "burn in" images that would be displayed for a long, long time -
then, we are talking about months, not about hours).

#3: sh@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-05-27 16:10:19) (reply to #1)
aschnell wrote:
On slow computers people might actually want the screensaver. Suppose
you start the installation and go home or sleeping: I would expect that
the monitor powers off after some time.
When I go home during such a lengthy operation, what's wrong with
simply turning the monitor off? This is the most natural and the
simplest thing to do.

#4: sh@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-05-27 16:18:21)
See also Bug #393890
Changing screen saver settings in a widget toolkit (!) such as the
YaST2 Qt UI would affect ALL applications written with that toolkit.
Right now, that's all YaST2 modules, but since this UI is now available
as a general toolkit, you'll never know what other applications this
might affect in the future.
An X11 application is not to change the user's screen saver settings
(unless it is a dedicated application to configure screen saver
settings, of course), much less silently in the background. We'd get a
lot of surprised and very angry users, and they would have every right
to be angry with us. You wouldn't even be able to find out why your
screen saver doesn't work any more.

#5: locilka@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-05-27 16:27:02) (reply to #4)
The feature request is about installation, not about running system.
But it's a good point that we should not change that in general... (the
whole toolkit). Thanks.

#6: flucifredi@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-06-13 17:42:27)
...and we should look at powersave behavior too during these

#7: visnov@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-07-07 09:29:27)
Let's see what can be done. I suggest to:
1) having a installation parameter to switch the screen saver off
2) error messages to stop screensaver if running

+ #8: jsrain@xxxxxxxxxx (2008-07-11 10:08:35)
+ The first part is easily possible and we can do it.
+ Tracking all error pop-ups is not easy.
+ I suggest to disable screensaver at the beginning of installation. Who
+ is doing installation overnight usually switches off the display
+ anyway.

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