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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20201105 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2020 03:00:46 +0000
  • Message-id: <160471804671.14587.4111216463868442295@go-agent-stagingbot-6>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
ImageMagick ( ->
amavisd-new (2.11.1 -> 2.12.0)
apparmor (2.13.5 -> 3.0.0)
firebird ( ->
fwupd (1.5.0 -> 1.5.1)
libapparmor (2.13.5 -> 3.0.0)
librdkafka (1.5.0 -> 1.5.2)
libvirt (6.8.0 -> 6.9.0)
python-gst (1.16.2 -> 1.18.0)
python-libvirt-python (6.8.0 -> 6.9.0)
rubygem-rubocop (1.1.0 -> 1.2.0)
vim (8.2.1900 -> 8.2.1955)

=== Details ===

==== ImageMagick ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: ImageMagick-config-7-SUSE ImageMagick-extra libMagick++-7_Q16HDRI4
libMagickCore-7_Q16HDRI7 libMagickWand-7_Q16HDRI7

- version update to
* Prefer ffmpeg over avconv.
* Support median image statistic and median property.
* Add -extend option to {display,animate,import}.
- modified patches
% ImageMagick-configuration-SUSE.patch (refreshed)

==== amavisd-new ====
Version update (2.11.1 -> 2.12.0)
Subpackages: amavisd-new-docs

- update to version 2.12.0
* Upstream changed to GitLab
* Introduce Rspamd client extension
With this extension, Amavis can use Rspamd either running on the same
server or remotely. Connections are made using HTTP/HTTPS depending on
configuration, the latter requiring a HTTPS-capable proxy (like NGINX or
Apache) for Rspamd, which does not natively support HTTPS. Basic
authentication with name/password pairs is also available.
* Treat "not an OLE file" as a successful result
Amavis supports calling the ripOLE program to extract embedded objects
from Microsoft OLE documents. However, not all Microsoft documents
contain said objects, and the underlying file format changes when they
do. Since Amavis can't tell the difference, it passes everything to
ripOLE unconditionally. Amavis now treats the "not an OLE file" error
code of ripOLE as a successful result, proceeds normally and scans the
file as a whole.
* Fix unix socket path extraction that has prevented a socket based
policy bank to be loaded;
* Fix DKIM signing for outbound messages (remove dkim-signing.diff)
* Fix unescaped left brace regex warning in run_av() subroutine.
* Mention default value for $myprogram_name in minimal amavisd.conf.
- cleanup spec
* remove unused rc.amavis SysV initscript
* remove unused /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d

==== apparmor ====
Version update (2.13.5 -> 3.0.0)
Subpackages: apparmor-abstractions apparmor-docs apparmor-parser
apparmor-parser-lang apparmor-profiles apparmor-utils apparmor-utils-lang
pam_apparmor pam_apparmor-32bit python3-apparmor

- add utils-fix-hotkey-conflict.diff to fix a hotkey conflict in
de, id and sv translations (and fix the test) (MR 675)
- add extra-profiles-fix-Pux.diff to fix an inactive profile -
prevents a crash in aa-logprof and aa-genprof when creating a new
profile (MR 676)
- update to AppArmor 3.0.0
- introduce feature abi declaration in profiles to enable use of
new rule types (for openSUSE: dbus and unix rules)
- support xattr attachment conditionals
- experimental support for kill and unconfined profile modes
- rewritten aa-status (in C), including support for new profile modes
- rewritten aa-notify (in python), finally dropping the perl
requirement at runtime
- new tool aa-features-abi for extracting feature abis from the kernel
- update profiles to have profile names and to use 3.0 feature abi
- introduce @{etc_ro} and @{etc_rw} profile variables
- new profile for php-fpm
- several updates to profiles and abstractions (including boo#1166007)
- fully support 'include if exists' in the aa-* tools
- rewrite handling of alias, include, link and variable rules in
the aa-* tools
- rewrite and simplify log handling in the aa-logprof and aa-genprof
- see
for the detailed upstream changelog
- patches:
- add changes-since-3.0.0.diff with upstream fixes since the 3.0.0
release up to 3e18c0785abc03ee42a022a67a27a085516a7921
- drop upstreamed usr-etc-abstractions-base-nameservice.diff
- drop 2.13-only libapparmor-so-number.diff
- refresh apparmor-enable-profile-cache.diff - partially upstreamed
- update apparmor-samba-include-permissions-for-shares.diff and
apparmor-lessopen-profile.patch - switch to "include if exists"
- apparmor-lessopen-profile.patch: add abi rule to lessopen profile
- refresh apparmor-lessopen-nfs-workaround.diff
- move away very loose apache profile that doesn't even match the
apache2 binary path in openSUSE to avoid confusion (boo#872984)
- move rewritten aa-status from utils to parser subpackage
- add aa-features-abi to parser subpackage
- replace perl and libnotify-tools requires with requiring
python3-notify2 and python3-psutil (needed by the rewritten
- drop ancient cleanup for /etc/init.d/subdomain from parser %pre
- drop (never enabled) conditionals to build with python2 and to
build the python-apparmor subpackage (upstream dropped python2
- drop setting PYTHON and PYTHON_VERSIONS env variable, no longer needed
- set PYFLAKES path for utils check
- add precompiled_cache build conditional to allow faster local
builds without using kvm
- remove duplicated BuildRequires: swig

==== firebird ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: libfbclient2 libib_util

- update to upstream version 3.0.7
* better diagnostic for the 'Missing security context' error
* disconnect from the security database when missing plugin data
structures cause an error (CORE-6339)
* multiple important bug fixes

==== fwupd ====
Version update (1.5.0 -> 1.5.1)
Subpackages: fwupd-lang libfwupd2 libfwupdplugin1 typelib-1_0-Fwupd-2_0

- Amend the spec file (jsc#SLE-16818)
+ Only enable fish support for Tumbleweed
+ Only enable the MSR plugin for x86
+ Only install dbxtool in the architectures with UEFI support
- Update to version 1.5.1:
+ Use UDisks to find out if swap devices are encrypted.
+ Show a link to discover more information about a specific
plugin failure.
+ updated fish completions to 1.5.0.
+ Remove the duplicate parent-child data in FwupdDevice and
+ Show a less scary fwupdate output for devices without info.
+ thunderbolt: recognize authorized value of '2' as well.
+ bcm57xx: Make hotplug more reliable.
+ Use a different Device ID for the OptionROM devices.
+ contrib/ci: switch TPM simulator from ibmswtpm to swtpm.
+ Delete unused EFI variables when deploying firmware.
+ Fix probe warning for the Logitech Unifying device.
+ Include the amount of NVRAM size in use in the LVFS failure
+ Add external interface messages.

==== grub2 ====
Subpackages: grub2-i386-pc grub2-snapper-plugin grub2-systemd-sleep-plugin
grub2-x86_64-efi grub2-x86_64-xen

- Fix boot failure in blocklist installation (bsc#1178278)
* Modified 0002-grub-install-Avoid-incompleted-install-on-i386-pc.patch

==== libapparmor ====
Version update (2.13.5 -> 3.0.0)
Subpackages: libapparmor1 libapparmor1-32bit

- update to AppArmor 3.0.0
- see
for the detailed upstream changelog
- add changes-since-3.0.0.diff with upstream fixes since the 3.0.0
release up to 3e18c0785abc03ee42a022a67a27a085516a7921
- drop 2.13-only patch libapparmor-so-number.diff

==== librdkafka ====
Version update (1.5.0 -> 1.5.2)

- update to 1.5.2:
* Security fixes: There was an incorrect call to zlib's inflateGetHeader()
with unitialized memory pointers that could lead to the GZIP header of a
fetched message batch to be copied to arbitrary memory.
* The default value for the producer configuration property retries has
been increased from 2 to infinity
* The default value for the producer configuration property has been increased from 5 to 30 seconds
* lots of bugfixes, see

==== libvirt ====
Version update (6.8.0 -> 6.9.0)
Subpackages: libvirt-bash-completion libvirt-client libvirt-daemon
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface libvirt-daemon-driver-libxl
libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc libvirt-daemon-driver-network
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu libvirt-daemon-driver-secret
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi
libvirt-daemon-lxc libvirt-daemon-qemu libvirt-daemon-xen libvirt-libs

- Replace '%service_del_postun -n' with '%service_del_postun_without_restart'
'-n' is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
- Update to libvirt 6.9.0
- jsc#SLE-13688, jsc#SLE-16754
- Many incremental improvements and bug fixes, see
- bsc#1177950 - adjust help for --max_iters, default is 5

==== python-gst ====
Version update (1.16.2 -> 1.18.0)

- Update to version 1.18.0:
+ GstTranscoder: new high level API for applications to transcode
media files from one format to another.
+ High Dynamic Range (HDR) video information representation and
signalling enhancements.
+ Instant playback rate change support.
+ Active Format Description (AFD) and Bar Data support.
+ RTSP server and client implementations gained ONVIF trick modes
+ Hardware-accelerated video decoding on Windows via DXVA2 /
+ Microsoft Media Foundation plugin for video capture and
hardware-accelerated video encoding on Windows.
+ qmlgloverlay: New overlay element that renders a QtQuick scene
over the top of an input video stream.
+ imagesequencesrc: New element to easily create a video stream
from a sequence of jpeg or png images.
+ dashsink: New sink to produce DASH content.
+ dvbsubenc: New DVB Subtitle encoder element.
+ MPEG-TS muxing now also supports TV broadcast compliant muxing
with constant bitrate muxing and SCTE-35 support.
+ rtmp2: New RTMP client source and sink element from-scratch
+ svthevcenc: New SVT-HEVC-based H.265 video encoder.
+ vaapioverlay: New compositor element using VA-API.
+ rtpmanager gained support for Google?s Transport-Wide
Congestion Control (twcc) RTP extension.
+ splitmuxsink and splitmuxsrc gained support for auxiliary video
+ webrtcbin now contains some initial support for renegotiation
involving stream addition and removal.
+ RTP support was enhanced with new RTP source and sink elements
to easily set up RTP streaming via rtp:// URIs.
+ avtp: New Audio Video Transport Protocol (AVTP) plugin for
Time-Sensitive Applications.
+ Support for the Video Services Forum?s Reliable Internet Stream
Transport (RIST) TR-06-1 Simple Profile.
+ Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support.
+ rpicamsrc: New element for capturing from the Raspberry Pi
+ RTSP Server TCP interleaved backpressure handling improvements
as well as support for Scale/Speed headers.
+ GStreamer Editing Services gained support for nested timelines,
per-clip speed rate control and the OpenTimelineIO format.
+ Autotools build system has been removed in favour of Meson.
- Drop python-gst-fix-py38-build.patch: fixed upstream.

==== python-libvirt-python ====
Version update (6.8.0 -> 6.9.0)

- Update to 6.9.0
- Add all new APIs and constants in libvirt 6.9.0
- jsc#SLE-13688, jsc#SLE-16754
- Dropped patches:
- Add new file _service for tar_scm source service
- Remove signature file and python-libvirt-python.keyring

==== python-psutil ====

- Fix shebang replacement for multiple python flavors

==== rsyslog ====

- remove legacy stuff from specfile
* sysvinit is not supported anymore, so remove all tests
related to systemv in the specfile

==== rubygem-rubocop ====
Version update (1.1.0 -> 1.2.0)

New upstream release 1.2.0
[#]# 1.2.0 (2020-11-05)
[#]## New features
* [#8983]( Support
auto-correction for `Naming/HeredocDelimiterCase`. ([@koic][])
* [#8004]( Add new
`GitHubActionsFormatter` formatter. ([@lautis][])
* [#8175]( Add new
`AllowedCompactTypes` option for `Style/RaiseArgs`. ([@pdobb][])
* [#8566]( Add new
`Style/CollectionCompact` cop. ([@fatkodima][])
* [#8925]( Add
`--display-time` option for displaying elapsed time of `rubocop` command.
* [#8967]( Add new
`Style/NegatedIfElseCondition` cop. ([@fatkodima][])
* [#8984]( Support
auto-correction for `Style/DoubleNegation`. ([@koic][])
* [#8992]( Support
auto-correction for `Lint/ElseLayout`. ([@koic][])
* [#8988]( Support
auto-correction for `Lint/UselessSetterCall`. ([@koic][])
* [#8982]( Support
auto-correction for `Naming/BinaryOperatorParameterName`. ([@koic][])
[#]## Bug fixes
* [#8989]( Fix multibyte
support in the regexp node handler that led `Style/RedundantRegexpEscape` to
malfunction and corrupt a program in auto-correction. ([@knu][])
* [#8912]( Fix
`Layout/ElseAlignment` for `rescue/else/ensure` inside `do/end` blocks with
assignment. ([@miry][])
* [#8971]( Fix a false
alarm for `# rubocop:disable Lint/EmptyBlock` inline comment with
`Lint/RedundantCopDisableDirective`. ([@koic][])
* [#8976]( Fix an
incorrect auto-correct for `Style/KeywordParametersOrder` when when `kwoptarg`
is before `kwarg` and argument parentheses omitted. ([@koic][])
* [#8084]( Fix a bug in how
`Layout/SpaceAroundBlockParameters` handles block parameters with a trailing
comma. ([@bquorning][])
* [#8966]( Fix
`Layout/SpaceInsideParens` to enforce no spaces in empty parens for all styles.
[#]## Changes
* [#5717]( Support
`defined?`-based memoization for `Naming/MemoizedInstanceVariableName` cop.
* [#8964]( Extend
`Naming/VariableNumber` cop to handle method names and symbols. ([@fatkodima][])

==== sddm ====
Subpackages: sddm-branding-openSUSE

- Replace '%service_del_postun -n' with '%service_del_postun_without_restart'
'-n' is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
- Patches to fix X not having access control on startup
(boo#1177201, CVE-2020-28049):
* Add 0001-Don-t-disable-authentication-in-test-mode.patch
* Modify 0001-Redesign-Xauth-handling.patch
- Add patch to set XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME again (boo#1177835):
* 0001-Set-XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME-in-sessions.patch

==== squid ====

- re-add older SLES12 requirements so we can use one devel project
for all codestreams
- fix previous change to reinstante permissions macros, because the wrong path
has been used (bsc#1171569).
- use libexecdir instead of libdir to conform to recent changes in Factory

==== vim ====
Version update (8.2.1900 -> 8.2.1955)
Subpackages: gvim vim-data vim-data-common

- Updated to version 8.2.1955, fixes the following problems
* Vim9: command modifiers do not work.
* Variable completion does not work in command line window.
* Default option values are changed when using :badd for an existing buffer.
* Buffer test fails with normal features.
* Still using default option values after using ":badd +1".
* The wininfo list may contain stale entries.
* Warning for signed/unsigned.
* Complete_info().selected may be wrong.
* Lua is initialized even when not used.
* Number of status line items is limited to 80.
* Reading past the end of the command line.
* Tiny build fails.
* With Python 3.9 some tests fail.
* GTK GUI: rounding for the cell height is too strict.
* Vim9: cannot put line break in expression for '=' register.
* Vim9: error for wrong number of arguments is not useful.
* Vim9: function call is aborted even when "silent!" is used.
* No test for improved Man command.
* Vim9: E1100 mentions :let.
* Assert_fails() setting emsg_silent changes normal execution.
* Listlbr test fails when run after another test.
* Fuzzy matching does not recognize path separators.
* Win32: scrolling doesn't work properly when part of window is off-screen.
* Vim9: "filter" command modifier doesn't work.
* Vim9: crash when indexing dict with NULL key.
* List/dict test fails.
* Cannot use a space in 'spellfile'. (Filipe Brandenburger)
* Vim9: get unknown error with an error in a timer function.
* Vim9: "silent!" not effective when list index is wrong.
* MS-Windows: problem loading Perl 5.32.
* Wrong input if removing shift results in special key code.
* Vim9: arguments of extend() not checked at compile time.
* Compiler warnings when building with Athena GUI.
* Cannot sort using locale ordering.
* Vim9: command modifiers in :def function not tested.
* Sort test fails on Mac.
* Session sets the local 'scrolloff' value to the global value.
* Vim9: test for confirm modifier fails in some situations.
* Wiping out a terminal buffer makes some tests fail.
* Invalid memory access in Ex mode with global command.
* Vim9: browse modifier test fails on Mac.
* Ex mode test fails on MS-Windows with GUI.
* Insufficient test coverage for the Netbeans interface.
* Vim9: wrong error message when colon is missing.
* Netbeans test is flaky.
* Crash when passing NULL function to reduce().
* sort() with NULL string not tested.
* Crash when using "zj" without folds. (Sean Dewar)
* GUI: crash when handling message while closing a window. (Srinath
* Vim9: using extend() on null dict is silently ignored.
* Vim9: crash when compiling function fails when getting type.
* Test for list and dict fails.
* Vim9: crash when using a NULL dict key.
* Vim9: extra "unknown" error after other error.
* Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested.
* Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested.
- apparmor.vim: update from AppArmor 3.0
- add capability checkpoint_restore

==== xdm ====
Subpackages: xdm-xsession

- Replace '%service_del_postun -n' with '%service_del_postun_without_restart'
'-n' is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

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