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[opensuse-factory] TW 0825: %{_libexecdir} == /usr/libexec
Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

After a few months of hard labor by many package maintainers, we
reached the point where we could merge the change for %_libexecdir now.

Snapshot 0825 has just started building and will be the first snapshot
to come out (or to be built - we'll see if it will be published) with
that change enabled.

As this is a change also having impact on interactions between packages
it was nescessary to trigger a rebuild of all packages. It's not
realistically possible to identify the packages that would effectively
be affected. So, besides the 'big change', you can expect also 'big
download' for Snapshot 0825 (or the first snapshot to be published
after that date).

Please be extra attentive to things no longer behaving as you expect.
There is unfortunately a chance that some packages have hardcoded paths
to files that moved around or also packages that hardcoded the install
path even though things expect the helpers in different locations.

Should you come across one of your packages failing to build, it would
be appreciated by all users of said package to receive a fix rather
sooner than later.

Than kyou all for your great work on this topic. It once again showed
that together, we can reach even such larger goals and doing so without
rishing things.

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