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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200803 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2020 01:00:21 +0000
  • Message-id: <159658922127.20495.6183142456028848635@go-agent-stagingbot-1>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
aaa_base (84.87+git20200708.f5e90d7 -> 84.87+git20200507.e2243a4)
adwaita-qt (1.1.1 -> 1.1.4)
dnsmasq (2.81 -> 2.82)
polkit (0.116 -> 0.117)
read-only-root-fs (1.0+git20200121.5ed8d15 -> 1.0+git20200730.1243fd0)

=== Details ===

==== aaa_base ====
Version update (84.87+git20200708.f5e90d7 -> 84.87+git20200507.e2243a4)
Subpackages: aaa_base-extras

- Properly adjust usr/bin/service to look for legacy-action
initscripts in %{_libexecdir}/initscripts/legacy-action, no
matter what the value of %{_libexecdir} is (planned to change
from /usr/lib to /usr/libexec)
- move shell aliases back to main package. They don't cost anything
and it's just too annoying to not have them
- Update to version 84.87+git20200507.e2243a4:
* handle non-existing /etc/nsswitch.conf
* set SYSTEMD_OFFLINE=1 if there's no systemd
* Better support of Midnight Commander (bsc#1170527)
* improve sysconf_addword: remove/cleanup spaces while adding/removing
- Require xz (boo#1162581).
- Update to version 84.87+git20200312.411a96b:
* get_kernel_version: support xz compressed kernel (boo#1162581).
- Update to version 84.87+git20200224.7105b32:
* Add usrfiles for protocols and rpc, too
- Update to version 84.87+git20200224.bb11f02:
* change feedback url from to
* added "-h"/"--help" to "old" command (from Bernhard Lang)
- Update to version 84.87+git20200207.27e2c61:
* change rp_filter to 2 to follow the current default (bsc#1160735)
- Update to version 84.87+git20200206.ed897a1:
* get_kernel_version: fix for current kernel on s390x (from azouhr)
- Update to version 84.87+git20200206.8d74b0b:
* Fix services entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf [bsc#1162916]
- Make sure glibc is recent enough else nsswitch.conf update
will fail
- Adjust Requires/Requires(pre)/Requires(post)
- Update to version 84.87+git20200128.8a17290:
* Move chkconfig to insserv-compat, as most functionality isn't supported
anymore since we have different solutions with systemd.
* Remove /usr/bin/mkinfodir, not used anywhere anymore
- Update to version 84.87+git20200116.59482ba:
* drop dev.cdrom.autoclose = 0 from sysctl config (bsc#1160970)
* Call binaries in /usr only, /bin is legacy
- Update to version 84.87+git20200108.0da43d3:
* generalize testing for JVMs when creating the java path
to support sapjvm and others (boo#1157794)
- Update to version 84.87+git20191206.1cb88e3:
* Add support for lesskey.bin in /usr/etc
* Do last change also for tcsh
* Not all XTerm based emulators do have an terminfo entry
- Update to version 84.87+git20191120.98f1524:
* merged PR 65
* dash fixes
* handle /usr/etc/login.defs for wsl
- Update to version 84.87+git20191017.bf0a315:
* Use short TERM name rxvt for rxvt-unicode and rxvt-unicode-256-color
- Update to version 84.87+git20191017.14003c1:
* Use official key binding functions in inputrc
that is replace up-history with previous-history, down-history with
next-history and backward-delete-word with backward-kill-word
(bsc#1084934). Add some missed key escape sequences for urxvt-unicode
terminal as well (boo#1007715).
- Update to version 84.87+git20191016.80d1420:
* backup-sysconfig: fall back top cpio if tar is not available
* backup-rpmdb: check if rpm database is okay before backup to
avoid overwriting good backups with corrupt ones (bsc#1079861)
* service: check if there is a second argument before using it
- Update to version 84.87+git20191014.52dc403:
* also add color alias for ip command, jira#sle-9880, bsc#1153943
- Update to version 84.87+git20191010.b20083a:
* check if variables can be set before modifying them
to avoid warnings on login with a restricted shell
- Update to version 84.87+git20191009.4c2bd8e:
* Add s390x compressed kernel support (bsc#1151023)
* Fix LC_NAME and LC_ADDRESS in sh.ssh
* fix string test to arithmetic test in /etc/profile.d/
- Update to version 84.87+git20190822.82a17f1:
* add sysctl.d/51-network.conf to tighten network security a bit
see also (boo#1146866) (jira#SLE-9132)
- Drop /bin/login requirement
- Update to version 84.87+git20190718.ce933cb:
* Make systemd detection cgroup oblivious (bsc#1140647)
- stop using insecure protocols in _service file
- Update to version 84.87+git20190418.d83e9d6:
* convert_sysctl isn't needed anymore
- Update to version 84.87+git20190418.f488c70:
* Remove sysconfig/sysctl to sysctl.conf merge, there is no active
distribution anymore from which we support an update with this.
- Update to version 84.87+git20190418.155e7f0:
* Remove sysconfig/cron to tmpfiles, we don't support upgrade from
such old distributions to Factory anymore.
* /etc/sysconfig/boot and /etc/sysconfig/shutdown don't exist anymore,
no need to remove single variables from it.
* Remove obsolete code for /etc/psdevtab and YaST
- Remove over 12 year old compat provides
- Remove BuildRequires for net-tools, the code was removed and this
package does not contain the wanted tool anymore
- Replace net-tools with successors in Recommends
- Update to version 84.87+git20190418.a543e8e:
* Remove rc.splash and rc.status, now part of insserv-compat [bsc#1132738]
- Update to version 84.87+git20190404.8684de3:
* Add two Scheme/LISP based shells to /etc/shells
* /etc/profile does not work in AppArmor-confined containers (bsc#1096191)
- Update to version 84.87+git20190307.00d332a:
* update logic for JRE_HOME env variable (bsc#1128246)
- Update to version 84.87+git20190109.b66cf03:
* Restore old position of ssh/sudo source of profile
for bug bsc#1118364 but hopefully do not reintroduce
bug boo#1088524
- Update to version 84.87+git20181210.841bf8f:
* Set HISTTIMEFORMAT and HISTCONTROL only if unset (boo#1112653)
- Update to version 84.87+git20181113.08d4125:
* Sync x-genesis-rom extensions with freedesktop DB
* test for /applications before adding data dir
* Clean up the no_proxy value: not all clients ignore spaces
* Add option --version to /sbin/service
- Update to version 84.87+git20181107.f39a8d1:
* Readline: Do not miss common mappings for vi
* Readline: Use overwrite-mode on Insert key
* Avoid `ls' command in alljava shell scriptlets
* bashrc: Change =~ test to globs. Fixes mkshrc.
* Update README (#55)
- Update to version 84.87+git20180409.04c9dae:
* In bash.bashrc move ssh/sudo source of profile to avoid removing
the `is' variable before last use (boo#1088524).
* Avoid the shell code checker stumble over `function' keys word
in ls.bash (git#54).
- Use %license (boo#1082318)
- Update to version 84.87+git20180208.8eeab90:
* Don't call fillup for removed
* Adjust path for script converting sysctl config
* For ksh use builtin keyword 'function' to make sure that the
keyword 'typeset' really set the variable IFS to be local within
the function _ls.
- Update to version 84.87+git20180205.2d2832f:
* Move /lib/aaa_base/convert_sysctl to /usr/lib/base-scripts/convert_sysctl
to cleanup filesystem.
* Don't create /etc/init.d/{boot.local,after.local,halt.local} in
aaa_base.pre section.
* Remove dead code from pre/post install sections.
- Add /var/adm/backup subdirectories to aaa_base-extras, they are
only needed by this package.
- Update to version 84.87+git20180204.875cba8:
* Move sysconfig.backup into extra subpackage, where all the
scripts using it are, too.
* Create systemd timer for the cron.daily scripts for backup-rpmdb,
backup-sysconfig and check-battery. Move scripts to
* Remove If somebody really still has a
/root/cron.daily.local file, he can move it to /etc/cron.daily.
* Don't modify data in root's home directory
* Don't create userdel.local, this isn't in use since many years
- Update to version 84.87+git20180130.ae1f262:
* Really remove /usr/sbin/Check, obsolete since 8 years
* Remove ChangeSymlinks, 90% are obsolete, the rest is dangerous
* Remove 14 year old outdated documentation and dummy scripts for
- Update to version 84.87+git20180130.36ea161:
* Remove obsolete/outdated manual pages (route.conf.5,init.d.7,
- Cleanup PreReq and move some parts to Requires(post), so that
we can deinstall them if we no longer need them
- Update to version 84.87+git20171201.65000be:
* Revert changes on sysconfig language and make lang.(c)sh
to use sysconfig language as fallback or better use
locale.conf as default. See discussion in bsc#1069971
and FATE#319454 as well
- Update to version 84.87+git20171130.974ac5c:
* Better parsing of sh variable settings in lang.csh
- Update to version 84.87+git20171129.a45b936:
* Remove RC_* variables from language sysconf template
(bsc#1069971 as well as FATE#319454)
- Update to version 84.87+git20171128.945b960:
* lang.(c)sh: catch if ROOT_USES_LANG becomes not set
- Update to version 84.87+git20171128.aa232d3:
* Add wsl specific code to profile.d/wsl.csh
* move wsl specific code from profile into profile.d/
* Remove obsolete "make package"
- Update to version 84.87+git20171128.a6752e8:
* lang.(c)sh: handle locale.conf if sysconfig does not
- lang.(c)sh: handle locale.conf if sysconfig does not provide
default locale (bsc#1069971, FATE#319454)
- Update to version 84.87+git20171128.17ae554:
* Check for /proc/version before using it
* Remove legacy code for /proc/iSeries
* Move fillup-templates to /usr/share (boo#1069468)
- Fix installation of fillup-templates.
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
%_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
- use TW versioning, 13.2 is misleading
- Update to version 84.87+git20171120.d36b8b1:
* Fix double sourcing of /etc/bash_completion.d
* create in /etc/profile.d to set umask in WSL
* Add support for /usr/bin/fish (boo#1068840)
* Get mixed use case of service wrapper script straight (bsc#1040613)
- Update to version 13.2+git20170828.8f12a9e:
* profile: don't override PATH in WSL
* Remove passwd, group and shadow files. Remove %ghost entry for
/run/utmp, /var/log/wtmp and /var/log/btmp, systemd is taking
care of them
* Remove run/utmp, too.
- Update to version 13.2+git20170814.cc9e34e:
* Unset id in csh.cshrc instead of profile.csh (bsc#1049577)
* Restore the is variable within /etc/profile
- Update to version 13.2+git20170731.c10ca77:
* Fix csh.cshrc as tcsh does not handle stderr
* Do not set alias cwdcmd for experts (boo#1045889)
* unset unused variables on profile files (bsc#1049577)
* Deprecate DEFAULT_WM in sysconfig.windowmanager
- Fix csh.cshrc as tcsh does not handle stderr messages within {}
well (boo#1044876)
- Fix copy+paste error in /etc/csh.login boo#1043560
- Support changing PS1 even for mksh and user root (bsc#1036895)
- Be aware that on s390/s390x the ttyS0 is misused
- Reset extended screen TERM variables if no terminfo
- Better status line support even for tcsh
- Modernize /etc/ttytype as tset of ncurses use it
- Off application keypad (keyboard transmit) mode
- Missed a meta prefix in new inputrs.keys
- More 8bit key escape control sequences for XTerm
- Do not set INPUTRC as readline does know personal as well as system
inputrc also make /etc/inputrc do set know sequences for both vi
line editing modes as well as for emacs line editing mode.
- Do remove patch aaa_base-13.2+git20170308.c0ecf2e.dif not
only from package but also from spec file
- Update to version 13.2+git20170425.47e703a:
* Add Enlightenment to the list of windowmanagers
* Add a number of audio/video formats to be colorized
* Revert "Avoid NAT on Bridges. Bridges are L2 devices, really."
* aaa_base.pre: drop some system users from aaa_base and create them in the
respective packages: bin,daemon,news,uucp,games,man
* Remove /var/log/faillog, there no application using this left [bsc#980484]
* Remove users and groups sys, mail, lp, wwwrun, ftp and nobody
- Make lang.csh work again (bsc#1025673)
- Update to version 13.2+git20170306.3deb627:
* aaa_base.pre: drop some system users from aaa_base and create
them in the respective packages: bin,daemon,news,uucp,games,man
- Update to version 13.2+git20160915.106a00d:
* enhance comment for NO_PROXY variable (bsc#990254)
* Fix spelling of SUSE (skipped copyright statements - they need more
* fix regression introduced by fix for bnc#971567 (bnc#996442)
- Correct logic error in usage of variable restricted (boo#994111)
- enhance comment for NO_PROXY variable (bsc#990254)
- Update to version 13.2+git20160807.7f4c8c4:
* switch IPv6 privacy extensions (use_tempaddr) back to 1
* history see bsc#678066,bsc#752842,bsc#988023,bsc#990838
- Do not use the = sign for setenv in /etc/profile.d/lang.csh
- Follow the bash manual page that is respect --norc and --noprofile
- Update to version 13.2+git20160609.bf76b13:
* Mark scripts /etc/init.d/{boot.,after-,halt.}local as deprecated
-, lang.csh: if GDM_LANG equals system LANG then use system defaults
- Update to version 13.2+git20160530.bd5210c:
+ Let the ~/.i18n values parsed as well if GDM_LANG is set (boo#958295)
+ Remove spurious assignment to unknown variable term from /etc/inputrc
+ chkconfig: return 1 trying to list unknown service (bnc#971567)
+ chckconfig: add --no-systemctl option
+ fix typo in last patch (no-systemctl support for chkconfig)
+, lang.csh: allow GDM to override locale
+ There is no kde4 anymore
+ Removed '/usr/bin/X11' from PATH (boo #982185)
- fix typo in last patch (no-systemctl support for chkconfig)
- chckconfig: add --no-systemctl option
- chkconfig: return 1 trying to list unknown service (bnc#971567)
- Merge pull request #26 from andreas-schwab/master
- Remove spurious assignment to unknown variable term from /etc/inputrc
- Let the ~/.i18n values parsed as well if GDM_LANG is set (boo#567324)
- Update to version 13.2+git20151221.244f2a3:
+ drop old dns6 hack migration from 2002
+ remove more dropped variables
+ make chkconfig -a/-d work (bsc#926539)
+ avoid recursion if systemd call chkconfig back for sysv units
+ fix non-working line breaks
- make _service generate .changes
- Replace UNICODE double dash with simple ASCII single dash (boo#954909)
- Use the `+' for find's -exec option as this also respects white
spaces in files names but is more like xargs. Respect status
of screen sessions.
- trigger also if only files changed
that have spaces in their name (bnc#915259)
- sysconf_addword: do not insert spaces at start of string (bnc#932456)
- Merge pull request #19 from super7ramp/cleaning-references-to-suseconfig
- drop references to sysconfig/suseconfig
- drop SCANNER_TYPE variable
- Merge pull request #25 from ptesarik/master
- Enable SysRq dump by default
- Revert "fix /etc/init.d/foo status return code (bnc#931388)"
- Merge pull request #23 from bmwiedemann/master
- fix /etc/init.d/foo status return code (bnc#931388)
- xdg-environment: reduce list in /opt/* to gnome,kde4,kde3 (bnc#910904)
- add SOCKS5_SERVER and socks_proxy to proxy settings (bnc#928398)
- Simplify version check
- Handle also command lines starting with the env command
as this is used by gnome xsessions (bsc#921172)
- Correct the boolean in /etc/profile.d/
- Even if GDM has done language setup the personal ~/.i18n should
be sourced (boo#567324)
- Remove the official patch for fate#314974 as now part of systemd
- Merge pull request #21 from arvidjaar/bnc/907873
- Avoid sourcing /etc/bash_completion.d twice
- Fix spelling of SUSE
- Add the official patch for Fate#314974 (bnc#903009)
- adding more info to chkconfig list mode output for systemd (bnc#863781)
- remove no longer supported sysconfig settings (bnc#721682)
- remove /etc/mailcap (bnc#856725, bnc#842938)
- add Makefile target to update mimetypes
- update service man page
- always pass --full to systemctl (bnc#882918)
- Muffle libGL error message when run under ssh (bnc#890189)
- add inittab as ghost config
- Add ls.zsh to file list
- Avoid trouble with new ksh93v- 2014-06-25 and zsh shell code (bnc#888237)
- Do not touch nor modify permissions if e.g. /root/.bash_history
is a link to e.g. /dev/null (bnc#883260)
- Avoid libGL error via ssh (bnc#869172)
- In emacs the tcsh may used non-interactively (bnc#882579)
- drop hint about PREVLEVEL from after.local comments (bnc#886176)
- remove "text/js" from mime.types [bnc#812427]
- drop re-creation of before.local and add a comment about not
being supported if it had real content (bnc#869177)
- mark /etc/init.d/{boot,halt,after}.local as ghost (bnc#868416)
- remove fate-314974.patch which was not accepted in git
- Enable service script to return LSB status exit values (bnc#880103)
- fix error message if zsh sources if some pathes do not
exist (bnc#875118)
- remove mkinitrd script for mtab
- For tcsh: be aware that sometimes strings in variables include a dash
- move cron Recommends to -extras subpackage where the actual cron
files are
- update COPYING file to silence rpmlint warning about outdated
- adjust mktar script to new versioning scheme
- implement legacy actions (bnc#861124)
- move tmp file removal parameters from cron to systemd (fate#314974)
- bump version to 13.2 and avoid tar updates
- Avoid warning from grep if complete file is not found (bnc#864282)
- remove etc/init.d/powerfail (bnc#864044)
- drop sysconfig files: boot, clock, cron, shutdown as none of these are used
- Map the generic terminal type ibm327x to the terminal type dumb
- Enable service script to reload systemd if required
- print parse errors to stderr (bnc#860477)
- handle targets in /sbin/service as well
- Check systemd service using LoadState (bnc#860083)
- Avoid journal output as this may take time on pure journald systems
- Do not load completions which depend on bash-completion package (bnc#856858)
- make rcfoo usable for not enabled services (bnc#856986)
- Use only bash and readline defaults for fallback completion (bnc#851908)
- change mistakenly root:users group to root:root (bnc#843230)
- Avoid NAT on Bridges. Bridges are L2 devices, really.
- Fix Default tag for RCCONFIG_BACKUP_DIR
- remove {c,}sh.utf8 as testutf8 is a dummy anyways (bnc#849258)
- fix chkconfig --check (bnc#851374)
- chkconfig: add option -L to only list enabled services (bnc#707823)
- updated comment in sysconfig.language for ROOT_USES_LANG (bnc#505417)
- tighten regexp of ignored files in chkconfig (bnc#828820)
- protect from reading home kshrc twice (bnc#848697)
- Add support for mksh
- Do not use bashisms in PS1 for unknown shells
- Adds a minor fix - changes JRE_HOME only in a case it was not defined before
- Use systemctl show to list the properties NeedDaemonReload, UnitFileState,
and LoadState
and then check fore daemon-reload, masked, and forbidden services
(bnc#843123, FATE#313323)
- Enable old boot scripts for systemd in rc.status if not already done
- Fix last commit, rename the actual alias too.
- Rename _ls alias to z_ls for zsh. In zsh strings that start with
an underscore are reserved for completion. This fixes bnc#836067
- avoid leaking kernel address information to userspace by using
kernel.kptr_restrict=1 sysctl
- bash.bashrc: source if existing (bnc#827248)
- 'mountpoint' was moved to /usr
- move sysctl directories to filesystem rpm
- move sysctl defaults to aaa_base (bnc#820443)
- Add bash completion function to load completions dynamically (bnc#821411)
- Require xz at build time (Who has removed xz from default?)
- Personal bash completion and bash ls alias (bnc811030, bnc#799241)
- also check /lib/systemd for compatibility (bnc#812291)
- chkconfig: rh compatible check mode (bnc#811870)
- Mark file /lib/mkinitrd/scripts/ as exectuable (bnc#809842)
- Compress tarball with xz
- Remove boot.localnet also from spec file
- Update version number to 13.1
- Update to git head:
* Remove boot.localnet
* Revert "rc.status: allow to pass options to systemctl using
SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS is now handled directly by systemctl.
- Do not override /etc/adjtime if HWCLOCK is already gone (bnc#791485)
- Avoid to stumble over missing /dev/stderr in boot script started
by systemd (work around bnc#728774o but not solve it)
- remove check whether systemd is running
- call systemctl to enable/disable services (bnc#798510)
- Let the bash check the winsize only if COLUMNS is exported (bnc#793536)
- Also source environment for tcsh and bash if sudo is used
- Merge pull request #1 from fcrozat/master
- rc.status: allow to pass options to systemctl using SYSTEMCTL_OPTIONS
- Simplify and tighten the bash prompt
- fix url to point to github
- change summary to say "openSUSE" (bnc#773245)
- remove boot.* again, new insserv shadows them
- Add aaa_base-syntax-error.patch: Fix syntax error in rc.status.
- merged last bits from gitorious:
- from froh:
- /etc/bash.bashrc: add prompt to the terminal "status line",
which on most graphical terminals is the window title.
- from fcrozat:
- rc.status: output initscript status before systemd one.
- rc.status: educate users on which systemctl command was started
- rc.status: systemctl 195+ allows to not specify .service
- readd insserv for the remaining boot scripts
- readd some boot.* scripts that are required by insserv for not ported
applications (they are empty though)
- Enforce creation of /etc/adjtime even if no /etc/sysconfig/clock exists
- also move the file to /run
- generate utmp in /run not in /var/run
- /var/run/utmp should be packaged as /run/utmp
- Ask terminal about status line in bash.bashrc
- Update from git:
* Remove /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/loop.conf (bnc#784963).
- update from git:
* remove all files not necessary for systemd
* move files to /usr and leave symlinks around
- conflict with sysvinit
- Update from git:
* Fix typo in /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/loop.conf
- update from git to get the latest change too
- Try to resolve the bash completion problems with ls (bnc#725657)
- Create loop devices via tmpfiles and not via /lib/udev/devices.
- Fix linuxbase URLs to point to the current documentation
- Add README.packaging.txt.
- migrate to _service file to make it a bit more clear the .tar is
not a random tar
- SuSEconfig is finally gone [FATE#100011]
- explicitly buildrequire net-tools for /bin/hostname
- honor $SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP again (bnc#774754)
- fix service status for sysvscripts when booted with systemd (bnc#772028)
- Add %defattr to make files definitely owned by root
- Redirect test if blogd is running otherwise it will never be done
- Fix /etc/bash.bashrc for bash-completion again: the previous fix
was not working for non-login shells, so directly source
/etc/profile.d/ from /etc/bash.bashrc
- Also remove an possible but old /var/log/ before initial
start of blogd (bnc#763944)
- support beeing called as rc* symlink wrapper (bnc#769902)
- use systemctl instead of loop for --status-all (bnc#769902)
- Add aaa_base-bnc756012.patch: unset ftp_proxy is not the same
as ftp_proxy="", which can drip libproxy over. (bnc#756012)
- move environment settings for malloc checking to separate
subpackage for easier handling of the feature via patterns
- Change /etc/bash.bashrc to work with recent versions of
bash-completion, that put files in /usr/share/bash-completion.
- Move boot.msg away if writable before initial start of blogd (bnc#763944)
- fix boot.localfs for new mount output (bnc#766035)
- use /run, preserve /run/no_blogd for shutdown
- Drop HWCOCK option flag in favour of the adjtime file
- Bump version to 12.2, to prepare for next version of openSUSE.
- fix return values of systemd detection
- remove mingetty dependency from aaa_base as it's needed by sysvinit
- remove bin from mime.types for application/x-stuffit (bnc#743741)
- rc.status: also allow to specify files as /etc/rc.d/foo
- update mime.types file (merged old file with upstream) (see bnc#720464)
- add primitive script to merge mime.types file
- Try to fix several bash completion bug caused by fix for bug #725657
- Oops add missed double quote (bnc#752061)
- Yet an other bash completion problem worked around
- Add old request from gitorious
- Add patch from rjschwei@xxxxxxxx:
* ln binary has been moved to user tree. This addresses bnc #747322
comment 11
- Add patch from rjschwei@xxxxxxxx:
* The initviocons binary moved from /bin to /usr/bin as part of
the UsrMerge project.
- Fix some bash completion problems (bnc#738501)
- remove requirement on systemd to avoid cycles.
/bin/systemd-tmpfiles is only needed by boot.cleanup when actually
booting the system using sysv.
- chkconfig: bypass initscript enable/disable script if service
shadowed by systemd
- fix bug introduced with last commit (bnc#722252)
- Make alljava.(c)sh friendly to third-party JVMs (bnc#722252)
- Added "application/json" mimetype to /etc/mime.types (bnc#741546)
- Strip boot. also from rc symbolic links (bnc#739217)
- Use since_epoch of rtc0 and not raw system time
- If CMSO clock is in synch but nevertheless off by more than
- Add --listmodules option to SuSEconfig; (bnc#736086).
- Fix spec file for last change.
- Remove tmpdirs.d handling, use tmpfiles now
- random seed start script: use pool_size from kernel,
not the old 512 bytes (bnc#730736)
- Ensure /sbin/service is not clearing SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP
- add color aliases for grep variants
- replace mtab with symlink in initrd already (bnc#727758)
- introduce SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP (bnc#727445)
- rc.status: only push standard options start/stop/restart/..
to systemd, otherwise use the normal init script
- Enable direxpand patch of the bash (bnc#725657)
- Add comment about systemd and runlevel in /etc/inittab (bnc#725138)
- Change most aliases in ls.bash to shell functions.
- Make completion for sudo smart (bnc#724522)
- mount /media as tmpfs
- resolve symlink for rcXX -> XX.service sytemd magic
- cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
- Handle boot.* initcripts correctly under systemd
- bash completion: add a space for unique results (bnc#717934)
- check if systemd is running and notify user
- fix last change
- update FSF address in skeleton file
- Correct check for COLD_BOOT in halt script (bnc#709825)
- remove more occurrences of boot.loadmodules now in mkinitrd package
- remove etc/sysconfig/kernel, lives now in mkinitrd package
- sbin/service: skip *.disabled for --status-all (bnc#690282)
- Add support for clicfs
- Better support of quoted file and directory names (bnc#706075)
- Do not use CDPATH for local paths (bnc#703682)
- Let various bourne shell source their own local rc file (bnc#703855)
- Handle CDPATH for bash command completion for every case (bnc#703682)
- Bump version number
- do not install /root/.exrc anymore, it's obsolete.
- mount /run without noexec (bnc#699799)
- Enable container check for devtmpfs (bnc#696026) to be able
to use a static /dev within the container
- add back telinit q call
- fix group and mode of /var/lock
- Set DEFAULT_WM to kde-plasma, bnc#687781
- boot.cleanup cleanup
- make /var/lock tmpfs too
- bind mount /var/run in boot.localfs
- drop /etc/sysconfig/sysctl (fate#312343)
- dont' enable boot.ldconfig by default
- don't enable boot.clock by default (fate#312407)
- remove reference to runlevel 4 from skeleton.compat
- drop /etc/sysconfig/sysctl.conf (fate#312343)
- bind mount /run on /var/run
- fix wrong logic in %post
- Avoid tput command if TERM variable is not set.
- start boot.proc as soon as possible
- don't wait for bind mounts (bnc#690871)
- create loop devices in %post (bnc#661715)
- don't mount /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd as it makes programs think
systemd is in use
- rc.status: in rc_wait test for existance of binary
- add COPYING file as requested
- Avoid further trouble of the plusdir complete option of the bash
(bug #681687)
- Do not cause the bash to expand if dir path starts with ~ for the
HOME of the user (disable plusdir option for this) (bnc#691883)
- Mount memory based file systems found in /etc/fstab (bnc#675542)
- Start blogd only once at boot
- Fix for bnc#686186 and change for fate#309226
- boot.cleanup: when cleaning var/run, try to symlink /var/run to /run
- mount /run if needed
- /etc/init.d/boot: mount /run as tmpfs if not there yet
- call osc ci after pushing changes
- make it work with older git
- Avoid waiting on bind mounts in boot.localfs
- Be aware in refresh_initrd that modules used in initrd may use
options in the /etc/modprobe.d/ files
- add scripts to make tarball
- Avoid to trap into execute escapes (bnc#678827)
- sources are maintained in git now. Adopt package accordingly.
- bump version to 11.5
- Add missed ESC for screen escape sequences
- Work around colon as breaking character in tab completion
- Allow arguments of command done by sudo to complete (bnc#673663)
- Fix minimal support for the old fashion rc service links
- Tag interactive boot scripts as interactive as systemd uses it
- don't time out waiting for tmpfs (bnc#671468)
- make malloc checking configurable
- Add minimal support for the old fashion way to handle services
even with systemd
- Use new rvmtab in boot.localfs if available
- Redo fix for $HOME/.kshrc readed twice (bnc#560152)
- changed LXDE to lxde in sysconfig.windowmanager
- For plain bourne shells use `command -v' instead of `type -p'
- Avoid world writable temporary reverse mtab (bnc#665479, CVE-2011-0461)
- Also do the job for tcsh users
- Be backward compatible to support existing sysconfig files
- Fix for bnc#668180: redirect stderr of pidofproc to /dev/null
- changed /etc/profile.d/ so it treats DEFAULT_WM as the
basename of the session file and parses the value of Exec into
WINDOWMANAGER (bnc#667408)
- adopted the possible values of DEFAULT_WM to use the basename of
the session file (bnc#667408)
- fix typo in SuSEconfig manpage (bnc#662695)
- package /lib/udev/devices/loop* to allow on demand loading of the
loop module (bnc#661715)
- at boot make sure /etc/mtab is a symlink (bnc#665494) so
util-linux doesn't need to do it in %post
- don't wait for loop images to appear as block devices (bnc#666150)
- net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr has no effect, need to use
net.ipv6.conf.default.use_tempaddr (bnc#494958#c2)
- set default values in /etc/sysconfig/sysctl to empty and mark
deprecated. No default behavior change as kernel defaults actually
- fix loop module not loaded with /etc/mtab symlink (bnc#665092)
- Fix kernel value of IPv6 privacy in boot.ipconfig (bnc#664550).
- fix mounting /dev/pts (bnc#664692)
- rc.status: initialize terminal settings only once
- boot.cgroup: add init script to mount cgroups
- boot.localnet: remove useless use of cat and avoid ifup
- boot.localfs: don't update mtab if mtab is a link anyways
- boot.localfs: don't consider nofail mounts as missing
- boot: reorder and simplify mounting of file systems
- Do not call `hostname -d' to avoid DNS lookup
- avoid trailing dot in HOSTNAME when no NIS domain is set
- Test only for bit 64 (clock unsynchronized), if zero the kernel
is within eleven minutes mode (Thanks goes to Rastislav David)
- Touch /etc/init.d/after.local and /etc/init.d/before.local (bnc#659206)
- boot.localfs: do not abort wait for udev just because
/dev/.udev/queue does not exist (bnc#656028)
- Work around broken network setups for login shells to get
variable HOST set to nodename
- Do not use NIS/YP domainname but DNS domainman for HOSTNAME
- export GPG_TTY="`tty`" in /etc/bash.bashrc (bnc#619295)
- own /var/log/wtmp, /var/run/utmp, /var/log/faillog and /var/log/btmp
- fix typo (merge conflict overlooked)
- fix postinstall to test for existence of /var/run/utmp
before trying to chgrp
- Remove get_kernel_version_fix_plus_in_kernel_string.patch after
applying it to file directly.
- Use group utmp for /var/run/utmp, btmp and lastlog (bnc#652877).
- Do not set ENV in /etc/profile as well in /etc/csh.login (bnc#611966)
- allow chkconfig to use different root filesystems (bnc#507382)
- added service.8 man page from fedora (bnc#621286)
- Make /usr/sbin/Check a bash script (bnc#626629)
- keep /etc/mtab unchanged if it is a symlink (bnc#651555)
- remove weird filelist generation code
- remove /usr/sbin/Check
- move chkstat calls to brp-permissions in brp-checks-suse
- export ONLY_MODULE so modules can act differently when they are called
- enable malloc debugging checks.
- Do not remove /etc/adjtime but simply correct the third line
for applications depending on CMOS time (bnc#650719)
- abort if kernel has no devtmpfs, can not help here (bnc#648408)
- Use refresh_initrd if TIMEZONE has changed (bnc#638185)
- Add sudo completion bnc#639744
- Fix for bnc#567951 - cshrc now allows xterm titles
- Fix for bnc#631454 - bash completion for regexpressions
- Fix for bnc#639392 - make pushd completion behaves like cd completion
- add leading / to pre/post scripts (bnc#625763)
- Recognize "+" at the end of the kernel version correctly.
From mmarek:
Starting with 2.6.35, the kernel build by default appends a plus sign to
the kernel version string when building in a git tree that is not in a clean
tagged state.
- switch SEND_OUTPUT_ON_NO_ERROR from yes to no in postinstall
and only do that exactly once to switch the default (bnc#622203)
- let boot.swap disable most swap partitions on shutdown
so LVM and others can be shut down cleanly (bnc#631916)
- Add a sysconfig option for enforcing blogd even with "fastboot"
and/or "quiet" found on the kernel command line.
- add a split provides for smooth upgrade
- split off aaa_base extras subpackage with:
- ls settings and aliases
- bash completion
- other generic shell aliases
- quick_halt/poweroff/reboot script
- some default cronjobs
- modified bash.bashrc and csh.cshrc to split out ls settings
- drop alias for dir: that one has its own binary for a while
- recommend aaa_base-extras from main package
- get_kernel_version : use O_CLOEXEC everywhere
- Newer killproc sends only SIGTERM as required by LSB if -TERM is
specified on the command line. Use the default which is SIGTERM
followed by SIGKILL if the timeout of 5 seconds is reached.
- change default value of cron sysconfig option
SEND_OUTPUT_ON_NO_ERROR to "no" bnc#622203
- Use alias shell builtin for ash and dash (bnc#619756)
- remove malloc-debug.* for final release
- also skip /cgroup during unmount in boot.localfs
(requested by kay)
- Reflect name space change of former rush shell which know becomes
pcksh, cpcksh, and rpcksh
- Add support for the rush bourne shell (bnc#608727)
- Implemenation of a workaround of missing console messages in
blogd (bnc#593957) ... depends on package sysvinit-tools
- drop chmod for /dev/shm from /etc/init.d/boot
(workaround which is no longer needed and gives trouble now)
- Avoid error on not set $TERM variable in csh login (bnc#560917)
- set INPUTRC in csh similar to /etc/profile (bnc#560917)
- add usbfs to tmpfs list in boot.localfs (bnc#569569)
if "noauto" is changed to "defaults" in fstab for /proc/bus/usb
then the fs is mounted at boot time (for some legacy software)
- skip remount-rw for / if "readonlyroot" is specified on
the boot commandline (bnc#445189)
- added smart_agetty manpage to fix bnc #342580
- fix self Provides/Obsoletes for aaa_skel
- added /etc/tmpdirs.d for snippets to be called by boot.cleanup
(shell scripts to recreate things in /tmp, /var/tmp, /var/run)
- move code from boot.cleanup to /etc/tmpdirs.d/01_aaa_base
(all related to fate#303793)
- Set version number to 11.3
- Add screen control sequences to inputrc (bnc#598903)
- boot.rootfsck: do not use /dev/shm/root as fallback but /dev/root
- boot.localfs: update Should-Stop dependencies
- removed /etc/rc.d.README as well
- Use feature of pidof(1) of new sysvinit 2.88dsf
- drop /sbin/init.d.README and /etc/init.d/README
the manpage is "man 7 init.d"
- boot.cleanup: do cleanup as well in shutdown case, faster
than leaving it to the next boot and can speed up boot sequence
- add NO_KMS_IN_INITRD to sysconfig/kernel.
- Add Forms Data Format (.fdf) for acroread and co (bnc#573202)
- fix typo in boot.localfs (bnc#584090)
- add "lock" group (bnc#552095, FATE#308360)
- drop boot.sched
- implemented more primitive status calls for boot.* scripts
- implemented primitive status call for boot.rootfsck and
- do not put ldconfig into background in recovery case (bnc#582597)
- Add changes for dash and ksh from Guido Berhoerster
- move remounting of /dev and /dev/shm to boot.localfs
- add chmod for /dev/shm to be safe from udev
- Fix $TIMEZONE description in /etc/sysconfig/clock (bnc#582292)
- No longer call zic (the timezone compiler) from boot.clock for
creating /etc/localtime: this file is created by YaST during
installation; there is no need to recreate it at boot time.
(This code was only executed on s390 and in xen guests, too.)
- enabled MALLOC_CHECK_ and MALLOC_PERTURB_ during testing
- make sure options for /dev/pts are honored (bnc#580924)
- Fix issue with chvt hanging, preventing restart (bnc#540482)
(add --userwait to chvt call)
- remove bogus splash check from boot.proc
- Rename meta-mode to enable-meta-key in /etc/inputrc as
bash 4.1 / readline library 6.1 use this key word
- fix typo in comment in /etc/skel/.emacs (bnc#558055)
- change test for tty1 in boot.localfs and boot.rootfsck
- /etc/init.d/boot: use devtmpfs for /dev if available (bnc#561990)
- do not rewrite /etc/adjtime needlessly (bnc#570245)
- set NO_PROXY together with no_proxy (bnc#569310)
- clean-tmp: use ctime instead of mtime and add -xdev
to avoid crossing filesystem boundaries (bnc#568990)
- Avoid to source/parse $HOME/.kshrc twice (bnc#560152)
- fixed JRE_HOME typo in (bnc#549395)
- fix example in sysconfig.language (bnc#557283)
- fix some issues with boot.clock and xen (bnc#550697)
- mount /dev correctly also if devtmpfs
- same for csh.login
- add '-R' to LESS variable in /etc/profile (bnc#554513)
- added SEND_OUTPUT_ON_NO_ERROR option to /etc/sysconfig/cron (fate#305279)
- remove bash1 from /etc/shells (bnc#554131)
- wait for raid arrays to become clean before shutdown or reboot
- disable malloc debugging again for the release. (rm
- Use /bin/hostname for HOSTNAME instead of NIS domainname found
in /proc/sys/kernel/domainname (bnc#540981)
- Remove SuSEconfig.clock and simplify refresh_initrd (bnc#538357)
- Refresh initrd if CMOS clock is set to local time (bnc#538357)
- Use option -c on grotty command to diaable escape sequences in
/etc/init.d/README (bnc#543957)
- Use configurable meta-mode in /etc/inputrc (bnc#541379)
- The halt script should not shutdown network for iSCSI (bnc#513928)
- add bash completion for evince (bnc#540013)
- DO_FASTBOOT is now yes/no, no longer empty (bnc#538362)
- fix CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP (bnc#531514)
- boot.clock:
check if system timezone already set by initrd (bnc#534816)
- etc/profile,etc/csh.login: remove output of /etc/motd
and faillog, already printed by login (bnc#528003)
- drop hacks for sles8 from pre/post scripts
- make use of sed -i instead of manual handling in pre/post
- aaa_base.specialfilelist: drop the ones that are not in aaa_base
- Remove INFOPATH and INFODIR as info knowns about (bnc#524541)
- fix typo in boot.cleanup
- import some speedups from moblin
boot.cleanup: use xargs and use -m option from mkdir
boot.localnet: depend on boot.rootfsck instead of boot.cleanup
- adapt boot.clock to changed hwclock/util-linux:
- drop --hctosys for utc case
- replace by --systz for non-utc case
- Fix expansion bug in bash completion without loosing expansion
of the tilde for the users home directory (bnc#524224)
- Move udev and net-tools back from PreReq to Recommends
- update alljava.csh (expand PATH like bnc#480480)
- update mailcap for text/html: change w3m call (bnc#479432)
- Bash completion: make file type detection independent from file
name for b(un)zip2, g(un)zip, and unzip (bnc#512386, bnc#512386)
- added recommends for netcfg (bnc#519337)
- now that fixed glibc is in, we can enable malloc_check again
- /.buildenv is almost never a directory...
- change condition for MALLOC_CHECK to test for /.buildenv
- do not set MALLOC_CHECK for now in build environemtns to continue
building even if we have a problem there atm (bnc#509398)
- Make some expansions work for bash completion (bnc#493303, bnc#487252)
- Add missing line in boot.clock
- At shutdown boot.clock should be executed *before* boot.apparmor
otherwise it may happen that /etc/localtime is not readable and
localtime(3) may fall back to UTC time as system default (bnc#492921).
- First try to support root fs with type aufs (bnc#491890)
- Use usleep to wait on udev
- Disable blogd on fastboot or quiet boot
- Move mkinitrd scripts to mkinitrd
- Avoid possible race between rtc_cmos and running date
- boot.ldconfig: remove most of the checks / run ldconfig way less
- boot.localfs: STOP preload during fsck calls
- boot.clock: make status argument work and add argument timezone
- boot.clock: for s390 make date command accurate as possible
- Rename mkinitrd script to and
add, also check for including the
existence of the rtc_cmos module to avoid fatal errors
- boot.clock: write system time only back to HW clock if kernel
time status shows that clocks are unsynchronized
- Add two helper scripts for mkinitrd to add and load rtc_cmos
module and add /etc/localtime to initrd (bnc#492921)
- Make boot.clock more tough due udev timings (bnc#492921)
- Remove /etc/adjtime in boot.clock if left over (bnc#495417)
- updated alljava.{sh,csh} (bnc#492820)
- bash.bashrc: append history to avoid override the history with
two parallel bash sessions.
- fix typo in comment in bash.bashrc (bnc#487742)
- touch and chmod some files only if they do not exist before
leave them alone otherwise
- MALLOC_CHECK_=3 (bnc#481582)
- remove only content of tmpdirs, not the tmpdirs themselves
in boot.cleanup (bnc#470511)
- Add .xz to /etc/DIR_COLORS.
- reenable MALLOC_CHECK_ and MALLOC_PERTURB_ for Factory.
- fix typo in etc/init.d/rc (bnc#469242)
- test if /sbin/splash exists in /etc/init.d/halt (bnc#467637)
- do not try fsck on file systems unknown to stat (kiwi live cds)
- Enhance single user mode for shutdown (bnc#473043)
- drop broken 0size file in man8
- removing the timeout, there is no good timeout value (bnc#426270)
- wait for udev to settle the modprobe events (bnc#426270)
- fixed typo in (thanks to mmeier)
- Reenable Alt-BackSpace for delete word in XTerm in UTF-8 mode
- Bash: support wildcards in completion of cd command (bnc#463477)
- make mounting in /etc/init.d/boot less error prone
- remount /dev in /etc/init.d/boot if already mounted (bnc#466718)
- Do not jump back to HOME for a login shell (bnc#458940)
- add quoting to xdg-environment.*sh (bnc#463175)
- fix bug in /etc/init.d/boot to mount sysfs correctly if missing
- fix metadata in sysconfig.cron (bnc#457093)
- only mount /proc and /sys if not mounted already
- Make /sbin/get_kernel_version a bit more tolerant: Accept
'2.6.27.private-ppc64' as version string. (bnc #441821)
- Do not set CMOS HW clock on XEN systems (bnc#422010)
- use mkill(8) instead of fuser
- updated list of settings for DEFAULT_WM (from control.xml)
- keep "you" from starting twice because of broken alias
- Use the new vhangup tool to cause processes on vc's to quit.
This avoids fuser call which may hang if NFS is used.
- The fuser call to terminate processes with write access to the
root file system is not required anymore due fix for bnc#442753.
- if /var is an extra partition, kill processes accessing it
before calling umount (bnc#435315,bnc#450980)
- speed up boot.rootfsck
- remove useless checks to set MAY_FSCK
- avoid execution of on_ac_power unless necessary
- avoid stat call to detect root on net filesystem unless needed
- comment fix in sysconfig.cron (related bnc#442059)
- chkconfig: fix when specifying run-levels (bnc#446839)
- hwclock now allows to use --adjust and --hctosys with one call,
caving us exactly 1s of CPU and boot time (bnc#441106)
- don't try to check rootfs if it is a network filesystem
- remove patch aaa_base.disable-ps3-vram-swap.patch again
- disable MALLOC debugging for openSUSE 11.1 RC1. (bnc#441937)
- Make hwclock work: do not unmount root fs unintended (bnc#442753)
- Make hwclock work: load rtc_cmos module if available (bnc#444680)
- boot.cleanup: cleanup ntp chroot (bnc#443423)
- remove the patching of the MAIL_LEVEL setting.
- Fix chkconfig to make option `-s <serv> on' (bnc#422433)
- rs.status: don't use escape seqs if not on a tty (bnc#422004)
- usr/sbin/Check: skip dir if "." or ".." is in MANPATH
- Do not override locale if already set by the GDM (bnc#440371)
- add patch aaa_base.disable-ps3-vram-swap.patch to disable using
video ram as swap on PS3. This this causes the system to hang
with FW 2.50.
- Make chkconfig be aware of new feature of insserv (bnc#422433)
- Only set PAGER to less if less is installed [bnc#436958]
- add missing ";;" in several boot scripts
- add missing ";;" in boot.clock (bnc#432381)
- Remove SCHED_MINTIMESLICE/MAXTIMESLICE from sysconfig.kernel,
it's been dysfunctional for a while.
- Do not set TEXINPUTS to make luatex work (bnc#429345)
- Use /bin/grep in profile.csh (bnc#429336)
- update chkconfig manpage (bnc#411221)
- skip fsck if running on battery [fate#303375]
- modify_resolvconf is gone, call "netconfig update" instead
- add 'hvc0' as valid console for s390x.
- remove deprecated "-p" option from fillup_and_insserv call
- remove rc.config related snippets (from before sles8)
- fix header for boot.localnet
- Fix shell syntax in boot scripts from last change
- Fix some boot script dependencies
- Implement forcefsck from kernels command line (bnc#379597)
- In boot.localfs: generate list of virtual fs on the fly
- In halt script: use option -r of umount
- In boot.localfs: be sure that / is not busy by using the new -w
option of fuser for terminating all proccesses with write access
- Fix shell function syntax.
- Start blogd after /dev/pts is mounted (bnc#410301) and related
changes for better mainframe support in boot, rc, and halt.
- added sourcing of command_not_found handlers to bash.bashrc
- Fix missing test in reboot script.
- More work on bnc#379745: after sync, stop inactive md arrays,
enforce clean state of active md arrays.
- Avoid error output /etc/rc.status due failed stty
- Add missing test on ~/.hushlogin in csh.login
- Make login procedure of bash and tcsh more equal (bnc#401470)
- Restore the broken arch_special tar ball (bnc#410237)
- Remove boot.getclock as insserv now can handle this
- Some more cleanups for new insserv
- Make boot scripts know about new upcoming startpar and insserv
- compile get_kernel_version with largefile support (bnc#398593)
- Add missing `test' in /etc/init.d/boot (bnc#406202)
- Check for /sys/kernel/kexec_loaded before reading it (bnc#387601)
- readd malloc debugging hooks for 11.1
- bump version
- Detect SIGWINCH during boot and runlevel switch
- Better workaround for colon in directors names (bnc#398369)
- More on bnc#388327: do not umnount tmpfs devices like /dev
- remove malloc debugging for the release.
- boot.localfs: /tmp could be a memory based tmpfs (bnc#388327)
- marked /etc/bash.bashrc as config (bnc#382804)
- change sysconf_addword to work with sed instead of ed
- Make colon work in _cd_ expansion shell function even if part
of COMP_WORDBREAKS (bnc#391955)
- Remove last occurence of boot.setclock (bnc#384254)
- Move udev from the Required to the PreRequired list (bnc#384254)
- Rename boot.setclock to boot.clock but preserve boot.getclock
this avoid to get temporary boot.clock provided twice during
update (bnc#384254)
- enable swap to ps3vram in boot.swap
- Read status of /sys/kernel/kexec_loaded into a variable
- Fix specfile for last change.
- Add both patches (aaa_base-chkconfig-help.patch and
aaa_base-lsb-keywords-patch) to source tree
- Add kexec call in halt script if a kernel is loaded (bnc#387601)
- added help for 'chkconfig -A' option (bnc#371548)
- add some lsb-keywords to the init scripts
- recommend cron as this is not installed per default
- disable "Obsoletes: tpctl" for now
- added aaa_base-rpmlintrc to suppress some rpmlint warnings
- Replace `/bin/hostname -s' with `/bin/uname -n' (bnc#386621)
- Also change reference boot.clock in sysconfig and add boot.clock
as an alias within boot.setclock (bnc#386354)
- Force installing ncurses-utils to have tput and reset around
- Apply last change also for insserv call
- Split boot.clock into two scripts for boot and shutdown
Todo: make insserv knowing about Required-Stop to merge them
again to one boot.clock.
- If tac is used for reversed reading set TMPDIR to /dev/shm
- Fix wrong redirection of stdout/stderror in boot.localfs
- Fix wrong regular bash expression (bnc#379745)
- fixed bnc#341035: removed /media/.hal-mtab from
- add missing "#" before comments in last change
- Use common code only once for halt/reboot/single
- Touch file /success only on rw mounted root fs (bnc#367315)
- boot.localfs:
fsck Option -m changed to -M
change hotplug to nofail
- updated mime.types (bnc#216934)
- ecmascript changed from "es" to "ecma"
- audio/x-it removed
- text/x-csharp removed
- boot.swap: compare inode/device pairs of listed swap devices and
fstab swap entries (bnc#362935)
- Add requires to /bin/login, required from inittab invoking
mingetty with default arguments.
- No indirect calls of binaries but use explicit path (bnc#353437)
- run yast2 firstboot if needed in etc/init.d/boot (#354738)
- Set HW clock before mounting the local file systems
- use if/then instead of plain test
- only copy the secring if it really exists.
- don't overwite root/.gnupg/secring.gpg
- Fix typo.
- skeleton.compat (fix bash error) (#351386)
- Test for the sticky bit on /etc/profile.d/*.(sh|csh) files and
if set for a file do not source it (bug #340737)
- remove checks for sysconfig/dump and DUMP_ACTIVE (#348656)
- updated "you" alias (#326075)
- weaken requires for logrotate to recommends (#348549)
- Fix small typo in /etc/rc.status function rc_check()
- Cleanup gpg agent sockets on boot.
- Fix last change.
- Cleanup.
- don't remove /var/run/utmp during boot to fix "who -b" (#302036)
- remove requires for aaa_skel
- provide and obsolete aaa_skel (dropped package)
- Adjust file for hwclock<->sysclock only on UTC hwclock (#223365)
- moved /etc/skel/.inputrc and /etc/skel/.emacs from aaa_skel to
- add .lzma to DIR_COLORS
- Do not read ~/.bashrc in case of /bin/sh (bug #340952)
- for zsh, do not source bash.bashrc (#343621)
- do not run swapoff -a during shutdown, only deactivate swapfiles
swap can not become unclean like filesystems (#342757)
- added psmisc as requires (fuser needed for /etc/init.d/reboot)
- added sysconf_addword to /usr/sbin (#328599)
- fix setting for XDG_DATA_DIRS (#300678)
- remove remounting of rootfs from boot.rootfsck
(handled by initrd for quite a while already)
- add malloc-debug.csh to special files too.
- renabled MALLOC_CHECK_ for FACTORY, for both sh and csh.
- Remove .hal-mtab on boot [#329688].
- second try to fix hostname setting (#300571)
- remove sysconfig/sw_management (#331955)
- Using hostname option from 'ip' boot parameter (#300571)
- sysconfig/sysctl: enhance ENABLE_SYSRQ value:
apart from yes/no this variable can hold a numeric value
to enable specific sysrq controls (#257405)
- default is now "176" (allow s,u,b)
- remove MALLOC_CHECK_ for RC1.
- Some cleanups in /etc/init.d/halt which may help for #309123
- always patch XDG_* (#300678 - with the help of werner)
- fix typo in xdg-enviroment
- Add /usr/share/gnome to XDG_DATA_DIRS (#307213).
- get_kernel_version: make check more strict to usage on kernel
dumps (#307326)
- Drop procps BuildRequires again.
- Sort out useful terminals before accessing them (bug #293842)
- Remove some unnecessary verboseness when waiting for processes.
- rebuild ldconfig cache if its corrupt (#259001)
- fix boot.localfs output (#285865)
- Remove conflicting readline bindings [#299415].
- Enhance comments for ACPI_DSDT= variable in sysconfig/kernel
- re-add change lost in last update
- add mimetypes for .ymp and .ymu files (#295677)
- remove /bin/ps prereq and replace it with $SHELL
- revert the last two changes as they break too much for the moment
- Add /bin/ps to PreReq and procps to BuildRequires for last change
- Add restricted detection in profile and bash.bashrc (#293038)
- Small correction in inputrc for urxvt, mlterm, and konsole
- Update inputrc to fit current xterm and others (bug #262330)
- add a special case for splash not terminating - it's there on
- remove 8 seconds worth of sleep() time from shutdown
- skeleton: change sendmail to generic smtp dependency
- etc/init.d/*: add Short-Description tags
- add insserv_cleanup postun
- let klogd sync its own file instead of all partitions
- Sometimes /etc/sysconfig/bootsplash is missed (bug #284891)
- remove nfs, now part of nfs-client
- etc/init.d/boot.localfs:
- handle /sys more like /proc
- etc/init.d/halt:
- don't umount /proc in the end, halt(8) might need it
- source sysconfig/bootsplash since we try to use $SPLASH
- Bugzilla #279934: ssh sends the locale environment variables
even for non-login shells, therefore one should not test for
SSH_TTY in /etc/profile.d/*.ssh but for SSH_CONNECTION,
otherwise /etc/profile.d/lang.{sh,csh} overwrites the locale
with the system default again (Thanks to Werner Fink).
- Be sure the the option -P of shutdown works (bug #274042)
- move permissions.local to permissions package
- move sysconfig.boot.crypto to cryptsetup package
- move sysconfig.mail into yast2-mail
- Check for exported PS1 variable (bug #261203)
- move boot.crypto to util-linux-crypto (#257884)
- Remove old Makefile check shorten boot time by 2 secs (#262676)
- Do not require suse-build-key.
- Do not mess with roots keychain.
- Fix of the fix for bugzilla #244788: be sure that the ~/.bashrc
is sourced once, not more not less.
- Use colored root prompt (bugzilla #144620)
- fix order of changelog entries
- do not fix owner and group of RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- remount /proc and /sys to make sure fstab options are in effect
- added "application/flash-video flv" to mime.types (#245507)
- accept spaces in dirname in nfs client script (#232356)
- Oops, check also for profile within bashrc before assuming the
default behaviour of the bash (#244788)
- Do not source bashrc twice if sourcing profile for ssh (#244788)
- Expand local ./files for manual pages within bash (#248865)
- Use plain bourne shell syntax for bug #231716 (bug #245740)
- Both bash and tcsh should have the same path (bug #227416)
- Be carefull about X11 paths (bug #227416)
- bash complete: if cdable_vars is set expand variables on cd,
handle CDPATH variable, and append the / on the result if missed
- Correct (bug #241056)
- Add support for new init feature INIT_HALT=POWEROFF/HALT
- Removed references to /opt/gnome.
- boot.crypto: use boot.localfs instead of $local_fs, remove the
boot.klog and dependcies of boot.localfs (#140226)
- boot.crypto: add support for restart/reload of services for
interactive usage of boot.crypto (#146388)
- boot.crypto: add latest support for cryptsetup from
Chris Rivera (Fate#253)
- boot.crypto: check return values of losetup for short passphrase
- boot.localfs: use grep instead of bash-loop to speedup
parsing for large /proc/partitions (#201501)
- fixed javascript entries in mime.types (#216934)
- added comment to permissions.local about letting the file
end with a newline (#224151)
- drop CREATE_INFO_DIR sysconfig variable, obsolete for years.
- added Required-Start: to boot.sched (#231676)
- mark /etc/profile.d files as config (#232083)
- Don't mix shell and environment variable within locale (#236063)
- /etc/profile.d/xdg-environment.{sh,csh}
respect /opt/*/share/applications and /etc/opt/*/xdg
- enable malloc debug again for factory.
- Don't use shell function if the program 'which' exists (#231716)
- added SYNC_ZMD_TO_ZYPP to sysconfig/sw_management
- remove aspx from /etc/mime.types (#229258)
- call umount in "rcnfs stop" if there are any active nfs mounts
- adapt s390 inittab patch
- add also runlevel 4 to the disabled /sbin/smart_agetty entry (223983)
- Escape not only braces but all COMP_WORDBREAKS (#225284)
- added rxvt-unicode,screen-256color,xterm-256color to DIR_COLORS
- removed rbash from /etc/shells (#223159)
- added sysconfig/sw_management to set preferred update stack
if both are installed (defaulting to zlm) (#219390)
- Remove /etc/init.d/Makefile (bug #204383)
- Append /dev/shm/initrd.msg to /var/log/boot.msg
- Make ls alias work even for rbash (bug #214254)
- disable MALLOC debugging for the 10.2 release.
- added Requires for udev (since it's used in Required-Start)
- chkconfig: add --allservices option, unify -l and -t handling
- extend error in SuSEconfigs check_for_space (#208193)
- do not export ORGANIZATION if empty (breaks mailx)
- remove and set NNTPSERVER and ORGANIZATION
from /etc/sysconfig/news directly in /etc/profile and
/etc/csh.login (fate#300892)
- Remove global, fixed umask value and add hint about login.defs
and [Fate#3621]
- add support for cleaning up after failed userspace suspend
- fix startx path
- run boot.proc after boot.localfs to keep sysrq enabled
move xfs probe_dmapi from boot.proc to boot.localfs
- moved xdm init script and displaymanger sysconfig to xorg-x11
- removed ash from requires (old for mkinitrd) (#202074)
- added net-tools to requires (for boot.localnet) (#202078)
- skip boot.clock if system time was older than mkinitrd buildtime
- add hint for vim syntax to rc.status and rc.splash
- Use new init feature of redo of utmp records if needed (#148038)
- call SuSEconfig.xdm (moved to /etc/X11/xdm/SuSEconfig.xdm) in
xdm init script (Bug #200299)
- /usr/sbin/Check:
* add /usr/share/fonts/* to the list of directories, in which
compressed (.Z) files should be uncompressed first (before
being compressed (.gz) again)
- Use configured for all prompts during interactive boot (#184042)
- Enable multiline option for ksh if available (#192070)
- Restore utmp after transition from cold single user mode to an
other runlevel state (#148038)
- Do not run the boot scripts at switch from cold single user mode
to reboot or halt state (#196174)
- removed SuSEconfig.sortpasswd (unused for ages) (fate#300894)
- remove sysconfig variable SORT_PASSWD_BY_UID
- Remove SuSEconfig.zmessages [Fate#300893]
- remove sysconfig variables MAIL_LEVEL and MAIL_REPORTS_TO
- aaa_base.pre: cleanup (removed obsolete X11R6 handling stuff)
- don't try to compress fonts in new truetype font directory
- keep ENABLE_SYSRQ= at the end in /etc/sysconfig/sysctl
- remove root/.gnupg/suse_build_key~ from archive
- clearify usage of Required-start and Should-Start (#181972)
minimal required order is: udev, rootfsck, cleanup, localnet
everything else is optional
- remove dropped boot.ibmsis prereq
- move gpg stuff from prep to install section in specfile,
to fix quilt setup *.spec
- avoid error on new installation with fix for #190597
- Fix last change.
- /etc/{profile,csh.login}: fixed $XKEYSYMDB/$XNLSPATH for X.Org 7
- /etc/init.d/xdm:
* fixed init script for X.Org 7
* cleanup
- fixed RCCONFIG_BACKUP_DIR (move to /var/adm/backup/sysconfig)
- enable MALLOC_PERTURB_ and MALLOC_CHECK_ for hardcore
malloc debugging and failure.
- fixed language error in comment of sysconfig.cron (bugzilla#190967)
- new gnupg requires $HOME/.gnupg for trustdb.gpg (faking no longer
- boot.loadmodules is optional for boot.localfs (#130995)
- added sysconfig variable DMAPI_PROBE to be able to set
/proc/sys/fs/xfs/probe_dmapi early enough in the boot process
- bash.bashrc: check for already set PS1 variable (bug #172753)
- sysconfig.{displaymanager,language}: kdm3 --> kdm (Bug #168745)
- fix build
- bash.bashrc: back to the roots, use -a for l and la (bug #153303)
- obsolete tpctl on x86_64
- fix sles specific settings in fillup templates (#169639)
- comment out "-9" default for GZIP in profile/csh.cshrc (#168800)
- Use the which shell function only for the bash (bug #168662)
- fixed xdm script (Bug #168633)
- mount debugfs to /sys/kernel/debug if supported (#162214)
- get current build key from suse-build-key rpm
- etc/init.d/xdm:
* set LD_LIBRARY_PATH/LD_RUN_PATH accordingly if Xgl and ATI
proprietary ("fglrx") driver are in use
- csh.login: allow file pattern globbing during package profiles
sourcing (#164944)
- boot.localfs: avoid extern programs
- fix separator in sysconfig/displaymanager (#162602)
- Bash completion: expand also for sections of posix manual pages
and include section 0 into search scheme (bug #160782)
- boot.localfs: replaced cut by sed (#163756)
- Add DOMU_INITRD_MODULES variable to sysconfig.kernel.
- fix /etc/profile.d/xdg-enviroment.csh (#158283)
- added ShouldStart for boot.multipath to boot.localfs (#160511)
- added update from ttyS0 to ttySG0 for SGI Altix in postinstall
- Fix init 3/rcxdm stop for default DISPLAYMANAGER
- Handle in the system wide csh.cshrc if a tcsh without login files
first option is used.
- Be sure that prompt strings can be used by the bash (bug #159983)
- Do not be fooled by /usr/local/bin/hostname
- Move dependencies for boot.loadmodules to be started prior
to boot.localfs (#130995)
- Fix wait for missing block devices.
- make boot.localfs wait for missing block devices (#149979).
- fixed s390 console entries in inittab: vt220 is xterm (don't
ask me, I just work here...) and on ttyS1, 3270 is on
/dev/3270/ttycons (bug #159143)
- move HALT_SOUND from sysconfig/suseconfig to sysconfig/shutdown
- add HALT_POWERDOWN_INSERT to sysconfig/shutdown
which can contain a command to be run directly beore halt
e.g. for UPS shutdown
- Make cold boot into single user work even for `s'
- Restart udev after warm reached single user mode (bug #158613)
- Do not overwrite VISUAL and HISTFILE of (pd)ksh (bug #158467)
- fix DISPLAYMANAGER_SHUTDOWN default to "auto"
- fixed typo in SuSEconfig.functions (#156414)
- Make all shells happy (pdksh/ksh/bash/ash) (bug #155970, #148251)
- updated /root/.gnupg/suse_build_key (#156971)
- added "" to "NO_PROXY_FOR" in sysconfig/proxy (#155736)
- Make ksh happy with escape sequeneces in echo msg (bug #155823)
- move rest of displaymanager variables over here (#148468)
- DIR_COLORS: change for class ORPHAN (#153569)
- remove backup file /etc/init.d/.boot.rootfsck.swp (#154386)
- Help pdksh and ksh with the which shell function
- Use `-A' instead of `-a' for LS options (bug #153303)
- Use double quotes for value of RUN_PARALLEL (bug #153567)
- handle nfs4 like nfs (#151816)
- remove size from dmesg call in boot.klog
- remove check for an obsolete yast2 start script
- updated /etc/mime.types (#119173)
- Force a reset in /etc/bash.bashrc as workaround for new readline
library which solves the text wrapping bug #148844
- Help the bash parser in case of the which shell function if an
alias was used previous (bug #148251)
- remove another call to /sbin/update-modules.dep
- Remove /sbin/update-modules.dep: we always keep modules.dep up
to date in the kernel and kernel module package %post and
%postun scripts.
- do not remove /etc/mtab* again in boot.localfs (#147048)
- use private devnode for root device if /dev is empty (#147162)
require cpio
- added /sbin/smart_agetty and line to /etc/inittab (#41623)
- etc/init.d/boot: remove selinux hook (#146631)
- etc/init.d/boot.clock: add seconds for s390 case (#145884)
- remove mount_hack patch
- added "-m" to fsck call in boot.localfs (ignore mounted fs)
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
- remove $QTDIR handling from /etc/profile.d/profile.(c)sh, is now
in /etc/profile.d/qt3.(c)sh
- Hack the hack.
- Hack boot.localfs for Bug 145400.
- removed SuSEconfig.insserv_cleanup again, obsolete
- modprobe loop if not already there
- boot.localfs: require boot.udev
- boot.rootfsck: remove obsolete umount of /lib/klibc/dev
- added SuSEconfig.insserv_cleanup
- Don't strip binaries.
sysconfig.cron [#135619]
- added DAILY_TIME and MAX_NOT_RUN to sysconfig.cron (#114761)
- chkconfig: return error status in compatibility mode
- chkconfig: display S runlevel in compatibility mode [#88213]
- etc/init.d/boot: tmpfs -> udev (mount label)
- Fix typo in boot.clock
- Enable a new sysconfig boolean SYSTOHC, if set to yes do the
old way with wrting back system to CMOS clock, if set to no
do not adjust nor write back to CMOS clock.
- remove devs from requires list
- removed SHMFS_SIZE (#138451)
- chmod 1777 /dev/shm (just a directory in tmpfs, not mountpoint)
- updated boot.localfs (no fake dev/shm mount)
- if sorting passwd/group is enabled, then preserve permissions
- removed boot.shm (no longer needed with /dev on tmpfs)
- really remove DEV_ON_TMPFS variable
- remove reference to DEV_ON_TMPFS in /etc/init.d/boot.localfs
- remove DEV_ON_TMPFS variable
- mount tmpfs to /dev in /etc/init.d/boot
- added cifs to blacklist in boot.localfs (#134352)
- use bash for boot.swap
- Remove spurious error message.
- Apply new (u)limits policy also for tcsh users
- Make the bash which alias a smart shell function (bug #133808)
- don't reset kernel default ulimits in /etc/profile
- Add /sbin/service to handle boot/runlevel services (bug #115927)
- Use parted if fdisk fails in get_swap_id (bug #121699)
- Remove calls to blkid; obsolete by now (Feature #113001)
- Handle directory names even with white spaces (bug #132950)
- Do not overwrite the user's choise of WINDOWMANAGER
- Never export UID/EUID variables
- Set UID/EUID variables readonly if not known
- Export MAIL variable, this is done by login but not by xdm
- Make scanning for zip archives not depending on suffix but one
file type (bug #128791)
- Add support for experts, by using ~/ all completion
extensions will be skipped (bug #128791)
- Source profile/csh.login for the case that the user executes
from a remote system a command with the ssh. This to get, e.g.
the full path usable on the local system.
- remove usr/bin/pkgmake and usr/bin/pkgpack
- Be sure that paths are glob expanded (bug #131964)
- require mingetty (used in inittab coming from this package)
- updated comments in sysconfig/displaymanager template (#118200)
- Do not mix csh/sh key words in profile
- Handle the pdksh as ksh in system wide bash.bashrc and profile
- Make system wide csh.login and profile more common
- Do not source system wide bash.bashrc twice used shell ksh
- Make bash.bashrc usable even with ash parser
- Use ENV to force the usage of bash.bashrc for all bourne shells
- Do not set twm as default window manager if empty in sysconfig
to help wmlist in system xinitrc and sys.xsession (bug #130459)
- Move exported variables for (t)csh into csh.login (bug #104126)
- skeleton: License is LGPL.
- skeleton.compat: New; should be usable as a template for both
SUSE and non-SUSE (but LSB, RH, ...) systems.
- Add the DOS like cd.. macro (bug #118826)
- Add kdvi/kghostview/kpdf and pdflatex to the bash complete's
- boot.cleanup: remove /var/log/sa/sadc.LOCK
- remove boot.idedma and sysconfig/ide (move to hdparm)
- changed comment in sysconfig/displaymanager (#118200)
- Fix last change.
- added fake mount for /dev to boot.localfs (#113409)
- avoid "Starting KDM" twice during bootup (#115219 - reviewed by
- added DEV_ON_TMPFS to /etc/sysconfig/kernel (#114400)
- chkconfig: show 'B' runlevel in --list mode (#88213)
- fix typo in etc/profile.d/alljava.csh (-L -> -l)
- added "-t noopts=hotplug" to fsck options (#112946)
- Don't set DEFAULT_WM to twm if it is not set
- Unset LC_ALL in rcxdm
- Remove workaround for KDM bug in rcxdm (bug #112774)
- Handle KDM/KDE bug in locale handling (bug #112774)
- recode update-messages/de/aaa_base to utf8
- Complete comment about force-reload in init.d/skeleton
- Make sure that we really have /sbin in path even (bug #105681)
- changed you alias (#105479)
- do not sleep but sync after the log file is written
- Do not set and export proxy control variables if empty (#104727)
- Set LC_ALL to POSIX in rc.status for well defined locale for
all boot and runlevel scripts (bug #105322)
- Make DISABLE_ECN work even for "no" (bug #105175)
- Remove the -p option from faillog in csh.login
- Add check for new tcsh 6.14 which does not use dspmbyte
- Add splash handling to boot.crypto (bug #104592)
- remove raw1394 and video1394 from MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT (#99691)
- added svg to mime.types (#104086)
- fix last change
- boot.cleanup now depends on boot.quota to make quota work
- Add sbin dirs of gnome and kde tp PATH if exist (bug #104058)
- Fix "you" alias to use /sbin/yast2 (/sbin is no longer in path)
- Bash expansion: escape not only spaces but also braces (#103177)
- Delete not mounted loop devices in boot.localfs (bug #102549)
- Add parallel booting and startpar to the manual page init.d(7)
- fix typo in sysconfig/proxy
- Use /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager instead of
/etc/SuSEconfig/profile for WINDOWMANAGER.
- typo in boot.localfs: shm vs tmpfs (#43704)
- added wmv to DIR_COLORS (#99632)
- Fix syntax error in complete.bash
- Fix new mount point check in boot.crypto (bug #100536)
- Add and profile.csh as replacement for
the removed SuSEconfig.profile for runtime user profile.
- added HTTPS_PROXY handling (#95647)
- fix typos in profile.d/lang.{sh,csh}
- remove some outdated variables from SuSEconfig.profiles
- Feature request 100207: make language/locale configuration
a dynamic one and support the users ~/.i18n file.
- remove capability from MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT in sysconfig/kernel
- Sanity check in boot.crypto: be sure that the mount point exists.
- sort order of arguments for "find" to avoid warning (#95861)
- set JAVA_HOME etc. correctly on lib64 platforms
- gdm has been moved to /opt/gnome/sbin
- SuSEconfig.zmessages: don't skip on FASTRUN (#87376)
- Do not overwrite exported variables in bash and tcsh (bug #91141)
- changed "swapon -a" to "swapon -ae" in boot.rootfsck (#91067)
- Unify min/max days in /etc/shadow
- Fix group of /var/log/lastlog, add to filelist
- Set correct min/max days for password handling in /etc/shadow
- updated sysconfig/displaymanager
- Minor: exit status 7 for boot scripts is failed (aka not running)
- add SHMFS_OPTIONS to /etc/sysconfig/kernel (#84034)
- Cleanup boot and rc master scripts to use make like boot
behaviour for parallel boot
- be more careful with subfs mounts in fstab
- chkconfig: don't default to all services for -a and -d (#74371)
- Add etc/sysconfig/kernel:SKIP_RUNNING_KERNEL variable which
allows to turns off the /etc/init.d/running-kernel init script.
- etc/mailcap: replace xanim by xine (#75913)
- Make change in boot.crypto for the new losetup (see bug #74441)
- cryptoloop: handle SL9.2 case
(twofish256 using loop_fish is called twofishSL92)
- Load cryptoloop and twofish modules for twofish256 (#73818)
- etc/mailcap: fixed realplayer path (#74071)
- Enable the boot.crypto user to force a file system check (#73818)
- setDefaultJava analog to setJava script (#71055)
- Add workaround for wrong exit status of debugreiserfs (#72887)
- Overwrite the primitive losetup passphrase prompt (bug #65341)
- remount rootfs in any case in boot.rootfsck (#72334)
need to do this to pick up additional mount options from fstab
like acl,xattr,...
- test for presence of /etc/fstab before trying to modify
- added iterm to /etc/DIR_COLORS (#72223)
- change all subfs entries below /media in /etc/fstab to noauto
- chkconfig: don't complain if /etc/inetd.conf doesn't exist (#65640)
- only try to umount devfs in lib/klibc/dev if mounted
- more fixes to boot.rootfsck
- fix typo in SuSEconfig.profile
- add sysconfig variable for klogconsole (#71983)
- boot.rootfsck: use the info we get from initrd
- Move `ssh sends locale' check into SuSEconfig.profile (#65747)
- skip extra magic if ROOTFS_BLKDEV is already set (from initrd)
- Add check for ssh logins which provide their own locale (#65747)
- replace image/x-ico by image/x-icon in mime.types (#57025)
- /etc/init.d/boot.swap: handle missing fdisk.
- added boot.udev to deps of boot.loadmodules
- updated etc/profile.d/xdg*
- Add /etc/bash_completion.d/ for getting package dependend
completions for the bash (bug #50946)
- added x/bzip-2 to /etc/mailcap (#50761)
- update_modules.dep: use find if available (from matz)
- moved /etc/profile.d/xdg-enviroment.* from desktop-data-SuSE
to this package
- fixed type in sysconfig/displaymanager (#50569)
- load raw1394, video1394 and capability per default
- added "Config: xdm" to DISPLAYMANAGER_XSERVER_TCP_PORT_6000_OPEN
- moved resmgr and kbd from Required-Start to Should-Start in xdm
- add a xdm: resmgr dependency to avoid sessions without permissions
- Do not write to stderr on complete error and also complete for
local binaries with the same name as the global one (#50223)
- Do not beep if HALT_SOUND is no (bug #49928)
- POSIX do not allow `==' at string compare with test
- mc can not handle prompts with xterm title sequences (#50189)
- Fix rec_rem. Also cleanup /var/lock.
- activate boot.cleanup
- Fix ls alias for the zsh to support space in file names (#49437)
- update ldconfig also on shutdown - then the libs are likely to be
in cache and it will be quicker
- do not call ldconfig on every NFS mount
- moved timezone settings to boot.clock
- allow override to enable sysrq on boot commandline (#47533)
- extended comment in PROMPT_FOR_CONFIRM variable (#49842)
- use correct archive for sysconfig-parts
- split cleanup part from boot.localnet and move earlier
in the sequence (after boot.localfs, maybe after boot.quota)
- added INSTALLED_LANGUAGES variable to sysconfig/language
- Fix the tilde expansion bug in _cd_ and _exp_ complete shell
function in the bash complete profile
- Add executions points for a before.local and after.local script
in /etc/init.d/rc
- quote usage of dircolors (#49312)
- added LC_PAPER to SuSEconfig.profiles (#46248)
- boot.crypto: replaced "." by ":" when prompting for password
- rcnfs: don't waste time if all nfs entries are noauto (#48996)
- fixed failure message in boot.localfs (#48900)
- removed /usr/bin/linkto (only used by setJava) (#48690)
- added dmg as application/octet-stream in mime.types (#48258)
- redirect errors to /dev/null when looking for old ssh-sockets
on reboot cleanup (#48227)
- remove /etc/profile.dos (not active by default anyway)
- filesize: use stat.
- fixed typo in boot.localfs (#47808)
- Removed dependencies from /etc/init.d/boot.clock
Clock is now set correctly before a dump is taken (#42376)
- xdm init script:
* added kbd to Required-Start (Bug #47388)
- Spelling fixes.
- Group splash functionality into one /etc/rc.splash file
- xdm init script: fixed PIDFILE for kdm/gdm (Bug #47292)
- Make the make like boot behaviour to the default (bug #45191).
- Use TERM instead of SIGTERM in rc.status as SIGTERM is unknown by /bin/kill.
- adding entry for sysfs to fstab (#46821)
- boot script: call /usr/lib/YaST2/startup/YaST2.Second-Stage
for continue mode if present (#46886)
- boot.localnet: tmp-race when removing old ssh-agent sockets
(#47063) and handle /var/lock like /var/run
- changed comment in sysconfig.sysctl (#46880)
- set progressbar to full at end of halt script
- don't call /sbin/splash if /proc was unmounted
- default PROXY_ENABLED to no in sysconfig.proxy (#46635)
- reversed sequence of boot.klog and boot.crypto
(makes kernel log messages go to console 10 a bit earlier
for the normal case)
- Make xterm title in prompt work even with multibyte characters
- boot.crypto: redraw passphrase prompt all 2 seconds
- call splash with -S option if system gets halted
- show "system is down" message
- Detect swap partitiion even with new label (bug #45912)
- Redirect error messages to stderr in safe-rm
- call splash with $pos:$delta for animated progress bar
- don't print boot.* services in 'chkconfig -l' if they are
off in all runlevels
- removed boot.quota from Start line in boot.localnet,boot.ldconfig
(needs to run later #43564)
- use safe-rmdir in (#45612)
- remove
- Make safe-rm more safer and implement a safe-rmdir (bug #45629)
- complete overhaul of bootsplash progressbar/event handling
- Re-enable further hdparm options for (E)IDE/ATA disks.
- Remove boot.sched from forced insserv in %post.
- boot.sched: Handle def-timeslice (instead of max-timeslice).
- updated,alljava.csh (#45555)
- updated java handling (from skh)
new /usr/bin/setJava
removed /usr/bin/,/sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.alljava
removed /var/adm/fillup-templates/
- Be sure that tcsh rehash internal locale settings in csh.utf8
- Catch Ctrl-C first in boot script (bug #36728)
- make startx a bit smarter (#44822)
- Re-enable complete even for bash version 3.00 (bug #45050)
- change X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start to Should-Start
- xdm startup does not wait for hwscan anymore
- updated SuSEconfig.alljava and /etc/profile.d/alljava.*sh (skh)
- Fix cut&paste error in /etc/init.d/boot
- Switch to new startpar with make like behaviour
- Disable this feature for now
- Make spaces on path names on ~ expansion work (bug #43792)
- clean up notify messages
- added code to handle these in cron-cleanup-tmp (#43701)
- rc.status: use size of terminal connected to stdout, not stdin.
- fix missing "fi" in /etc/init.d/boot
- Make counter varaible to a local one in rc.status
- Provide a Makefile for booting
* Enable parallel boot with make
* Todo: get the status of each service from the make
- set MAIL_LEVEL to warn on SLES
- implement new update-messages in SuSEconfig.zmessages
- default MAIL_LEVEL to new value "off"
- added GPL boilerplate to /etc/init.d/skeleton (#43581)
- firstboot should start before xdm.
- boot.localfs: MODULES_DIR is not defined, don't use
- fix typo in /etc/cron.daily/ (#32007)
- xdm init script:
* gdm needs option "--no-console" if no local Xserver should be
started (Bug #42787)
- re-activate nfs rc-script by default (#41672)
- remove ShouldStart for nfslock in nfs rc-script (obsolete)
- added image/x-ico to /etc/mime.types (#42025)
- usr/sbin/Check: quote to catch filenames with spaces (#41003)
- usr/sbin/Check: use "-n" with gzip
- etc/profile: for iSeries fix condition to call initviocons
- mime.types: added OOo mimetypes (#38546)
- mailcap: replaced lynx with w3m
- update java handling scripts (#39482)
- Change primary group of nobody with usermod and don't add it
twice [Bug #39969]
- Set LC_ALL to C in pre/post script [Bug #39968]
- Fix Description in sysconfig templates [Bug #39932]
- Add info to cryptotab aka nick name of the device (bug #39344)
- S390: update inittab patch: use mingetty for login(not sulogin)
- S390: add arch_special patch for sysconfig.displaymanager
- added IPV6_MLD_VERSION to sysconfig/sysctl to be able
to workaround bugs in other networking hardware
- re-create nroff source for resolv+ man-page (#39246)
- /usr/sbin/Check: don't pack source-control files (#39103)
- don't try to fix swap-sig on platforms without resume (#38929)
- fix boot.rootfsck (#38953)
- boot.idedma: more robust against wrong settings (#38829)
- Fix some typos in init.d.7 (used for /etc/init.d/README),
correction from tervde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
- Change /etc/profile.d/sh.utf8 respectivly /etc/profile.d/csh.utf8
to support the reverse case of removing .UTF-8 from LANG (#35091)
- /usr/sbin/Check: use new -root option for chkstat (c-version)
- Cleanup /var/lock/lvm in boot.localnet
- boot.rootfsck: only try to check filesystem if we have the
needed device node (real fix will need device mapper started
before boot.rootfsck)
- .inputrc: Add bindings for Alt modified cursor keys.
- Don't delete files in all subdirectories in /var/lock [#37759]
- Delete __db* files in /var/lib/rpm
- boot.crypto: load loop_fish2 also for twofish* (#36872)
- added try-restart for rcnfs and rcxdm (#37613)
- move depmod-code to /sbin/update-modules.dep to avoid
missing one of two places all the time
- update SuSEconfig.alljava: support BEAJava2 if installed
- #37509: `depmod -a' didn't always get run when needed at boot
- Changes within /etc/profile and /etc/csh.cshrc to source
the new files /etc/profile.d/sh.utf8 respectivly
/etc/profile.d/csh.utf8 if the new variable in
/etc/sysconfig/language AUTO_DETECT_UTF8 is set to "yes".
Beside this the files can be sourced by the users
~/.profile or ~/.login. This is for bugzilla #35091.
- Update comments in skeleton. Should-Start/Stop are official now.
- Don't change ulimits in /etc/profile if they are set by
/etc/initscript (ulimit package, see #34323).
- added "manual" to "ifup lo" in boot.localnet
- Be sure to get a valid device if showconsole fails (bug #36870)
- Fix cut&paste error within boot.crypto
- replace /etc/modules.conf by /etc/modprobe.conf in SuSEconfig
- boot.localnet: check if find is present and work around if not
(fix for /usr on nfs)
- integrate cshrc patch
- boot.localfs: replace /etc/modules.conf by /etc/modprobe.conf
- chkconfig: remove extra spaces in --list output (#32226)
- chkconfig: fix exit status in --set (#33700)
- chkconfig: add undocumented --level option (#34379)
- /var/tmp should not be in TMP_DIRS_TO_CLEAR pr. default
- Set traps for SIGINT not only in rc but also in boot (bug #36728)
- Add some lines to rc and boot for extended bootcycle (bug #32641)
- Add some magic shell lines for restoring swap partitions
- delete *.orig files
- add etc/init.d/ to calls for insserv_force_if_yast in postinstall
- Bugzilla #36155: use "set dspmbyte euc" also for locales
which use GB2312 charmap because Chinese input via xcin
won't work in tcsh if this is not set.
- clean /etc/mtab already after mounting root-fs
- add some quotes to boot.localfs
- boot.clock: also start for "single" (#35413)
- boot.rootfsck: remove bklid-cache tmpfile in /dev/shm
- boot.localfs: update blkid-cache first
- removed SuSEconfig.hostname
- removed sysconfig variables CHECK_ETC_HOSTS
and BEAUTIFY_ETC_HOSTS (no longer used)
- removed no longer existing modules from SuSEconfig --quick
- mount /dev/shm with -n flag (/ is still ro at that time)
- move last redirect & reexec call in halt-script after killall5
- don't try to check root-fs if root-fs is nfs
- split boot.shm from boot.swap (and mount shm real early)
- split boot.rootfsck from boot.localfs
- Fix reference to SDB [#35191]
- remove 2.2-kernel hack in boot.localfs (#34942)
- go straight into reboot if fsck tells us so (#34815)
- xdm init script:
* fixed start() (when xdm is used) and probe(); PIDFILE is now
<filename> instead of "-p <filename>" before
- get_kernel_version: drop gzip warning (#21057)
- /root/.gnupg/suse_build_key and pubring.gpg mode 0600 (#31982)
- updated xemacs info-dir list in mkinfodir (#34844)
- Remove redirections on stty calls, can cause spurious job control
- fix #31289 (progress bar walking backwards)
- move modprobe.conf to module-init-tools package
- fixed spelling in the boot message
- add K*-links in /etc/init.d/boot.d on update
- update for boot.idedma from Ladislav
- prepare split of /etc/init.d/halt script
K*-links in /etc/init.d/boot.d are not yet present
- clean_tmp_at_bootup: take care of files starting with -
- update /etc/DIR_COLORS, no bright for .cmd suffix. it hurts
- etc/init.d/skeleton: Fix syntax error
- handle /var/run/{u,}screens (#32814)
- removed modules.conf and it's handling
- modprobe.conf will hopefully move to module-init-tools
- removed outdated notify mails
- removed ULconfig hack
- sysconfig.displaymanager:
- sysconfig.displaymanager:
* improved description for DISPLAYMANAGER_REMOTE_ACCESS (#34238)
- sysconfig.displaymanager:
* document, that DISPLAYMANAGER_REMOTE_ACCESS setting is currently
only used for XDM (Bug #34238)
- fix typo in last change
- etc/profile: don't add $HOME/bin to PATH if HOME="/"
- boot.localnet: avoid possible errors on cleaning temporary dirs
- Remove nsswitch.conf manual page (is now part of man-pages)
- modprobe.conf.common:
* fixed alias for nvidia kernel module
- Redirect tty in boot.crypto only in interactive case (bug #32014)
- Backup /etc/gshadow and merge passwords into /etc/group on update
- added gpm as Should-Start tag to /etc/init.d/xdm
(needed if gpm is used as repeater) (#33576)
- added man pages for SuSEconfig.8, quick_halt.8, safe-rm.8)
- for now, rename /etc/sysconfig/hardware to /etc/sysconfig/ide
- /etc/sysconfig/hardware will be a directory for the new
hwconfig stuff (see package sysconfig)
- Move nscd files into nscd package
- Move /etc/netgroup to netcfg package
- Move /etc/ to glibc package [Bug #33277]
- Move /etc/nsswitch.conf to glibc package
- added "Command: /sbin/mkinitrd" for INITRD_MODULES (#28888)
- modprobe.conf changes:
* removed agpgarti810 alias (module no longer exists)
* removed "agp_try_unsupported" option for agpgart (option no
longer exists in kernel 2.6)
* removed preinstall lines for DRM modules; specific agp module
(+ apgart module) is now loaded automatically by new
hotplug(-beta) tools
- /etc/init.d/boot.klog: fix quoting.
- xdm script:
* create/remove xdm-pid/xdm-error symlinks in /etc/X11/xdm on the
fly if xdm is started/stopped
- skeleton: return 0 for stop, even if binary or config file are
missing. (Reasoning: See kukuk post on packagers, 2003-11-07.)
- /etc/init.d/halt: handle usbfs like usbdevfs.
- Check: try to set permissions even if non-root, but do it
only below RPM_BUILD_ROOT (and if that is set)
- Don't generate /etc/gshadow any longer
- Build as normal user
- Add SELinux support
- Don't try to set resource limits beyond current hard limit.
- ksh has ulimit -s.
- boot.localfs: don't mount filesystems marked as _netdev (#26148)
- fixed cron.daily/ for ppc (#32007)
- fix nobody entry in etc/shadow if sp_lstchg set to 0 (#32011)
- In case of stop do umounting in reverse order (bug #32013)
- Fix bzip2/gzip -cd completion (bug #31517)
- Bugzilla #31451: use a simpler bash prompt for UTF-8 locales.
Fancy stuff like setting the xterm title bar breaks commandline
editing in bash in UTF-8 locales. That is probably a bash
bug, but until this is fixed, using a simpler prompt is a good
- Fix comments before timeslices in sysconfig.kernel. Default to
not change them, do issue an "unused" message in this case.
- always make sure tmpdirs exist during boot (#31308)
(/tmp /tmp/.X11-unix /tmp/.ICE-unix /var/tmp /var/tmp/vi.recover)
- Do not boot in parallel in interactive mode (bug #31195)
- keep char-major-81-[0-9] from modules.conf on update (#31239)
- re-added /opt/gnome/bin (too many problems)
- removed /opt/gnome/bin and /opt/gnome2/bin from PATH (#30844)
- Terminate all vlock sessions to unlock VT switching (bug# 30827)
- xdm script:
* source /etc/profile.d/ if it exists (Bug #30850)
- Fix typo in boot.crypto script (bug #30526)
- OK, so in IBMspeak(tm) VT220 means linux. Whatever...
- added commented-out entry for VT220 terminal on s390* to
/etc/inittab (bug #29239)
- added correct terminal types for 3215/3270 and VT220 consoles
on s390* to /etc/ttytype (bugs #29239, #29240)
- boot.localnet: call ifup with "-o rc" (#30377)
- set char-major-212 to off (#29202)
- rpmv4 package db filename is Packages, not packages.rpm (#30257)
- added java-jnlp types to mime.types and mailcap
- boot.sched: Read /proc/sys/kernel/HZ and leave sched timslices
alone if HZ non-existing. If it is, make sure, min-timeslice
is larger than the minimum. Scale max-timeslice if min-timeslice
needed adjustment.
- Update comments in sysconfig.kernel file.
- Fix console handling in case of a serial line
- Try to fix bug #30138 -- switch back to tty1 for halt/reboot
- Fix the cd TAB expansion (bug #29631, #29734)
- #30100: /etc/init.d/boot.localnet /var/tmp/vi.recover symlink
race condition security fix.
- sysconfig/kernel: keep INITRD_MODULES as first variable (#29931)
- Enable umount to run losetup -d (bug #29523)
- bootup-clean in boot.localnet: only remove files below /var/run
- CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP can also be a list of directories
allowing to have a separate list for this task (#27358)
- bash.bashrc: use absolute path to ls [Bug #29013]
- skeleton, bug #29589: Update comments.
- skeleton: Support condrestart, but warn user to use LSB syntax.
- add /etc/modprobe.conf (#28263)
- Bugzilla #29629: source /etc/sysconfig/language in
- changed setup for cfg-files: one file with full filelist entries
- removed all occurences of feedback@xxxxxxx and replaced
them with hints to
- Update sysconfig meta information for ACPI DSDT in
- added windowmaker to windowmanagers sysconfig comment (#29172)
- Add parameters SCHED_MIN/MAXTIMESLICE to sysconfig.kernel.
- Add boot.sched init script that sets the kernel CPU scheduler
- Modified sysconfig-parts/sysconfig.kernel:
settings to load own DSDT with mk_initrd added
- Do not overwrite tty line settings on SSH remote lines (#29012)
- boot.localfs: Should start boot.scsidev before (#29083)
- rc.config: Add /sbin:/usr/sbin to PATH if no sbin in PATH found.
- skeleton: force-reload should act like try-restart if signalling
is not supported (#28687).
- complete shmfs fix (#28704)
- added/updated realplayer entries in mailcap and mime.types
- /etc/init.d/boot: "Mounting /proc device" -> "/proc filesystem"
- added "restart" targets for most boot.xy start-files
- added metadata for sysconfig files
- shmfs is no longer supported in 2.6 kernels, use tmpfs which is
the same anyway (#28704)
- added sysconfig variable IPV6_PRIVACY
- load ipv6 module if IPV6_FORWARD is set to "yes" (#28553)
- /etc/init.d/skeleton: Consider a not running service a success
in try-restart function. Document that try-restart is in LSB now.
- add deleted bootsplash hooks in /etc/init.d/boot again.
- syconfig/printer is gone (#27259)
- changed gdm path to /opt/gnome/bin ...
- change group of wwwrun user from nogroup to www [#21782]
- change login shell of wwwrun user from /bin/bash to /bin/false
- send notify mails with correct charset from SuSEconfig.
(notify files can be either in ISO-8859-15 or UTF-8 encoding).
- always move include local file last in modules.conf (#27681)
- change gdm path to /usr/bin (#28226)
- Added aliases for tunnel devices (sit, gre, ipip) to modules.conf
- More work on base completion (fix bug #18329 partly)
- Add check for bash_completion script to bash.bashrc: This
script can be installed from the bash-completion package.
- Fix use of sort.
- Fix more uses of chown.
- Fix chown syntax: use colon instead of period between user and group.
- reenabled ctrlaltdel in /etc/inittab on s390*, can be triggered
with z/VM 4.3 command "SIGNAL SHUTDOWN ..."
- useradd.local is now part of shadow package
- Fix build on s390(x) broken by previous change.
- Fix dependencies for boot.lkcd and make sure swap isn't clobbered
before the dump has been recovered (#26727)
- removed .xinitrc from filelist (not required any longer); better
use the global xinitrc in /etc/X11/xinit/
- remove leftover ssh-agent sockets on boot (#27463)
- don't check for active xntp when writing clock back to cmos
- mount sysfs if available on boot (#27449)
- Add new parallel featured boot scripts
- also remove /tmp/uscreens when /tmp/screens are removed
during boot (#26871)
- added /opt/gnome/info to info dirs in Check script
- implement try-restart in nscd start-script (#27128)
- Split: put mkinitrd in its own package.
- Next step on parallel boot scheme: reduce I/O calls
- mk_initrd: call insmod with full module path
- Check: don't try to gzip bzipped files (#21121)
- corrected comment in /etc/inittab
- First try of a parallel boot scheme
- mk_initrd: integrate dhcp support
- try workaround for wrong depmod if running kernel is different
from installed kernel (#26114)
- changed SuSEconfig.profiles: don't export RC_foo (#24637)
- Fix mk_initrd for modules ending with *.ko (kernel 2.5.xx)
- Make head/tail calls POSIX conform
- fixed broken sorting order (#24637)
- Fix trailing space in /etc/init.d/xdm.
- update mk_initrd to look in /etc/bootsplash and have nicer
user notification
- rcnfs: changed comment: added another sleep before
example for backgrounded mount
- sysconfig.displaymanager: fixed description for s390 (Bug #21236)
- xdm init script: don't any longer start xdm, if no Xserver is
configured and remote access is not enabled (Bug #25154)
- added ntp-pf-31 and bt-proto-[0234] to modules.conf (#25525)
- don't use wc in /etc/init.d/rc (#25572)
- Re-enable Ctrl/Shift cursors keys of new XTerm for readline lib
(bug #25528)
- Only change ftp home directory of user does not modify it
[Bug #25245]
- start boot.loadmodules before boot.idedma
(otherwise the devices need not be present)
- chkconfig: don't fail if /sbin is not in $PATH (lost change).
- added '-P' to df to fix initrd size calculation (#24984)
- add /dev/md0 to initrd in mkinitrd (#24959)
- support blackdown-jre in SuSEconfig.alljava
- really activate /etc/init.d/boot.loadmodules (#24922)
- removed SuSEconfig.doublecheck (e.g. apache vs. apache2 will
always have duplicates) (#20568)
- provide mkinitrd
- removed outdated part of comment in sysconfig/language (#24535)
- clean-tmp cron.daily-script: leave pipes alone (like sockets)
- moved named user to bind packages
- removed the gdm-binary hack (/etc/init.d/xdm)
- removed the attr hack from mk_initrd
- mk_initrd: copy libattr with bin/cat ...
- Beautify mkinfodir and let it support title lines
- merged mime.types with apache2 table (#23988)
- corrected url in mime.types
- fix 20034 again (HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth)
- Fix complete.bash just for the case that IFS is initial unset
- export HISTSIZE in /etc/profile
- don't pack devices into initrd, ash will create them with
- update boot.idedma and sysconfig.hardware from lslezak
- Fix bug #23105: get all info entries with mkinfodir
- Check: add pfm files to blacklist
- Check: only work below buildroot if UID!=0
- expanded list of vga= lines in mk_initrd
- removed SuSEconfig.man_info: mkinfodir is called by YaST
if needed (and packages should call install-info during
installation if not running under YaST)
- removed SuSEconfig.aaa_at_first: ldconfig is called by YaST
- new version of chkconfig that understands inetd/xinetd services
- removed explicit requires for acl
- enabled Xcursor themes for xdm again; "core" theme with old
behaviour is now default
- add variable IPV6_FORWARD
- expand blacklist in Check
- disabled Xcursor themes for xdm
- removed SuSEconfig.fonts (in xf86tools package)
- source /etc/sysconfig/bootsplash before defining rc_splash only
- fix splash binary path in rc.status
- fix include statement in modules.conf
- xinitrc might not be present in /etc/skel
- added modules.conf.local as cfg-noreplace
- revert gid of "users" to 100 (move postponed)
- split off insserv to own package
- added boot.loadmodules script (#19376)
- added MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT to sysconfig/kernel
- xdm init script: it's possible again to specify xdm as WM
- Check: don't gzip fonts.cache*
- let XTerm know about current directory
- incorporate bootsplash patch into aaa_base
- update progress bar hooks
- Do not set unedit for tcsh running in ansi-term/shell mode
(should work in shell mode of emacs 21 and is required for
- possibility to turn the proxy on|off (PROXY_ENABLED)
- comment for GOPHER_PROXY
- removed sysconfig_parts-bootsplash.dif
- added patch to mkinitrd for future modutils (mcihar@xxxxxxx)
- updated sysconfig templates with versions from lslezak
- More changes for rc_check and rc_status: remember local status upto
the next verbose output of the state.
- mkinitrd update:
o check packaged programs for missing libraries
o handle signals which terminate with proper cleanup and exit
o show the error messages from mount to help in case of problems
o employ safer names for temp files using mktemp for the temp dir
- Make rc_check to see a difference between local and global status
- gid for users is 500 for new installations
- Just an other enhancment (and fix for bug #21940) for complete.bash
- another place to mount proc before access (#21965)
- fix typo in SuSEconfig.profiles (#17651)
- SuSEconfig.fonts:
* call 'fc-cache' to create 'font.cache' files if necessary;
these are required by Xft1/Xft2
- added iso suffix to /etc/mime.types, type octet-stream.
- call /usr/sbin/cidfont-x11-config from SuSEconfig.fonts
- update aaa_base-bootsplash.dif to use /sbin/ instead of
- update mk_initrd to sles8 status
- split bootsplash.diff into aaa_base-bootsplash.dif and
- add script counter and additional hooks for progress
measuring (bootsplash)
- etc/nsswitch.conf: Remove dns6, remove libc5 from compat descr.
[Bug #21784]
- updated neededforbuild
- chkconfig: don't fail if /sbin is not in $PATH.
- cut /... from IPADDR in SuSEconfig.hostname (#21524)
- added "tty-ldisc-2 serio" to modules.conf.common (#21215)
- etc/init.d/boot.klog: if no klogconsole is found, use dmesg
to set the kernel loglevel
- added ",v" as file-ending to be ignored in SuSEconfig.doublecheck
- added xf86 to neededforbuild (for /etc/skel/.xinitrc)
- fixed stop/reload/status target for gdm in xdm script (Bug #18533)
- Resurrect ROOT_LOGIN_REMOTE in sysconfig.displaymanager
in order to make remote access by root via xdm configurable.
- disable a few more aliases in modules.conf on ppc:
block-major-88 block-major-89 block-major-90 block-major-91
- added block-major-117 as evms
- disable a few aliases in modules.conf on ppc:
char-major-9 char-major-206 block-major-11 char-major-86
- changed HISTCONTROL in /etc/bash.bashrc to ignoreboth (#20034)
- fix Check (broke with fileutils POSIX changes)
- uname -m == ppc64 is lib/, not lib64/ (#20228)
- remove the 'dasd' module from the list of modules explicitely added by
mk_initrd: it is attracted as a dependency automatically and may now be
savely renamed to dasd_mod. (#19308)
- removed looking for DISPLAYMANAGER/WINDOWMANAGER in /opt/kde{,2}
because only /opt/kde3 makes sense currently
- use kdm if possible when DISPLAYMANAGER is not set (Bug #19364)
- Add FSCK_MAX_INST with a default value of 10 to sysconfig/boot
and use the variable in init.d/boot.localfs. This limits the
number of fsck instances that may run in parallel and fixes
bug #18273.
- New insserv 0.99.7
* speedup (really:)
* move none LSB scripts to max start order (bug #9893)
- change initialization of 'dspmbyte' in /etc/csh.cshrc
to make it work for UTF-8 locales as well.
Use `locale charmap` to find out the correct value for dspmbyte.
- s390,s390x: added dasd_devfs_compat to ShouldStart of boot.localfs (#18752)
- s390,s390x: enabled full mod_dasd support in mkinitrd (#19308)
- s390,s390x: fixed zfcp support in mkinitrd (#19638)
- s390,s390x: made ttyS0 the console tty in arch_special/s390/inittab.dif
- fixed modprobe-based module dependency checking in mk_initrd
- added /bin/zsh to /etc/shells (#19598)
- resolve module deps for each kernel individually (#18382)
- added ULconfig symlink if built on UL
- removed "sleep 2" between sending SuSEconfig mails
- don't ask for interactive bootup by default
(enable with "confirm" as kernel parameter or
PROMPT_FOR_CONFIRM="yes" in /etc/sysconfig/boot)
- set char-major-10-134 to off (avoid annoying message)
- changed in modules.conf: alias char-major-166 from acm to off
(Bug 10815)
- changed char-major-81 from bttv to videodev
- added char-major-81-[0-3] as off (#19122)
- added multipath as raid-style fs (#19109)
- chkconfig changes:
* added --force option to call insserv with -f
* automatically use --force if more than one service has to
be changed
* added --check option to check the state of a service
- Fix group of ftp user
- Fix endless loop in case of more than two loops are crosses
over in the deependcies found by insserv (bug #18847)
- various mk_initrd changes:
* use lib64 on 64-bit systems
* use /var/tmp instead of /tmp (/tmp may be tmpfs)
* use new ash builtin 'createpartitiondevs' to create missing devs
* made root-on-lvm work by telling the kernel the right device
- change the default prompt timeout to 5s (15 is too long)
- provide and obsolete idedma
- use gnome2-gdm as displaymanager if configured (#18611)
- allow configurable confirm prompt timeout (CONFIRM_PROMPT_TIMEOUT)
- changed comment for interactive bootup in sysconfig/boot
- make mkinfodir utf8-resistant
- mk_initrd changes: lvm support, vga resolutions, module deps
- Avoid noise if timer counter is terminated
- /etc/init.d/nfs: use rc_status -u when unused.
- Add timer count for interactive message (bug #18361)
- add resolution 1600x1200 to mk_initrd splash detection
- Make newline after interactive message (bug #18310)
- skeleton:
* Fix two typos (in comments) and clarify some comments
* Note about the fact that rc.status is not part of LSB
and will only work on UL based Linux distros.
* probe is not part of LSB either
- fixed typo in boot.localnet (#18145)
- updated mk_initrd for pivot_root case (from mls)
- Be nice and inform the admin that his/her script isn't executable
- check for existence of xfs font server before attemting to
restart it.
- remove rcnetwork start from /etc/init.d/boot
now handled in YaST2.fistboot
- Fix typo in /etc/init.d/boot
- do the 'xset fp rehash' only for local displays.
Thanks to Roman Drahtmueller <draht@xxxxxxx>.
- add 'xset fp rehash' to SuSEconfig.fonts
and a 'killproc /usr/X11R6/bin/xfs -USR1' if xfs is running.
- New version of insserv 0.99.6 to fix bug #18049:
* Do not use list of optional services as indicator for `already
known' due to the optional services in /etc/insserv.conf
- mkinitrd: fix the /proc/mounts scan to find the _last_ mounted '/'
instead of the first.
- prereq acl
- fixed use_pivot_root
- use_pivot_root for root device specified via LABEL= or UUID= in
- change sysconfig and boot.proc to fit boot splash theming
- remove boot.setup from required tags in boot.* scripts
- New version of insserv 0.99.5:
* Speed up by expanding the required line only once
* Better support of foreign scripts
- nscd: move $named to should start
- xdm: move $syslog to should start
- Reorder insserv calls
- make sure CUPS_SERVER is unset before reading sysconfig.printer
in SuSEconfig.profiles (#17651)
- New version of insserv 0.99.4
* Fix dendency scanner of insserv: only not installed services
should be mentioned (bug #17699)
* Fix insserv linked listings for dendencies: link only in if not
already done.
* No time consuming qsort anymore
- fixed insserv-patch again: only check for any "/" in arg
- applied the patch for inittab for s390 also for s390x
- Make relative path etc/init.d/ work again.
- Now insserv only accepts local files if ./ is used (bug #17608)
- Make insserv to be able to remove links even if not found within
the default runlevels.
- split off fillup to separate package
- insserv.conf: nfs is optional
- Requires "distribution-release", not "suse-release".
- made mk_intrd less verbose and check for /etc/zfcp.conf
- removed files in /etc/ppp (move to sysconfig package)
- update mk_initrd to support bootsplash themes.
- add dasd support
- always create an initrd on s390
- Shorten timeouts of interactive boot (bug #17516)
- Make interactive option message more intuitive (bug #17517)
- corrected boot.localfs and boot.klog to avoid messages like
/etc/init.d/boot.d/S05boot.localfs: line 1: /sbin/showconsole: No such file
or directory
- corrected boot.clock to avoid message
/etc/init.d/boot.d/S08boot.clock: line 55: /sbin/hwclock: No such file or
- Fix inputrc for xterm and add some more keys (bug #15002)
- changed init-manpg for runlevel 2 (no _remote_ network) (#17489)
- remove starting of rpc.statd from nfs startscript
- add Should-Start for nfslock in nfs startscript
- default nfs startscript to "off" (#17425)
- added md-personalities to modules.conf
- gid for ftp is 49 not 50 (50 is used elsewhere)
- rename GMT to HWCLOCK, not to UTC
- Add zfcp support to mk_initrd
- changed pivot_root to always mount / ro, and to pivot with /mnt/tmp,
which is unmounted immediately after the pivot_root.
- inserted rcnetwork start/stop in /etc/init.d/boot for
- Add PreRequires for devs package (we need /dev/null)
- nscd: Fix required and should start services
- skeletion: $time is required start
- boot.crypto: and boot.lvm are "Should-Start"
- Run insserv for boot.crypto after boot.localfs
- updated java handling scripts from Petr Mladek
- use DIR_COLOR defaults from 8.0 and earlier for packages
no bold for symlinks
- move ftp-user's home to /srv/ftp (#17366)
- fix SuSEconfig.doublecheck using an extra "eval" (#17347)
- remove hwclock_wrapper, use hwclock directly
- renamed rc.config.aaa_base.oldstat to removed_variables.aaa_base
- renamed src-archive rc.config_parts to sysconfig_parts
- removed sysconfig.mouse
- accept missing rc.config
- fix devpts mount in boot.localfs
- rename sysconfig/clock: GMT to UTC (#17265)
- rename groups not only in /etc/group but also in gshadow
- added /bin/mv /bin/cat /usr/bin/cmp
(fileutils, textutils and diffutils) to prereq
- adjusted modules.conf for x86_64 (agpgart support now in kernel)
- Some changes to the etc/group file for UL [Bug #17240]:
wwwadmin was renamed to www
game was renamed to games
ftp was added with gid 50
floppy was added with gid 19
cdrom was added with gid 20
console was added with gid 21
utmp was added with gid 22
- etc/passwd: user ftp is in group ftp now
- Add grep and sed to PreRequires
- Remove sysconfig and vi_clone from Requires
- Move etc/motd to distribution-release specific package [Bug #17264]
- Let do the bash the command complete for grep (bug #17128)
- Better check for complete options
- move the agpgart preinstall to <arch>, new x86_64 file, from i386
- added options for sisfb kernel module to modules.conf.i386;
required for DRI support on SiS chips
- fixed /etc/csh.cshrc and /etc/csh.login so they can cope with
unset variables
- Add mktemp, find and xargs to Requires (SuSEconfig.doublecheck)
- Fix creation of etc/defaultdomain
- Add hwscan to Should-Start in xdm init script
- Remove mysql account
- Replace aaa_dir with filesystem in Requires
- Extend PATH expansion for bash/tcsh (fix bug #15952)
- SuSEconfig.doublecheck: check if /etc/rc.config exists (#17021)
- Use new syntax in insserv.conf
- New insserv version with
* Allow empty `Required-Start' list (bug #17010)
* Reverse check for requires in case of delete (bug #17009)
- mkinitrd
* explicit -t ext2 for mounting initrd
* add all md devices (not just md0)
- boot.klog: require boot.localfs to get writable root filesystem.
- boot: fix status message
- New insserv version with
* correct should-start scanner
* Use `+' sign as mark for optional services
- fixed postinstall script to be 'sh -e' resistant
- changed mk_initrd to ignore comments in lilo.conf
- adjust DIR_COLORS for executables, works better with some
global SuSE defaults (#16975)
- Adjust init script headers to the serial -> setserial change
- Fix some bash completions (bug #16051)
- Don't create /etc/rc.config
- Remove user adabas, amanda, postgres, mdom, fax, gnats, firewall,
fnet, oracle and gdm.
- Remove groups mdom, firewall, oinstall, dba, logmastr, pkcs11
- Use X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start for boot/init scripts
- Change comment in rc.config, that this file is obsolete
[Bug #16859]
- Add new pseudo services to insserv.conf
- Update skeleton to reflect latest LSB init script specifiactions
and X-UnitedLinux-Should-Start/Stop spec.
- Use %ix86 macro
- also append all mails to admin to /var/log/update-messages
- removed ircd,squid users
- insserv:
* Warn only if the runlevels of a enabled service are given but wrong
* Use requiresv() instead of ln_sf()
* Improve manual page for impatient readers
- removed users dpbox,vscan,wnn,perforce,db4web
- removed groups dosemu,localham,perforce
- added "you" alias
- added SHMFS_SIZE to /etc/sysconfig/kernel and code in
/etc/init.d/swap to handle it (#15954)
- require ash for mk_initrd
- split of permissions package with permissions files
chkstat script and manpage and SuSEconfig.permissions
- Added variable CUPS_SERVER from /etc/sysconfig/printer to profile
- removed dos2unix and unix2dos aliases, we have a extra package
- removed user pop (created by qpopper package now)
- changed insserv: call internal ln_sf and not link,
we don't need a hardlink for missing scripts
- mkinitrd: nicer output, no pivot_root call for ext3
- added forgotten gnome and vt102 terminals to DIR_COLORS
- updated DIR_COLORS (use standard colors, more file types)
- Add fillup for sysconfig/boot.
- removed runlevel for si from inittab, it's ignored anyways
- removed zope user (created by package now)
- remove /usr/share/doc/support (outdated support forms)
- remove some old unused cruft from specfile
- Change code in rc script for initiallize system up from
cold single user mode
- New code in rc and boot script for interactive boot mode
- Update to insserc 0.99:
* Now we're knowing about (X-SuSE-)Should-Start/Stop
* Implement detecting of missed required services even if
system facilities are required with error exit
* Implement a force option -f/--force to avoid error exit.
- removed OPENWINHOME variable (in xview package now)
from SuSEconfig.profiles
- removed bootsetup.dif from arch_special stuff
- Remove obsolete user ingres
- Remove user cyrus and postfix, remove group postfix and maildrop
- Add vt102 to list of terminals in /etc/DIR_COLORS.
- fix modules.conf entry for usbserial
- Remove at user, created by at package
- no 64bit dirs for "normal" ppc
- remove sourcing of rc.config from rc-scripts
- remove most traces of rc.config where obsolete
- remove /lib/YaST/bootsetup, /lib/YaST/bootsetup.conf
- add lib64 dirs for ppc and ppc64 to
- Changes to skeleton init script
* Fix typo (from mmj)
* Add more comments describing the syntax of INIT INFO section
* Update comments to match LSB-1.1 (and post 1.1 changes reported
by kukuk)
- removed another occurrence of DEFAULT_LANGUAGE in a comment
- only output clock message if really calling hwclock (#15747)
- Fix bug #15584: insserv now warns about current runlevel script
- fix a bug in SuSEconfig.profiles which made the option
ROOT_USES_LANG="ctype" fail if RC_LC_CTYPE was non-zero.
- Fix Check to work as normal user if we use RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- removed SuSEconfig.inittab (handled by yast2 now)
- SuSEconfig.doublecheck ignore files ending in "~" (#15752)
- SuSEconfig.doublecheck also ignore other backup extensions (#15974)
- don't try to cat directories (#15796)
- don't try to save options for qeth,lcs,ctc (#15971)
- removed lines about special (2.2kernel) options for modules above
- re-did inittab.dif for s390
- test if fonts subdir exists before touch-ing it in SuSEconfig.fonts
- Add more lib64 paths for x86_64 to
- generate shadow and gshadow fillup-templates in aaa_base.pre
- mark fillup-templates for shadow shadow passwd group as ghost
- aaa_base.pre: add group pkcs11 for openCryptoki administration
- accept TERM=gnome in DIR_COLORS (#15644)
- test for existence of /sbin/blogd before trying to send signals
- fixed some more permissions (kwintv,kradio)
- removed s-bit from kscd in permissions.easy (#15548)
- updated permissions files
- removed KDEDIR,KDEDIRS from SuSEconfig.profiles
(set in /etc/kde3rc now)
- changed comments in inittab about rc.config (#15457)
- handle splash properly if using a different root dir (#12427)
- ignore ifcfg files with ipaddr= in SuSEconfig.hostname
- mk_initrd:
run /sbin/fsck.jfs if jfs is used for root (#13886)
add /sbin:/usr/sbin to PATH (#12926)
allow using a different /tmp dir (for users with tmpfs on /tmp, #15310)
- SuSEconfig ignore .orig backups of sub-scripts (#15408)
- only restore routes in ip-up for isdn when the connection
has dialmode auto (bug #15236)
- updated fillup to current version
(now really keep rc.config header)
- obsolete variable KWM_GIMMICK_PIXMAP (#14635)
- boot.idedma: no output if nothing is configured/done
- obsolete old variable USE_KERNEL_NFSD
- removed "-S" from LESS setting in /etc/profile,/etc/csh.cshrc
- replaced manpage for route.conf.5 from mmj
- bash.bashrc: If LS_COLROS is set but empty, the terminal
has no colors.
- csh.cshrc: If LS_COLROS is set but empty, the terminal
has no colors.
- comment out raidstop part in /etc/init.d/halt
(raidstop needs an argument, normal shutdown is done by kernel)
- Fix part of bug #14741: Check for TERM=dumb to avoid
colored output on.
- Make TAB completion of `export' more handy
- don't test for XNTPD_INITIAL_NTPDATE being empty, since the
default is now "AUTO-2"
- use rcxntpd ntptimeset in poll.tcpip
- only test for rc_active xntpd in halt/reboot
- updated fillup and run "make test"
- no colon at end of message in halt-script (#14705)
- source sysconfig/proxy in SuSEconfig.profiles (#14742)
- removed cipe_maxdev from modules.conf (#14652)
- remove obsolete IRDA_IRQ, PCMCIA from rc.config (#14636,#14634)
- removed obsolete part of comment from sysconfig/language (#14639)
- SuSEconfig.fonts: run xftcache only when really necessary
(to make SuSEconfig.fonts execute faster)
- remove some orphaned/obsolete rc.config variables:
- handles DISPLAYMANAGER=console in xdm script (Bug #14540)
- rc-script: export REDIRECT (#14544)
- Fix bug #14527: test if stdout is a termnal
- Use correct option for tar/bzip2
- print filenames in SuSEconfig.doublecheck (#14466)
- updated comment for sysconfig.proxy (#14442)
- fillup has been fixed (thanks to jd)
- back to previous fillup
(rather lose the header than lose a variable)
- insserv.conf: $network changed to "network pcmcia hotplug"
- changes to permissions.*, mostly terminal emulator -s, and
minor cleanup (SVGAlib, last-minute fixes removed).
- changed rc.config.d to sysconfig in comment for RCCONFIG_BACKUP_DIR
- fix fillup for corner case (basefile only consits of a header)
- boot.localnet: no "done" if "setting up domainname" is not shown
- check if modules.dep file has size > 0, otherwise regenerate
- removed entry for pvrcore devices (no longer needed)
- modules.conf update: get KEEPOPTIONS first and collect them
in a second run (#14055)
- for ppp run poll.tcpip, ip-up.local and ip-down.local in the
background and detach from stdout.
- cleanup: remove oldish rc.config variables
- Re-enable files and directories for rsh/ssh/scp on TAB compelete
- fix another problem of Check script with RPM_BUILD_ROOT
- re-added: set up loopback interface real early in boot process
(skipped if /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-lo doesn't exist)
- added extended version of chkconfig and chkconfig manpage
to /etc/sysconfig/security
- moved CHECK_INITTAB and HALT_SOUND to /etc/sysconfig/suseconfig
- rc.config.aaa_base.*console are obsolete
- fixed headlines for install_initd and remove_initd
- run poll.tcpip in background
- mk_initrd: there might be more than one module with the
same name (#13833)
- update /etc/ppp/ip-up (#12818)
* IP_RESEND support
* start poll.tcpip by default
- Fix bug #13743: do not use START_XNTPD but test runlevel service
- Do not dup stdin to stdout for stty in profile
- add requires for sysconfig package
- use smarter code from boot sequence for ldconfig and depmod
also in SuSEconfig
- Workaround for stopped stty command
- Fix bug 13489: do not try to solve file/var complete feature
of bash complete builtin. Make _file_ shell function know
more about other things than files.
- added "nis" to automount entry for default nsswitch.conf
- boot.localnet: output short hostname only (#13674)
add NIS to echo when setting domainname
- updated fillup again (#13508)
- change ippp part to use ip and sysconfig (#12818)
- fillup changed handling of comment blocks (#13508)
- fix boot.klogd: move blogd kill -IO up to start section
- moved mk_initrd to mkinitrd and provide symlink mk_initrd
- moved boot.quota to quota package
- make setting of hostname and domainname more verbose (#13369)
- started unifying messages for boot subscripts
- modules.conf: move AGP entries from i386 to common.
- moved boot.ibmsis to ibmsis package
- removed old unused code from etc/init.d/boot (#13164)
- added /tmp/.ICE-unix to list of dirs to recreate after cleanup
- updated java handling scripts from pmladek
- reduced SuSEconfig.aaa_at_first (step 1)
- changes to permissions.*, part-I. Continues in part-II.
- exchange root/.gnupg/suse_build_key so that build@xxxxxxx will
not expire in root's keyring.
- prevent the use of a keyring list when adding build@xxxxxxx to
root's keyring via gpg (--no-default-keyring)
- fix SuSEconfig.hostname for localhost/lo (#13110,#13225)
- use default kernel names on alpha.
- added logrotate to requires
- Add umountizo to quick_halt script.
- clean up modules.conf file (remove obsolete comments)
- Newer kernels do have a /proc/acpi not /proc/sys/acpi
- added modules.conf entries for nVidia nforce chipset
- implement some chkconfig functionality
- tar option for bz2 is now "j"
- nsswitch.conf holds vital configuration - should be noreplace
post install script should check that all needed entries
(e.g. autofs: files - don't know if really, just an idea)
are there(should possibly be discussed with regard to update)
- lsb-ified names of cron.daily scripts (#13027)
(make the filenames start with
- split up the aaa_base part of these scripts into tasks
- removed check for START_NAMED from ip-up
- mention poll.tcpip in ppp section of ip-up
- mount /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc when needed
- We should save our entropy within a file which isn't cleared
at boot time, shouldn't we.
- sysconfig/cron_daily -> sysconfig/cron
- correct typos and alias/options for sound stuff in
- remove old check for SENDMAIL_TYPE from SuSEconfig
- move modify_resolvconf and its man page to the sysconfig package
- MODIFY_RESOLV_CONF_DYNAMICALLY goes from rc.config to
- patches from sles7-ppc:
- /etc/profile: iSeries console support in /etc/profile
- mk_initrd: know the kernel names on ppc64
- added forgotten sysconfig/news handling to postinstall
- updated fillup to 1.10
- moved ORGANIZATION, NNTP_SERVER to sysconfig/news
- removed CLOSE_CONNECTIONS variable
- fixed output for some SuSEconfig subscripts
- added entry for sonypi
- SuSE GmbH -> SuSE Linux AG replacement
- replaced invalid suse e-mail addresses by feedback@xxxxxxx
- moved DEFAULT_PRINTER to sysconfig/printer
- updated for s390x
- Fix bug #13017: xdvi knows about gzip dvi, make .. work on TAB
- Call /etc/init.d/boot system was booted cold into single user
- use timestamp file var/adm/SuSEconfig/lastrun.SuSEconfig.fonts
to check whether mkfontdir needs to run, this should be more
reliable than just checking whether a directory modification
date is newer than its fonts.dir file.
- moved cron.daily scripts do_mandb and clean_catman to man package
(and their respective sysconfig variables)
- commented out mandb call in suseconfig.man_info
- xdm: export KDEROOTHOME as /root/.kdm
- moved sysconfig.locate, and cron.daily scripts updatedb
and clean_core to findutils-locatedb package
- modified fillup to keep file-header only in rc.config
(thanks to jd)
- removed zshrc and zshenv (moved to zsh package)
- removed old checks for YAST_ASK, all these values are gone now
- rc.status: added status unknown (4) as specified by LSB
- added status (unknown) and stop (not implemented) return values
for scripts
- SuSEconfig.doublecheck: ignore subdirs of /etc/sysconfig
- fillup fixed for templates starting with newline
- removed /opt/kde2 from KDEDIRS again
- fixed cron.daily script aaa_base_updatedb (thanks to mvidner)
- SuSEconfig.profiles: set KDEDIR to /opt/kde3, /opt/kde2
(/opt/kde3 preferred, both if exist)
- set QTLIB to /usr/lib/qt3, /usr/lib/qt2 (as above)
- set KDEDIRS to /etc/X11/kde3/:/opt/kde3/:/opt/kde2/
if /opt/kde2 or /opt/kde3 exists
- fix bug #12935: handle bzip/gzip options for uncompressing
- fillup:
- added new functionality due to the first variable block of
The first variable block of basefile can hold header information
for the basefile that should always be part of the resulting
The former version handles all variable blocks transparently.
Now if former version ignores the first variable block of
basefile the comment up to an empty line is taken nevertheless.
- removed DUMMY_SEPARATOR hack from postinstall
- SuSEconfig.hostname: don't write HOSTNAME, only modify hosts
- Check: don't gzip XftCache files
- removed MODEM from rc.config (obsolete)
- set values to empty where YAST_ASK was before
- Don't use obsolete sort options for field selection.
- Don't duplicate each empty line in /etc/rc.config.
- check for existance of xftcache and mkfontdir in
- use /bin/splash to create bootsplash pictures
- use full path '/usr/X11R6/bin/xftcache' instead of just
'xftcache' in SuSEconfig.fonts.
- moved cron.daily related variables to sysconfig/cron_daily
- cleaned up aaa_base_clean_core
- added sysconfig/hardware
- fixed domainname setting in boot-script (problem if empty)
- added boot.idedma
- read sysconfig/java in SuSEconfig.alljava
- moved more SuSEconfig only variables to sysconfig/suseconfig
- moved FROM_HEADER to sysconfig/mail
- removed SuSEconfig.mini_mail (obsolete for long)
- Fix bug #11744: make TAB expansion work with wildcard
- CREATE_JAVA_LINK is in sysconfig/java again
- fixed SuSEconfig.doublecheck
- added INSTALL_DESKTOP_EXTENSIONS to sysconfig/windowmanager
- add call to 'xftcache' to SuSEconfig.fonts
- fixed typos in specfile (BOOT_SPLASH moved)
- moved proc/sys related variables to sysconfig/sysctl
- moved DEFAULT_WM to sysconfig/windowmanager
- updated modify_resolvconf and it's manpage from SLCS version
- added umountizo to halt script (if binary is existing and
intermezzo filesystems are mounted)
- updated comments in skeleton
- added nosmbfs to mount options in boot.localfs (#12627)
- removed noauto check in rcnfs (#12687)
- added user mail, uid 8 , home: /var/spool/clientmqueue
- added group intermezzo, gid 63
- added intermezzo entries to modules.conf
- fixed comment in skeleton script
- removed /S.u.S.E from UPDATEDB_PRUNEPATHS
(only used on live-eval which has no updatedb/locate running)
- added /opt/gnome2/lib to
- added /opt/gnome2/bin to PATH if existant
- fixed cyrus home dir
- moved PROXY variables to sysconfig/proxy
- moved sysconfig/updatedb to sysconfig/locate
- moved TIMEZONE and GMT to sysconfig/clock
- Add defaultdomain.5 manual page
- small change in xdm script: use kdm in /opt/kde3/bin if available,
otherwise try to use kdm in /opt/kde2/bin
- removed network rc.config variables and FQHOSTNAME
- removed network,dummy,route,boot.loopback
- removed /sbin/bootp (if anybody wants this needs a total rewrite)
- updated SuSEconfig.hostname
- fixme: /etc/ppp/ip-up needs to be updated
- moved SuSEconfig related variables to /etc/sysconfig/suseconfig
- moved basic network variables to rc.config.aaa_base.oldnet
for quicker removal
- complete move of INITRD_MODULES to /etc/sysconfig/kernel
- mk_initrd: INITRD_MODULES has been moved to /etc/sysconfig/kernel
- fixed SuSEconfig.profiles for DEFAULT_WM
- The halt script should know about raidstop
- added alias binfmt-0004 binfmt_coff
- Move DEFAULT_WM to sysconfig.displaymanager
- Remove SERIAL_CONSOLE from rc.config and SuSEconfig.inittab
- Fix remount bug (bug #11923)
- Make ip-up start of SuSEfirewall dependant on rc.d symlinks
- remove all obsolete YP variables from rc.config
- removed /usr/games/bin from path
- Domainname is now in /etc/defaultdomain
- only move to rc.config if awk worked
- added comment about logfiles to permissions.local header (#12163)
- and boot.lvm are in other packages, don't call insserv
for these here
- added opt/kde3/lib to
- moved MOUSE from rc.config to sysconfig/mouse
- renamed sysconfig/lang -> sysconfig/language
- added opt/kde3/bin to path if existant
- moved DISPLAYMANAGER to sysconfig/displaymanager
- moved DEFAULT_LANGUAGE to sysconfig/language
- Add fetchnews call to /etc/ppp/poll.tcpip
- Add syslog messages on start and end of /etc/ppp/poll.tcpip
- changed name from mwavedd to mwave in /etc/modules.conf
- Remove rcnscd status hack
- Allow longer version strings in get_kernel_version [Bug #12731]
- Add group "nobody" with gid 65433, make this primary group for
user nobody, add nobody to group "nogroup" (To be LSB conform).
- Add more entries to etc/mime.types (fixes [Bug #2899])
- /usr/sbin/Check: symbolic link /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF no
longer compressed
- SuSEconfig.fonts:
don't copy lines with only white space and digits from
fonts.scale.* to fonts.scale (thanks to sndirsch@xxxxxxx for
the suggestion).
- SuSEconfig.fonts:
add TTF and Type1 directories
don't copy empty lines from fonts.scale.* to fonts.scale
- Do not scan dangling sym link with insserv
- Avoid casts use pointer instead
- Be aware that strsep(3) make pointer arithmetic and we should
remember the starting address of any string handled by strsep(3)
- removed postgres paths from permissions*
- removed SMTP from rc.config template (which is START_SENDMAIL)
SMTP will be removed from rc.config by sendmail update
- Intergrate insserv-0.92.dif patch to insserv sources
- Fix bug #12482: make a difference between provided services
and the names of the scripts its self.
- permissions.paranoid, hosts.* mode 600, now 644.
- csh.cshrc: move symlinks from expand to ignore, no WINDOWID for
konsole, some comments about using local system and user csh.cshrc.
- csh.login: some comments about using local system csh.login,
no WINDOWID for konsole.
- move from rc.config.d to sysconfig
- added variable UPDATEDB_PRUNEFS
- moved all updatedb variables to /etc/rc.config.d
- moved and boot.lvm to their respective packages
- removed aaa_base_clean_instlog, aaa_base_rotate_logs,
/etc/logfiles and MAX_DAYS_FOR_LOG_FILES
- removed rcboot.setup (has to go to kbd package now)
- Next try of getting LSB conform exit status of rc_check
- moved variables to kbd package:
- moved boot.setup to kbd package
- added rc_active to /etc/rc.status and removed checks for foreign
START variables using rc_active
- moved boot.isapnp to isapnp package
- use insserv_and_fillup macro
- moved GPM_ variables to GPM package
- removed START_ variables
- some scripts do still reference START variables
- removed /usr/etc stuff (links for mime.*)
- integrated splash diff
- removed 7.0 compat hacks in specfile
- etc/init.d/boot: split into nice little pieces
- removed kerneld, dosemu and xosview from bootscript
- updated java-selection scripts from Petr
- Fix bug #12014: allow filenames for mkdir complete
- Fix bug #12408: avoid error message of compgen if an option will
be expanded on the command line.
- Allow spaces as component of file and directory names (#12422)
- Add complete feature for man command, now comands and sections
can be expanded (man <TAB>, man 5 <TAB>, ...)
- added /usr/openwin/man and /usr/gnome/man hardcoded to
Check's manpath
- mk_initrd: check that /etc/lilo.conf exists before trying to read it.
- separated java settings from /etc/profile and /etc/csh.login
to /etc/profile.d/alljava.{sh,csh}
- exporting variables like JAVA_HOME and JDK_HOME (#12143)
- bugfixes and extensions for SuSEconfig.alljava
- added etc/rc.config.d/displaymanager.rc.config
- don't always fsck root fs if on LVM
- fixed gshadow owner and permissions in postinstall
- updated comment in chkconfig-fake
- removed suid bits for cdrecord permissions.{paranoid,secure}
- added artswrapper to permission, suid in easy only
- updated mk_initrd for ext3 support
- added rc.config variable DISPLAYMANAGER_REMOTE_ACCESS
- added another chroot in gpg build key code
- ip-up: moved firewall-start code to a function and
use code-fragment from SuSEfirewall2
- change char-major-108 to ppp_generic(real provider, bug 5255)
- Update of the manual page of route.conf(5)
- source profile in /etc/zshenv before zshrc and everything else
- Close bug #11635 and source /etc/bash.bashrc.local if exists
- Remove shell option `cdspell' to avoid unwanted corrections
- ppc kernel is either vmlinux or vmlinuz
- no .suse fallback kernel on ppc (see #11495)
- create subdir in main source archive and move unpack to setup
section in specfile (don't use setup macro because of perms)
- Allow .exe for complete of unzip
- revert previous fix: simply call SuSEfirewall2 if START_FW2 is
set to "yes"
- switch between SuSEfirewall and SuSEfirewall2 using
/sbin/kernelversion in /etc/ppp/ip-up (#11490)
- Make user ~ listing work again even if used with bash
complete feature (#11512)
- removed /etc/SuSE-release, /etc/issue and /etc/
- added requires to suse-release
- fixed mk_initrd "no space left" (#11333)
- /etc/profile: source SuSEconfig.profile once, but only once
- clean_core: do also search for core-files like core.[0-9]*
- added option --nomodule to SuSEconfig
- add all fixes for filename vulnerability
- make 'old' less vulnerable to filename attacks (reported by bjacke)
- Move inittab with /sbin/init.d away and install new one (#11173)
- Initialize integer n in route script
- Remove route.conf.old handling because YaST2 handles
this now more appropiate
- fix test for working gpg again (#11108)
- Add a loop detection for ~/.bashrc reading /etc/profile
- Move complete part of /etc/bash.bashrc into
/etc/profile.d/complete.bash to avoid parser errors of
other shells.
- added force-reload for etc/init.d/nfs (#9053)
- umount /proc after calling vgchange (#11095)
- suppress mke2fs warnings 'could not erase sector...' (#11083)
- mk_initrd changed to automagically determine splash screen size
if no -s option is given
- Some command completes also need file completes (BUG #11087)
- fix /etc/profile to init the terminal only in interactive
sessions, otherwise programs like xinit will hang in stty
- set hwclock in shutdown only if xntp is fully configured
- Avoid not existing info dirs in csh.cshrc
- mk_initrd: check for lvm if a root device is explicitly given (#8958)
- removed old comments about SuSEconfig and DISPLAYMANAGER
- Better tty check for coloured status messages in boot scripts
- Remove pcmcia from $network due pcmcia does its own routing
- Add group man for LSB conformance
- prevent "sorted" passwd,group on new installation
- added etc/inittab to noreplace files
- changed bash completion for export command
- allow run of SuSEconfig modules in FASTRUN mode if $r is set
added SuSEconfig.inittab and SuSEconfig.hostname to the list
of these modules (FASTRUN) (#10430)
- added warning comments to etc/inittab about CHECK_INITTAB
- mkinitrd: added oem resize support, support for splash image sizes
- commented out animation in initrd
- changed permissions entry /usr/bin/vmware -> /usr/bin/vmware.bin
- changed login shell for db4web from /bin/false to /bin/bash
- set 'dspmbyte' variable to 'big5' when LANG is zh_TW* to enable
convenient editing of traditional Chinese on the tcsh commandline
- SuSEconfig.doublecheck only checks lines containing "=" (#10443)
- updated user description fields in passwd file (thanks to msvec)
- added application/x-rad to mime.types
- use extra tmpfile for update of passwd et al
- new mk_initrd. Create headers necessary for splash kernel
patch version 0.9.8
- alias char-major-116 to off by default (#10404)
- re-diffed splash patch
- touch shadow/gshadow in postinstall, might not be present
- rewrote pre/postinstall handling for passwd et al to not use
bin/fillup because of it's charset limitiations, but use the
utilities "sort" and "uniq"
- integrate s390 special case into etc/init.d/boot
(the patch did not apply anymore anyway)
- moved Linux-ABI stuff to i386 specific file
- added personalities needed by Linux-ABI
- network script: Add workaround ethernet driver modules:
Try to load them in order even if a device is disabled.
- new mk_initrd: added option -s to add boot splash animation, if
installed and concatenate the bootsplash jpeg file to initrd.
- new aaa_base_splash.diff: cleaned up diff and test for rc.config
variable $BOOT_SPLASH before playing any animation.
- fixed db4web user entry (id 70, grp users, home:/opt/db4web)
- added user db4web
- Workaround for broken complete feature of the bash: the
filter pattern for files are also applied an directories
- boot.crypto: add timeout option for losetup
- updated splash patch: hook to trigger YaST
startup and unified runlevel reached hook.
- Unexport NFS before umounting if applicable (hint from ak again).
- mk_initrd: 'rmdir' failed if no initrd was required, fixed
- Set sane PATH in quick_halt (hint from ak).
- Add it to the cfg file list, so user changes will be backed up.
- moved quick_halt/reboot/poweroff to /sbin
- Added quick_halt/reboot/poweroff script.
- LESS setting in etc/profile had got lost, set to "-M -S -I" again
- Fix reopened bug #9923
- Fix bug #8440
- added 2 more hooks for splash animation viewer.
- Do not export UID, EUID, USER, MAIL, and LOGNAME (#10088)
- /etc/init.d/boot: add iSeries native I/O support
- /etc/profile: set TERM=vt100 for iSeries virtual console
- use wrapper for hwclock to combine arch-specific hacks in one place
- add ppc PReP Serie E to hwclock special case
add /opt/cross/bin to PATH
- added hooks for local plugins in /etc/csh.cshrc and /etc/csh.login
- Add some complete rules to bash.bashrc
- Do not source ~/.bashrc if not bash
- Source ~/.alias only if shell is not ash
- add boot script hooks to call splash screen animation program
in case splash screen is seen.
- added LESS_ADVANCED_PREPROCESSOR="no" to /etc/profile
- set LESS variables in /etc/profile only if LESS is not set
- SuSEconfig.alljava rewritten by Petr Mladek
- /usr/bin/linkto (readlink) and /usr/bin/setJava added
- /usr/sbin/setDefaultJava added
- etc/init.d/network: re-worked "status" output (#9059)
- etc/init.d/nfs: return "unused" for status if no nfs in fstab
fixed typo (shares vs. shared) (#9053)
- removed lockd code from /etc/init.d/nfs
(no longer needed, kernel triggers lockd thread itself)
- added cron.daily/aaa_base_backup_rc.config to make backups
of etc/rc.config and etc/rc.config.d/* analog to rpmdb (#9875)
- moved rc.config-variables for backups (rpmdb and rc.config)
to /etc/rc.config.d
- added code to use correct geometry for console ouput of rc script
if REDIRECT is set
- cleaned up the nfs rc-script:
explicit lockd start is only needed for the 2.2 case
check return from startproc for every daemon that is really used
do nfsmount and ldconfig only if we are really going to mount
nfs volumes
- Added /usr/sbin/traceroute6 + /var/{run,lib}/smpppd to
- added variable CWD_IN_USER_PATH for UID >= 100
and changed CWD_IN_ROOT_PATH to work for UID < 100
- remove SuSEconfig lockfile if aborted by user (ctrl-c)
- fixed security problem when CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP was active
(arbitrary directories could be wiped during reboot)
- changed KDEDIR to /opt/kde2 and QTDIR to /usr/lib/qt2
in sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.profiles (sets user environment vars)
- Add check of dead lock file in poll.tcpip
- Added /etc/smpppd.conf and /etc/smpppd-c.conf to
- call hwclock --adjtime before hwclock --hctosys at boot time
- call hwclock --systohc at halt/reboot time (#9173)
- nscd does not support SIGHUP, return rc_failed 3 (#9767)
- permissions.{easy,secure,paranoid} update to reflect config bugs
in the inn package. Fixes bugid #9606.
- etc/bash.bashrc: test if proc is mounted before trying to
determine current shell
- refined gpg exec test in postinstall
- etc/profile: test if proc is mounted before trying to
determine current shell
- etc/profile: replaced "ls" by "/bin/ls" PATH might not be set
- dropped users: lnx, yard, ixess, virtuoso, nps, skyrix, dbmaker,
fixadm, fib, fixlohn, codadmin
- dropped groups: lnx, yard, dbmaker, fix, codine
- integrated aaa_base.patch
- Add new /etc/profile and /etc/bash.bashrc together with
an /etc/profile.d/alias.ash for ash shell
- mk_initrd: run 'raidautorun' only if raid is used; add xor module
if missing; hint to run lilo
- made mk_initrd a separate source file
- mk_initrd: run 'raidautorun' in initrd
- changed neededforbuild <sp_libs> to <sp-devel>
- remove xntpd from $remote_fs again (in insserv-dif)
- "apm=power-off" in cmdline will be accepted to run "halt -p"
- changed default viewer in /etc/mailcap from "xv" to "display"
- use "/sbin/modprobe" instead of "modprobe" to load agpgart
- rcdummy: always return rcfailed 3 for status if dhclient
- added /var/log/localmessages to /etc/logfiles
- rcrandom: always return true for status
- New insserv version 0.92 with better loop detection.
- fixed status calls for dummy and nfs rc scripts (#9035) (#9053)
- $remote_fs needs xntpd now, update insserv.conf and insserv.8
- added handling of s390 system time set to local time (#9455)
- removed SuSEconfig.susedynamic (we haven't had these in years)
and rc.config variable HOW_TO_HANDLE_COMMERCIAL_LIBS
- SuSEconfig does not change the runlevel in /etc/inittab any more
leave this to YaST* (#1076)
- SuSEconfig.inittab will just comment existing S0 lines in inittab
if SERIAL_CONSOLE is empty (#8600)
- aaa_base_clean_core: do nothing if RUN_UPDATEDB != yes
(just commented the code, not deleted) (#9553)
- added ORPHAN to /etc/DIR_COLORS (#8209)
- fixed typo in boot.crypto (extra #) (#9621)
- Boot scripts: exit status 7 in stop case is success and is
mapped to exit status 0
- split SuSEconfig in more modules
- fixed duplicate check to use rc.config.d as well
- removed dosemu hack in SuSEconfig (etc/dosemu.users.* disappeared)
- Fix bug in insserv service link handler
- Fix etc/logfiles for squid [Bug #9611]
- New route and network init scripts (bugs #6052, #9082)
- Check for /proc/driver/rtc in cron.daily/aaa_base (new location
with kernel 2.4) [Bug #9451]
- Fix path to sendmail rc.config variables [Bug #9474]
- Unset variable s in etc/profile [Bug #9540]
- Add comment to sbin/chkconfig why it is there and why it is not
possible to implement it with our LSB conform runlevel system
[Bug #9521].
- Update to insserv 0.9
- On halt/reboot: Check if loop device was enabled with losetup
- On halt/reboot: touch /success
- On boot: not only remove /fastboot but also /forcefsck and /success
- Move RC_L* variables and ROOT_USES_LANG into lang.rc.config
- SuSEconfig.profiles: source lang.rc.config
- remove GOPHER_PROXY (gopher is obsolete today)
- remove delete rule for nscd init script
- fixed arch_special patches for s390
- Move /etc/default/useradd to the shadow package
- integrated changes from 7.2-s390 in modules.conf.tar.bz2:
- modules.conf.s390: channel device module options are if kernel=2.2
- Update modules.conf.s390 and symlink modules.conf.s390x to it
- move agpgart entries to i386 in modules.conf
add firewire entries for ppc
- Add patch for [Bug #9358] (no keytable loaded at first boot)
- move skyrix home to /opt/skyrix
- fix typo in BOOT_SPLASH code
- added raidstart call (needed when persistent md devices are uses
and md is compiled as modules)
- added rc.config variable BOOT_SPLASH to turn splash-screen
off after kernel-load
- BOOT_SPLASH defaults to "no" on SLES
- removed informix user and group (#9136)
- removed START_NAMED variable (in other packages) (#8899)
- fixed buglet in Check
- Remove info box at first boot about root login
- updated alias entries for iBCS2 (now: abi-ibcs)
- don't search for core files on ncpfs filesystems
- updated zshrc from mmj
- rewrote /etc/rc.d.README *again* ... (bug #9120)
- reorganized and extended /etc/DIR_COLORS (e.g. included some more
image extensions and added colouring for sound files)
- some cosmetic changes to /etc/inittab
- change shell for sapdb user to /bin/bash
- remove trace of empress user in fillup-template for shadow
- changed etc/rc.status variable rc_missed, whose content did
not match its purpose
- rearranged etc/profile, added and corrected comments
- rewrote much of etc/profile.dos and added the 'sys' command
- rewrote etc/rc.d.README
- changed comments in etc/rc.status
- corrected some things in lib/YaST/*, especially stylistic issues
and grammatical mistakes in the English message strings.
- removed comment referring to obsolete kerneld in /etc/modules.conf
closes bug #7757
- added /media to UPDATEDB_PRUNEPATH in rc.config
- Use correct shell variable for script path at boot logging
- Avoid font initialization for other runlevels than N aka
boot in boot.crypto
- preserve more options from /etc/modules.conf:
preserve aliases and module options of all eth, tr and ci interfaces
preserve options of ctc, iucv and xpram modules
(aliases are set by default)
- Add a workaround in /etc/init.d/boot to get forcing
of execution of boot.crypto working correct.
- modularize hostname part from SuSEconfig to SuSEconfig.hostname
- call SuSEconfig (with args) in bootscript if needed
- added isapnp_reset=0 as option for isa-pnp in modules.conf
- added /var/log/httpd/jserv.log and mod_jserv.log to logfiles
- mk_initrd: add lvm-mod if / on lvm
- permissions.* change: /usr/bin/man suid man -> suid root
- modify_resolvconf now always leaves a proper r.c. after restore
(Bug 8135)
- Simple change in xdm init script to avoid failed message (bug#7411)
- (#7949) silently remove runme_at_boot if yast2 was not installed
- Add keyboard and terminal initialization in boot.crypto
- copy ld-*so* to initrd, not
- put /dev/rd/* into initrd (lvm only)
- make it work in chroot environment
- Better formating of skipped/failed messages of /etc/init.d/rc
- Map status greater than 7 to 1 in /etc/rc.status
- Avoid boot logging of sulogin shell and pass phrase on losetup
- removed suid from straps (scotty package) in permissions*
- tty-ldisc-3 now dependent from kernel_version(ppp/ppp_async)
(fix for #7842)
- changed the copyright notice of /etc/permissions.local (removed)
(resolves bug #7867)
- update man page modify_resolvconf.8
- modify_resolvconf: added -p to all cp (Bug 7582)
- modify_resolvconf: does not leave stale tmp files any longer
(Bug 7883)
- modify_resolvconf: removed another possible endless loop
(Bug 7316)
- ip-up: now creates resolv.conf backups for every interface
(Bug 7686)
- added bttv to keepoptions (#6391)
- Move boot.crypto before touch other files and
files systems (besides /)
- dropped vmlinuz_24 from mk_initrd (#7715)
- mk_initrd now under GPL
- changed DO_QUINT to HALT_SOUND (#7456)
- updated comment for CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP (#7605)
- added entry for IBM thinkpad in modules.conf.i386
- fixed handling of special case IBMJava2-JRE in SuSEconfig.alljava
- fix bug in code for CLEAR_TMP_DIR_ON_BOOT (#7599)
- added rc.config variables for INITRD_MODULES (long overdue)
and for DO_QUINT
- added alias for mwavedd to modules.conf on i386
- added chroot to gpg-call in post-install (#7540)
- Disable quint at halt/reboot
- replaced wrong modify_resolvconf with the new version, which i
already tried to check in at Mon Apr 30 14:23:40 CEST 2001
- Fix syntax error in modules.conf for SPARC
- added vmware-ping to permissions*
- modify_resolvconf: fixed bug 7316 and added support for multiple
modifikation (is needed for pppoe; arvin)
- added sapdb group and user sapdb (/var/opt/sapdb)
- added /etc/crontab to permissions files (#6411)
- Do message of skipped services in yellow not in red (#7338)
- Even on quite status check we should rember the state
- Fix line drawing of rc.status even if we're in check status mode
- updated comment in etc/ppp/ip-up (from arvin)
- check also for permissions.local.rpmsave
- added alias char-major-10-181 toshiba
- commented "options parport_pc" in modules.conf (#7143)
- changed comment for GMT (#3907)
- updated ip-up from arvin (use modify-resolvconf)
- made ip-down a symlink to ip-up again (had got lost)
- added net-pf-24 alias for 2.4 case
- Updated some of the descriptions in the files rc.config_parts/*
according to changes in 7.2
I also corrected some grammar and style issues.
- More additions: kamplus -> /etc/permissions.*
- updates to permissions files, among them: opie, /etc/init.d,
/usr/src/packages/*, mtr, phoenix
- remove bttv option
- rename lvm to lvm-mod in modules.conf
- add option for bttv in modules.conf
- removed pcnfsd from insserv list
- removed pcnfsd startscript (now in bcnfsd/bwnfsd package)
it's variables and rc-links
- removed old rc-links for cron and kerneld
- removed kerneld startscript and variable
- removed cron startscript and variable (moved to cron package)
- Make nscd init script LSB ready (kukuk)
- Fix missing newline after `rc_status -v'.
- use "halt -p" also if kernel runs acpi (#6989)
- moved pre/post script to separate files
- fix handling of permissions.local (#7087)
(erroneously was in file-list during 7.1)
- added patch for boot-script to start SuSEconfig after YaST2
only if needed
- remove LESSCHARSET from /etc/profile and /etc/csh.cshrc.
Setting it to "latin1" is not useful, this is the default anyway
unless "UTF-8" is found in LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE or LANG, then the
default is utf-8. Therefore, setting LESSCHARSET=latin1 prevents
automatic detection of UTF-8 locales.
- set LESS, LESSOPEN, and LESSCLOSE in /etc/csh.cshrc to the same
values as in /etc/profile. Remove less options from PAGER.
- do not source /etc/SuSEconfig/csh.cshrc and
/etc/SuSEconfig/profile if LANG is already set to prevent
overriding locale variables already present in the environment.
- enable editing in EUC encoding in /etc/csh.cshrc for the
languages where this makes sense.
- don't add backup files to fonts.scale in SuSEconfig.fonts
- Start network after usbmgr [Bug #7024]
- Re-enable -s/-u for rc_status and set appropiate exit value
- commented alias for autofs4
- removed mssclampfw for kernel 2.4
- Updated skeleton: try-restart works as documented now.
- added rc.config variable CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP defaulting
to "no"
- added echo line for boot.crypto
- mk_initrd: Use vmlinuz and vmlinuz.suse as default list of kernels on
- changed boot.crypto to allow blank-lines and comments
in /etc/cryptotab
- Use .exrc and .xinitrc for root from aaa_skel
- updated comment for ROOT_LOGIN_REMOTE (#412)
- changed headline for SuSEconfig.alljava to bin/bash (#6854)
- added insserv call for boot.crypto and removed change from boot
- added etc/init.d/boot.crypto and code in boot script to call it
- added rc.config variable START_CRYPTO_FILESYSTEMS default "yes"
- updated zshrc from mmj@xxxxxxx
- updated rc.status from werner@xxxxxxx
- fixed modify_resolvconf to keep all unhandled options plus some
minor changes
- added manpage for modify_resolvconf
- move alias char-major-108 ppp_asnc to non-2.2 block(new dev in 2.4)
- added modify_resolvconf to /sbin
added MODIFY_RESOLV_CONF_DYNAMICALLY to rc.config.aaa_base
- patched /etc/init.d/boot to call "modify_resolvconf cleanup"
- patched /etc/ppp/ip-up to use modify_resolvconf for ipppd
- Move install_lsb/remove_lsb to /usr/lib/lsb
- dont check for /lib/YaST2 anymore
run SuSEconfig during initial boot
- fixed arch_special/s390/inittab.dif
- changed "patch < $file" into "patch --input=$file" in specfile, to
make the patch file name visible in .build.log
- fixed entries for uucp logfiles in /etc/logfiles (#6150)
- added fix from werner to etc/init.d/rc (stat->status)
- removed POVRAYOPT from /etc/profile (#6781)
- changed text in initscript update notify mail (#6743)
- changed LESS environment variables in /etc/profile for updated
less package
- fix passwd entry for man on update (#6290)
- fix disk space reporting in rotate_logs cronjob (#4945)
- clean old yp bindings on boot (#6265)
- inndstart set to 4754 in both permissions.easy and secure.
- fixed nfs-start script: statd and lockd in /sbin ; also start if
START_AUTOFS is set to yes (#6699)
- replaced all uname -r hacks in modules.conf by kernelversion call
- Adjust ia32 lib paths in for ia64.
- change mk_initrd to search for the new naming scheme of liblvm
when root fs is on lvm LV
- use pppox on kernel 2.2 and pppoe on 2.4 as alias char-major-144
- added CREATE_JAVALINK to rc.config that controls operation
of SuSEconfig.alljava
- fixed SuSEconfig.alljava for package names containing "-"
- *shadow to 640/grp shadow in %post
- specfile fix
- one permissions.local is enough: update the one in specfile
and remove the one from extra source (#6498)
- don't put GNOMEDIR IN /etc/SuSEconfig/profile (#3617)
- moved "umask 022" from rc.config to SuSEconfig (#6491)
(let's see what will happen with the modules)
- fix mode for passwd,group (if other umask in update)
- automatically adjust initrd size
- added fixes in modules.conf for ppp vs ppp_generic
- added fixes for ppc parallel port (io 0x3bc)
- use "manpath -q" to determine MANPATH in /etc/profile
- moved hwclock call in bootscript after mounting filesystems
- fixed typo in specfile
- replace use of aaa_base_versions by build-generated .buildenv
- Migrate showconsole to sysvinit
- split modules.conf into common and arch-specific part
- removed serial start script (#6342)
- fixed SuSEconfig start message (#1801)
- removed routed script and rc.config-variable
(is in own package now)
- fixed typo in modules.conf comment
- really corrected agetty levels: all 1-5
- fixed SuSEconfig for correct init-levels for agetty on Ser-Cons
- fixed typos in postinstall mail
- New showconsole version 0.9
* now with better interface for boot logging
- New rc.status to fit LSB specs
- Changes scriptes within /etc/init.d/:
* rc to fit better boot logging and console switching
* halt to fit boot logging, new sound and forgotten swaps devices
* boot to fit boot logging and new swapon behavior
* skeleton to fit changed startproc/killproc/checkproc and LSB
- fixed postinstall (modules.conf)
- fixed permissions (isdnctrl et al re-added)
- fixed modules.conf update
- moved permissions to extra src archive
- updated permissions from draht
- start yast1/2 firstboot-scripts with a real console
- fixed printing of root-login message
- deleted db2 users and groups (46,47,48 uid and gid)
- Add ia32 lib paths to
- fixed buglet in postinstall when parsing old modules.conf
- Fix removal of root login message on SPARC
- copy old {boot,halt}.local if non-empty
- fixed typo in root-login msg and added cr
- Simple workaround for 2.4 kernels: don eat our messages
if signaled
- xdm-script depends on ypbind (not ypclient) (#5626)
- added var/log/{nmb,smb} to etc/logfiles (#5684)
- mk_initrd changes:
- continue with next kernel/initrd on errors
- create initrd even if modules are missing
(exit code 9 is returned in tese cases)
- keep old initrd if a new one could not be made
- corrected beep tone in /etc/init.d/halt from 200 Hz to 440 Hz
to make sensitive listeners happy
- mount shm fs to /dev/shm if available (2.4 kernels) in
/etc/init.d/boot script
- recognize /dev/shm as shm mount point in reboot/halt script
- added WDM to displaymanagers in SuSEconfig
(wdm was there already) (#5557)
- changed references to klogd (moved to /sbin)
- removed pre-install i810 from modules.conf again
- move kill of blogd before yast1 start
- added aliases for ppp-compress-18(ppp_mppe) and 24(ppp_deflate)
to modules.conf
- load module mssclampfw for pppox
- added comment for ROOT variable in SuSEconfig
- fixed mk_initrd to _really_ create no initrd unless necessary
- added perforce user and group and entry for logfiles
- fixed message for missing xf86configfile (#4687)
- removed NAMESERVER and SEARCHLIST from default-rc.config
- comment NAMESERVER and SEARCHLIST for update
- make /sbin/bootp write resolv.conf itself
- move kill for blogd before yast2 start (#5315)
- added wdm to list of possible DISPLAYMANAGERs (#4664)
- fixed remaining occurences of conf.modules
- new etc/ppp/ip-up srcipt (#BUG 3949)
- mk_initrd: increase initrd size.
- Fix get_kernel_version to make sure the version string is not
- Don't add links to serial scrips on SPARC and s390 (we don't have it)
- fixed handling of suse-build key
- added DISABLE_ECN rc.config variable and code to boot-script (#4890)
- added tbz to DIR_COLORS (#4794)
- added code to sbin/conf.d/SuSEconfig.profiles to set RC_LANG
from DEFAULT_LANG using the mapping in locale.alias
- fixed rc_done test in rc.config on update
- Make permissions.paranoid consistent with last months /var/run
permissions change to make it root.root 755. (Fix for bug #2857)
- changed kernel OSS examples comment to reflect ALSA.
- fixed mk_initrd (had been modified based on older version before)
- changed mysql to /var/lib/mysql
- added osst alias to modules.conf
- don't copy old init-scripts but send mail to root
- New showconsole 0.6
* Now we're able to do ioctl TIOCGDEV to fetch real tty of
/dev/console, this requires a patched kernel during compile
(Thanks to Kurt Garloff)
* Old way remains as fallback, if kernel dosn't support TIOCGDEV
- different kernel files on alpha/ia64/ppc in mk_initrd
- insserv makefile fixed
- added personal-firewall calls to ip-up
- touch root/.bash_history in postinstall and chmod 600
- fix for csh.login if ( -o /dev/$tty && ${?prompt} ) date
- added /root/.gnupg/pubring.gpg as config-noreplace
- Make /etc/zshrc compatible with TERM kvt and gnome
- Update insserv
* Make s and b identical to S and B
* Move LSB directory to /lib/lsb/ and set
compatibility link /usr/lib/lsb
* install_initd is a script now
- fixed typo in boot-script
- improved preserving entries from previous modules.conf
- improved handling for klogconsole in boot-script:
call klogconsole with -l 7 -r 0 if SERIAL_CONSOLE is set
- added quotes for $des in LVM-start code in boot-script
- applied patch from lmuelle for mk_initrd (#4587)
- fix if DEFAULT_WM has more than one entry (#4497)
- fix for LVM if root partition is reiserfs (#4429)
- fix postgres entries in etc/logfiles (#4403)
- fix typo in etc/init.d/powerfail (#4158)
- add route for local-net even for 2.2.* (#4143)
- added opt/kde2/lib to etc/
- only load memstat module if rc.config-variable is set
- Add changes (to /etc/init.d/boot and /sbin/mk_initrd) to allow a
LVM logical volume as root device
- Replace deletion of boot.msg with a move to boot.omsg to
be able to read the messages during shutdown wrote by blogd.
- Set TERM to vt102 on serial console in master rc
- Update of showconsole (now blogd should never hold a controlling
tty anymore).
- Add wdm to the handled X Display Managers
- Add new mk_initrd for 2.4 kernels
- init.d/boot: Don't move away boot.msg, we deleted it already
- rc.config: Quote $rc_done test
- Unpack showconsole in setup
- Make single user mode less verbose
- Add showconsole 0.4 with its boot log daemon blogd
- Change boot, halt, and rc to use showconsole and blogd
- Make halt more robust if umount fails
- setterm writes escape sequences to stdout (halt)
- Fix bug in etc/ppp/poll.tcpip
- Update to insserv 0.7 (now $networks includes pcmcia)
- Add Kurts skeleton with changes due newer LSB spec
- Allow dashes in etc/permissions.d filenames.
- added rest of scripts to insserv call
- added raid0run call to boot script
- Add /usr/bin/z81 to /etc/permissions.easy
- Check: skip freetype directory
- added /var/log/uucp as uucp.uucp 755 to etc/permissions
- updated insserv to 0.6
- removed IRCSERVER stuff from SuSEconfig and rc.config
(in ircii package as SuSEconfig.ircii)
- add SuSEconfig.alljava to set jre and jdk links
- SuSEconfig: leave resolv.conf alone
- removed CREATE_RESOLVCONF from etc/rc.config
- update to insserv-0.5 (support for facilities)
- first fixup for etc/init.d movement
- clean_tmp: leave sockets alone
- move sbin/init.d to etc/init.d
- removed start scripts for inetd rpc nfsserver rwhod
(in other packages)
- use hwclock in PowerMacs, add MTX+ SMP bwclock support
- rm -fv /tmp/screens on startup
- renamed LANGUAGE to DEFAULT_LANGUAGE in /etc/rc.config
and /sbin/SuSEconfig
- updated insserv to 0.4
- simplyfied code to rename rc.config-variables in postinstall
- split modules SuSEconfig.fonts and SuSEconfig.profiles
from main script
- skip /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CID in Check
- add opt/kde2/bin to PATH if exists
- fixed double-var check for SuSEconfig
- Check: don't compress links pointing to a directory
- Make /etc/inputrc knowing about TERM kvt and gnome
- Change owner and permissions of /var/run (root.root with 0755)
- /sbin/init.d/boot:
no hwclock for s390
move hwclock earlier in boot process
- remove conf.modules symlink (#4297)
- added "options agpgart agp_try_unsupported=1" to modules.conf
to use agpgart also with chipsets that are not detected
automatically by the kernel module
- Use kdm of KDE2 if available
- Add comment for killproc usage (see manual page of killproc)
- new boot scheme:
* remove rctab
* add new insserv(8)
* update init.d(7)
* change spec to use insserv
* remove runlevel links
* add LSB comments to the boot scripts of aaa_base
* Update inittab to fit LSB runlevels
- added PAM config (was moved to SuSEconfig.pam, and thus removed
from the "quick" scripts) again to the "quick"(important) scripts
(like sendmail, kdm and so on).
This is a problem when e.g. yast only calls SuSEconfig -quick
and the the login config would not habe been changed...
- SuSEconfig: call mkfontdir with encodings if present
- Check: don't zip encodings.dir
- added user pop (/var/lib/pop)
- wwn home to /var/lib/wnn
- added user wnn for package fwnn from mfabian
- use new autofs4 (alias autofs autofs4)
- added alias for Moxa multiport serial cards
- removed etc/protocols again: already part of netcfg package
- Ignore error during restart of routing (#4178)
- added etc/protocols (#4183)
- Make colored output faster
- Fix the three `eating' lines within sbin/init.d/boot
- Add nosmbf for umounting to avoid timeouts due smbf
- added pre-install directives for video modules
- added new alias to /etc/modules.conf for iBCS2
- /sbin/init.d/nfs: fixed for nfs-utils without k-prefix
- Move PAM support from SuSEconfig into extra module
- Fix missing %endif
- Add lib64 to on sparc64
- added dummy script /sbin/chkonfig (always exit 0)
- SuSEconfig: added parameter "--module name"
- SuSEconfig: added languages japanese and korean
- SuSEconfig: fixed handling for files in etc/permissions.d
- etc/profile: TEXINPUTS: added /usr/share/doc/.TeX
- permissions: added cvem and adamem (no-suid in secure)
- added /usr/bin/bash to etc/shells (#4026)
- added alias char-major-10-130 softdog to /etc/modules.conf
- added arch-special diff for sbin/init.d/network for s390 (mtu 1450)
- /sbin/init.d/serial find ports without ls
- /sbin/init.d/boot no klogconsole if SERIAL_CONSOLE is set
- SuSEconfig: check for duplicated values in /etc/rc.config (#234)
- disabled fsck-progress bars for s390
- echo a newline before writing localhost entry to /etc/hosts (#3048)
- use awk for filesize script (#3635)
- cosmetic fix in Check for RPM_BUILD_ROOT ending in "/"
- fix sequence of ports in /sbin/init.d/serial (#3728)
- added simple manpage for chkstat (#3742)
- Removed setting of PRINTER env. variable from /etc/profile
- Added DEFAULT_PRINTER to /etc/rc.config and SuSEconfig modified
to assign it to PRINTER in /etc/SuSEconfig/{profile,csh.cshrc}
- added user vscan: 65,/var/spool/vscan,/bin/false
- added group maildrop: 59
- mk_initrd changes:
* support for 2.4 kernel versions
* optional parameter for easy use with other configurations
- Don't show on SPARC root login message
- fsck should not use progress bar on serial console
- Use bzip2
- Add rc.status patch from Werner
- daily cronjob should clean /var/cache/man, not /var/catman
- Cosmetic fix for /etc/ppp/ip-up (removes /etc from "cat x /etc >>y")
- Remove user empress [Bug #3464]
- added kde2 apps to /etc/permissions
- skyrix home to /opt/skyrix/skyrix36
- added cipe entries to modules.conf
- added kwintv and kv4lsetup to permissions.{easy,secure}
- SuSEconfig's profile: only send the console magic `(B' if
we have TERM=linux _and_ if stdout is connected to a terminal.
- passwd: Move "man" home directory to /var/cache/man
- updated options for bttv (commented) in modules.conf
- removed dbgrp and dbuser again: useless
- Better messages formating in /sbin/init.d/boot and /sbin/init.d/serial
- added generic db user and group: dbuser,dbgrp,/var/lib/dbuser
- added get_kernel_version
- changed mk_initrd to use get_kernel_version
- Fixed ip-{up|down}.local calls for pppoe
- Add application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig with *.pac to mime.types
- Add usbdevfs to pre-umounting
- Do pre-umounting in reverse order to avoid busy devices
- use case ... esac to speed up pre-umounting
- Fix xdm boot script to know about rc shell functions.
- added ip-down as config file (#2954)
- updated ip-up script:
- clean up firewall setup, added calls to /sbin/SuSEfirewall
- removed nscd restarts, since nscd host cache is disabled(default)
- updated permissions files for new i4l file layout (#3016)
- fixed path to isdnctrl and isdnbutton in permissions*
- permissions.easy: isdnctrl only for uucp users
- use parport_ax instead of parport_pc
on sparc in modules.conf (#2988)
- dont allow login in runlevel 0 and 6
- dont initialize consoles 1-12 if framebuffer is active
- fixed arch_special/s390/inittab.dif
- remove serial scripts on s390, console fix for bootsetup on s390
- Remove device check from route boot script
- Add some newer devices and file systems for `umount'ing
- pkgmake: Add bz2 support
- commented alias for unzip
- added fillup manpage
- Fix always failed message for hwclock setting and enabled xntpd
- allow login in runlevel 0 and 6
initialize consoles 1-12 if framebuffer is active
- Fix sourcing of /etc/rc.status if not within root fs
- Change YaST2 path for SuSE 7.0 (now /usr/lib/YaST2/)
- updated spec for 6.4-s390
- added missing oldstat file
- Add /etc/rc.status for status handling within boot scripts
- Change all boot scripts to use /etc/rc.status
- Move parts of /sbin/init.d/boot.setup to /sbin/init.d/kbd
of package kbd
- Move links of /sbin/init.d/boot.setup and /sbin/init.d/serial
to /sbin/init.d/boot.d/
- Add /etc/ppp/pool.tcpip and a comment in /etc/ppp/ip-up
- Add %{_fixowner} and %{_fixgroup} macros
- changed SuSEconfig to set LC_CTYPE even for root (if allowed in rc.config)
- Updated alsa config examples in modules.conf
- Add /etc/host.conf
- Don't let SuSEconfig create /etc/host.conf
- Don't add kerneld variable to rc.config on SPARC
- fixed problem in chkstat
- Use /var/games as homedirectory for user games
- With 7.0, move /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc
- Add /var/spool/cron to etc/permissions*
- Fix syntax error in SuSEconfig
- added zope user, group daemon, shell /bin/false, /var/lib/zope
- run SuSEconfig.kdm even in fastrun mode
- added user codadmin and group codine
- changed RC_LANG fallback for english from POSIX to en_US
- added alias char-major-195 NVdriver
- changed home-dirs from /tmp to /var/lib/$USERNAME
- tmp-races fix reworked
- fixed possible new location of XF86Config (#2793)
- fixed tmp-races with aaa_base_clean_tmp
- updated fillup to 1.06
- set SETUPDUMMYDEV to no by default (#2448)
- added gdm to comment for DISPLAYMANAGER variable
- removed ppc: show_of_path moved to package yaboot
- for 7.0 and above: rpc-script moved to portmap package
- for 7.0 and above: removed rwhod,inetd,nfsserver start-script
and related rc-config variables (moved to these packagges resp.)
- cleanup the arch-specifics
- fixed for new archs
- add inittab and rc.config patches on s390
- fixed typo in /etc/shells: /usr/bin/tcsh (not tcs)
- added alias net-pf-1 -> unix
- route: Add a patch from Andreas Schwab and make it work for all cases.
- Speed up the reverse shell function for bigger /etc/route.conf
- added rc.config-variable SERIAL_CONSOLE and code in SuSEconfig
to handle this
- /sbin/init.d/boot calls hwclock with "--mtxplus --directisa" on
MTX+ machines
- add to ppc:/usr/sbin, needed for yaboot.conf
- Add /usr/ia64-suse-linux/lib to
- updated comment for USE_KERNEL_NFSD
- etc/logfiles: added firewall and radius logfiles
cleaned up a bit
- Use on all platforms except Intel "halt -p" as default
command [Bug/2103]
- Fix MANPATH in /etc/csh.cshrc:
use system default in /etc/manpath.config
- /sbin/init.d/boot: run clock if on Mac, else run hwclock
- Use kernel command line to set poweroff option of halt
- Add /bin/ksh to /etc/shells
- removed *.kss from /etc/permissions.*: no suid/sgid needed anymore
- /sbin/isdnctrl to 4755 in permissions.easy
- moved /opt/kde/bin/apm_proxy from permissions to
- set RC_LC_COLLATE to POSIX per default, this fixes problems
with bash and unexpected [A-Z] wildcard behaviour.
- disabled setting of host route in ISDN ip-down case(from kkeil)
- Don't run mandb with straycats on.
- fixed specfile
- Remove network devices in reverse order to avoid hangs with aliased
- moved usr{add,del}.local to user{add,del}.local
- /sbin/isdnctrl: added to permissions.easy as 2755
and to as 750
- set isdn entry in modules.conf to off
- small path correction in alsa driver documentation comment.
- added alias char-major-144 pppox for PPP over Ethernet (PPP over X)
- added alias net-pf-10 ipv6
- fix for taking old modules.conf settings even if file
was called conf.modules before
- new mk_initrd: fixed modprobe parsing bug
- fixed buglet when calling SuSEconfig from inst-sys
- Fix bootsetup (/usr/share/info/ and fix of first login message)
- Don't set dummy device for dhcp configured interface
- Disabled removing resolv.conf in ISDN case if it did not exist before
auto DNS, for better DNS function.
- added alias fb0 to off in modules.conf
- /opt/kde/bin/kvt from 4755 to 2755 [#1954]
- fixed typo in bootsetup.conf [#2071]
- use temporary PATH when checking DEFAULT_WM [#1777,#1778]
- added NETCONFIG_PCMCIA to rc.config template
- added /var/log/fetchmail to etc/logfiles [#2070]
- specfile fixes for sparc
- restart service before zipping the logfile if needed [#2006]
- /usr/bin/emacs removed from permissions.paranoid
- deleted/changed some old comments from permissions.paranoid [#1415]
- moved unix_chkpwd and pwdb_chkpwd from permissions to
- added usr/share/man/allman to MANPATH in etc/profile
- ip-up: added Support for dynamic DNS assignment by ipppd option ms-get-dns
- added entry for char-major-29 (off / fb)
- added alias for tap[0-16]
- updated /root/.exrc
- updated mkinfodir again
- added new mk_initrd
- added char-major-67 coda and binfmt-0008 binftm_aout
- added entry for agpgarti810 kernel module in /etc/modules.conf
-mkinfodir: update from werner (discard errors)
- nsswitch.conf: Add comment about "dns6"
- sbin/init.d/nscd: Add "sleep 1" for "restart" [Bug 1966]
- move rc.config variable START_ISAPNP into isapnp package
- add rc.config.sparc.aaa_base
- add support for /proc/sys/kernel/stop-a to sbin/init.d/boot
- add alias char-major-108 ppp_async to make ppp work with future 2.4 kernel
- Check: don't gzip ttf-fonts
- added ingres user (id 63, group sys, home /opt/tngfw/ingres, /bin/bash)
to passwd and shadow-template
- added unix_chkpwd and pwdb_chkpwd as sgid shadow to permissions.easy
and as 755 to permissions
- Fixed pgp/metamail entry and commented it out (#1960)
- changed skyrix-home
- serial (char-major-[45]) to off for sparc
- re-use important fields of etc/modules.conf
- renamed cron.daily scripts to have prefix aaa_base_
- aaa_base_clean_crons: if RUN_UPDATEDB!=yes
then work without locate (#1655)
- removed dir /etc from cat to resolv.conf(bug #1934)
- removed obsolete and inactive code for restarting nscd(bug #1453)
- updated ALSA Example in modules.conf
- Added vtx module
- added gdm|GDM to the list of possible display managers
- added alias char-major-10-175 agpgart
- added alias char-major-89 i2c-dev
- added rc-config Variable ENABLE_SYSRQ
- split cron.daily in pieces:
backup_rpmdb, clean_catman, clean_core, clean_instlog,
clean_tmp, do_mandb, rotate_logs, updatedb
and keep aaa_base for the leftovers and sourcing of cron.daily.local
- sometimes it's better to close the editor first...
- umount /dev/pts in halt (#1935)
- test mdstop not mdadd in halt (#1764)
- fix typo in /sbin/init.d/boot (#1951)
- Added vgetty and pacct to the list of logfiles
- added /bin/true and /usr/bin/rbash to /etc/shells
- typo-fix in /sbin/init.d/route
- added update for route and route.conf.5 supporting rejected routes
- updated zshrc
- updated /sbin/init.d/route for routes with same address but
different genmask
- updated profile and zshrc for new zsh version
- usr/X386/lib removed from
- finally fixed YP typo in /sbin/init.d/boot
- fixed INFOPATH in etc/profile:
is now: INFODIR=/usr/local/info:/usr/share/info:/usr/info
- info and man to /usr/share for build-dist >= 6.3
- fix SuSEconfig and mkinfodir for usr/share/info
- fix buglet in sbin/init.d/route
- Remove "db" entries from etc/nsswitch.conf
- Add new rules for pam/cracklib to SuSEconfig
- /sbin/init.d/boot: Use new options for hwclock [Bug 1573]
- added patch so ldconfig will only be started on boot when needed
- only add arch-specific dirs for each arhitecture
- Check: compress /usr/share/info
- powerfail: added ""
- uucp: user home changed to /etc/uucp
- gdm: finally added to etc/shadow
- use "" around filenames when searching for old files in tmp
- added "df -k ." after output of newly created logfile-backups
- changed cron.daily to use four-digit year for old logfiles
and rpm-db backups
- set char-major-[45] to off on ppc to prevent possible crashes
- fixed "login as root" message for screens > 80 columns
- added aliases for sl0 and sl1
- moved uucp-home to /var/spool/uucp (#1486)
- etc/logfiles: removed doubles for squid-logfiles
- cron.daily/aaa_base: back to old behaviour:
copy the logfile and then zero the working one
- fixed typo in nscd - script (min kernel 2.2)
- added rcnscd link
- fixed csh.cshrd (cdwcmd)
- set alias char-major-15 off to prevent trying to load joystick module
- default BEAUTIFY_ETC_HOSTS to no (#1125)
- Check: don't compress URW (#1127)
exit if non-root (#1130)
- added entries from kg to mailcap (#1129)
- added konsole_grantpty,kcheckpass,pt_chown,gnome-pty-helper to
- etc/logfiles: archive only news.all (no other news logfile)
- usr/bin/filesize: quote $1 (#1337)
- fixed PATH typo in etc/profile (#1378)
- cyrus user now had id 96
- fixed bug in cron.daily/aaa_base
- added floppy-devices with 666 to permissions.easy and .secure
- updated ip-up: changed commented calls for ipfwadm to ipfwadm-wrapper
- updated comment for NETCONFIG
- start bdflush for kernels up to 2.2.10
- fixed: empty lines with done (from not starting kerneld/bdflush)
- etc/ppp/ip-up: use ip-{up,down}.local if present/executable
- updated mkinfodir
- halt: no vg-call if /etc/lvmtab.d doesn't exist
- updated initrd
- fixed sequence in nfsserver
- added char-major aliases for (43,49,56,57,73) as off
- only do vgscan if /etc/lvmtab.d exists
- fixed problem/typo in rc-script
- changed comment for START_LOOPBACK
- added alias char-major-109 lvm
- check if rpc.mountd exists (before starting or killing it)
- check if rpc.ugidd exists (before starting or killing it)
- moved oracle-home to opt/oracle
- fixed typo in /etc/profile (bug#938)
- fixed typo in /sbin/init.d/boot
- usb-serial 240 and (commented out) usbcore (180) modules aliases
- Added acm (USB modem) module alias
- added group logmastr
- fixed bug in cron.daily
- updated mk_initrd
- added xemacs info path to mkinfodir
- added patches for boot/halt enabling LVM functionality
- start lockd in nfs and nfsserver
- etc permissions: removed /usr/sbin/sendmail, /var/spool/mqueue
and /etc/
- etc permissions.paranoid: removed /usr/sbin/sendmail,
(all these are now in /etc/permissions.d/sendmail)
- added user dpbox (61,/var/spool/dpbox,/bin/false) and group localham
- added notify for old-firewall package
- updated mk_initrd
- don't start rpc.ugidd by default
- fixed typo in cron.daily/aaa_base
- added -C for fsck
- added modules.conf and added link conf.modules
- Added hook for YaST2 into /sbin/init.d/boot
- Fixed ownerships of aaa_base.tar.gz
- Added YaST2 start to boot script
-sbin/init.d/{boot,single}: no need to run "update" for 2.2 kernels
-permissions.easy: chage from 4755 to 2755 (sgid shadow)
-nfsserver: fixed startscript (kukuk@xxxxxxx)
- etc/nsswitch.conf: completed comment
- sbin/mk_initrd: added script
- SuSEconfig: remember rlogind when configuring for CRACKLIB
- etc/profile: unset DIR (BUG#410)
- etc/permissions.d: respect files for packages (BUG#394)
- etc/logfiles: added squid logs (BUG#676)
- updates for /sbin/init.d/{boot,boot.setup,rc} from werner
- fix aliases for recode (BUG#299)
- move /usr/openwin/bin last in PATH (BUG#313)
- reload apache if config-files have been changed by cron.daily (BUG#413)
(added field in etc/logfiles containing the service name)
- created mysql user (id 60, /var/mysql, /bin/false) (BUG#465)
- added comment to nsswitch.conf (BUG#401)
- /sbin/init.d/boot : stop the mdarray before ckraid (BUG#633)
- nsswitch.conf.5.gz: Update with a newer version
- /var/adm/fillup-templates/rc.config.aaa_base: Add PASSWD_USE_CRACKLIB
- /sbin/SuSEconfig: Change /etc/pam.d/{login|passwd} to honor
- conf.modules: IrDA devices, sample ALSA config and netlink_dev
- /etc/profile: source /etc/profile.dos moved to /etc/skel/.bashrc
- /etc/logfiles: (from BK) added squid log files to /etc/logfiles
[bugzilla ID 546]
- added /usr/local/sbin to root PATH. Added comment about
/etc/profile being overwritten, when updating the distro.
Added aliases beep and unmount and some help for D*S command
- halt script now waits 2 seconds before actually shutting down
(might be a poweroff!). beep on halt.
- added "Requires vi_clone"
- ran old prepare_spec on spec file to switch to new prepare_spec.
- added user oracle and group oinstall, dba
- added -fsigned-char to fillup Makefile (PPC)
- changed old to use full year
- /etc/permissions: moved chkey from permissions to permissions.easy
- sbin/SuSEconfig: do not restart nscd anymore (caching is disabled now)
- etc/cron.daily/aaa_base: use mv instead of cp for old log files.
- added group fix and users fixlohn, fixadm and fib.
- Check:
o changed to exclude man pages starting with ".".
o use MANPATH for man directories.
- added groups sys (gid 3) and audio (gid 17)
- /sbin/init.d/nscd: don't start nscd on 2.0 kernel.
- fixed /etc/ppp/ip-up to let /etc/resolv.conf be created with 644.
- changed printed message in /sbin/init.d/nscd
- dont take nsswitch.5.gz from ldpman but include it in src.rpm
- fix for nscd restart in etc/ppp/ip-up
- typo fix in SuSEconfig
- SuSEconfig: redirect output of nscd to /dev/null if not standard
- removed sbin/init.d/ipfwadm
- make sure, that home dir of uucp is reset
- new version of etc/runlevel.fallback
- moved mount/umount from /etc/permissions to /etc/permissions.easy
- SuSEconfig: added parameter --norestarts
- sbin/init.d/routed: fixed restart case
- etc/profile: fixed prompt for zsh
- sbin/init.d/network: fixes for dhcp.
- sbin/init.d/boot: mount /dev/pts if not mounted via /etc/fstab.
- sbin/SuSEconfig: restart nscd if resolv.conf changes.
- var/adm/fillup-templates/rc.config.aaa_base: spell fixes.
- direct "login as root message" to /etc/issue-SuSE-first-run and
print it vi /sbin/init.d/rc.
- Added alias rehash='hash -r' from garloff@xxxxxxx to /etc/profile
- Added function remount(/bin/mount -o remount,$*) from garloff@xxxxxxx
to /etc/profile Example: remount ro /
- added /sbin/init.d/nscd restart to /etc/ppp/ip-up
- moved /etc/ppp/ip-up von config-noreplace to normal config.
- fixed aaa_base-rc.config-fillup LANG comments
- updated rc-scripts for network and route
- /lib/YaST/bootsetup: added "login as root" message in french
- /lib/YaST/bootsetup: added "login as root" message (in color!)
- /sbin/init.d/boot.setup: fixed problems with serial console
(from kettner@xxxxxxx)
- etc/profile: changed PS1 for zsh.
- SuSEconfig: skipped USE_NIS_FOR_RESOLVING.
- /etc/cron.daily/aaa_base: set always ownership and rights of logfiles
- etc/permissions:
o removed logfiles handled by /etc/logfiles
o changed entry for yardstat
- etc/logfiles: added /var/log/xdm.errors
- added user nps, skyrix, dbmaker - group dbmaker
- SuSEconfig: print nickname to /etc/hosts only once
- /etc/inputrc: changed behaviour of Home and End
- /sbin/init.d/halt: use -p if /proc/apm exists.
- /etc/permission: added /var/lib/gdm
- start random initilization earlier.
- /etc/cron.daily/aaa_base:
o set ownership and rights of backuped log file.
o use $TMP_DIR/. instead of $TMP_DIR for searching bogus tmp files.
- minor typo fixes in sbin/init.d/kerneld and sbin/init.d/boot.
- etc/profile: added /opt/bin to PATH
- removed /usr/bin/quota from permission files: no suid root needed
- added ham entries for conf.modules
- removed outdated comments about locales in profile
- updated nscd start script
- updated csh.cshrc
- /sbin/init.d/boot: set empty domainname if unset in /etc/rc.config
- /sbin/SuSEconfig: modify /etc/pam.d instead of login.defs
if root-login-remote is true
- fixed etc/ppp/ip-up
- added etc/ppp/ip-{up,down} (conf-noreplace)
- moved nfsserver start: S13 -> S17 , K27 -> K23 (after ypclient)
- moved pcnfsd start: S13 -> S17 , K27 -> K23
- addded entries for netrom/rose to conf.modules
- reactivated ipx/netatalk in conf.modules
- permissions: rxvt to root.tty and mode 2755 in permissions.easy
- permissions: xterm to root.tty and mode 2755
- /sbin/init.d/nscd: exit silently if /usr/sbin/nscd in not executable
- added user cyrus (home=/usr/cyrus, group=mail)
- added user & group "postfix"
- added block-major 48 and 72 as off to conf.modules
- added /opt/kde/bin/apm_proxy (SUID only in permissions.easy)
- updated bootp script to work with 2.2
- bugfix in /sbin/init.d/nscd (packaed only for glibc-2.1)
- added mouse comment to conf.modules
- added gdm user: group shadow, home /var/lib/gdm
- SuSEconfig: fixed for italian
- bugfix in xdm set LC_ variables only if unset
- SuSEconfig: some special cases for LANGUAGE (not yet in locale.alias)
- xdm: read and export LC_*-variables
- SuSEconfig: set RC_LANG according to LANGUAGE (from YaST)
- fixed usage-msg in rcnetwork (added "|probe")
- fixed rcnetwork skript: restart
- added ppp-submodules to conf.modules
- added binfmt-0064 as binfmt_aout
- added RC_LC_* Variables to fillup_templates/rc.config.aaa_base
- modified SuSEconfig to set the LC_* Variables according to settings
in /etc/rc.config
- permissions: /usr/bin/chkey: 4755, but 755 for secure/paranoid
- etc/profile,SuSEconfig: changed stuff for internationalization.
- fixed problem in /sbin/init.d/boot: gpm is in usr/sbin
- pkgmake: don't remove "no newline" lines
- removed route.orig
- /sbin/init.d/boot: recreate modules.dep, if /etc/conf.modules is newer.
- /sbin/init.d/dummy: toggled cases for dummy vs dummy0
- sbin/init.d/halt: changed "halted" message
- /etc/permissions: set /etc/aliases to 644
- don't use grep in /sbin/init.d/dummy
- /etc/profile: use "ulimit -Sc 0"
- added IP_TCP_SYNCOOKIES to rc.config
- rc.config: fixed description for NFS_SERVER_UGID
- sbin/init.d/route: applied Bernds patch for avoiding double routes
- sbin/init./boot: added IP_TCP_SYNCOOKIES setting
- /etc/permissions: changed pppd to 6754
- /etc/permissions.easy: changed perms for v4l-conf, xtvscreen* from
4750 to 4755
- new conf.modules from mantel@xxxxxxx
- /etc/cron.daily/aaa_base: removed tetex stuff (is in
- /etc/permissions: - set bttvgrab etc to 4750
- use xawtv instead of xawt
- set kvt to 4755 in all configs
- /sbin/init.d/boot: only run depmod if modules.dep is not the newest
- fixed typo in sbin/init.d/rc
- start portmap in bootsetup before yast
- sbin/init.d/rpc: check if portmap already running and restart
- added user fnet with group uucp for fidopoint software
- updated /sbin/init.d/xdm for gdm
- updated csh.cshrc
- fixed typo in /etc/profile : LESS=-M -S -I -> LESS="-M -S -I" :(
- gnuplot changed to 755 in permissions and to 4755 in permissions.eazy
- fixed GID's for IBM-DB2 groups
- updated script /sbin/init.d/dummy (from werner):
- use netmask for ifconfig
- use metric 1 for route to dummy device
- added startscript for nscd (only packed for glibc-2.1 distros)
and rc.config variable START_NSCD
- added users/groups for IBM-DB2: users: db2fenc1, db2inst1, db2as
groups:db2fadm1, db2iadm1, db2asgrp
- /bin/mount 755 in permissions.{secure,paranoid}
- set LESS to "-M -S -I" in etc/profile
- added "TERM screen" to etc/DIR_COLORS
- changed entry in etc/shells from /bin/passwd to /usr/bin/passwd
- SuSEconfig: fixed problem with CONSOLE_MAGIC
- /sbin/init.d/boot: fixed bug that prevented the execution of ckraid
- added CONSOLE_MAGIC to /etc/SuSEconfig/profile,csh.login
- use "echo -en" to write CONSOLE_MAGIC on ttys.
- /etc/permissions.easy: set kde screesaver to sgid shadow.
- made CONSOLE_MAGIC more flexible
- fonts: - removed "YAST_ASK" from CONSOLE_FONT
- use "setfont -u" instead of "loadunimap"
- do no font things, if CONSOLE_FONT is empty
to /etc/rc.config
- sbin/init.d/single,boot.setup: use new variables for setting font.
- etc/permission: disabled suid of suidperl and xcpustate
- etc/nsswitch.conf: use "compat" for passwd and group.
- added /usr/bin/rpmlocate
- conf.modules: fixed typo (af_package -> af_packet)
- etc/permissions: set yardsrv to 6755
fixed mqueue path
- sbin/SuSEconfig: inittab: modify only lines beginning wityh "^ca:".
- etc/DIR_COLORS: added .bz2
- etc/permissions: added /usr/sbin/suexec
- /sbin/init.d/inetd: fixed typo "resart"
- /sbin/init.d/cron: fixed typo "retart"
- /sbin/init.d/boot: added section for IP_FORWARDING
- /etc/profile: added PROMPT_COMMAND (dashed out)
- /sbin/init.d/halt: fixed problem with non succeeding umount.
- /etc/logfiles: added /var/log/news/news
- /etc/cron.daily: use "-f" instead of "-e" for check_log_file
- minor fixes in /sbin/init.d/route
- changed mail text for xwrapper
- fixed WINDOWMANAGER in /etc/SuSEconfig/csh.cshrc
- fiex /etc/csh.cshrc (problem, if /etc/SuSEconfig is empty)
- fixed ~ for news
- etc/profile.d/profile,csh.cshrc: set WINDOWMANAGER only if empty
- SuSEconfig: - start SuSEconfig.sendmail and SuSEconfig.ypclient even
in fast run mode. (Again!?)
- etc/permissions: added screen-3.7.6
- moved /root/bin/cron.daily to /etc/cron.daily/aaa_base
- added man page for resolv+
- fixed alias proble in /sbin/init.d/network
- removed /sbin/init.d/boot.d from /etc/permissions
- delete usr/i486-linux-libc6/lib/ if it is a symlink
- sbin/init.d/network: do not delete network aliases in stop.
- updated runlevel.fallback
- removed man pages for fstab and nfs (were forgotten in util).
- fixed /etc/SuSE-release
- added old man pages fstab and nfs (from ldpman-1.17)
- added support forms again.
- disabled sorting of passwd by default
- make sure, that root is on the first line, when sorting passwd.
- SuSEconfig: start newaliases for smail
- cleaned output of /sbin/init.d/rc
- installed a .xinitrc with twm as default for root (noreplace)
- sbin/init.d/boot: fixed "failed" message, if fsck had to do something.
- SuSEconfig: - start SuSEconfig.sendmail and SuSEconfig.ypclient even
in fast run mode.
- create resolve.conf only if "$DHCLIENT" != yes
- fixed permissions
- removed gen-dir-node
- conf.modules: added net-pf-17
removed double entry for char-major-14
- %pre: use fillup for group and shadow.
- fixed strings with "S.u.S.E."
- moved ugidd from nfsserver to rpc script
- SuSEconfig: fixed problem, if initdefault runlevel disapeared.
- sbin/init.d/boot: create always a new /etc/psdevtab
- cron.daily: delete old tmp dirs too (if MAX_DAYS_IN_TMP is set)
- DIRCOLORS: fixed comment
- switched some cfg files to noreplace
- etc/profile: deleted MM_RUNASROOT
- another try to set prompt.
- SuSEconfig: fixed problem with DEFAULT_WM
- replaced startkde with kde
- added man page for nsswitch.conf.
- set DEFAULT_WM=kde
- etc/logfiles: added /var/log/rinetd.log, rsyncd.log
- etc/permission: added /var/log/xdm.errors, /var/log/lastlog
deleted double entry for bttvgrab
- added user virtuoso
- added named to shadow (again?)
- etc/profile: skipped PROMPT_COMMAND
skipped INPUTRC - we have a patched readline
- lib/YaST/SuSEconfig.functions fixed echo_warning
- sbin/SuSEconfig: sort /etc/passwd and /etc/group by uid.
- moved support forms to package support.
- don't include directories (aaa_dir is for this)
- moved /etc/skel to aaa_skel.
- fixed permissions of /etc.
- get rid of old unchanged local files.
- SuSEconfig: check /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/local for mkfontdir
- sbin/init.d/*: make better output.
- etc/rc.config: new escape sequences rc_done_up, rc_failed_up and
rc_skipped. Activated colors.
- /etc/ /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib=libc5
- added /etc/SuSE-release
- sbin/init.d/boot: use reboot -f in "emergency mode"
- added sp and sp_libs to neededforbuild
- minor fix in serial.
- use sgmtools instead of linuxdoc for build
- fixed /sbin/init.d/kerneld
- added /usr/sbin/rc* links.
- /sbin/init.d/* new flags added (reload, restart, etc.)
- /sbin/init.d/boot.setup,single: added TRANSLATION
- /sbin/bootp: security fixes
does not need grep and sed anymore.
- /sbin/init.d/route accepts a special net device for parameter.
- new: sbin/init.d/ipfwadm - a startup script that works with ipfwadm and
- usr/bin/old: fixed problem if param has a trailing /
- etc/logiles: added /var/log/postgresql.log
- sbin/init.d/makerunlvl: deleted
- added groups xok, trusted and modem (used in /etc/permissions.paranoid)
- SuSEconfig: fixed buglet with DEFAULT_WM.
- removed /usr/lib/pgsql/lib from
- rpc: portmap has been moved to /sbin
- cron.daily: fixed problems with wrong settings of MAX_DAYS_FOR_LOG_FILES
- fixed deletion of utmp in /sbin/init.d/boot
- use zic in SuSEconfig and /sbin/init.d/boot to setup timezone.
- bootsetup.conf: search for future files in kernel sources and touch them
- sbin/init.d/boot: cleanup /var/run
start /sbin/init.d/boot.d/* a little bit later
- skipped use of /etc/default.keytab - load keytable directly via
- etc/skel/{.xinitrc,.xsession}: smoothing
- etc/skel/.holiday: removed (confuses non german users)
- etc/zshrc: is not a link to profile anymore. but profile is sourced.
- etc/profile: fixes for zsh.
- root/bin/cron.daily: - don't use locate if locatedb is older than 7 days.
- use MANPATH as well as manpath
- sbin/init.d/zzreached: deleted (rc does this job now)
- etc/permissions: added /etc/shadow-
- etc/ (added /usr/lib/pgsql/lib temporally)
- etc/rc.config: added localhost to NO_PROXY
- etc/ does not exist anymore - use /etc/shells directly.
- etc/inittab: switched wait to bootwait (for new init)
- sbin/init.d/skeleton: deleted double line
- etc/csh.login: fixed condition for settc
- fillup: accept empty target file
- fillup: make clean first ; added include errno.h in services.c
- update: fillup-1.05
- fixed "wrong quotes" in rc.config template
- etc/mime.types added missing from apache/mime.types
etc/profile added 2>/dev/null for unalias ls
etc/csh.cshrc changed fi to endif
sbin/SuSEconfig: check is QTDIR is usr/X11R6/lib/qt or usr/lib/qt
sbin/init.d: rc, skeleton: new versions from werner
var/adm/fillup/aaa_base.rc.config additions needed for new rc
- added extensions to etc/profile and etc/csh.cshrc:
source files in etc/profile.d ending in .sh resp. .csh
- new csh.cshrc: fixed ls command
- profile: modifixations for TEXINPUT, LS_OPTIONS, PROMPT_COMMAND
- rctab: new version
- modifications to support 2.1 kernels
- /sbin/init.d/rc[23].d S12rpc -> S08rpc, S08nfs -> S09nfs
K28rpc -> K37rpc, K37nfs -> K36nfs
- /sbin/init.d/nfsserver added support for knfsd
- /sbin/init.d/serial cua* -> ttyS*
- /sbin/bootp added file
- modified /sbin/init.d/boot: accept/respect value for IP_DYNIP
added new detection for root on UMSDOS
- modified /sbin/init.d/network: for bootp and dhclient
- modified /sbin/init.d/route: for dhclient
- modified /sbin/init.d/rpc: no exit if YP_DOMAINNAME is set
- start cron after xntpd
- /sbin/init.d/rc[23].d S20cron -> S21cron, K20cron -> K19cron
- /var/adm/fillup-templates/rc.config.aaa_base added
- $USE_KERNEL_NFSD switch to use alternate nfs-server
- $USE_KERNEL_NFSD_NUMBER number of servers to launch
- /etc/inittab: added commented lines for l4 and l5
- aaa_base.spec:
passwd: switched -2 to 65534; added user named uid 44 , home /var/named
group: switched -2 to 65534; added group named gid 44 with user named
give message whether files were unchanged or modified
- skel: removed etc/skel/.seyon/protocols.old
- conf.modules: enabled sound.
- new versions of etc/csh.*
- etc/skel/ start Xwrapper instead of X.
- root/bin/cron.daily: switched sourcing of /etc/rc.config and path
setting for texhash.
- security fix in /usr/bin/pkgpack
- applied Marcs minor security fix to /lib/YaST/bootsetup
- added user and group informix
- added CINTSYSDIR=/usr/lib/cint to /etc/profile.d/*
- added es, fr & it to MANPATH
- /sbin/init.d/halt: do last umount with "-n"
- added rxvt and kvt to /etc/permission*
- chmod 600 to etc/*shadow in %post section.
- etc/skel/.xinitrc: test for several window mangers, if $WINDOWMANAGER
does not exist.
- SuSEconfig: start sub scripts with bash instead of sh.
- new conf.modules
- fixed /etc/profile for ksh
- changed (un)mounting of proc in /sbin/init.d/{halt,boot}
- new versions of .xinitrc and .xsession
- added french an italian to lib/YaST/bootsetup
- added 'test -z "$fastboot"' to sbin/init.d/boot
- redesigned sbin/init.d/dummy added - should work with non module
dummy devies too now.
- root/bin/cron.daily: added /etc/logfiles
- new version of sbin/init.d/skeleton
- sbin/init.d/boot: start depmod even if /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe
- etc/permissions:
- added /etc/rmtab.
- removed sgid uucp from cu and minicom - admin should add you to group
uucp if you want to have access to modem
- Check: use mktemp
- installpkg, pkgtool, removepkg: deleted (use YaST to install .tar.gz)
- etc/permission*: - added kscd, bttv and kradio
- updated all start/stop scripts
- added new X server.
- etc/profile: use kde for WINDOWMANAGER
- rc.config: added /S.u.S.E. to UPDATEDB_PRUNEPATHS
- updatet etc/runlevel.fallback
- cron.daily: make file command on old core files.
- SuSEconfig: don't bother user with warning (no /etc/XF86Config), when
DISPLAYMANAGER is set to console.
- new conf.modules
- added group video
- deleted "=libc5" entries from /etc/ (problems with ld)
- fixed version in bootsetup
- skipped /etc/ in SuSEconfig
- added /etc/ as %config
- new versions of:
- etc/csh.cshrc
- sbin/rctab
- man page for rctab
- etc/skel/.emacs (for emacs 20)
- lib/YaST/bootsetup.conf: deleted perl stuff (is done by SuSEconfig.perl now)
- added kde suids to /etc/permission.{easy,secure}
- added etc/nsswitch.conf
- sbin/init.d/boot: initialize pnp a little bit earlier.
Variable START_ISAPNP added.
- added /opt/gnome/lib to etc/
- etc/profile added /opt/gnome/bin to path.
most of them were in /etc/profile
- cron.daily: unset MANPATH manpath added
- fixed syntax error in /sbin/init.d/boot
- added user firewall
- added groups firewall and public
- /root/bin/cron.daily: - fixed /usr/man/allman/de/whatis
- added /var/log/ntp, changed /var/log/news
- SuSEconfig: added flag BEAUTIFY_ETC_HOSTS
- /sbin/init.d/boot: - added quota check
- "detabed"
- added call of ckraid if mdadd fails.
- new version of sbin/init.d/xdm added.
- deleted double entry of HTTP_PROXY from /etc/rc.config.
- /etc/permission: deleted sgid uucp from /usr/X11R6/bin/seyon
- added /sbin/init.d/zzreached.
- updated /usr/bin/pkgpack
- added BLENDERDIR to SuSEconfig
- added /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib to
- removed suid bits from xosview
- moved xosview from /etc/permissions to /etc/permissions.*
- etc/permissions: added /usr/lib/ircd
- added user irc for ircd.
- added /usr/X11R6/lib/Xaw95 to /etc/
- SuSEconfig: - fixed FROM_HEADER in /etc/SuSEconfig/*
- rc.config: added comment for routed
- added /etc/
- /sbin/init.d/nfs: fixed problem with "dashed out" entries in /etc/fstab
- concatinated /etc/skel/.Xdefaults an /etc/skel/.Xresources
- /sbin/init.d/rpc fixed check of START_PORTMAP and NFS_SERVER
- /usr/sbin/Check: force gzip of files.
- /etc/permissons*: removed suid bit for xload
- /lib/YaST/bootsetup: fixed texhash problem
- sbin/init.d/{boot.setup,single}: switched call of loadunimap and setfont
again. Problem will be fixed correctly in kbd package for 6.0...
- fixed home entry for squid in /etc/passwd.
- added creation of /boot in %pre
- fixed problems in %pre, if grep does not exist
NO_PROXY to /etc/SuSEconfig/*
- fixed problem, if NETCONFIG isn'y set properly
- set /etc/lilo.conf to 600
- bootsetup.conf: added call of texhash
- inittab: added powerfail entry for ARGO UPS
- sbin/init.d/boot: enable dynamic IP patch if IP_DYNIP is set to yes
- set custom-file in /etc/skel/.emacs
- passwd: changed german names to english
- added "-s" to mandb call in SuSEconfig
- added checks for tmp and var/tmp in %pre
- moved symlinks to directories (/usr/tmp, /usr/spool, ...) to aaa_dir
- added /sbin/init.d/rwhod (rc.config+/etc/permissions+symlinks)
- sbin/init.d/boot:
- fixed problems with
- swapping on MD devices
- mounting of devices, that need a module to be loaded
- don't start kerneld if /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe exists
- sbin/init.d/kerneld:
- don't start kerneld if /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe exists
- sbin/init.d/boot.setup & sbin/init.d/single:
- switched call of loadunimap & setfont
- added notice for ~/.xserverrc to Xwrapper-Mail
- lib/YaST/bootsetup.conf: added creation of /etc/psdevtab
- deleted "exit 0" from *.local scripts, since it causes trouble when
these scripts are sourced (e.g. cron.daily and cron.daily.local)
- deleted tmp and var/tmp (is in aaa_dir)
- added iBCS to conf.modules...
- use "ixess" instead of "ixware" for ixware user.
- SuSEconfig: don't mail reports if called with "--quick".
- added message for Xwrapper and old XSuse server.
- SuSEconfig.functions: delete testfile after test
- SuSEconfig: fixed problem with ro mounted /usr
- pkgmake: use -ko for rcs
skip "No newline at end of file" messages
- rc.config: create header in %post
- SuSEconfig:
- added /etc/inittab stuff
- added SUSE_DOC_HOST to /etc/SuSEconfig/profile &
- bootsetup.conf: don't run cron.daily after first installation.
- permissions: sgid disk to most cd-players
- csh.cshrc: fixed TAB expansion for tar command
- create /sbin/init.d/README automatically while building package
- cron.daily: fixed check_logfile
- set sbin/init.d/* etc/skel/* to %config
- set executable bit to some *.local
- added sbin/init.d/random (by Theodore Ts'o <tytso@xxxxxxx>)
- etc/permissions: - deleted suid for XServer (we have Xwrapper now).
- added entries for bttvgrab
- reset /dev/zero to 666
- added user ixware
- updated man page init.d.7
- don't call sendmail in cron.daily
- /sbin/init.d/network - added ppp case
- SuSEconfig: fixed handle of USE_NIS_FOR_RESOLVING
- etc/csh.*: new versions
- etc/skel/.emacs: new version
- cron.daily: delete old log file backups even when no new backup is created
- etc/inittab: added entry for powerfail (not activated)
- etc/issue: set version to 5.2
- lib/YaST/bootsetup: set version to 5.2
- sbin/init.d/nfs: don't do anything for noauto nfs systems
- changed etc/issue for Business Linux
- fixed MD5SUM in /lib/YaST/SuSEconfig.functions
- fixed /lib/YaST/SuSEconfig.functions
- wait for Return when bootup for the first time.
- etc/csh.cshrc: fixed color ls options
- etc/skel/.cshrc: added ispell command.
- added user amanda.disk
- some changes to etc/csh.cshrc
- changed comment in sbin/init.d/serial
- SuSEconfig: added some stuff to /etc/SuSEconfig/*
added new params --nonewpackage & --force
moved functions to /lib/YaST/SuSEconfig.functions
- etc/profile: - call dircolors with "-b".
- set OPENWINHOME only, when /usr/openwin/lib exists
- added group wwwadmin
- added /etc/netgroup
- use "news" as default for NNTPSERVER in etc/rc.config
- fixed comment in etc/skel/.exrc
- cron.daily: - added CMOS battery check
- cron.daily.local will now be sourced, so you can use
check_log_file for your own files.
- let user decide (rc.config) how old old man pages are
- added some files to check_log_file
- etc/inittab: fixed entry for xdmsc
- added /sbin/init.d/halt.local
- set $YP_DOMAINNAME in sbin/init.d/boot also.
- etc/profile: set ~/bin at the beginning of PATH - root has /sbin:/usr/sbin
in front of it. Also added support for different machines
in ~/bin.
- added userdel.local
- new group "disk" added.
- etc/skel/.emacs: auctex fix
- added *.SuSE-dynamic/*.SuSE-static stuff to SuSEconfig
- switched headline of /sbin/init.d/rc to /bin/bash
- fixed xpath in csh.login
- create cron.daily.local & permissions.local via %post (and dont include
as files)
- skipped fillup etc/passwd and etc/group in %pre section (we don't have
any non root files in this package anymore)
- delete /var/lock/*/* at bootup
- SuSEconfig: added tab in generated /etc/hosts
- sbin/rctab: fixed restore
- disabled appletalk in /etc/conf.modules
- etc/permissions: dev/zero is now 644
- removed all non root directories (included in aaa_dir)
- sbin/init.d/network: skip ppp devices
- added SuSE X-Server to etc/permissions.*
- %pre : do fillup etc/{passwd,group} if bin/fillup exists
- added "/tmp/.X11-unix root.root 1777" to etc/permissions
- cron.daily: changes for check_log_file
- SuSEconfig: don't run ldconfig in inst-sys
- lib/YaST/bootsetup: switched to version 5.1
- etc/profile: fixed source for ksh
- sbin/initd/xdm: added kdm functionality
- moved etc/group to %pre section in spec file.
- SuSEconfig & rc.config: do fixes for new sendmail package
- added .xtalkrc to skel
- added /opt/kde/lib to
- prepared for autobuild
- home of user news moved to /var/lib/news
- cron.daily: added REINIT_MANDB (reinitialize /var/catman/
fixed call of sendmail
- SuSEconfig: added USE_NIS_FOR_RESOLVING flag for resolv.conf
- added permissions.paranoid (thanx to Marc Schaefer)
- added directory usr/empress
- moved /usr/local/man and /usr/local/info to the beginning of search
- explicitely umount proc in sbin/init.d/halt
- nfserver: added start of rpc.ugidd
- added creation of usradd.local
- etc/permissions: added Hylafax stuff
- sbin/init.d: use "umount -n" in sulogin case
- route: new version
- csh.cshrc: XUSERFILESEARCHPATH fixed
- conf.modules: added specialix devices
- added usr/doc/support/suppform.txt

==== adwaita-qt ====
Version update (1.1.1 -> 1.1.4)

- Update to 1.1.4
* Do not set color to views which don't use our palette
- Update to 1.1.3
* Fix crash when accessing already deleted widget
- Update to 1.1.2
* Correctly set Light, Midlight, Mid and Dark colors
* Specify XCB types correctly to avoid crash on 32-bit systems
* QMenu: allow icons
* QMenu: move text in submenus to avoid having arrow ipainted over accelerator
* QTreeView: don't use different colors for unfocused views
* QCheckBox/QRadioButton: update colors to match latest adwaita changes
* Implement standardPalette() which might be used by some applications
- Run spec-cleaner

==== dnsmasq ====
Version update (2.81 -> 2.82)

- Update to 2.82:
* Improve behaviour in the face of network interfaces which come
and go and change index.
* Convert hard startup failure on NETLINK_NO_ENOBUFS under
qemu-user to a warning.
* Allow IPv6 addresses ofthe form [::ffff:] in
- -dhcp-option.
* Fix crash under heavy TCP connection load introduced in 2.81.
* Change default lease time for DHCPv6 to one day.
* Alter calculation of preferred and valid times in router
advertisements, so that these do not have a floor applied of
the lease time in the dhcp-range if this is not explicitly
specified and is merely the default.
- Reformat spec file with spec-cleaner

==== libvdpau ====

- n_UsrEtc.patch
* switch to /usr/etc location for vdpau_wrapper.cfg, but first
try /etc (boo#1173038)

==== llvm10 ====

- Add ld.lld as an alternative for ld. (boo#1174656)

==== polkit ====
Version update (0.116 -> 0.117)
Subpackages: libpolkit0 typelib-1_0-Polkit-1_0

- Update to version 0.117:
+ Activated Gitlab CI.
+ Updated dependency to mozjs68.
+ Memory management fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Replace pkgconfig(mozjs-60) for pkgconfig(mozjs-68)
BuildRequires following upstreams port.

==== read-only-root-fs ====
Version update (1.0+git20200121.5ed8d15 -> 1.0+git20200730.1243fd0)

- Update to version 1.0+git20200730.1243fd0:
* Add comment about the mounting of /root in the initrd
* Better check for already existing /etc overlay [boo#1174733]

==== sblim-sfcb ====

- Don't package SuSEfirewall2 service file anymore, it's gone

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