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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200724 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2020 21:01:06 +0000
  • Message-id: <159579726673.13233.14597503829880516906@go-agent-stagingbot-4>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
NetworkManager (1.24.2 -> 1.26.0)
autoyast2 (4.3.28 -> 4.3.30)
dbus-1-glib (0.108 -> 0.110)
flatpak (1.6.4 -> 1.8.1)
freerdp (2.1.2 -> 2.2.0)
gdm (3.36.2 -> 3.36.3)
gnome-shell (3.36.4 -> 3.36.4+3)
gpgme (1.13.1 -> 1.14.0)
gpgmeqt (1.13.1 -> 1.14.0)
hwdata (0.336 -> 0.337)
kdav (20.04.3 -> 5.72.0)
kernel-firmware (20200702 -> 20200716)
libpsl (0.21.0 -> 0.21.1)
libstorage-ng (4.3.35 -> 4.3.37)
mutter (3.36.4 -> 3.36.4+9)
publicsuffix (20200616 -> 20200715)
python-jedi (0.17.1 -> 0.17.2)
vim (8.2.1154 -> 8.2.1253)
yast2-bootloader (4.3.6 -> 4.3.7)
yast2-control-center (4.2.3 -> 4.3.0)
yast2-drbd (4.2.2 -> 4.3.0)
yast2-metapackage-handler (4.1.1 -> 4.3.0)
yast2-pkg-bindings (4.2.8 -> 4.2.9)

=== Details ===

==== NetworkManager ====
Version update (1.24.2 -> 1.26.0)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-lang libnm0 typelib-1_0-NM-1_0

- Update to version 1.26.0:
+ Add a new build option 'firewalld-zone'; when enabled,
NetworkManager installs a firewalld zone for connection sharing
and puts interfaces using IPv4 or IPv6 shared mode in this zone
during activation. The option is enabled by default.
Note that NetworkManager still calls to iptables to enable
masquerading and open needed ports for DHCP and DNS. The new
option is useful on systems using firewalld with the nftables
backend, where the iptables rules would not be sufficient.
+ Extend the syntax for 'match' setting properties with '|', '&',
'!' and '\\'.
+ Add MUD URL property for connection profiles (RFC 8520) and set
it for DHCP and DHCPv6 requests.
+ Expose raw LLDP message on D-Bus and the MUD usage description
+ ifcfg-rh: handle "802-1x.{,phase2-}ca-path". Otherwise setting
this property silently fails and a profile might accidentally
not perform any authentication (CVE-2020-10754).
+ ifcfg-rh: handle properties.
+ ethernet: reset original autonegotiation/speed/duplex settings
when deactivating device.
+ Support ethtool coalesce and ring options.
+ Allow team connections to work without D-Bus (e.g. in the
+ Wi-Fi profiles now also autoconnect if all previous activation
attempts failed. This means, an initial failure to autoconnect
to the network will no longer block the automatism. A side
effect is that existing Wi-Fi profiles which previously were
blocked may now start to autoconnect.
+ NetworkManager now supports "local" type routes beside
+ Introduce new manual pages nm-settings-dbus and
+ Mark externally managed devices and profiles on D-Bus.
+ Highlight externally managed devices in nmcli.
+ Add support for a number of bridge options.
+ Add match for device path, driver and kernel command line for
connection profiles.
+ Fix support for OVS patch interfaces.
+ Support more tc qdiscs: tbf and sfq.
+ Add new provider in nm-cloud-setup for Google Cloud Platform
which automatically detects and configures the host to receive
traffic from internal load balancers.

==== autoyast2 ====
Version update (4.3.28 -> 4.3.30)
Subpackages: autoyast2-installation

- handle properly exceptions from new XML parser/serializer
(related to bsc#1171412)
- 4.3.30
- Do not crash when the networking section is missing
- 4.3.29

==== dbus-1-glib ====
Version update (0.108 -> 0.110)
Subpackages: dbus-1-glib-tool

- Update to version 0.110:
+ GLib 2.40 is required
+ The GLib main-loop glue, "dbus-gmain", is now available as a separate
subproject (the dbus-gmain branch in dbus-glib's git repository) for
embedding in larger projects like dbus-glib and dbus-python via the
`git subtree` or `git submodule` commands. This removes dbus-python's
dependency on the rest of dbus-glib.
+ can now detect gtk-doc >= 1.26.
+ More files have per-file copyright information.
- Run spec-cleaner

==== flatpak ====
Version update (1.6.4 -> 1.8.1)
Subpackages: libflatpak0 system-user-flatpak typelib-1_0-Flatpak-1_0

- Update to version 1.8.1:
* Avoid calling authenticator in update if ref didn't change
* Don't fail transaction if ref is already installed (after
transaction start)
* Fix flatpak run handling of userns in the --device=all case
* Fix handling of extensions from different remotes
* Fix flatpak run --no-session-bus
* Updated translations
- Update to version 1.8.0:
* FlatpakTransaction has a new signal "install-authenticator"
which clients can handle to install authenticators needed for
the transaction. This is done in the CLI commands.
* We now always expose the host timezone data, allowing us the
expose the host /etc/localtime in a way that works better,
fixing several apps that had timezone issues.
* Fix flatpak enter which didn't work in some cases.
* We now ship a systemd unit (not installed by default) to
automatically detect plugged in usb sticks with sideload repos.
* By default we no longer install the gdm env.d file, as the
systemd generators work better.
* create-usb now exports partial commits by default
* Fix handling of docker media types in oci remotes
* Fix subjects in remote-info --log output
- Remove source file used to generate a flatpak user on the system
since it's now included by upstream:
* system-user-flatpak.conf

==== freerdp ====
Version update (2.1.2 -> 2.2.0)
Subpackages: libfreerdp2 libwinpr2

- Updated to release 2.2.0 (boo#1174321)
* SECURITY: CVE-2020-15103 - Integer overflow due to missing input sanitation
in rdpegfx channel
* Sound & mic - filter GSM codec for microphone redirection
* windows client title length (gh#FreeRDP/FreeRDP#6335)
* "Alternate Secondary Drawing Order UNKNOWN" (gh#FreeRDP/FreeRDP#6370)
* remoteapp with dialog is disconnecting when it loses focus
* v2.1.2: Can't connect to Windows7 (gh#FreeRDP/FreeRDP#6299)
* fix: memory leak in nsc
* urbdrc: some fixes and improvements
* build: use cmake to detect getlogin_r, improve asan checks/detection
* server/proxy:
- new: support for heartbeats
- new: support for rail handshake ex flags
- fix: possible race condition with redirects
- Removed freerdp_Mask_CACHED_BRUSH_when_checking_brush_style.patch
- Drop BuildRequires of libavcodec for Leap/SLE (bsc#1174200)

==== gdm ====
Version update (3.36.2 -> 3.36.3)
Subpackages: gdm-lang gdmflexiserver libgdm1 typelib-1_0-Gdm-1_0

- Update to version 3.36.3:
+ User switching fix.
+ Updated translations.
- Disable patch needing rebase:
+ gdm-add-runtime-option-to-disable-starting-X-server-as-u.patch

==== gimp ====
Subpackages: gimp-lang gimp-plugin-aa gimp-plugins-python libgimp-2_0-0

- Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec(bsc#1174075)

==== gnome-shell ====
Version update (3.36.4 -> 3.36.4+3)
Subpackages: gnome-shell-calendar gnome-shell-lang

- Update to version 3.36.4+3:
+ Fix check for updates with several extensions.
+ Tighten sandbox ID prefix check.
+ Updated translations.
- Update gnome-shell.spec: Replace is_opensuse with sle_version

==== gnome-shell-extensions ====
Subpackages: gnome-shell-classic gnome-shell-classic-session

- Update gnome-shell-extensions.spec: Replace is_opensuse with
sle_version (jsc#SLE-11720).

==== gpgme ====
Version update (1.13.1 -> 1.14.0)
Subpackages: libgpgme11 libgpgmepp6 python3-gpg

- gpgme 1.14.0:
* New keylist mode to force the engine to return the keygrip
* New export mode to export as OpenSSH public key
* New context flag "extended-edit" to enable expert key edit
* Deprecate the anyway non working trustlist functions
* cpp: Add convenience API to obtain remarks
* cpp: The sign key edit-interactor now supports multiple
signatures from the same key
* qt: Extended signkeyjob to handle remarks and multiple
* qt: Added job API for gpg-card
* qt: The logging category has been changed to gpg.qgpgme to be
more consistent with other qt logging categories
- drop upstream patches:
* 0001-gpg-Avoid-error-diagnostics-with-override-session-ke.patch
- drop patches no longer needed that now break tests:
* gpgme-t-json-test-Bravo-key-no-secret-key-material.patch
* gpgme-t-json-test-with-keygrip-when-listing-keys.patch

==== gpgmeqt ====
Version update (1.13.1 -> 1.14.0)

- gpgme 1.14.0:
* New keylist mode to force the engine to return the keygrip
* New export mode to export as OpenSSH public key
* New context flag "extended-edit" to enable expert key edit
* Deprecate the anyway non working trustlist functions
* cpp: Add convenience API to obtain remarks
* cpp: The sign key edit-interactor now supports multiple
signatures from the same key
* qt: Extended signkeyjob to handle remarks and multiple
* qt: Added job API for gpg-card
* qt: The logging category has been changed to gpg.qgpgme to be
more consistent with other qt logging categories
- drop upstream patches:
* 0001-gpg-Avoid-error-diagnostics-with-override-session-ke.patch
- drop patches no longer needed that now break tests:
* gpgme-t-json-test-Bravo-key-no-secret-key-material.patch
* gpgme-t-json-test-with-keygrip-when-listing-keys.patch

==== hwdata ====
Version update (0.336 -> 0.337)

- Update to version 0.337:
+ Updated pci, usb and vendor ids.

==== kdav ====
Version update (20.04.3 -> 5.72.0)
Subpackages: kdav-lang libKF5DAV5

- Update to 5.72.0. kdav is now a KDE Framework.
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 20.04.3:
* Add full namespace to external class references
* Option to build & install QCH file with the public API dox
* Make KDAV a KDE Framework

==== kernel-firmware ====
Version update (20200702 -> 20200716)
Subpackages: kernel-firmware-all kernel-firmware-amdgpu kernel-firmware-ath10k
kernel-firmware-atheros kernel-firmware-bluetooth kernel-firmware-bnx2
kernel-firmware-brcm kernel-firmware-chelsio kernel-firmware-dpaa2
kernel-firmware-i915 kernel-firmware-intel kernel-firmware-iwlwifi
kernel-firmware-liquidio kernel-firmware-marvell kernel-firmware-media
kernel-firmware-mediatek kernel-firmware-mellanox kernel-firmware-mwifiex
kernel-firmware-network kernel-firmware-nfp kernel-firmware-nvidia
kernel-firmware-platform kernel-firmware-qlogic kernel-firmware-radeon
kernel-firmware-realtek kernel-firmware-serial kernel-firmware-sound
kernel-firmware-ti kernel-firmware-ueagle kernel-firmware-usb-network ucode-amd

- Update to version 20200716 (git commit 1d1c80b69653):
* Update to 20200629111339 version to aligh SDK. Mainly fix DFS false alarm.
* rtl_nic: update firmware for RTL8125B
* Update binary firmware for MT7663 based devices to include firmware offload
feature and low power feature.
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX201
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX200
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth 9560
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth 9260
* linux-firmware: wilc1000: add wilc1000 v15.4 FW
* QCA: Update Bluetooth firmware for QCA6390
- Revert the previous update of AMDGPU firmware due to regression
(bsc#1174278); back to the state of 887d2a103c2b

==== libpsl ====
Version update (0.21.0 -> 0.21.1)

- update to 0.21.1:
* fix build with recent changes to publicsuffix

==== libstorage-ng ====
Version update (4.3.35 -> 4.3.37)
Subpackages: libstorage-ng-lang libstorage-ng-ruby libstorage-ng1

- merge gh#openSUSE/libstorage-ng#763
- probe lvm logical volume type from segtype for origins
- use in-class member initialization
- 4.3.37
- merge gh#openSUSE/libstorage-ng#762
- improve interface for pools
- coding style
- 4.3.36

==== mutter ====
Version update (3.36.4 -> 3.36.4+9)
Subpackages: libmutter-6-0 mutter-data mutter-lang

- Update to version 3.36.4+9:
+ Various screen cast fixes.

==== pipewire ====
Subpackages: libpipewire-0_3-0 pipewire-modules pipewire-spa-plugins-0_2
pipewire-spa-tools pipewire-tools

- Recommend pipewire from libpipewire, so if the library is
installed the daemon gets pulled in since we want a daemon
to connect to.
- Require pipewire-spa-plugins from pipewire instead of
recommending it since the support plugin is actually required
for most uses (like screen sharing in wayland, which we want to
support out-of-the-box).
- Enable the pipewire.socket systemd user service in %post
(using pulseaudio's %post section as an example of how to do it
since systemd-presets-common-SUSE currently lacks support for
user services). Also disable it in %preun and %postun.
- Add patches from upstream to fix many issues mainly related to
memory leaks, crashes and wrong behaviour:
* 0001-client-node-fix-buffer-size-calculation.patch
* 0002-gst-fix-proxy-leaks.patch
* 0003-pulse-fix-pa_card_info-profiles2-array-to-be-NULL-terminated.patch
* 0004-pulse-fix-size-calculation.patch
* 0005-jack-fix-crash-on-close-when-metadata-are-not-available.patch
* 0006-a2dpsink-only-request-new-data-when-buffer-is-done.patch
* 0007-pulse-fix-counter-while-populating-car_info-profiles.patch
* 0008-impl-link-reset-state-before-starting-allocation.patch
* 0009-impl-core-clear-the-mempool.patch
* 0010-mem-reset-the-map-in-clear.patch
* 0011-avoid-uninitialized-variables.patch
* 0012-dlclose-on-errors.patch
* 0013-stream-handle-NULL-context.patch
* 0014-state-always-update-state-variables.patch
* 0015-spa-device-fix-leak-of-properties-in-error-case.patch
* 0016-alsa-dont-leak-structure-on-error.patch
* 0017-alsa-dont-leak-properties-on-error.patch
* 0018-stream-fix-some-more-leaks-in-error-paths.patch
* 0019-buffers-increase-max-datas-and-metadata-in-buffers.patch
* 0020-gst-return-NULL-for-unknown-format.patch

==== publicsuffix ====
Version update (20200616 -> 20200715)

- Update to version 20200715:
* Add (#987)
* Add (#1056)
* Add (#1064)
* The list of Jelastic public domains was extended. Addition to #1023 (#1063)
* Update (#1061)
* add (#1035)
* Update public_suffix_list.dat (#1036)
* gTLD autopull: 2020-06-27 (#1059)
* Removal of (#977)
* gTLD autopull: 2020-06-24 (#1057)
* gTLD autopull: 2020-06-20 (#1055)

==== python-Beaker ====

- Add denose.patch, which ports the package from the dependency
on nose to pytest (gh#bbangert/beaker#192).

==== python-jedi ====
Version update (0.17.1 -> 0.17.2)

- Update to version 0.17.2
* Added an option to pass environment variables to ``Environment``
* ``Project(...).path`` exists now
* Support for Python 3.9
* A few bugfixes
- rpmlint zero length django-stubs

==== rsyslog ====

- Use systemd_ordering instead of requiring to make rsyslog useable
in containers.

==== shim-leap ====

- Update the path to grub-tpm.efi in shim-install (bsc#1174320)
- shim-install: add check for btrfs is used as root file system to enable
relative path lookup for file. (bsc#1153953)
- Update shim-install to handle the partitioned MD devices
(bsc#1119762, bsc#1119763)
- Update grub2 path in shim-install

==== vim ====
Version update (8.2.1154 -> 8.2.1253)
Subpackages: gvim vim-data vim-data-common

- Updated to version 8.2.1253, fixes the following problems
* Vim9: crash when using imported function.
* Vim9: cannot handle line break inside lambda.
* Vim9: No error for invalid command in compiled function.
* Vim9: is not recognized as an expression.
* Vim9: no error for missing space after a comma.
* Vim9: memory leak in allocated types.
* Vim9: using freed memory.
* Text cleared by checking terminal properties not redrawn. (Alexey Radkov)
* Insufficient testing for the Tcl interface.
* Once mouse move events are enabled getchar() returns them.
* Vim9: builtin function method call only supports first argument.
* Wrong method argument for appendbufline().
* Write NUL past allocated space using corrupted spell file. (Markus Vervier)
* Cursor off by one with block paste while 'virtualedit' is "all".
* Possible crash when out of memory.
* Error messages when doing "make clean" in the runtime/doc or src/tee
* Tee doesn't build on some systems.
* No test for the "recording @x" message.
* Vim9: Cannot split a line before ".member".
* Vim9: not enough type checking in Vim9 script.
* Terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI.
* Vim9: filter function recognized as command modifier, leading to a crash.
* Test_termwinscroll() sometimes hangs in the GUI.
* Build failure in small version.
* Json code not fully tested.
* Vim9: no check for whitespace after comma in lambda.
* assert_fails() checks the last error message.
* Some tests fail.
* Some other tests fail.
* With SGR mouse codes balloon doesn't show up after click.
* Terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI on Travis.
* Memory leak with invalid json input.
* Vim9: line continuation in lambda doesn't always work.
* Vim9: checking for Vim9 syntax is spread out.
* Vim9: crash when function calls itself.
* Lua test fails with older Lua version.
* Terminal window not redrawn when dragging a popup window over it.
* Test failure because shell prompt differs.
* Clientserver test fails on MS-Windows.
* Build failure with normal features.
* Clientserver test still fails on MS-Windows.
* Terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI on Travis.
* Not all assert functions are fully tested.
* Vim9: cannot disassemble a lambda function.
* Vim9: crash when passing number as dict key.
* Vim9: crash when calling a closure from a builtin function.
* Unused assignments in expression evaluation.
* Vim9: true and false not recognized in Vim9 script.
* Vim9: && and || work different when not compiled.
* Vim9: crash in expr test when run in the GUI.
* Vim9: crash in expr test when run in the GUI.
* Using ht_used when looping through a hashtab is less reliable.
* Removed more than dead code.
* Cannot build with Lua 5.4.
* Mouse codes not tested sufficiently.
* Startup test depends on random source file.
* Vim9: cannot use 'text'->func().
* Symlink not followed if dirname ends in //.
* memory access error when dragging a popup window over a buffer with
* Memory leak when updating popup window.
* When using valgrind a Vim command started by a test uses the same log
file name which gets overwritten.
* Vim9: invalid type error for function default value.
* Vim9: arguments from partial are not used.
* Linker errors when building with dynamic Python 3.9.
* Vim9: allowing both quoted and # comments is confusing.
* Scrollbars not flush against the window edges when maximised.
* Build error without the eval feature.
* Vim9: list index error not caught by try/catch.
* Vim9: various errors not caught by try/catch.
* Lua build problem with old compiler.
* Not all mouse codes covered by tests.
* Vim9: a few errors not caught by try/catch.
* Changing 'completepopup' after opening a popup has no effect. (Jay Sitter)
* Vim9: a few remaining errors not caught by try/catch.
* "maxwidth" in 'completepopup' not obeyed. (Jay Sitter)
* GUI tests sometimes fail because of translations.
* Cannot use getbufinfo() as a method.
* Vim9: no error if calling a function with wrong argument type.
* Vim9: cannot have a comment or empty line halfway a list at script level.
* Vim9: in lambda index assumes a list.
* Build failure in tiny version.
* Vim9: comment after assignment doesn't work.
* Vim9: cannot index a character in a string.
* Netbeans test is flaky in the GUI.
* Vim9: disassemble test fails.
* Vim9: cannot use the g:, b:, t: and w: namespaces.
* Vim9: warning for pointer usage, test failure undetected.
* ":marks" may show '< and '> mixed up.
* CTRL-K in Insert mode gets <CursorHold> inserted. (Roland Puntaier)

==== yast2-bootloader ====
Version update (4.3.6 -> 4.3.7)

- add rd.zdev to allowed kernel options on s390 (bsc#1168036)
- 4.3.7

==== yast2-control-center ====
Version update (4.2.3 -> 4.3.0)
Subpackages: yast2-control-center-qt

- Fix files section for libexecdir change from /usr/lib to
/usr/libexec: all of YaST is in %_prefix/lib (boo#1174075).
- 4.3.0

==== yast2-drbd ====
Version update (4.2.2 -> 4.3.0)

- RPM Packaging: do not rely on libexecdir being expanded to
/usr/lib, which is not always the case (bsc#1174075).
- 4.3.0

==== yast2-metapackage-handler ====
Version update (4.1.1 -> 4.3.0)

- Fixed a crash when ~/.y2usersettings is missing (bsc#1173781)
- 4.3.0

==== yast2-pkg-bindings ====
Version update (4.2.8 -> 4.2.9)

- Expand URL when libzypp expects an expanded URL. Fixes weird zypp
repository name generated during installation. (bsc#1173509)
- 4.2.9

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