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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Release Engineering Meeting 08.07.2020
All meeting minutes can be found here:

## Participants
lkocman, ddemaio, dleuenberger, rbrown

INFO: SUSE Infra issues in NUE and PRG so meeting was done only via
meeting notes

## Leap

Lubos will be on vacation July 18 - August 2nd

All progress.o.o tasks are now done for Leap 15.2.
Resolved the last 15.1 progress-o-o issue to redirect all ports sources
to x86_64 sources:

First round (smaller circle) of openSUSE Leap 15.2 GA retrospective was
done on Monday after the GA.
Raised issues and a bunch of action items can be seen here:

Next round of openSUSE Leap 15.2 retrospective will be available to all
interested project members and will done over a poll (What went well? /
What didn't go too well?) in our own LimeSurvey instance, that will be
soon available at
Request tracker: - Big
thanks to Lars!

We want to collect feedback as soon as possible. Meetings to review
that feedback can happen later on.

Testing obsgendiff (OBS side product changelogs) on
on Jump. This is expected to help with pre-integraton of SLE rpms. See
more details in .

## openSUSE Tumbleweed

* Only few snapshots this week, mainly technical trouble; DVD size
exploded (after the media pattern was finally fixed)
* Some rework of /tmp tmpfs triggered transactional-server based
installations to no longer boot correctly. Change has been reverted for
snapshot 0707

## ddemaio
* Closed all progress tasks for 15.2
* Configured Matomo to further randomize and anonymize Tracking Data
* Working on projects' conference sponsorships (GUADEC, FrOSCon, etc.)
* openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference Meeting
* CfP deadline is July 21
* Working with SUSE Legal on conference tools
* Confirmation that creator of Cage submitted talk
* Changed sponsorship package

## Dirk

## Guillaume - Arm
* Still a bug with GNOME X11 and Virtio (not specific to Arm):

## Gerald
Not available

## Max

On Vacation

## Adrian - Jump

Fixed signing key. So Jump images are now installable.

## Michel
update after the call: openQA PowerPC changes about
QEMUCPUS/QEMUTHREADS as per pinned comment in

## Richard

Submitted maintenance updates for Kubernetes to Leap 15.2 after
critical kubernetes breaking bugreports before release were left
unaddressed. Hopefully retrospective will provide a solution to prevent
such an embarrassment in the future.
MicroOS and Kubic now use tmpfs for /tmp, but Transactional Server does
not due to a lack of a systemd tmpfs mount unit.
Podman 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 did not work on any openSUSE distribution, 2.0.2
expected this week should work.

## Tom

Not present

## Wolfgang

Not present

## Ludwig

No update

## Overview of Commmunity SLE Feature Requests (See details in )

(This section will be newly part of ReleaseEngineering meeting minutes)

* Update Apparmor to 2.13.4 (PM-1983)
- ECO pending approval
- Pinged maintainer whether bsc#1172040 respective o.o equivalent
boo#1171315 can't be used as an input for the maintenance update

* python-mailman 3.3.1 update requires update of python-
importlib_resources, python-zope.interface (PM-1954)
- SR done against different SP then the ECO was approved for.
- Next step send SR against SLE-15:Update

* lqxt-build-tools update to 0.7.0 (PM-1914) - TPM evaluation Done
- Deferred to SP3

* add authselect for managing auth stack configuration (PM-1881) -
Pending PM Evaluation
- Aiming for 15 SP3
- PM generally likes the idea, we're looking for a feedback from
Security team. Security team wants to hear feedback from Architect as
there seems to be an overlap with pam-config.
- Thorsten (Architect) mentioned that we'll have to find resources
for pam-config modification as he doesn't have time for it. Any help
from community side would be appreciated!

* Update python-typing_extensions to 3.7.4 (PM-1833) - DONE
python-typing was released in 15-SP2, typing extensions were released
as an update to openSUSE Leap 15.2

* Update libcdio required by python-pycdio 2.1.0 and whipper (PM-1801)
- Next release
- Will be deferred to the next release (15 SP3) as it does not
qualify as a SLE 15 SP2 RC phase request. Change requires rebuild of
underlying dependencies. Namely: cdio-utils.spec, ffmpeg.spec,
gstreamer-plugins-ugly.spec, gvfs.spec, libcddb.spec, libcdio,
paranoia.spec, libcdio.spec, vcdimager.spec

Next steps for aarch64 being the Tier 1 architecture in openSUSE Leap

* release-notes submission to announce this (let's aim release-notes
branch 15.3, and possibly 15.2.1 if this is the case)
* software-o-o submission to place aarch64 next to x86_64 ^ same as
release notes 15.2.1 or 15.3
* publish a blog post on the media

* Ludwig raised the point that in aarch64 is still build in ports in
openSUSE Leap 15.2. It's not a written requirement by the policy, but
it's not ideal state.

* A good compromise seems to be to use the intermediate Jump or Leap
release in October which would be referred to as 15.2.1 and in openSUSE
Leap 15.2. This would be also case for the openSUSE Leap 15.3 OBS
setup, once its available.

* Ludwig: is migration from Leap to SLES supported on aarch64?
lkocman: Will take this to SLE PM and will ask about the state of
PM is not opposing, requires more discussion.

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