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[opensuse-factory] Closing The Leap Gap Weekly Update Meeting 03.07.2020
Closing the Leap Gap - Weekly Update
All meeting minutes can be found here:
New Meeting location:
(Friday 11:30 CEST)

Attendees (please add yourself): lkocman, ddemaio, snbarth, adrian,
vmoutoussamy, gp, max, stefan behlert
1.0 Project plan:

2.0 Schedule:
openSUSE Leap 15.2 FCS July 2nd 2020

3.0 Priority items and blockers

List of features marked as "DeveloperProgram"
JUMP related work is tracked here
Simplified Feature request for openSUSE Leap contributors

4.0 Updates from individual teams

4.1 openSUSE Leap Release Management
Owner: Lubos Kocman

Working solely on Leap 15.2 GA this week

A need to set deadlines for Leap 15.3 setup as this needs to be already
Jump based.
I'd like to invite ARM and ppc64le openSUSE rel-engs starting by the
next meeting.

Discussion of Migration scenarios for Leap -> SLE with Wei Gao. Jiri
is now in loop.
Discussing potential supportability of Leap.aarch64 -> SLE with PM.
This was raised as part of discussing Tier1 architecture policy on

Agreed with Adrian to use obsgendiff for xcdcdk replacement

TODO: Deliver summary of handling maintenance submissions for Leap 15.3
Will be published to opensuse-factory@ prior next meeting.

4.2. openSUSE Leap Release Engineering
Owner: Max Lin

* 000package-groups has been updated
* pkglistgen now works on Jump, need a small change in release-tools.
* Next step: build other arches isos; openqa obs_rsync integration

We will invite aarch64 and ppc64le Rel-engs to this meeting. Starting
by the next one.
4.3 SLE Release Management
Owner: Alex Herzig, Stefan Weiberg

No active actions taken this, week, delivery of maintenance updates is
progressing though.

4.4 Autobuild
Owner: Lars Vogdt, Adrian Schroeter

FTP product building for Jump takes to long, or aborts to often. Adrian
is aware of these problems.

4.5 Maintenance
Owner: Stephan Barth

No update

4.6 Security
Owner: Marcus Meissner

No update

4.7 Package Hub
Owner: Wolfgang Engel, Scott Bahling

Not present.

4.8 Beta Program
Owner: Vincent Moutoussamy

We have already setup for openSUSE Leap 15.3 (openSUSE Distribution)
available in bugzilla.
There is a project to sync the SUSE products information from Jira to
Bugzilla, to automate the Bugzilla setup. AFAIK this setup will not be
used for openSUSE.

Doug: Is there any followup on the public bugzilla setup?
Vincent: Unfortunately no update this week.

4.9 Engineering / Product Migration
Owner: Jiri Srain ( Leap15.2 to
4.10 Engineering - Kernel
Owner: Libor Pechacek

Not present

4.11 Engineering - Desktop
Owner: Stefan Weiberg, Frederic Crozat

Not present
4.12 Quality Assurance
Owner: Marita Werner

Not present
4.13 SLE Architect
Owner: Thorsten Kukuk

Not present
4.14 Marketing and Community management
Owner: Douglas DeMaio

Minor points mentioned about Jump during Leap 15.2 interview.
lkocman: We should make the video for developer portal.

Will pinephone project be affected by CtLG? To my knowledge it's only
related to Factory at this moment. So there is no existing Leap related
effort. Therefore no.
4.15 Gerald
Owner: Gerald ;-)

Have seen some motions re Bugzilla opening internally, hope we can get
an update (from Vincent maybe?) next week. (Note: I'll be unavailable
next week.)

4.16 Product Management
Owner: Stefan Behlert

Clarifying details on feature sides. Looking into issues related to
Real Time and Migration. Otherwise no big updates.

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