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RE: [opensuse-factory] free pascal new release

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From: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <adrian.glaubitz@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: 02 July 2020 15:18
To: Winfried Bartnick <winni@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: opensuse-factory@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [opensuse-factory] free pascal new release

Hi Winfried!

On 7/2/20 2:24 PM, Winfried Bartnick wrote:
There is a new major relase for fpc after some years.

Version 3.2 was release 10 days ago:,50274.0.html

Will there be a Suse package soon?

I have packaged the new version already. Unfortunately, the bootstrap fails on
multiple non-x86 targets [1]. It builds fine on Debian though on most targets
(except on m68k due to a regression that upstream is working on) [2].

aarch64 already have a FPC compiler, but it seems that previous aarch64 FPC
compiler is not able to build this version properly. Also, there is a known
problem when build is schedule on obs-arm-7 -8 or -9 machines. See:

For powerpc, you likely need to add an _constraints file, see:

Probably better to use %bcond_with for the bootstrap.
You must guard the unzip of sources used for the bootstrap.
And I am not sure '%elifarch' macro exist.



anguages:pascal/fpc [2]

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