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Re: [opensuse-factory] Improvements to YaST Storage UI - Early Feedback wanted
On 6/22/20 7:54 PM, Arvin Schnell wrote:


believe it or not, the YaST team wants to improve the usability
of the storage UI by using wizards. These wizards should make
complex or unfamiliar tasks easier for the user.

The question now at hand is: What tasks should be made easier? On
one hand we can likely not add dozens of wizards, on the other
hand many user should benefit from them.

Something I would like to see (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) is
some way to use part of the capabilities of the Guided Setup without
needing to run the whole thing and/or without running it always with the
current disk layout as starting point.

Right now, the Guided Setup is offered as an alternative to the Expert
Partitioner, but I believe there is a lot of value in offering it (or
even some specific parts of it) WITHIN the Partitioner, in addition to
the current status.

For example, let's say I enter the Expert Partitioner and free some
space manually exactly as I want. For example, resizing a Windows
partition to the specific size I want it to have and deleting a
particular previous Linux partition. And then from that point, I would
like to run the Guided Setup, so it creates my openSUSE installation in
the space I have just freed.

I could even decide that I want to mount a concrete partition for swap
and/or create a specific partition for /var and only then run the Guided
Setup from within the Partitioner for it to complete the picture in the
space I left unused (creating the boot-related partitions, the root one
and whatever is defined by the system role).

A kind of related feedback I get often is that people would like to use
only one specific part of the Guided Proposal - the one that determines
the partitions needed for booting (like the /boot/efi or the BIOS Boot
one). Again, you could enter the Expert Partitioner, make some space if
needed and then click on some "Propose boot-related partitions" kind of
wizard. After some questions (like which is the boot disk and whether
the user wants to use any LVM/RAID/whatever), YaST would add those
partitions in the Expert Partitioner and the user could continue from
there defining the rest of the system.

I have been told also that people would like to fine-tune the sizes of
the partitions created by the proposal. Let's say I choose btrfs root
and a separate /home. The Guided Setup now distributes the disk space
between those two based on some rules defined by the system role chosen
by the user. But some users would like to give more space to root
(because they use snapshots intensively) and less to /home. Or maybe the
other way around.

Even without considering its integration into the Expert Partitioner,
there are quite some things that could be improved in the Guided Setup
itself... but I feel that's a different topic.

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Software Solutions
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