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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Release Engineering Meeting 20.05.2020
## Participants

Dominique Leuenberger, Lubos Kocman, Gerald Pfeifer, Max Lin, Michel

## Leap

Xfce as an option in Leap installer. Requested over email. Can we do
this in 15.3 Alpha? Where would be the best to track leap specific RFEs
change bz/jira/progress-o-o?

Dominique: bugzilla/and use severity == Enhancement. Let's use bugzilla

Maurizio: i definitely want to be involved in the process so please
keep me in the loop on how i can help.
^ Sure

* Tier1 deliverable policy from Dirk
Looking for a more feedback

* openSUSE Leap upgrade from 15.1 to 15.2 is reporting downgrade of
sysconfig (Thanks to Darix for raising the issue). Accepted in SLE

Agreement on Community SLE Feature request tracking. More in weekly
CtLG update. The OBS/IBS integration part is still missing. Next on my

Dominique: Will this be under * So far the plan was, but I'll raise this question.

No CtLG weekly update meeting this week, I'll collect inputs ahead.
Lubos is on vacation Thursday/Friday.

Insufficient build power for aarch64. chromium takes days to build. =>
Note from Guillaume: It should take between 6 and 10 hours max on a
decent worker. (verified on Tumbleweed, obs-arm-{8,9}) or about 21
hours on bad workers (armbuild26)). It takes a bit more on Leap 15.2.

## openSUSE Tumbleweed

* GCC 10 is reaching 'ready to merge' - Some crashers were identified,
e.g. Mesa crashed with GCC 10/lto; fixes are in Staging:N

## ddemaio

* Additional quote for 15.2 release announcement being translated about
RT Kernel
* No news yet on Virtual Summit video and audio issues with Dolby
* openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference likely to move online. (CfP will
remain open on events.o.o.)

## Dirk
Not available.

## Guillaume
(Cannot join: Fiber connection down, so using my mobile to share the
4G, but this is not very stable)
News.o.o about openQA:
* but @openSUSE Twitter account tweeted it with the a link to a
preview website. => Doug?. It's up now.
Tumbleweed: Main bugs
* qemu 5 bug: segfault while trying to record a sound: qemu 4.2 from
Leap 15.2/SLE15SP2 may be affected too. This is already a problem for
openQA workers based on Tumbleweed, and this could be a problem when we
will switch workers to Leap 15.2.
lubos: will check on the bug product placement and priority
* php7_postgresql: should be fixed
in next snapshot
* GNOME wayland issue (x86 is also affected as it depends on virtio-
* GNOME X11 has some issues:
* podman 1.9.0 bug:
Leap 15.2:
* aarch64 has still some bugs, but the same as x86_64

## Gerald
No update

## Max

* Switched binutils to Factory by a mistake in origin-manager, reverted
* Squashing down build fails and build unresolvables
* Switch to RC phase planned on May 28th (Thursday).

## Adrian - Jump

Meeting regarding Jump submissions scheduled for Monday 25th.
No update from Jump side this week.

Pending OBS autobuild discussion regarding SLE/Leap contribution.
Lubos: to schedule a meeting this or next week, based on the
attendance. (Rudi, Lars, Adrian, Ismail).

OBS/Data protection detail: we might need to disable users not logged
in for more than 2 years. We might end up without maintainers for
certain packages/devel projects.

## Michel
PowerPC Leap15.2 nothing special, last build 247.2 published
PowerPC TW, openQA tests failed for ppc64 (BE) wait bypass sr#807118 in
and ppc64le investigating pending tests failures.

## Richard
Old Snapshot to Next Snapshot testing now in place for Kubic and
Debugging a kubernetes networking bug, cause apparently found, fix in
progress [boo#1171770]

## Tom
Not major changes these weeks; we are fixing up the py2 drop fallout
For Leap we are trying to fix the python-docker for containers fun and
dephell stack for modern pyproject.toml using python modules to work.
For the Tumbleweed we plan to make people worried and send an openssl
3.x for staging integration.

## Wolfgang

Not present.

## Ludwig

MicroOS 15.2 managed to go through the devel process. openQA is green.
Setup is in place. Next is aarch64

## Overview of Commmunity SLE Feature Requests (See details in

(This section will be newly part of ReleaseEngineering meeting minutes)

* lqxt-build-tools update to 0.7.0 (PM-1914) - Pending PM Evaluation
- I did ask PM whether there is still a change to get it in, or if it
will be maintenance update.

* add authselect for managing auth stack configuration (PM-1881) -
Pending PM Evaluation
- Aiming for 15 SP3

* Please update mypaint-brushes and libmypaint blocks mypaint update
(SLE-12244) - ECO Approved, Code submitted. Smoke test for gimp
- Submission done (SLE library was named mypaint-brushes-1 unlike in
Leap). Thanks to Scott Reeves!

* Update python-typing_extensions to 3.7.4 (PM-1833) - SR posted
- Submissions against 15 SP2 are ready
- python-typing
- python-typing_extensions

* Update golang-packaging to 15.0.12 (PM-1826) - SR posted
- CaasP Released on Wednesday last week. Jeff will submit golang-
packaging this week.
- (SLE-15 maint update)
- (SLE-12 maint update)
- I did messaged maintenance about priority of the request.

* Update purple-rocketchat to version 0.0+hg20200403 (PM-1829) - ECO
- Pending code submission. No update

* Update libcdio required by python-pycdio 2.1.0 and whipper (PM-1801)
- ECO Rejected
- Will be deferred to the next release (15 SP3) as it does not
qualify as a SLE 15 SP2 RC phase request. Change requires rebuild of
underlying dependencies. Namely: cdio-utils.spec, ffmpeg.spec,
gstreamer-plugins-ugly.spec, gvfs.spec, libcddb.spec, libcdio,
paranoia.spec, libcdio.spec, vcdimager.spec

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