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Re: [opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200514 released!
On 2020-05-16 09:00, Dominique Leuenberger wrote:
Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
MozillaFirefox (76.0 -> 76.0.1)
argon2 (0.0+git20171227.670229c -> 0.0+git20190520.62358ba)
gnome-logs (3.34.0 -> 3.36.0)
health-checker (1.3.1 -> 1.3.4)
kernel-source (5.6.11 -> 5.6.12)
kio-extras5 (19.12.3 -> 20.04.0)
libguestfs (1.38.0 -> 1.42.0)
libqmi (1.24.10 -> 1.24.12)
multipath-tools (0.8.3+10+suse.86684b9 -> 0.8.4+31+suse.8f53764)
perl-HTTP-Message (6.22 -> 6.24)
php7 (7.4.5 -> 7.4.6)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaFirefox ====
Version update (76.0 -> 76.0.1)
Subpackages: MozillaFirefox-translations-common

- change again _constraints for ppc64le use <physicalmemory>
and increase limit_build in spec file to reduce max_jobs.
- Mozilla Firefox 76.0.1
* Fixed a bug causing some add-ons such as Amazon Assistant to see
multiple onConnect events, impairing functionality (bmo#1635637)

==== argon2 ====
Version update (0.0+git20171227.670229c -> 0.0+git20190520.62358ba)
Subpackages: libargon2-1 libargon2-1-32bit

- Update to version 0.0+git20190520.62358ba (boo#1170512):
* Fix the Makefile to install libargon2.pc.
* Wait for already running threads if a thread creation failed.
* Added Argon2 Erlang binding.
* Additional JVM bindings (Jargon2).

==== bash-completion ====

- fix extra tokens at the end of %endif directive build errors

==== busybox-links ====
Subpackages: busybox-coreutils busybox-findutils busybox-gawk busybox-grep
busybox-psmisc busybox-sed busybox-tar busybox-xz

- Create own busybox-sendmail sub-package
- Specify conflict between busybox-misc and exim: both provide

==== gnome-logs ====
Version update (3.34.0 -> 3.36.0)
Subpackages: gnome-logs-lang

- Update to version 3.36.0:
+ New nightly app icon.
+ Updated translations.

==== gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons ====

- Add gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-add-mount-disk-icon.patch:
Show mounted device icons
(jsc#SLE-12572 glgo#GNOME/World/ShellExtensions/desktop-icons!171).

==== health-checker ====
Version update (1.3.1 -> 1.3.4)
Subpackages: health-checker-plugins-MicroOS

- Update to version 1.3.4
* Really fix plugindir replacement in script
- Update to version 1.3.3
* Fix plugindir replacement in script
* Use Python 3 for building documentation
- Use pkgconfig macro instead of package dependencies
- Update to version 1.3.2
* Use pkgconf to determine installation directories instead of

==== ibus ====
Subpackages: ibus-dict-emoji ibus-gtk ibus-gtk-32bit ibus-gtk3 ibus-lang
libibus-1_0-5 libibus-1_0-5-32bit typelib-1_0-IBus-1_0

- Add ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch: Compatibility for
ibus-use-wayland-display-for-socket-name.patch. This fixes Qt
clients breakage in Wayland (bsc#1171442, gh#ibus/ibus#2195).
- Add ibus-use-wayland-display-for-socket-name.patch:
Use WAYLAND_DISPLAY on Wayland sessions to make up IBus socket name
(bsc#1171442, gh#ibus/ibus#2195).

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (5.6.11 -> 5.6.12)

- x86: Fix early boot crash on gcc-10, next try (bsc#1167632).
- commit 3afa06d
- kvm: ioapic: Restrict lazy EOI update to edge-triggered interrupts
- commit 9f9d75e
- Linux 5.6.12 (bnc#1012628).
- mm/mremap: Add comment explaining the untagging behaviour of
mremap() (bnc#1012628).
- cgroup, netclassid: remove double cond_resched (bnc#1012628).
- mac80211: add ieee80211_is_any_nullfunc() (bnc#1012628).
- ACPI: PM: s2idle: Fix comment in acpi_s2idle_prepare_late()
- platform/x86: GPD pocket fan: Fix error message when temp-limits
are out of range (bnc#1012628).
- x86/kvm: fix a missing-prototypes "vmread_error" (bnc#1012628).
- ALSA: hda: Match both PCI ID and SSID for driver blacklist
- drm/amdgpu: Fix oops when pp_funcs is unset in ACPI event
- sctp: Fix SHUTDOWN CTSN Ack in the peer restart case
- tools/runqslower: Ensure own vmlinux.h is picked up first
- net: systemport: suppress warnings on failed Rx SKB allocations
- net: bcmgenet: suppress warnings on failed Rx SKB allocations
- mac80211: sta_info: Add lockdep condition for RCU list usage
- lib/mpi: Fix building for powerpc with clang (bnc#1012628).
- net: phy: bcm84881: clear settings on link down (bnc#1012628).
- ftrace: Fix memory leak caused by not freeing entry in
unregister_ftrace_direct() (bnc#1012628).
- tracing: Fix memory leaks in trace_events_hist.c (bnc#1012628).
- cifs: do not share tcons with DFS (bnc#1012628).
- scripts/config: allow colons in option strings for sed
- cifs: protect updating server->dstaddr with a spinlock
- ASoC: rsnd: Fix "status check failed" spam for multi-SSI
- ASoC: rsnd: Don't treat master SSI in multi SSI setup as parent
- net: stmmac: Fix sub-second increment (bnc#1012628).
- net: stmmac: fix enabling socfpga's ptp_ref_clock (bnc#1012628).
- wimax/i2400m: Fix potential urb refcnt leak (bnc#1012628).
- drm/amdgpu: Correctly initialize thermal controller for GPUs
with Powerplay table v0 (e.g Hawaii) (bnc#1012628).
- drm/amd/powerplay: fix resume failed as smu table initialize
early exit (bnc#1012628).
- remoteproc: qcom_q6v5_mss: fix a bug in q6v5_probe()
- ASoC: codecs: hdac_hdmi: Fix incorrect use of
list_for_each_entry (bnc#1012628).
- ASoC: rsnd: Fix HDMI channel mapping for multi-SSI mode
- ASoC: rsnd: Fix parent SSI start/stop in multi-SSI mode
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Properly set maxpacket limit (bnc#1012628).
- ASoC: topology: Fix endianness issue (bnc#1012628).
- ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix VAG power-on handling (bnc#1012628).
- scsi: sg: add sg_remove_request in sg_write (bnc#1012628).
- drm/bridge: anx6345: set correct BPC for display_info of
connector (bnc#1012628).
- selftests/ipc: Fix test failure seen after initial test run
- Revert "Kernel selftests: tpm2: check for tpm support"
- selftests: vm: Fix 64-bit test builds for powerpc64le
- selftests: vm: Do not override definition of ARCH (bnc#1012628).
- SUNRPC/cache: Fix unsafe traverse caused double-free in
cache_purge (bnc#1012628).
- ASoC: topology: Check return value of soc_tplg_dai_config
- ASoC: topology: Check return value of pcm_new_ver (bnc#1012628).
- ASoC: topology: Check soc_tplg_add_route return value
- ASoC: topology: Check return value of soc_tplg_*_create
- ASoC: topology: Check return value of soc_tplg_create_tlv
- ASoC: topology: Add missing memory checks (bnc#1012628).
- drm/bridge: analogix_dp: Split bind() into probe() and real
bind() (bnc#1012628).
- vhost: vsock: kick send_pkt worker once device is started
- commit 7501758
- kernel-docs: Change Requires on python-Sphinx to earlier than version 3
References: bsc#1166965
From 3 on the internal API that the build system uses was rewritten in
an incompatible way.
See and for some details.
- commit cf60b5c

==== kio-extras5 ====
Version update (19.12.3 -> 20.04.0)
Subpackages: kio-extras5-lang libkioarchive5

- Add smb-accurately-attempt-to-resolve-the-correct-WSD-host.patch
to fix some problems connecting to hosts found via the new
WS-Discovery method (kde#420578)
- Update to 20.04.0
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 20.03.90:
* sftp: extra verbosity when put fails
* smb: debug the smbc debug level
* Fix lifetime of slot in KIO-MTP
* smb: add hack to support spaces in workgroup names (kde#204423)
* smb: use prettyname.kio-discovery-wsd for hostname of wsdiscoveries
* import license copies via reuse
- Update to 20.03.90
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Changes since 20.03.80:
* sftp: fix partial transfer resuming when copying to local
* sftp: do not show creation time when we do not know it (kde#375305)
* smb: add some more topical debug output on opendir failure
* add some extra debug in case stat fails
- Update to 20.03.80
* New feature release
* For more details please see:
- Too many changes since 19.12.3, only listing bugfixes:
* sftp: fix seekPos + file resuming when part file is of size 11 (kde#417645)
* add readdirplus2 support for samba>=4.12 (kde#402988)
* smb: fix ipv6 support (kde#417682)
* add initial wsdiscovery support (kde#392447)
* smb: map EHOSTUNREACH to ERR_CANNOT_CONNECT (kde#417166)
* Improved quality of JPEG thumbnails (kde#411262)
* Restore cursor thumbnailer (kde#387660)
* fix preview of plain text files when using dark theme (kde#409380,

==== libcontainers-common ====

- Add as default registry [bsc#1171578]
- Add /var/lib/ca-certificates/pem/SUSE.pem to the SLES mounts.
This for making container-suseconnect working in the public
cloud on-demand images. It needs that file for being able to
verify the server certificates of the RMT servers hosted
in the public cloud.

==== libguestfs ====
Version update (1.38.0 -> 1.42.0)
Subpackages: guestfs-data libguestfs0 python3-libguestfs

- Update to version 1.42.0
* virt-v2v is moved out from libguestfs into its own package
* virt-p2v is moved out from libguestfs into its own package
* Add support for the Vala language
* Add support for the Rust language
* Reproducible builds
* Advanced Format disks (which use 4K sectors) can now be
processed by libguestfs. Use the new optional blocksize
parameter to guestfs_add_drive_opts, and the --blocksize option
added to several tools
* Windows CompactOS (NTFS file compression) is now supported.
* Advanced machine readable output in various virt tools now
supports JSON output, and writing logs to a numbered file
* virt-filesystems tool now more accurately reports filesystem
total size, in the case where for example the filesystem does
not occupy the whole of its containing device
* Python ? 2.7 is required.
* Python bindings are now more extensively tested
* Python bindings should now work with Python ? 3.8.
* Multiple fixes to avoid crashes in the Python bindings
* OCaml bindings are compiled with -DCAML_NAME_SPACE to ensure no
non-caml_-namespaced symbols are used
* OCaml bindings should now work with OCaml 4.09 and 4.10.
* Fix compatibility with newer cgo for Go bindings
* Go API error handling is now more idiomatic
* Update documentation about how to handle boolean parameters in
Ruby bindings
* Libguestfs can now extract icons for Gentoo, newer SUSE and
OpenMandriva guests. Improved extraction of RHEL icons.
* Inspection returns the osinfo IDs of newer Windows versions,
and rolling Linux distros
- Added patches
- Patches dropped


==== libqmi ====
Version update (1.24.10 -> 1.24.12)
Subpackages: libqmi-glib5 libqmi-tools

- Update to version 1.24.12:
* libqmi-glib:
- Skip UTF-8 validation on 0xFF suffix that may happen in
fixed sized strings (e.g. 2-digit MNC value in 3-byte fixed
sized field).
- Explicitly allow CR and LF as valid characters in strings
(e.g. when given in NMEA trace indications).
* qmi-proxy:
- Fix loss of last requests on client hangup.
- Fix missing indication/removal signal handling in clients.
- Fix forwarding of broadcast indications to all clients.
* Several other minor improvements and fixes.

==== libreoffice ====
Subpackages: libreoffice-base libreoffice-base-drivers-firebird
libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw libreoffice-filters-optional
libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-icon-themes libreoffice-impress
libreoffice-l10n-cs libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-l10n-el
libreoffice-l10n-en libreoffice-l10n-en_GB libreoffice-l10n-es
libreoffice-l10n-fr libreoffice-l10n-hu libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja
libreoffice-l10n-pl libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru
libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW libreoffice-mailmerge
libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno libreoffice-qt5 libreoffice-writer

- Fix bsc#1160687 - LO-L3: Elements on title page mixed up
* bsc1160687-1.diff
* bsc1160687-2.diff
* bsc1160687-3.diff
* bsc1160687-4.diff
* bsc1160687-5.diff
* bsc1160687-6.diff
* bsc1160687-7.diff
* bsc1160687-8.diff

==== lvm2 ====
Subpackages: liblvm2cmd2_03

- Add missing patch, which mistakenly removed in lvm2 update
+ bug-998893_make_pvscan_service_after_multipathd.patch
- Change lvm2.spec for fixing build error
+ lvm2.spec

==== lvm2-device-mapper ====
Subpackages: device-mapper libdevmapper-event1_03 libdevmapper1_03

- Add missing patch, which mistakenly removed in lvm2 update
+ bug-998893_make_pvscan_service_after_multipathd.patch
- Change lvm2.spec for fixing build error
+ lvm2.spec

==== mozjs68 ====

- Increase memory for PowerPC in _constraints file

==== multipath-tools ====
Version update (0.8.3+10+suse.86684b9 -> 0.8.4+31+suse.8f53764)
Subpackages: kpartx libmpath0

- Update to version 0.8.4+31+suse.8f53764:
* Fix sporadic build failures caused by missing build dependencies
- Update to version 0.8.4+29+suse.c27ed8d:
* multipath-tools: set -Wno-error=clobbered
* keep warning flags during rpm build
* Eliminate compiler warnings on 32bit build.
* Fixes for tests under i586
- Spec file: add %check section to run multipath-tools CI
* not on SLE12, as cmocka is missing
* add build dependency on cmocka for building tests
* run "make test" with parallel make
- Update to version 0.8.4+19+suse.48fc2f4:
* multipath: add "-e" option to enable foreign libraries
* libmultipath: set "enable_foreign" to NONE by default
* deleted libmultipath-set-enable_foreign-to-NONE-by-default.patch
(included in factory git repo now).
* Makefile: dependency fixes for parallel build
- Get rid of %is_opensuse:
* drop build workaround for Leap 42.1
* build libdmmp for everything except SLE12/Leap42 and older
- Other spec file updates:
* use %make_build to speed up build (possible with 0.8.4)
- Migrated to .obscpio format.
- Update to version 0.8.4+16+suse.f319f7ea
- Changed github workflow back from merge-based to rebase-based.
This makes it much easier to assess differences between upstream
and SUSE code.
* Use TAG_OFFSET in _service, as this is now possible again.
- Reviewed upstream patches added:
* kpartx.rules: fix handling of synthetic uevents (bsc#1161923)
* libmpathpersist: limit PRIN allocation length to 8192 bytes
- Update upstream version to 0.8.4
* drop nr_active field, always count active paths (bsc#1125043)
* directio path checker fixes
* lots of fixes for compiler warnings, and cleanups
* nvme: update to nvme-cli 1.9
- Update to version 0.8.3+11+suse.7dcdf2f:
* libmultipath: fix files read from config_dir (bsc#1162896)
- Update to version 0.8.3+10+suse.86684b9:
* libmultipath: fix compilation with -fno-common
- Update to version 0.8.3+9+suse.f6f2a52
- Minor upstream improvements and bug fixes
* libmultipath: EMC PowerMax NVMe device config
- Update to version 0.8.2+27+suse.3ff280b:
* Added upstream patch to fix premature path reinstantiation
with san_path_err_XX (boo#1149319)
- Update to version 0.8.2+26+suse.d884195:
- Don't activate NVMe native multipath support by default
* multipath.conf.5: document foreign library support
* multipath.conf: add "enable_foreign" parameter (bsc#1139837)
* Set default for "enable_foreign" to "NONE" (bsc#1139837)
added libmultipath-set-enable_foreign-to-NONE-by-default.patch
- Added reviewed upstream patches (marginal path patch set from Red Hat)
* add "marginal_pathgroups" config option
* deprecate "delay_wait_checks" and "delay_watch_checks"; they are
now automatically mapped to eqivalent "san_path_err_..." settings.
- Update to version 0.8.2+11+suse.0f6a649:
* kpartx: recognize DASD on loop devices again (bsc#1139775)
* Bump version to 0.8.2 - most changes were already in SUSE tree
* Man page improvements (bsc#1148767)
- Update to version 0.8.1+59+suse.f947184:
* libmultipath: trigger uevents for partitions, too (bsc#1140146)
- Update to version 0.8.1+58+suse.2af8f92:
* libmultipath: more cautious blacklisting by missing property
(don't blacklist paths because of temporarily missing
udev properties)
* libmultipath: fix memory leak with "uid_attrs" config option
* libmultipath: get_uid: straighten the fallback logic
- Fix SCSI VPD 0x80/0x83 parsing
- Fix compiler warnings introduced by gcc 9:
* -Wstringop-overflow, -Wstringop-truncation,
- Waddress-of-packed-member
- Update to version 0.8.1+28+suse.fea562a:
* mpathpersist: optimize for setups with many LUNs (bsc#1134648)
* mpathpersist: add option -f/--batch-file (bsc#1134648)
* libmultipath: get_prio(): really don't reset prio for
inaccessible paths (bsc#1118495)
- Upstream bug fixes from dm-devel (bsc#1139369):
* multipath: call store_pathinfo with DI_BLACKLIST
* multipathd: fix REALLOC_REPLY with max length reply
* libmultipath: make vector_foreach_slot_backwards work as expected
* multipathd: fix client response for socket activation
* various minor fixes (coverity)
- Disable kmod() style dependencies again (bsc#1119414)
* For TW, dependencies will be autogenerated
* For SLE, feature is currently rejected (jsc#SLE-3853)
- Update to version 0.8.1+8+suse.8c11498:
* Avoid deadlock situation during udev settle
(bsc#1131789, bsc#1125145)
- multipath -u: test socket connection in non-blocking mode
* Fix priority handling for offline paths
- Update to upstream 0.8.1 (bsc#1148767)
* Avoid device IO in "multipath -u" (bsc#1125145)
* multipathd: protect all access to running_state
(bsc##1110060, bsc#1110439)
* Improve handling of changed WWIDs and temporary failure
to obtain WWID. Option "disable_changed_wwids" is now ignored.
* Fixes for PATH_PENDING state handling (bsc#1125043)
* libmultipath: hwtable: add Lenovo DE series (bsc#1125507)
- Trim %if..%endif guards that do not affect the build result.
- Combine %service_* calls to reduce generated code.
- Make use of %make_install.
- Re-enable kmod-style dependencies for multipath-tools package
- Separate out libmpath0 (bsc#1119414)
- Spec file improvements
* Add Conflicts: for older multipath-tools to libmpath0
* Move license files to the libmpath0 package, which contains the
code with complex licensing. The executables are GPL-2.0 anyway.
* Remove bogus dependency of -devel package on device-mapper
* -devel package depends on libmpath0, not multipath-tools
* Remove %dir %{_defaultlicensedir} for SLE12-SP3 and newer
(John Vandenberg <jayvdb@xxxxxxxxx>)
* Remove unused /var/cache/multipath directory
* Remove check for multipath maps in %pre and %post
* Remove SLE11-specific multipathd service stop / start from
%pre / %post
* Remove obsolete tools from package description (bsc#1129827)
* Add -n to %service_del_{pre,post}un for multipathd.socket
- Update to version 0.8.0+17+suse.a28893f:
* Code-identical to 0.7.9+139+suse.ed9d450, except for new
version number
- Disable kmod() style dependencies for now, as they are causing
problems with image builds (bsc#1119414). They'd been active
for SLE15-SP1 only, anyway.
- _service: determine "tag offset" manually, the patch count
determined by git is far too high.
- Fix module name in multipath.conf (bsc#1119414)
* The modules-load.d entry must match the filename exactly
- Update to version 0.7.9+139+suse.ed9d450:
* multipath-tools: Build: properly parse systemd's version
- Add kmod(xyz) style dependencies for SLE15-SP1
(jsc#SLE-3853, fate#326579, bsc#1119414)
- Update to version 0.7.9+138+suse.0edd0a2:
- Include reviewed fixes from upstream
* libmutipath: continue to use old state on PATH_PENDING
* libmultipath: disable user_friendly_names for NetApp
* multipath: blacklist zram devices
* various fixes for martinal path code
- Bug fixes:
* multipathd: Fix miscounting active paths (bsc#1125043)
* multipathd: avoid null pointer dereference in LOG_MSG
* minor fixes suggested by coverity (bsc#1127879)
- Add BuildRequires on suse-module-tools
* we need it for regenerate_initrd_posttrans
- Update to version 0.7.9+111+suse.b4232b7:
- merged upstream cb4a979a (SUSE bug fixes merged upstream,
code-identical to previous release).
- Update to version 0.7.9+109+suse.203c1cf:
* multipathd: avoid crash in cli_list_path (bsc#1121134)
* libmultipath: fix compilation with older kernel headers
- merged upstream fb824725
* Improved NVMe support in both native and dm-mpath mode
added basic NVMe ANA support (bsc#1119898, bsc#1118495)
* Fix prio output in "multipathd show topology" (bsc#1119897)
* multipathd: fix daemon not really shutdown
(bsc##1110060, bsc#1110439)
- Update to version 0.7.9+90+suse.f81e290:
* libmultipath: Increase SERIAL_SIZE to 128 bytes
- Update to version 0.7.9+89+suse.df77b66:
- re-enable "san_path_err_xy" options
These have been removed upstream, but they were supported
in SLE-15/Leap15.0, so we can't simply throw them away.
Improve documentation, mark them as deprecated, but keep
the code in place.
- Update to version 0.7.9+85+suse.766b95e:
* upstream patch series to make verbosity level 3
less verbose and thus better usable (bsc#1118937)
* fix for handling device size mismatch in coalesce_paths()
* libmultipath: fix false removes in dmevents polling code
* Spec file: remove build dependency on dracut which causes
build errors for some distributions
- Update to version 0.7.9+58+suse.0790830:
* libmpathpersist: fix off-by-one error in PRIN length check
* multipathd: fix mpp->hwe handling when paths are freed
(fix possible crash caused by new hardware table code)
- Update to version 0.7.9+55+suse.9fc8439:
(note the "55" is due to former merge operations. We actually
only have 7 patches on top of upstream. All other patches
referenced below as "not upstream" have been merged).
* Bump version to 0.7.9
* multipathd: reset delay_wait_checks counter on failure
* multipathd: fix irritating "minor number mismatch" message
* fix possible failure to shut down (bsc#1110060, bsc#1110439)
* upstream "checker overhaul" - cleanups and improvements for
path checkers
* Upstream fixes for failures handling path initializiation
* various small upstream bug fixes.
- Update to version 0.7.7+136+suse.19bb285:
Bug fixes from upstream, and SUSE bug fixes
* multipathd: try SCSI persistent reservations for SCSI only
* libmultipath: allow sysfs_pathinfo to return SKIPPED (bsc#1098458)
* libmultipath: Fixup updating paths (bsc#1110418)
* multipathd: fix memory leak on error in configure (bsc#1110418)
* multipathd: minor fixes (bsc#1110418)
* multipathd: function return value tweaks (bsc#1110418)
* multipath: fix max array size in print_cmd_valid (bsc#1110418)
* libmutipath: don't use malformed uevents (bsc#1110418)
* libmultipath: fix null dereference int alloc_path_group (bsc#1110418)
* libmultipath: fix memory issue in path_latency prio (bsc#1110418)
* libmultipath: fix length issues in get_vpd_sgio (bsc#1110418)
* multipathd: decrease log level of uevent messages (bsc#1110586)
* multipathd: fix version check for DM_DEV_ARM_POLL ioctl (bsc#1110587)
* libmultipath: pathinfo: skip hidden devices (bsc#1110586)
* libmultipath: nvme: shorter topology output (bsc#1082419)
* libmultipath: nvme: fix path detection for kernel 4.16 (bsc#1091112)
* libmultipath: fix gcc 8.1 "truncated output" warnings (bsc#1099007)
* (lib)mpathpersist: use O_RDONLY file descriptors (bsc#1093220)
* libmpathpersist: fix byte swapping for big endian systems (bsc#1099036)
* multipath-tools/tests: add tests for get_unaligned_beXX (bsc#1099036)
* libmultipath: add (get|put)_unaligned_be64 (bsc#1099036)
* libmpathpersist: fix stack overflow in mpath_format_readfullstatus()
* libmpathpersist: fix typo in mpath_format_readfullstatus (bsc#1099007)
* libmpathpersist: remove duplicate test in readfullstatus (bsc#1099007)
- Update to upstream 1a8625abd (0.7.7+82)
* minor fixes for kpartx, found by coverity
* mpathpersist: add --param-alltgpt option
* libmultipath: add "protocol" blacklist option.
* multipathd: add new wildcard "%P" for "protocol"
* multipath-tools: fix products names in hwtable
* libmultipath: more debug output in alua prioritizer (bsc#1080965)
* libmultipath: alua: retry RTPG for NOT_READY and UNIT_ATTENTION
* libmultipath: alua_rtpg: use condlog for error messages (bsc#1080965)
- Update to version 0.7.7+75+suse.6287aef:
Added minor updates from upstream
* multipath-tools: add info about how to enable ALUA in ONTAP
* multipath-tools: add directio path_checker for DASD devices
* multipath-tools: make Product Name mandatory and add all of them
Minor rebase, as some SUSE patches have been merged upstream
(all mentioned in previous changelogs)
- Update to version 0.7.7+72+suse.4b24466:
* multipath: fix return code handling in delegate_to_multipathd
* multipath: don't start multipathd unnecessarily (bsc#1098177)
- Update to version 0.7.7+70+suse.4a5941e:
* libmultipath: change partition_delimiter default to "-part"
(bsc#1073622, bsc#1056526)
* change default for find_multipaths to "greedy" (bsc#1099054)
* libmultipath: allow distributions to change partition_delim default
(bsc#1073622, bsc#1056526)
- Update to version 0.7.7+67+suse.a7d1e14:
- RBD/RADOS backend support has been removed upstream
remove support for it in SUSE, too (boo#1099037, FATE#826853)
* added Obsoletes: for multipath-tools-rbd.
- libdmmp version has changed to 0.2.0
- New patches not yet upstream:
(Wed Jun 12 2018: these are now upstream, since 0.7.8)
* multipathd: fix mpp->hwe handling on path removal (boo#1099028)
* libmultipath: print correct default for delay_*_checks
(boo#1099026, bsc#1110418)
* libmultipath: avoid error messages from RDAC check
(bsc#1108728, bsc#1075539)
* (lib)mpathpersist: use O_RDONLY file descriptors (bsc#1093220)
* libmpathpersist: fix byte swapping for big endian systems (bsc#1099036)
* multipath-tools/tests: add tests for get_unaligned_beXX (bsc#1099036)
* libmultipath: add (get|put)_unaligned_be64 (bsc#1099036)
* libmpathpersist: fix stack overflow in mpath_format_readfullstatus()
* multipathd: fix buffer size in cli_getprkey (bsc#1099028)
* libmultipath: fix gcc 8.1 "truncated output" warnings
* libmpathpersist: fix typo in mpath_format_readfullstatus
* libmpathpersist: remove duplicate test in readfullstatus
- SUSE specific patches preserved:
* multipath.rules: temporary rule to obtain ID_WWN for NVMe (bsc#1076828)
* kpartx: create symlinks for dmraid devices (bsc#1064212)
* multipath.conf.5: document no_partitons compat support (fate#323406)
* libmultipath: compat support for 'features "1 no_partitions"' (fate#323406)
* Added fossology assessment as README.licenses (bsc#1088801)
- Dropped patches from previous factory/SLE15 release (0.7.3+69+suse.218a0d0):
* libmultipath: don't [un]set queue_if_no_path after domap
obsoleted by "libmultipath: cleanup features handling code"
* multipath.rules: use -i flag to multipath
obsoleted by path detection patch series
* libmpathpersist: add support for prkeys file v3
obsoleted by "mpathpersist: Fix invalid condition check"
* libmultipath: fix deadlock in tur.c
obsoleted by "libmultipath: fix tur checker locking"
* checkers/rbd: missing pthread_lock() on failure path
obsolete because of RBD removal
* libmultipath/hwtable: don't hard-code ALUA for IBM IPR
obsoleted by "libmultipath: hwhandler auto-detection for ALUA" and
"libmultipath: don't reject maps with undefined prio"
(bsc#1085212, bsc#1075129)
- Update to upstream version 0.7.7+50 (39ad8dc8)
- rework of "find_multipaths" logic
* find_multipaths can now be "strict", "yes", "no", "greedy", or "smart"
* SUSE default is "greedy" for now, consistent with previous behavior
* "multipath -u -i" not necessary in udev rules any more
(removed SUSE patch "multipath.rules: use -i flag to multipath")
- patch series for config file handling (bsc#1067789):
* fix inconsistent handling of multiple config file entries
matching the same device (bsc#1067789)
* multipath: implement "multipath -T" (bsc#1067789)
* multipathd: implement "show config local" (bsc#1067789)
* libmultipath: merge "multipath" config sections by wwid
* multipathd: add path format wildcard "%0" for failures
* libmultipath: config parser: Allow '"' in strings
- multipath-tools: foreign/NVME implementation (bsc#1082419) for
native NVME multipath configurations
- Other new upstream features:
* mpathpersist: add all_tg_pt option
* add polling dmevent handler (only one thread waiting for device-mapper
events rather than one per map).
* multipath: add "ghost_delay" parameter
* "marginal path" path state checking for better handling of
unstable "shaky" connections in a SAN.
conf options "marginal_path_err_rate_threshold" etc, see man page.
This replaces the previous "san_path_err_threshold" functionality.
- Upstream bug fixes:
* Man page corrections and improvements for multipath.conf(5)
* libmultipath: fix memory leak in process_config_dir() (bsc#1110352)
* multipath: don't check timestamps without a path
* multipathd: handle errors in uxlsnr as fatal (bsc#1086025)
* libmultipath: don't reject maps with undefined prio (bsc#1085212,
* multipathd: fix reservation_key check (bsc#1099008)
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: dont't run "multipath -U" during coldplug
* libmultipath: hwhandler auto-detection for ALUA
(bsc#1085212, bsc#1075129)
* multipath: fix rcu thread cancellation hang (bsc#1110418)
* multipathd: register threads that use rcu calls (bsc#1110418)
* multipathd: fix waiter thread cancelling
* multipathd: use nanosleep for strict timing (avoids possible
races with SIGALRM)
* logging fixes:
* libmultipath: fix log_pthread processing
* libmultipath: set dm_conf_verbosity
* libmultipath: fix basenamecpy
* libmultipath: uev_update_path: update path properties
* libmultipath: uev_update_path: always warn if WWID changed
* libmultipath: get_uid: don't quit prematurely without udev
* libmultipath: get_uid: check VPD pages for SCSI only (bsc#1108728)
* libmultipath: fix wrong output of "multipath -t"
* Introduce the libmultipath/unaligned.h header file
* libmultipath: Fix sgio_get_vpd() (bsc#1099484)
* kpartx: Improve reliability of find_loop_by_file()
* libmultipath, alloc_path_with_pathinfo(): Ensure that pp->wwid is
* libmultipath: enable feature disable changed wwid by default
* multipathd: add lock protection for cli_list_status
* bug fixes for "marginal path checker"
* multipathd: fix signal blocking logic (bsc#1110060, bsc#1110439,
* multipath-tools: add INSPUR/MCS to hardware table
* multipath-tools: add RDAC SUN/ArrayStorage to hwtable
* multipath-tools: remove DF arrays from HP
* multipath: print sysfs state in fast list mode (bsc#1110354)
* multipathd: remove coalesce_paths from ev_add_map
* multipath: fix DEF_TIMEOUT use
* libmultipath: fix tur checker locking
* multipath-tools: handle exit signal immediately (bsc#1086025)
* multipathd: release uxsocket and resource when cancel thread
* path latency prioritizer fixes
* multipathd.service: set TasksMax=infinity (bsc#1060616)
* multipathd.service: drop Before=lvm2-lvmetad.service
* multipathd.socket: add
* kpartx.rules: fix by-id/scsi-* for user_friendly_names
* multipath -C: decrease log level
* libmultipath: hwtable: no_path_retry="queue" for NetApp NVMe
* libmultipath: hwtable: multibus for NetApp NVMe-FC
* libmultipath: select ALUA prioritizer for RDAC arrays only
(bsc#1075539, bsc#1081241)
* libmultipath: get_vpd_sgio: support VPD 0xc9 (bsc#1055949)
* libmultipath: condlog: log to stderr (bsc#1055949)
* multipath: delegate dangerous commands to multipathdd (bsc#1047639)
* libmultipath: don't try to set hwhandler if it is retained
* libmultipath: don't update path queueing on reload
* multipathd: marginal path code fixes
* multipath: check failed path dmstate in check_path
* multipathd: clean up set_no_path_retry
* multipathd: fix device creation issues
* libmultipath: cleanup features handling code
* multipath: fix hwhandler check in select_action
* kpartx: don't delete partitions from partitions
* limbultipath: prefer RDAC checker with detect_checker
* multipath-tools: add AccelStor/NeoSapphire to hardware table
* multipath-tools: add TMS/RamSan to hardware table
* multipath-tools: add XIV/NEXTRA to hardware table
* multipath-tools: add XIOtech/Magnitude to hardware table
* libmultipath: ensure checker->fd == -1 if not set
- Update to version 0.7.3+69+suse.218a0d0:
* multipath -ll: print foreign maps only with "-o" flag
* Revert "disable nvme foreign library"
- Update to version 0.7.3+67+suse.8f0c27b:
* disable nvme foreign library (bsc#1089353)
- No functional changes
- Fixed rpmlint warnings (bsc#1088946)
* multipath-tools-devel: moved .so files to /usr/lib[64]
* added version dependencies for -devel packages
- No functional changes
* fixed SPDX syntax (and -> AND)
* added /usr/share/licenses
- No functional changes, just licenses
- Spec file: fix %license tags and info after closer inspection
* kpartx is under GPL-2.0-only
* rbd is under LGPL-2.1-only
- Update to version 0.7.3+66+suse.dc5fe2d: Fix licensing info (bsc#1088801)
* Added fossology assessment as README.licenses
* multipath-tools: create LICENSES dir with the text of all used licences
- Update to version 0.7.3+61+suse.d4d0494:
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: dont't run "multipath -U" during coldplug
- Fixed license tags in spec file
* multipath tools / libmultipath is GPL-2.0-only
* libmpathcmd is LGPL-2.0-or-later
* libdmmp is GPL-3.0-or-later
* adopt SPDX format.
- Update to version 0.7.3+60+suse.46ac839:
* libmultipath/hwtable: don't hard-code ALUA for IBM IPR
(bsc#1085212, bsc#1075129)
- Update to version 0.7.3+59+suse.1b6191c26774:
* libmultipath: don't reject maps with undefined prio (bsc#1085212,
* multipathd: handle errors in uxlsnr as fatal (bsc#1086025)
- Update to version 0.7.3+57+suse.bb6be4c8b4ca:
* multipathd: fix signal blocking logic (bsc#1086025)
* multipath-tools: handle exit signal immediately (bsc#1086025)
* multipath: fix DEF_TIMEOUT use (bsc#1086014)
* multipath-tools: foreign/NVME implementation v2 (upstream accepted)
- Update to version 0.7.3+53+suse.140f4937e9e7:
* libmultipath: fix wrong output of "multipath -t" (bsc#1082835)
- Update to version 0.7.3+52+suse.08a969b7fce0:
- Add limited support for displaying native NVMe multipath
* libmultipath: foreign/nvme: implement path display
* multipathd: use foreign API
* multipath: use foreign API
* libmultipath/foreign: nvme foreign library
* libmultipath/print: add "%G - foreign" wildcard
* libmultipath: API for foreign multipath handling
* libmultipath: print: use generic API for get_x_layout()
* libmultipath: print: convert API to generic data type
* libmultipath: "generic multipath" interface
* libmultipath: add vector_convert()
* libmultipath: add vector_free_const()
* libmultipath: get rid of selector "hack" in print.c
- Fix locking errors detected by coverity check (bsc#1082418)
* checkers/rbd: missing pthread_lock() on failure path
* libmultipath: fix deadlock in tur.c
- Fix whitespace in dracut conf file (bsc#1080562)
- Update to version 0.7.3+38+suse.a16beed5280a:
* kpartx: don't delete partitions from partitions (bsc#1078362)
* hwtable: add latest updates (bsc#1078363)
* multipathd.service: set TasksMax=infinity (bsc#1060616)
- Update to version 0.7.3+31+suse.6804bb73f72d:
* libmultipath: hwtable: no_path_retry="queue" for NetApp NVMe
- Update to version 0.7.3+30+suse.6b5ed839:
* multipath.rules: temporary rule to obtain ID_WWN for NVMe
* libmultipath: ignore natively multipathed NVME devices
* multipath.rules: handle NVME devices (bsc#1076828)
* FIX "libmultipath: hwtable: multibus for NetApp NVMe-FC"
* libmultipath: increase path product_id/rev field size for NVMe
- Update to version 0.7.3+25+suse.7c9920e2:
* assemble_map: no newline at end of params string (bsc#1072253)
- Update to version 0.7.3+24+suse.703a61d5:
* multipathd.service: drop Before=lvm2-lvmetad.service (bsc#1070427)
* libmultipath: hwtable: multibus for NetApp NVMe-FC
* libmultipath/propsel: select ALUA prioritizer for RDAC arrays only
(bsc#1075539, bsc#1081241)
* libmultipath: get_vpd_sgio: support VPD 0xc9 (bsc#1055949)
* libmultipath: sgio_get_vpd: add page argument (bsc#1055949)
* libmultipath: fix return code of sgio_get_vpd() (bsc#1055949)
- Update to version 0.7.3+19+suse.0fd18bdd:
* multipathd.socket: add (bsc#1072253)
- Update to version 0.7.3+18+suse.8c97f433:
* multipath -C: decrease log level (bsc#1072504)
- Update to version 0.7.3+17+suse.cac42e6f:
* test-kpartx: add test for mapping without UUID
- Update to version 0.7.3+15+suse.570d5938:
* kpartx.rules: fix by-id/scsi-* for user_friendly_names
- Update to version 0.7.3+14+suse.da06e7f3:
* libmultipath: fix return code of sysfs_get_timeout (bsc#1069037)
- added sample code for libmpathpersist (bsc#1066376)
* added libmpathpersist-example.c
- multipath-tools.spec: package symlink in -devel
package (bsc#1066376). We *do not* package header files for
libmultipath, as the APIs are not public.
- multipath-tools.spec: package *.so symlinks in -devel pkgs
- multipath-tools.spec: SLE15: add RADOS support for s390x
- Fix build error for targets SLE_12, SLE_12_SP1
- Update to version 0.7.3+13+suse.db431514080f:
* kpartx: create symlinks for dmraid devices (bsc#1064212)
* limbultipath: prefer RDAC checker with detect_checker
- Update to version 0.7.3+11+suse.4de08d96:
* libmultipath: condlog: log to stderr (bsc#1063059)
- Update to version 0.7.3+10+suse.70ccb55b0439:
- Rebase to upstream release 0.7.3
* libmultipath: add pthread_cleanup hook for udev monitor
* libmultipath: pull functions into util.c
* libmultipath: change reservation_key to a be64
* libmpathpersist: fix update_prflag code
* multipath: add alternate reservation_key method
* mpathpersist: add support for prkeys file
* multipath-tools: minor edition and corrections in multipath.conf.5
* multipath-tools: fix incorrect length for strncmp in uevent.c
* multipath-tools: clarify how to dump the multipathd config
* multipath-tools: replace "setting: array" with "setting: storage device"
at multipath output
* libmultipath: sanitize fd handling
* multipath-tools: link internal libraries before foreigns
* multipath-tools: remove Sun StorEdge T4(6020,6120,6320) arrays from hwtable
* multipath-tools: add support for all arrays from Sun StorEdge 3000 family
* multipath-tools: add Xiotech iglu blaze arrays to hwtable
* multipath-tools: add Dot Hill/Seagate arrays to hwtable
* libmultipath: update INFINIDAT builtin config
* multipath-tools: add info about adding new hardware
* multipath-tools: Remove the limitation of IPC command reply length.
* multipath-tools: libdmmp: Improve timeout mechanism
* multipath-tools: libdmmp: New function to flush and reconfig
* Bump version to 0.7.3
- minor fixes for upstream 0.7.3
* libmultipath: ensure checker->fd == -1 if not set
* libmpathpersist: add support for prkeys file v3
* multipath: add man page info for my prkey changes
- Patch series for NVMe discovery and failover (bsc#1038865)
* discovery: sanitize NVMe discovery
* libmultipath/discovery: modify NVMe path states
* Add 'none' checker
* hwtable: set 'none' as default checker for NVMe
- Update to version 0.7.2+49+suse.993a29b1188d:
* Revert "11-dm-mpath.rules: Remember DM_ACTIVATION" (boo#1059227)
* Revert "11-dm-mpath.rules: don't set READY->ACTIVATION"
* multipath: delegate using libmpathcmd (bsc#1047639)
- split off rados support into separate multipath-tools-rbd package.
This avoids pulling in the whole rados/ibverbs/rdma stack with
multipath-tools. (bsc#1058504).
- multipath-tools-rbd is Recommended but not Required by multipath-tools.
- Update to version 0.7.2+44.3a8d750c:
Misc bug fixes:
* multipathd: don't flood system with sd_notify calls (bsc#1056011)
* libmultipath: add_feature: skip pointless NULL check (bsc#1055635)
* libmultipath: add_feature: allow only 1 feature (bsc#1055635)
* multipath: delegate dangerous commands to multipathd (bsc#1047639)
* libmultipath: fix partition_delimiter config option (bsc#1056526)
* kpartx: helper functions for name and uuid generation (bsc#1056508)
* kpartx: search partitions by UUID, and rename (bsc#1056508)
* kpartx: fix a corner case when renaming partitions (bsc#1056508)
* kpartx: -d must work with empty partition table (boo#1056599)
* kpartx: only recognize dasd part table on DASD (boo#1056599)
Rework of the udev rules related to multipath and kpartx (bsc#1054363):
* libmultipath: support MPATH_UDEV_NO_PATHS_FLAG on map creation
* libmultipath: add get_udev_device
* libmultipath: get_refwwid: use get_udev_device
* libmultipath: use const char* in some dm helpers
* libmultipath: add DI_NOIO flag for pathinfo
* libmultipath: add dm_get_multipath
* multipath: implement "check usable paths" (-C/-U)
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: multipath -U for READY check
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: import more ID_FS_xxx vars from db
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: no need to test before IMPORT
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: handle new maps with READY==0
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: don't set READY->ACTIVATION
* 11-dm-mpath.rules: Remember DM_ACTIVATION
* multipath.rules: set ID_FS_TYPE to "mpath_member"
* kpartx.rules: don't rely on DM_DEPS and DM_TABLE_STATE
* kpartx.rules: respect DM_UDEV_LOW_PRIORITY_FLAG
* kpartx.rules: improved logic for by-uuid and by-label links
* kpartx.rules: create by-partuuid and by-partlabel symlinks
* kpartx.rules: generate type-name links only for multipath devices
* kpartx.rules: fix logic for adding partitions
* multipath/kpartx rules: avoid superfluous scanning
* kpartx/del-part-nodes.rules: new udev file
* kpartx.rules: move symlink code to other files
- multipath-tools.spec:
* added 68-del-part-nodes.rules to support partition deletion
* added 00-dont-del-part-nodes.rules to disable partition deletion
by default on openSUSE/SLES for now.
* added 11-dm-parts.rules to kpartx package
* added dracut.conf file to make sure 11-dm-parts.rules is included
in initrd
- Update to version 0.7.2+14+suse.5721c345:
* cli_add_map: Use CMD_NONE (bsc#1053515)
* multipath-tools: link internal libraries before foreigns
* multipathd daemon: Fix incorrect use of CLOCK_MONOTONIC in
pthread (bsc#1053757)
- Update to version 0.7.2+11+suse.448921a2:
* multipath.conf.5: document no_partitions compat support
* libmultipath: fixup compat support for 'features "1 no_partitions"'
- Dropped 67-kpartx-compat.rules (SUSE legacy).
* symlinks "/dev/mapper/${UUID}_part${X}" are not created any more,
only "/dev/mapper/${UUID}-part${X}" (with "minus")
- Dropped automatic kpartx invocation on dmraid devices (fate#323743)
- Rebase to upstream multipath-tools 0.7.2:
* libmultipath: retain_attached_hw_handler obsolete with 4.3+
* multipath-tools: move up TEMPLATE in hwtable
* multipath-tools: delete libdmmp/docs/man directory in make clean
* libmultipath: fix unit to seconds in log message for checker timeout
* multipath-tools: add HPE StoreVirtual 3200 family to hwtable
* multipath-tools: add HPE MSA 2050/2052 to hwtable
* multipath-tools: add/change fujitsu arrays
* multipath-tools: check sysfs path state for NVMe/NVMf
* multipath-tools: sync third-party headers with 3.13 upstream
* multipath-tools: beautify path_latency.c code
* multipath-tools: fix format in multipath.conf.5
* libmultipath: update 3PARdata builtin config
* Bump version to 0.7.2
- Update to version 0.7.2+8+suse.95e8f43e:
* libmultipath: don't try to set hwhandler if it is retained
* libmultipath: don't [un]set queue_if_no_path after domap
* kpartx/devmapper.h: remove dm_no_partitions
* libmultipath: compat support for 'features "1 no_partitions"'
* kpartx.rules: respect DM_UDEV_LOW_PRIORITY_FLAG
* kpartx.rules: Use DM_ACTIVATION as condition (fate#323406)
* kpartx.rules: skip creating by-uuid and by-label links
- Update to version 0.7.1+69+suse.3bfa5af1:
* Merge branch 'sles12-sp3-fixes' into sles12-sp3
* libmultipath: get_udev_uid: make sure pp->wwid is 0-terminated
* libmultipath: drop uevent_can_discard_by_devpath (bsc#1048052)
* libmultipath: only listen for uevents with DEVTYPE=disk
* libmultipath: fix over-long NVME WWIDs
- Update to version 0.7.1+64+suse.aabe8c87:
* Updated "no_path_retry" patchset to v4 (minor change)
* kpartx.rules: Fix syntax error in skip_kpartx code (bsc#1046092)
- _service: use "match-tag" to refer only to offical tags
- Update to version 0.7.1+62+suse.62a2c36e:
* kpartx: only check for 'no_partitions' feature on dm devices
* Revert "kpartx: use mapname if no uuid is present"
(bsc#1037533, bsc#1033541)
- "no_path_retry" patch series (bsc#1043027)
* libmultipath: load_config: skip setting unnecessary defaults
* libmultipath: add/remove_feature: use const char* for feature
* libmultipath: clarify option conflicts for "features"
* libmultipath: merge_hwe: fix queue_if_no_path logic
* libmultipath: assemble_map: fix queue_if_no_path logic
* multipath.conf.5: document no_path_retry vs. queue_if_no_path
* multipath.conf.5: Remove ??? and other minor fixes
* libmultipath: add deprecated warning for some features settings
- _service: Use "sles12-sp3" branch as revision, as factory
and SLE12-SP3 submissions are in sync. Will be changed when
factory forks off (latest at SLE12-SP3 GA).
- set KBUILD_BUILD_TIMESTAMP to generate reproducible man-pages
to fix build-compare (bsc#1045111)
- Update to version 0.7.1+53+suse.07c2f6ac
- kpartx patch series from upstream (bsc#1037533, bsc#1033541)
* kpartx: only check for 'no_partitions' feature on dm devices
* kpartx: test-kpartx: new unit test program
* kpartx: remove is_loop_device
* kpartx: relax and improve UUID check in dm_compare_uuid
* kpartx: dm_remove_partmaps: support non-dm devices
* kpartx: dm_devn: return error for non-existent device
* kpartx: don't treat multi-linear mappings as partitions
* libmultipath: don't treat multi-linear mappings as partitions
* kpartx: use partition UUID for non-DM devices
* kpartx: use absolute path for regular files
* kpartx: find_loop_by_file: use sysfs
* kpartx: include sys/sysmacros.h
* Revert "kpartx: relax check when checking for a kpartx device"
- Spec file: use new build flag for libdmmp installation
(bsc#1036652), enabled by upstream fix:
* libdmmp: enable library installation in alternative directory
- Other bug fixes from upstream:
* libmultipath: print.c: make sure lines are 0-terminated (bsc#1038865)
* multipath-tools: fix compilation with gcc < 4.9
* kpartx: fix device checks
* mpath_persist: Don't join threads that don't exist
* libmultipath: fix suspended devs from failed reloads
* mpathpersist: fix one more crash possiblity
- Minor upstream changes:
* multipath: Merge the DELL MD3xxx device configs
* multipath: fix up position independent code
* libmultipath: fix partition detection (bsc#1037533)
* kpartx: default to running in sync mode
* libmultipath: force udev reloads
* libmultipath: print alias with no_path_retry message
* multipathd: force reload device on all resizes
* libmultipath: refactor calls to get dm device info
* multipath-tools: document uid_attribute for NVME devices
* Makefile: Remove assignments to unused variables
* libmultipath/configure.h: Add a forward declaration
* libmpathpersist: Add two missing #include directives
* Remove mpath_reverse_8bytes_order()
* Move the declaration of mpath_mx_alloc_len to a header file
* Remove a superfluous "extern" keyword
* mpathpersist.8: add missing documentation for -K, -C, -l
- spec file: Disable RADOS support for i586 on Leap 42.x (bsc#1036271)
- spec file: Move libdmmp to /usr/lib[64] (bsc#1036652)
- Update to version 0.7.1+7+suse.3edc5f7d:
* kpartx: use mapname if no uuid is present (bsc#1033541)
* kpartx: relax check when checking for a kpartx device (bsc#1033541)
* libmpathpersist: use extern struct udev (bsc#1027188)
* kpartx: include sys/sysmacros.h (fix compilation warning)
- Update to upstream version 0.7.1:
* multipath-tools: improve processing efficiency for addition and deletion
of multipath devices
* uevent_can_discard: optimize devpath check
* multipathd: fix SIGUSR2 handling
* multipath-tools: clean up libdmmp/Makefile
* multipath-tools: libdmmp: Fix incorrect use of __attribute__
* multipath-tools: Remove trailing whitespaces
* multipath-tools: add missing "-l" flag for pthread in libdmmp/Makefile
* multipath-tools: build objects for libdmmp and libmpathpersist
* libdmmp: minor Makefile cleanup
* multipath-tools: remove incdir from Makefiles
* libdmmp: don't disconnect from multipathd twice
* multipathd: don't call strlen on NULL variables
* libdmmp: move libdmmp.pc install location
* multipathd: drop lock before calling uev_add_path
* multipathd: allow devices to switch from RW to RO
* libmultipath: don't set max_sectors_kb on reloads
* Remove a trailing tab
* multipath: fix segfault with disable_changed_wwids
* multipath-tools: amend text from multipath/multipath.conf.5
* Bump the version code and date
* multipath-tools: replace multipath configuration output
* Revert "multipathd: set timeout for CLI commands correctly"
* libmultipath: fix skip_kpartx support for removing maps
* Bump version to 0.7.1
- spec file changes suggested by factory review team (bsc#1030699)
* RPM group adjustments.
* Avoid %__ macro indirections
- Enable rados for SLES only for x86_64 and aarch64 (ceph is currently
disabled on SLES on s390x and ppc64le) (bsc#1030699)
- Downgrade to version 0.6.4+103+suse.bcb5d0f4:
* temporarily remove commit "multipathd: fix SIGUSR2 handling"
until it's merged in official repo (bsc#1030699)
- Spec file: disable librados for architectures for which ceph
is not built
- Spec file: enable librados by default for SLES12 SP3, disable
it on Leap <= 42.1
- Update to version 0.6.4+104+suse.ac0df678:
* multipathd: fix SIGUSR2 handling
- Update to version 0.6.4+103+suse.bcb5d0f4:
* changed to official github repo openSUSE/multipath-tools
(no changes code-wise)
- Spec file: Added dependency on sg3_utils (boo#1028857)
- spec file changes: optional librados and libdmmp support
* enabled by default on Factory and Leap
(disable with --without-rados, --without-libdmmp)
* disabled by default on SLES12
(enable with --with-rados, --with-libdmmp)
* libdmmp0_1_0 and libdmmp-devel as separate packages
* minor fixes for RPMLINT warnings
- Update to version 0.6.4+102.0119472d:
* rebased, code-wise identical to previous checkout
- Update to version 0.6.4+102.df7d367e:
* libmultipath/propsel: Do not select sysfs prioritizer for RDAC arrays
- Update to version 0.6.4+101.f01ef4da (SLES12 SP2 changes wrt upstream):
* Make libdmmp build optional
* multipath.rules: use -i flag to multipath
* kpartx: create symlinks for dmraid devices
* kpartx: Add udev compability rules for SUSE
* libmultipath/checkers: make RADOS checker optional
* multipathd: fixup check for new path states (bsc#1019798)
* tur: Add pthread_testcancel() (bsc#101979)
* kpartx: sanitize delete partitions (bsc#100869)
* libmultipath: coalesce_paths: trigger uevent if nothing done
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: differentiate ACT_NOTHING and ACT_IMPOSSIBLE
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: reload map if not known to udev
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: sysfs_attr_set_value: use const char*
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: select_action: check special features separately
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: disassemble_map: treat aminio like assemble_map does
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: disassemble_map: skip no_path_retry check
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: setup_feature: handle "retain_attached_hw_handler"
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: setup_feature: print log msg if no_path_retry cant be set
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* libmultipath: setup_features: log msg if queue_if_no_path is ignored
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* multipathd: use weaker "force_reload" at startup
(bsc#998906, bsc#998893, bsc#1005763, bsc#1011400)
* multipathd: imply -n if find_multipaths is set (bsc#1012910)
* multipath: ignore -i if find_multipaths is set (bsc#1012910)
* libmultipath: move suspend logic to _dm_flush_map (bsc#986838)
* multipath -ll: set DI_SERIAL (bsc#991432)
* libmultipath: use existing alias from bindings file (bsc#1005255)
* libmultipath/discovery: do not cache 'access_state' sysfs attribute
* multipathd: issue systemd READY after initial configuration (bsc#1006469)
* multipath: avoid crash when using modified configuration (bsc#1000914)
* multipathd: Set CLI timeout correctly (bsc#999061)
* libmultipath: Do not crash on empty features (bsc#994812)
* libmultipath: fall back to search paths by devt (bsc#995645)
* multipathd: set timeout for CLI commands correctly (bsc#999061)
* Invalid error code when using multipathd CLI
* multipath: do not check daemon from udev rules (bsc#986734)
* Add support for "multipath=off" and "nompath" on kernel cmdline
* multipathd: start daemon after udev trigger (bsc#98673)
* multipathd.service: fixup Wants= and Before= statements (bsc#1019181,
bsc#991742, bsc#986734)
- Update to current upstream (0.6.4-65-ga2675025)
* Avoid that reloading a map sporadically triggers I/O errors
* fix udev rules for failed multipath devices
* multipathd: allow resetting stats
* multipathd: add messages on delayed path addition
* multipathd: don't update priority of failed paths
* libmultipath: cleanup orphan device states
* libmultipath: add detect_checker option
* kpartx: don't keep creating recursive partitions
* multipath-tools: Introducing multipath C API
* multipath-tools: sync valgrind.h with 3.12 upstream
* multipath-tools: add availability of service-time and queue-length to
* multipath-tools: add availability of service-time and queue-length to
* Fill NVMe specific path info
* Don't blacklist nvme
* multipath-tools: fix misspellings
* multipath-tools: git should ignore rej and orig files
* Include sys/sysmacros.h
* Tolerate modprobe failures in multipathd.service
* multipath-tools: Remove trailing and leading whitespaces
* multipath-tools: Perform socket client uid check on IPC commands.
* multipath-tools: Set errno mpath_recv_reply() when failure
* multipath-tools: New way to limit the IPC command length.
* multipath-tools: libmultipath: Removed unused functions.
* multipath-tools: libmultipath: fix gcc link failure on
* multipath-tools: multipathd: Fix memory leak on load_config().
* [multipathd] Remove trailing whitespaces
* multipathd: deterministic io throughput in multipath
- Remove superfluous PreReq for insserv and fillup
- Update to version 0.6.2+suse20160928.8939fb6
- Implement support for 'multipath=off' and 'nompath'
kernel commandline options (bsc#1001691)
- multipath: avoid crash when using modified configuration
- libmultipath: Do not crash on empty features (bsc#994812)
- multipathd: Set CLI timeout correctly (bsc#999061)
- Moved multipath-tools repository to
- Fixup glitch from patch 'fixup check from udev rules' (bsc#986734)
- Remove 0001-libmultipath-fall-back-to-search-paths-by-devt.patch;
integrated into git repository
- libmultipath: fall back to search paths by devt (bsc#995645)
- Fixup module name in /usr/lib/modules-load.d (bsc#986734)
- multipath: fixup check from udev rules (bsc#986734)
- multipathd: start daemon after udev trigger (bsc#986734)
- Load device handler and multipath module at boot (bsc#991634)
- Do not check daemon from udev rules (bsc#986734,bsc#990538)
- Include fixes from upstream:
* memory leak in orphan_paths
* More hardware table cleanups
* Add 'serial' keyword to weightedpath prioritizer
- Set timeout for CLI commands correctly (bsc#990265)
- Start daemon after udev trigger (bsc#991742,bsc#986734,bsc#990538)
- multipathd.service: Fixup Wants= and Before= statements
(bsc#991742, bsc#986734)
- Include patches from upstream:
* Cleanup hardware tables by removing default entries
* More formatting fixes
* Order keywords in multipath.conf.5
* Change default pgpolicy from 'failover' to 'group_by_prio'
* kpartx: Fix check whether to detach a loop device
* Fix partly traversed loop in coalesce_paths()
* Fix memory leak in reconfigure()
* Cleanup include header files
* Bump version code to 0.6.2
- Fix multipath -l <devmap> without output (bsc#990480)
- Fix spelling in a log message
- Fix type of rcu_unregister()
- Do not perform POSIX mutex operations inside a signal handler
- Ensure that signals are delivered to the uxsock thread
- Fix memory leak in path group policies
- Update tarball to 0.6.2+suse20160728.d96f423
- Include patches from upstream:
* Makefile cleanup
* Update multipath.conf.5
* Update hardware tables
* Whitespace cleanup
- Fixup crash during shutdown (bsc#988539)
- Update tarball to 0.6.1+suse20160715.3d44636
- Remove obsoletes spec sections
- Move config accesses to use user-space RCU (bsc#987526)
* Revert 'move filter_devnode under vector lock'
* Revert the rework patch
- Include patches from upstream:
* Update hardware tables
* Update kpartx manpage
* Whitespace fixes
* Include coverity fixes
* Drop AUTHOR file
- Update tarball to 0.6.1+suse20160704.6e52398
- fix service file to not pretend that this is the upstream version.
Now labeled 0.6.1+suse20160603.9b920e3
- Fix BuildRequire to get systemd.pc from correct package (bsc#983167)
- point rcmultipathd to /usr/sbin/service to avoid dangling symlink warning
- Rework patch 'move filter_devnode under vector lock'
- multipathd: Fixup definition of set_unlocked_handler_callback()
- mpathcmd.h: Update Free Software Foundation address
- Do not install header file with mode 755
- Update to latest upstream version 0.6.1
* Merge suse-specific patches
* Drop multipath.conf.* files
* Update to version 0.6.1
* multipathd: move 'filter_devnode' under vector lock
* libmultipath: use poll() in uevent_listen()
* Increase kpartx retries
* Merge Dell MD3XXX hardware table entries
* multipathd: Add 'sysfs' prioritizer (bsc#927040)
* libmultipath: call get_vpd_uid() if no uid_attribute is set
* multipathd: update defaults
- Update to latest upstream version 0.6.0 (FATE#319406)
* Update documentation
* Fix memory leak and segfault in reconfigure
* Add wwn keyword to weightedpath prioritizer
* Use 64-bit int for command key
* check partions unused before removing
* print 'fail' when remove fails
* add exclusive_pref_bi for alua prioritizer
* kpartx: verify parition devices
* multipathd: delay reloads during creation
* Cut down alua prioritizer ioctls
* Add 'ignore_new_boot_devs' option
* Add libmpathcmd library and use it internally
* retrigger uevents to try and grab uid
* Update to version 0.6.0
- Port to latest upstream version (FATE#319406, FATE#320255)
* kpartx: support device names with spaces
* add raw format multipathd commands
* make kpartx -d remove all partitions
* Add find_multipaths option
* Autodetect ALUA CLARiiON configurations
* Delayed path reintegration
* enable configuration directory
* read-only bindings
* Add deferred_remove support
* correctly set partition delimiter on rename
* Add overrides section to multipath.conf
* Add additional path wildcards
* Add force_sync option
* Misc small patches
- multipathd: do not flush maps on startup
- Use find_path_by_dev() where possible (bsc#924316)
- Fixup error return in store_path() (bsc#972329)
- Do not display message 'invalid fd'
- Fixup overzealous warning 'empty device number' (bsc#969857)
- multipathd: fixup signal handling (again)
- Revert 'trigger all devices on startup'
- multipathd: print error message for invalid arguments
- multipathd: block checkerloop during reconfiguration (bsc#946658)
- libmultipath: correctly initialize pp->sg_id
- multipathd: don't buffer output with systemd (bsc#954726)
- multipath.rules: Do not forward partition events (bsc#954726)
- libmultipath: improve uxlsnr handling (bsc#954726)
- multipathd: do not realloc memory in uxlsnr (bsc#954726)
- libmultipath: call get_uid() for all paths (bsc#935312)
- multipathd: Do not print misleading message 'not found in pathvec'
- multipathd: Do not update the paths vec when removing paths
- multipathd: Do not switch paths on empty multipath tables (bsc#956349)
- libmultipath: remove 'get_info' argument for adopt_paths()
- libmultipath: ensure 'dev_t' is set when store paths (bsc#924316)
- libmultipath: Do not store paths with empty dev_t (bsc#924316)
- libmultipath: Do not store paths with empty device name (bsc#924316)
- libmultipath: sysfs_set_rport_tmo still wrong (bsc#926588)
- Add LIO-ORG/SUSE RBD backend hardware defaults (bsc#947845)
- multipath: Reset alias if renaming fails (bsc#943157)
- Fixes for md_monitor on zFCP (FATE#319070):
* strict loop timings
* multipathd: fixup a crash when invoking CLI commands
* multipathd: implement 'show map $map format $format
- Fixup hang in 'multipath -f' (bsc#941954)
- Create package for SLE12-SP1.
* Remove multipath-tools-0.5.0-sles12.diff.bz2
* Add multipath-tools-0.5.0-sles12-sp1.diff.bz2
- kpartx: parse emulated DASD devices
- multipathd: Fixup queueing mode in 'show maps status' (bsc#933885)
- multipathd: Accept zero-sized paths in ev_add_path
- Always set DM_UDEV_DISABLE_LIBRARY_FALLBACK (bsc#933282)
- libmultipath: Fixup 'DM_DEVICE_RELOAD' handling (bsc#933282)
- libmultipath: correctly display checker status
- Remove 'udev_sync' argument from dm_simplecmd (bsc#903001)
- Ensure multipathd is started before systemd-udev-trigger
- Only import ID_FS_XXX variables if not set (bsc#909358)
- Fixup regular expression for HP MSA 2040 (bsc#920189)
- Add dependency on systemd-udevd.service (bsc#903001)
- Use ALUA for HP 3PAR (bsc#922105)
- Add DX8700 S3 and DX8900 S3 defaults (bsc#921703)
- Load all device handler modules on startup (bsc#908529)
- libmultipath: make vpd page 0x80 optional (bsc#917963)
- Add HP MSA 2040 to the hardware table (bsc#920189)
- Revert 'Skip unhandled device types' (bsc#917701)
- skip uninitialized devices during reconfiguration (bnc#908915)
- memory overflow when printing help text (bnc#909742)
- Do not automatically fall back to vpd uid generation
- Improve vpd parsing
- multipathd: trigger all devices on startup (bnc#901465)
- Unset 'uid_attribute' on failure
- libmultipath: Fall back to SG_IO if no UID could be assigned
- Assign local priority for NAA VPD descriptor (bnc#907483)
- libmultipath: finally fix dev_loss_tmo setting (bnc#889927)
- libmultipath: Do not use 'sscanf' for parsing integers (bnc#889927)
- devmapper: do not flush I/O for DM_DEVICE_CREATE (bnc#901809)
- kpartx: handle more than 256 loop devices (bnc#898427)
- multipathd: fixup locking in uev_remove_map() (bnc#901891)
- multipathd: use global variable for uxsock timeout (bnc#900758)
- multipathd: remove unused variable in cli_reconfigure()
- Add %service calls for multipathd.socket
- Really fix segfault in recv_packet (bnc#896678)
- Allow empty revision during discovery (bnc#896864)
- Fix segfault in recv_packet (bnc#896678)
- Fixup segfault due to double unlock
- Skip USB devices during discovery (bnc#865577)
- Ignore devices when sysfs_get_tgt_nodename fails (bnc#865577)
- Use sysfs attribute vpd_pg80 to read serial number
- Create rcmultipathd links (bnc#894513)
- multipathd: fix segfault in checkerloop() (bnc#894513)
- Use regenerate_posttrans rpm macros (bnc#892181)
- Do not call mkinitrd in rpm macros directly, make use of
%{?regenerate_initrd_posttrans} and %{?regenerate_initrd_post}
instead to avoid rebuilding of initrd for each package that
needs initrd recreation. Only update initrd once per install/update
if needed
- Fixup segfault during uev_path_add() (bnc#892214)
- Revert to ACT_RELOAD in domap() if the map exists
- multipathd: asynchronous configuration (bnc#891189)
- multipathd: timeout CLI commands when waiting for lock
- Remove dm_udev_XXX wrapper functions
- uxlsnr: use typedef for trigger function
- multipathd: lock cli client list
- multipathd: Use standard lists for CLI handling
- Use strlen() when checking for valid wwid
- kpartx: zero out cookie (bnc#890902)
- multipathd: Check for empty wwid when processing events
- Fixup device-mapper cookie handling yet again (bnc#890902)
- Allow zero-sized devices during configuration
- multipathd: issue warning on CLI command timeout (bnc#891189)
- Do not remove paths without uevent (bnc#890998)
- Fixup structure misalignment in config.h (bnc#890747)
- Do not print empty multipaths section
- Fixup 'uxsock_timeout' handling
- Reload map if reinstate failed (bnc#890854)
- Close memory leak in print_multipath_topology
- Implement 'uxsock_timeout' keyword (bnc#890551)
- Return error when receiving CLI packet (bnc#890551)
- multipath: do not print state 'orphan' for option '-l' (bnc#890551)
- Fix race conditions during uevent processing (bnc#890994)
- Skip unhandled device types (bnc#881125)
- use 'uid_attribute' per default when generating WWID (bnc#881125)
- Use a default dev_loss_tmo of 600 (bnc#889927)
- Fixup device-mapper 'cookie' handling (bnc#886743)
- Remove last argument from verify_paths()
- Add paths with a size of '0' as 'ghost' paths
- Remove sysfs_get_dev()
- Use glibc 'major' and 'minor' macros
- Whitespace cleanup in mpath_persist
- Fixup wrong check for errno in uevent_listen()
- Terminate uevent listener on ppoll() error (bnc#889165)
- Patches from upstream:
* enable gcc format-security check
* Accept "*" as a valid regular expression
* check info.exists to get valid value
* Don't forget to reload table when both reload and rename
is required
* libmultipath: Simplify read_line()
* libmultipath: Zero-terminate sysfs_attr_get_value() result
* libmultipath: Print line number for which parsing failed
* libmultipath: Accept "*" as a valid regular expression
* multipath: Wrong sysfs attribute used for iSCSI settings
- Check for valid DM_DEVICE_INFO before proceeding
- Scalability fixes (bnc#880356):
* Separate out uevent parsing functions
* Use poll() when receiving uevents
* multipathd: push down lock in checkerloop()
* Allow specific CLI commands to run unlocked
* Push down vector lock during uevent processing
- recovery_tmo for iSCSI sessions not updated (bnc#883808)
- Only filter for udev property if uid_attribute is present
- Read wwid from sysfs vpg_pg83 attribute
- Update multipath.conf.5 to clarify wwid generation
- kpartx: Fixup persistent name generation (bnc#887582)
- Revert 'return PATH_DOWN for quiesced paths'
- Do not treat 'transport-offline' paths as 'offline' (bnc#888378)
- multipath: Check for running daemon when called with '-u'
- multipath: use option '-i' when called from udev (bnc#885628)
- multipath: add option '-i' to ignore wwids file (bnc#885628)
- Update hwtable for EMC XtremIO (bnc#880510)
- Remove unused variable 'aas' from alua prioritzer
- Patches from upstream:
* Add multipath.conf force_sync option
* make prioritizers use checker_timeout, if set
* Improve multipath.conf syntax checking
* orphan paths on failed add
* Add missing interactive commands to multipathd man page
* Make multipathd orphan paths that were removed externally
* allow users to add wwids to /etc/multipath/wwids with -a
* change conf->dry_run to conf->cmd
* Return the correct size buffer in set_value()
* Fix memory issues in path reordering failure code paths
- Fixup race condition with udev (bnc#883878)
- Cleanup foreground operation handling in multipathd
- Fix some minor issues in path reordering code (bnc#870465)
- Patches from upstream:
* Use existing user friendly names if possible
* kpartx: fix extended partition size for >512b sectors
* Mismatch between allocation length and transfer length in
rdac prio
* Mismatch between allocation length and transfer length in
emc_clariion prio.
- 11-dm-mpath.rules: Import blkid values if all paths are down
- kpartx.rules: Skip kpartx for multipath events (bnc#875233)
- Fix race condition with systemd (bnc#878809)
- Fix segfault when fast_io_fail_tmo is empty in config file
- Crafted ordering of child paths for round robin path selector
- multipath: enable sync support (bnc#872297)
- Whitelist devices in multipath.rules (bnc#877281)
- Install multipath rule under 56-multipath.rules (bnc#873151)
- Implement option '-u' for uevents (bnc#873151)
- Remove trailing linefeed from sysfs attributes
- Make checker_put() and prio_put() idempotent
- Implement 'list path' CLI command
- Disable reassign maps per default
- Allow for NULL path when printing information
- Fixup wwid blacklist printing
- Use SCSI_IDENT_.* as the default property whitelist (bnc#872929)
- Do not call 'blkid' in kpartx.rules
- Allow empty wwids during discovery (bnc#872712)
- Always set verbosity to '0' when checking devices (bnc#867840)
- Fixup multipath rules for booting (bnc#870764)
- Fixup dependencies in multipathd.service (bnc#872712)
- Do not print empty device strings during discovery (bnc#872712)
- Use multipath wwid if path wwid is empty (bnc#872712)
- Set the correct PID when running in debug mode
- Fixup ordering cycle with systemd (bnc#863218)
- Rebase git repository to match with upstream
- Revert 'display uevent sequence number'; not required anymore
- downgrade device-mapper requirement to 1.2.78 until 1.2.82
is available anywhere
- Update FSF address
- Add 11-dm-mpath.rules (bnc#867968)
- Link against libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon
- Fixup spec file to correct rules permissions
- Fixup 40-multipath.rules installation
- Add 40-multipath.rules for dracut support
- Install kpartx rules with correct prefix for dracut
- filter for missing property in get_refwwid() (bnc#862250)
- Double uevent stacksize yet again (bnc#855379)
- do not fail discovery on individual devices (bnc#860850)
- Prefer deprecated 'getuid' callout (bnc#861534)
- Skip paths with empty wwid (bnc#861534)
- correctly terminate string in strlcpy() (bnc#861534)
- Don't chop const strings
- Fixup typo in Makefile
- display uevent sequence number on 'show daemon'
- Fixup build issues
- Update to official version 0.5.0
- remove: multipath-tools-0.4.9.tar.bz2
- remove: multipath-tools-0.4.9-opensuse-12.3.diff.bz2
- add: multipath-tools-0.5.0.tar.bz2
- add: multipath-tools-0.5.0-sles12.diff.bz2
- Merge:
- multipath-tools-make-flexible-install-of-systemd-and-udev-files.patch
- Add Source URL, see
- use %setup -c to support the tarball
- license update: GPL-2.0
Substantial number of GPL-2.0 files in the package
- Make installation of systemd unit and udev files more flexible.
add: multipath-tools-make-flexible-install-of-systemd-and-udev-files.patch
- Update to latest mainline git version
- Merge systemd fixes
- Generate persistent device names for kpartx (bnc#799274)
- Systemd: use default service type instead of forking
- Systemd: fix spec pre/post scripts.
- Drop patch 0001-multipath.rules.patch, multipath not ready yet.
- Fix the installation of multipath.rules file.
- Drop RUN+="socket:..." and update the multipath.rule like Fedora
- Update to version 0.4.9
- Merge in latest changes from mainline
- Run update of initrd at %post and %postun.
We need this to make sure initrd reflects the updates.
- cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
- don't hard require boot.device-mapper in boot.multipath. dm-mod is
autoloaded when accessing /dev/mapper/control anyways.
- fix build fail with AS_NEEDED by default
- updated one more dm_simplecmd caller with &cookie.
- bumped 1 character buffer to 1 byte more for leading \0
- Merge with fixes from mainline.
- fix compilation on bi-arch by specifying LIB=%_lib
(Makefiles would erroneously assume a 64-bit target just by the
sheer presence of lib64, which is wrong)
- always add in -D_GNU_SOURCE to get at struct ucred
- Increase initial timeout for 'tur' checker (bnc#616694)
- Set geometry information for multipath maps (bnc#613363)
- Reset 'running' parameter for directio (bnc#600043)
- Add fallback to init script for older versions (bnc#602957)
- Add HP 2000 to internal hardware table (bnc#603359)
- Make path state messages unique
- Add 'reassign_maps' configuration parameter
- Profiling fixes:
* Update 'max_fds' handling
* Use strcmp() instead of strcmp_chomp()
* Simplify sysfs_get_device()
* Remove duplicate calls to path_offline()
* Simplify dm_get_name()
* Fixup devt2devname()
* Rework dm_reassign()
- check argument length in execute_program(bnc#610914)
- Do not use LOG_CONS when opening syslog (bnc#610914)
- Remove pid file usage from init scripts (bnc#600412)
- Fixup boot.multipath init script (bnc#600412)
- Always provide symlinks for udev (bnc#603785)
- Use minor number in ev_remove_map() (bnc#599770)
- signal_waiter() overwrites structure (bnc#591399)
- Serialize startup on large machines (bnc#598697)
- Update multipath(8) manpage for '-p' (bnc#602970)
- Mark 'readsector0' checker as deprecated (bnc#589340)
- Errorneous message 'error starting uevent listener'
- Graceful shutdown of logging thread (bnc#591399)
- Missing '-p' option for mkdir in mkinitrd script (bnc#597786)
- rdac message not printed correctly (bnc#598302)
- Use alias when printing log messages (bnc#598302)
- valgrind fixes (bnc#591399)
- Use VECTOR_SIZE() defines
- Update hwtable factorization
- Use log_close() on shutdown
- Use refcounting for checkers (bnc#591399)
- More valgrind fixes
- Provide correct persistent symlinks for user_friendly_names
- Fixup hardware table for LSI arrays (bnc#597713)
- Reassign maps during startup (bnc#586834)
- Update manpage
- Use mkdir -p in mkinitrd setup script (bnc#597786).
- Remove 'minor' argument from add_map_without_path
- Check for correct device-mapper device in uevent handler
- Start uevent service handler from main thread
- Do not reassign multipath maps (bnc#594341)
- Protect waiter structure by mutex (bnc#581200)
- Log directly to syslog on shutdown (bnc#581200)
- Clear up uevent queue on shutdown
- Add more IBM/FAStT arrays (bnc#578738)
- Display average priority as group priority (bnc#588591)
- Implement 'wait event' cli command (bnc#586834)
- Reset existing maps (bnc#577894)
- Setup 'checkint' when loading config file (bnc#586847)
- Fix typo in persistent rules for by-label/by-uuid
- Update debug string in verify_paths()
- Evaluate feature setting in verify_paths() (bnc#584197)
- Fixup 'async_timeout' initialization again (bnc#580413)
- fix buffer overflow in strncat
- 'reset log' cli command crashes daemon (bnc#577889)
- Initialize 'async_timeout' variable correctly (bnc#580413)
- Add hardware defaults for EMC Invista (bnc#573870)
- Use '--replace-whitespace' for scsi_id (bnc#572209)
- Asynchronous mode for tur checker (bnc#552688)
- Update queue_if_no_path after sync with kernel state
- Add 'max_polling_interval' config variable (bnc#570932)
- Add 'async_timeout' configuration variable (bnc#570932)
- Use default scsi_id callout for EMC Symmetrix (bnc#528481)
- Update path_offline() to return device status
- Update filename in init script
- Fixes from upstream:
* do not allow 0 size for multipath devices
* Add nexenta comstart hardware defaults
* Add checks for conf->xxx
* Add %z wildcard to display path serial
* don't pretend config file has setup parameters
* documentation fixes
- Fixup kpartx initrd script to handle loop devices (bnc#523749)
- Switch off 'queue_if_no_path' before removing maps (bnc#475523)
- Update logical partition handling (bnc#551827)
- Fix mkinitrd scripts for 64bit (bnc572143)
- Remove logical partitions maps with 'multipath -f'
- testing for existence of /lib64 is not sufficient to find out
if we are building for a lib64 platform
- Update dev_loss_tmo for no_path_retry (bnc#492469)
- Merge in changes from OpenSUSE 11.2
- Update 'no_path_retry' correctly for failed paths (bnc#534666)
- Update no_path_retry setting when evaluating features (bnc#542145)
- directio: block count calculation wrong (bnc#549028)
- multipath segfaults if configuration file contains errors
- Make 'param' local (bnc#548708)
- Include multipath-fix.patch in git tree.
- Fixup strip whitespaces from getuid output (bnc#542085)
- Change prefix for DASD devices to 'ccw'
- Update no_path_retry setting when evaluating features (bnc#542145)
- Update features when queue_if_no_path is set (bnc#511607)
- Ignore error messages when multipathd is not started
- Add debugging output for feature changes
- Add generic LSI/Engenio controller (bnc#508030)
- Update 'no_path_retry' correctly for failed paths (bnc#534666)
- TUR checker should not return 'failed' for reservation conflict
- Fix last patch, one caller of dm_simplecmd was not updated
- Update to latest upstream git version
- Merge in SLES11 fixes
- Build package from git tree
- Implement '-u' option for kpartx (bnc#517442)
- Check for errors in pthread_create()
- Lock vectors during shutdown
- Cleanup various MALLOC/REALLOC callers
- Fix multipathd crash on shutdown
- Do not run kpartx on dm-uevent messages (bnc#473352)
- Set pthread stacksize correctly (bnc#485287)
- Add STK arrays to internal hardware table (bnc#503855)
- Correct persistent symlink for cciss (bnc#497997)
- Backport some fixes from upstream (bnc#445023)
- Add 'reset log' cli command
- no_path_retry <N> causes I/O to fail (bnc#485281)
- Terminate uevent service queue
- Wait for daemon to shutdown (bnc#481389)
- Update cli request processing
- Safe memory allocation in cli_handlers
- Use 'LOG_CONS' option for openlog()
- Remove sysfs attribute cache
- Add 'shutdown' cli command
- Display FC error messages correctly
- Wait for devices in init script (bnc#487586)
- Always synchronize with dm state (bnc#447887)
- Add 'aas' path prioritizer (bnc#472069)
- Synchronize daemon startup with init file (bnc#481389)
- Merge feature string in assemble_map (bnc#507793)
- ------------------------------------------------------------------
- disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it
- Reset checker message for blocked checkers
- Increase priority for EMC Clariion arrays (bnc#484529)
- Start waiter threads for single paths correctly (bnc#473841)
- Use pthread_sigmask in alias.c when called from daemon.
- Add %pre and %post scripts to stop multipathd during update
- Don't set FC parameter on non-SCSI devices
- multipath -t crashes with invalid configuration file
- Don't remove partition mappings on stop (bnc#468826)
- Set stacksize for log thread
- Terminate all I/O before flushing maps (bnc#475523)
- Select 'features' keyword from multipath setting (bnc#465009)
- Use lists for uevent processing (bnc#478874)
- Set stacksize of uevent handling thread (bnc#478874)
- Increase uevent buffer size
- Strip trailing blanks from wwid
- Stack overflow in uev_trigger (bnc#476540)
- Fixup multibus zero path handling (bnc#476330)
- Update checker handling for blocked devices
- Only pass block events to multipathd
- Clean up uevent processing (bnc#478874)
- Set stacksize correctly for event processing thread (bnc#478874)
- Remove stray umask() call (bnc#458598)
- Don't call kpartx if no paths are active (bnc#473352)
- Multipathd dies immediately after startup (bnc#473029)
- Return ghost state if port is in standby (bnc#475816)
- Switch off queue_if_no_path before removing paths (bnc#475523)
- Fix leastpending loadbalancer output (bnc#444199)
- Start waitevent checker on new paths (bnc#473841)
- Use 'noflush' for kpartx (bnc#473352)
- Display multipath output for leastpending loadbalancer
properly (bnc#444199)
- Set queue_if_no_path setting during map reload (bnc#472253)
- Remove obsolete 'umount map' uevent handling
- Retry TUR on driver errors (bnc#456961)
- Copy persistent bindings file into initramfs (bnc#468804)
- Invert DM_STATE check for kpartx rules (bnc#440959)
- Correct dbg_malloc() definition
- Fix more memory leaks
- Double free on path release (bnc#458393)
- Don't access blocked devices in checkerloop()
- Check for validity in VECTOR_XXX defines (bnc#469269,bnc#457465)
- Update dev_loss_tmo handling (bnc#458393)
- Fix directio error messages
- Update sdev_state handling
- Add new HP machines to hardware table (bnc#442133)
- Print device-mapper tables for debugging
- Properly quote variables in mkinitrd scripts (bnc#447966)
- shuffle call to memarea_init
- Add xdr_setsite in init scripts (bnc#459529)
- Do not run checkers or prioritizers on blocked devices
- Implement dev_loss_tmo and fast_io_fail_tmo (bnc#464155)
- Use default values for dev_loss_tmo and fast_io_fail_tmo
- Display checker and prio name on failure
- Add more debugging output
- Set max_fds setting for multipath (bnc#457443)
- Enhance error messages for checker and prio loading (bnc#456214)
- Fix merge errors for prio_weightedpath (bnc#441007)
- Fix sysfs_attr_get_value (bnc#456747)
- Do not reinitialize prio and checker lists after config file
has been parsed (bnc#464373)
- Minor cleanups
- Split off IBM ESS hwtable entries (bnc#439763)
- Reload map when device R/O setting changes (bnc#440959)
- Add 'Weighted Paths' prioritizer (bnc#441007)
- Fix crashes in update_multipath
- Valgrind fixes
* Add missing initialisation
* Always allocate memory for alias
* Check return value of basename
- Adapt to new sysfs layout (bnc#435215, bnc#445041)
- Use /sys/dev to speedup reverse lookups
- Rework sysfs device handling (bnc#435215, bnc#438031)
- Search for correct hardware entry during reconfigure (bnc#435688)
- Use local variables for device mapper params
- Allow zero paths for multipath maps
- Update HP hardware table (bnc#442133)
- Zero out lines in print.c (bnc#445023)
- Check for empty mpvecs in mpvec_garbage_collector() (bnc#437245)
- dmraid uuid starts with 'DMRAID' (bnc#439439)
- Handle arguments to multipathd from the init file
- commenting multiline rpm macros is dangerous (read broken)
remove percent sign in commented macro lines
- Use pthread_join() during shutdown to avoid crash (bnc#437245)
- Fixup '%n' to handle '!' kernel device name syntax (bnc#435172)
- Use correct commandline for cciss scsi_id callouts (bnc#435172)
- Do not check for valid mp context in get_state() (bnc#433659)
- Link directio checker against libaio (bnc#433659)
- Use regmatch when checking for duplicates in hwtable (bnc#439763)
- Patches from mainline:
* Increase bindings file lock timeout
* Fixes for 'show paths format'
* Add 'show wildcards' cli cmd
* Add support for IBM storage devices
- fopen() returns NULL on failure (bnc#432598)
- Read verbosity level from configuration file (bnc#388284)
- kpartx -l does not remove it's loop device (bnc#417266)
- Missing fixes for libprio ontap.c (bnc#426975)
- Increase buffer size in find_loop_by_file (bnc#436428)
- Include SCSI device handler modules for initrd (bnc#431877)
- Implement map resize (FATE#302007)
- Handle cciss devices correctly (bnc#419123)
- use udevadm info instead of udevinfo
- Merge in fixes from upstream:
* Add IBM IPR to hardware table (bnc#419086)
* Add IBM DS4300 to hardware table
* Fix settings for scsi_id changes
- Call mkinitrd_setup during %post and %postun (bnc#413709)
- fix init scripts
- Update to version 0.4.8
- Include changes from SLES10
- Include mkinitrd scriptlets
- Calculate correct partition offset in kpartx (bnc#394658)
- Fixup kpartx rules (bnc#387667)
- Merge in fixes from upstream
- Merge fixes from SLES10 SP2
- Fixup generated dm_linear udev rules (#218122)
- Rework dm_linear; udev rules should only be
created if the feature was activated (#302422)
- Implement dm_linear (#218122)
- Merge in latest fixes from upstream
- Remove local patches; merge with upstream
- Fix kpartx handling of extended partitions
- Use underscores for partition names (#293792)
- Rework udev handling
- Split off kpartx package
- Merge in latest fixes from upstream
- Add all SuSE specific files to git repository.
- Include latest changes from upstream
- Remove libsysfs (242766)
- Handle extended partitions for kpartx
- don't build as root
- integrate upstream fixes
- update udev rule for YaST2 dmraid support (217807])
- Really fixup udev rule (216167).
- make it build
- update to latest fixes from git tree
- remove fixes integrated in upstream
- fixup udev rule (#203688)
- use device-mapper-devel in BuildRequires
- include latest fixes from git tree
- update kpartx_id and udev rules to work
with dmraid.
- Fix return value for multipath -l
- workaround problem in git-patch
normal patch can't do a "rename", so copy file first
- Update to official version 0.4.7
- Refactor git update to apply to 0.4.7
- Remove blacklisting of dasd device node,
use product_blacklist instead (#188688)
- Add 72-multipath-compat.rules to create 'by-name'
symlink again for compability (#183663)
- Merge in fixed from upstream
- Set device-mapper name correctly (#181127)
- Merge in fixes from upstream
- Fixup aliasing handling
- Fix string length in pp_alua
- Use correct regexp patterns for hwtable (#177842)
- Fixup 71-multipath.rules to work correctly with the
updated device-mapper online/offline events (#176516 - LTC23961)
- Add kpartx_id for the updated 71-multipath.rules
- Don't strip binaries.
- Merge in fixes from upstream
- Merged local patches
- Added hds_modular prioritizer
- Remove merged patches
- Allow for setting of maximum number of open files (#149979)
- Implement 'stop' for init scripts
- Lowering priority for pp_tpc
- Split off DS6000 to fixup priority handler (#161347)
- Disable debug messages in pp_tpc.
- Explicitely create partitions at boot time (#159927)
- Add hwtable entry for IBM 3526.
- Fix another typo in mpath_id.
- Fix typo in mpath_id.
- Fix autobuild warnings.
- Include some minor fixed from upstream.
- Add mpath_id program to call kpartx only on multipathed
devices (#149995 - LTC21557).
- Include latest fixes from upstream.
- Add device blacklisting (#85778)
- Further manpage installation fixes (#146179, #147053, #147911)
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
- Fix manpage installation.
- Include latest git fixes
- Remove old patches which are now upstream
- Add new hwtable entry for shark (#142176)
- Fix dependencies for /etc/init.d/boot.multipath
- Fix kpartx rules to generate proper partition names.
- Update to multipath-tools-0.4.6
- Include latest git fixes
- Port patches from SLES9 SP3
- don't build as root
- Fix broken usage of self-defined syscall [#114933].
- Fix kpartx DASD partition support
- Add 'directio' path checker
- Add support for S/390 DASD (PAV enablement).
- Update to package from SLES9
- LUs with a WWN containing "fd" were blacklisted (#93562).
- Remove stray newline character from /dev/disk/by-name/ entries
(#85798, #86763)
- Clear /dev/disk/by-name/ on boot. (#85978)
- scsi_id now handles EMC Symmetrix; remove work-around for #86760.
- neededforbuild: udev -> sysfsutils
- Import fixes from upstream.
- Hardware table updates for IBM ESS and EMC CX (#81688).
- Reinstate paths correctly after failure/restore cycle (#85781,
- Create map names again and fix segfault in devmap_name (#85798).
- Fix segmentation fault with EMC Symmetrix (#85614).
- Update EMC Symmetrix entry in hwtable.
- Add hwtable entry for IBM DS6000. (#63903)
- Do a rescan for devices if multipath command line option is set.
- Fix devmap_name to use mapname and return proper status (#84748).
- Don't complain about default prio callout command (#81695).
- Reflect recent changes in boot.multipath as well as multipathd init
- Actually fail paths when they are detected to be failed by multipathd
- killproc/startproc/checkproc can't be used with multipathd because of
the way the daemon switches to its own namespace (#80443).
- Use proper path checker for SGI TPC arrays.
- Update hwtable entries for SGI TP9400 and SGI TP9500.
- Write correct PID file (#80443).
- Update to 0.4.4: pp_alua now licensed as GPL (#78628).
- multipath-tools-oom-adj.patch: oom_adj to a valid value.
- Update to 0.4.4-pre18 which fixes the multipathd to initialize
correctly in the absence of a configuration file (79239).
- Put multipath cache back into /dev because /var might not be mounted.
- Correct hwtable entry SGI TP9400, TP9500 and IBM 3542.
- Update to 0.4.4-pre16
- Build against device-mapper.1.01.xx correctly.
- Build w/o device-mapper update again.
- Update to 0.4.4-pre14
- Build versus device-mapper-1.01.01 to prevent deadlocks in
- Fix devmap_name to work with udev.
- Fix startup of multipathd w/o configuration file present.
- Add path priority checker for EMC CLARiiON and make necessary
adjustments so that it gets called by default (#62491).
- Set the default udev dir to '/dev'
- Fix to allocate default strings (#78056)
- Fix default entry for TPC9500.
- Added pp_alua path priority checker.
- Update to multipath-tools-0.4.4-pre12.
- Update to multipath-tools-0.4.4-pre10.
- Update multipath to handle only true multipath devices (#62491).
- Update kpartx to use the device mapper target name if available.
- Add boot.multipath script for early set up of multipath targets.
- Update devmap_name to select targets by table type (#62493).
- Update to 0.4.2 and fix some bugs + add support for the extended DM
multipath kernel module. (#47491)
- Fix bugs to make it work on S/390 (#47491).
- Update to version 0.3.6 (#47491).
- Fix multipath init script
- Install configuration file example.
- Install multipathd in /sbin instead of /usr/bin.
- updated README mp-tools-issues.pdf (see #40640)
- added pdf with README to package (see #40640)
- updated to version 0.2.1
- removed patches zero-currpath.patch and rm-newline-in-name.patch
already contained in 0.2.1
- added patch zero-currpath.patch (see bugzilla #40640)
- fixed to build on s390x
- added patch rm-newline-in-name.patch (see bugzilla #40640)
- created initial version of a SuSE package from version 0.2.0 of
multipath tools

==== perl-HTTP-Message ====
Version update (6.22 -> 6.24)

updated to 6.24
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-HTTP-Message/Changes
6.24 2020-05-11 13:15:25Z
- Full release. No changes since TRIAL release 6.23
6.23 2020-05-07 17:57:18Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
- Enable static install (GH#134) (Olaf Alders)
- Support non-string header values that stringify (GH#137) (Will Storey)

==== php7 ====
Version update (7.4.5 -> 7.4.6)
Subpackages: apache2-mod_php7 php7-ctype php7-dom php7-gd php7-gettext
php7-iconv php7-json php7-mbstring php7-mysql php7-pdo php7-sqlite
php7-tokenizer php7-xmlreader php7-xmlwriter

- updated to 7.4.6: This is a security release which also contains
several bug fixes. See
- added patches
build fixes in SLE12
+ php7-arm-build-fixes.patch
- added to SLE-12 [jsc#SLE-12474]
- spec file usable under SLE12 again and better prepared for
phpM -> phpMN transition
- added to SLE-15-SP2 [jsc#SLE-12482], including fixes for:
CVE-2020-7063 [bsc#1165289]
CVE-2020-7062 [bsc#1165280]
CVE-2019-11046, CVE-2019-11050, CVE-2019-11047, CVE-2019-11045

==== plasma-nm5 ====
Subpackages: plasma-nm5-lang plasma-nm5-openconnect plasma-nm5-openvpn
plasma-nm5-pptp plasma-nm5-vpnc

- Add patches to fix appearance of the KCM (kde#418416):
* 0001-Use-system-color-scheme-from-Kirigami-instead-of-Pla.patch
* 0002-KCM-restore-original-color.patch

==== postfix ====

- boo#1106004 fix incorrect locations for files in postfix-files

==== schily ====
Subpackages: cdda2wav cdrecord libcdrdeflt1_0 libdeflt1_0 libedc_ecc1_0
libedc_ecc_dec1_0 libfile1_0 libfind4_0 libparanoia1_0 librmt1_0 librscg1_0
libscg1_0 libscgcmd1_0 libschily2_0 mkisofs readcd spax star

- Update to release 2020.05.11
* SCCS: the "sccs root" command now checks for too many
arguments and only allows zero or one path arguments.
* mkisofs: README.eltorito has been enhanced to mention
"-boot-load-size" and "-eltorito-platform efi".
* isoinfo: Identifying an EFI boot record has been added to
mkisofs. Isoinfo is now able to print "efi" instead of the
unexpected "Unknown arch".

==== sensors ====
Subpackages: libsensors4

- lm_sensors-3.6.0-sensors-detect-fix-driver-for-w83677hgi.patch:
Point owners of Nuvoton W83677HG-I and compatible chipsets to
the nct6775 driver, as support was just removed from the
w83627ehf driver (bsc#1169316).

==== xen ====
Subpackages: xen-libs xen-tools xen-tools-domU

- bsc#1170968 - GCC 10: xen build fails on i586


The zoom functions (meta+=, meta+- and meta+0) are not functioning anymore using the KDE/plasma screen.

Elsewhere too?

--- Frans.

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