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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200513 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 14:01:57 +0000
  • Message-id: <158955131770.32411.13157469628854431389@go-agent-stagingbot-7>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
389-ds ( ->
ImageMagick ( ->
ModemManager (1.12.8 -> 1.12.10)
NetworkManager (1.22.10 -> 1.24.0)
aaa_base (84.87+git20200224.7105b32 -> 84.87+git20200507.e2243a4)
alpine (2.21 -> 2.22)
amarok (2.9.70git.20200225T224218~2084224e4c ->
bison (3.5.4 -> 3.6.1)
clamav (0.102.2 -> 0.102.3)
drbd-utils (9.12.0 -> 9.13.0)
gcc10 (10.0.1+git175037 -> 10.1.1+git40)
glade (3.22.2 -> 3.36.0)
gnome-clocks (3.36.0 -> 3.36.2)
libcap-ng (0.7.9 -> 0.7.10)
libmypaint (1.5.1 -> 1.6.0)
perl-XML-LibXML (2.0204 -> 2.0205)
permissions (1550_20200324 -> 1550_20200506)
rubygem-rspec-expectations (3.9.1 -> 3.9.2)
utempter (1.1.6 -> 1.2.0)
yast2-core (4.1.0 -> 4.3.0)

=== Details ===

==== 389-ds ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: lib389 libsvrcore0

- Update to version
* Bump version to
* Issue 51078 - Add nsslapd-enable-upgrade-hash to the schema
* Issue 51054 - Revise ACI target syntax checking
* Ticket 51068 - deadlock when updating the schema
* Issue 51042 - try to use both c_rehash and openssl rehash
* Issue 51042 - switch from c_rehash to openssl rehash
* Issue 50992 - Bump jemalloc version and enable profiling
* Issue 51060 - unable to set sslVersionMin to TLS1.0
* Issue 51064 - Unable to install server where IPv6 is disabled
* Issue 51051 - CLI fix consistency issues with confirmations
* Issue 50655 - etime displayed has an order of magnitude 10 times smaller
than it should be
* Issue 49731 - undo db_home_dir under /dev/shm/dirsrv for now
* Issue 51054 - AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow in ldap_utf8prev
* Issue 49761 - Fix CI tests
* Issue 51047 - React deprecating ComponentWillMount
* Issue 50499 - fix npm audit issues
* Issue 50545 - Port to dsctl
* Issue 51027 - Test passwordHistory is not rewritten on a fail attempt

==== ImageMagick ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: ImageMagick-config-7-SUSE ImageMagick-extra libMagick++-7_Q16HDRI4
libMagickCore-7_Q16HDRI7 libMagickWand-7_Q16HDRI7

- version update to
* Disable "random" OpenCL kernel. Previously the work load was distributed
but each started with the same random seed.
* Finished implementation of -distort rigid-affine.
* Enable threaded PNG coder.

==== ModemManager ====
Version update (1.12.8 -> 1.12.10)
Subpackages: ModemManager-bash-completion ModemManager-lang libmm-glib0

- Update to version 1.12.10:
+ mmcli:
- Add missing 'allowed-auth' bearer property in the output.
- Remove non-existent --list-bearers option from manpage.
+ introspection: Use the correct node name for the ModemManager1
+ Modem interface: Allow Command() while in Failed state.
+ MBIM: Fix segfault when loading capabilities.
+ Plugins: huawei: updated HCSQ regex to match unquoted response.

==== NetworkManager ====
Version update (1.22.10 -> 1.24.0)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-lang libnm0 typelib-1_0-NM-1_0

- Update to version 1.24.0:
+ Add support for virtual routing and forwarding (VRF)
+ Add support for Opportunistic Wireless Encryption mode (OWE)
for Wi-Fi networks.
+ Add support for 31-bit prefixes on IPv4 point-to-point links
according to RFC 3021.
+ Drop dependencies for libpolkit-agent-1 and
+ nmcli:
- support setting removal via new command
`nmcli connection modify $CON_NAME remove $setting`.
- support backslash escape sequences for "",
"vpn.secrets", "bond.options", and "ethernet.s390-options".
+ bridge: support new options "bridge.multicast-querier",
"bridge.multicast-query-use-ifaddr", "bridge.multicast-router",
"bridge.vlan-stats-enabled", "bridge.vlan-protocol",
+ IPv6 SLAAC: add support for "ipv6.ra-timeout" setting
+ IPv6 DHCP: add support for "ipv6.dhcp-timeout" setting
+ WWAN: NetworkManager now detects if a PIN-protected SIM card
has been externally unlocked and automatically tries to
activate a suitable connection on the modem.
+ OVS:
- add support for changing MTU of OVS interfaces.
- remove length limitation for OVS Bridge, Patches and
Interfaces (only Patch types) names.
+ VPN: accept empty values for VPN data items and secrets.
+ All nm-devices now expose the 'HwAddress' property via D-Bus.
+ Slave devices now do not get created/activated if master is
+ Fixed multiple issues in the internal "nettools" DHCP client.
+ Export NM_CAPABILITY_OVS capability on D-Bus and in libnm to
indicate that the OVS plugin is loaded.
+ Fixes for importing WireGuard profiles in nmcli and better
handle configurations that enable ip4-auto-default-route with
an explicit gateway.
+ Various bug fixes and improvements.
- Rebase applied patches with quilt.
- Drop pkgconfig(polkit-agent-1) BuildRequires: No longer needed.

==== NetworkManager-applet ====
Subpackages: NetworkManager-applet-lang NetworkManager-connection-editor

- Make NetworkManager-connection-editor require
mobile-broadband-provider-info so that it can function properly

==== aaa_base ====
Version update (84.87+git20200224.7105b32 -> 84.87+git20200507.e2243a4)
Subpackages: aaa_base-extras

- Update to version 84.87+git20200507.e2243a4:
* handle non-existing /etc/nsswitch.conf
* set SYSTEMD_OFFLINE=1 if there's no systemd
* Better support of Midnight Commander (bsc#1170527)
* improve sysconf_addword: remove/cleanup spaces while adding/removing
- Require xz (boo#1162581).
- Update to version 84.87+git20200312.411a96b:
* get_kernel_version: support xz compressed kernel (boo#1162581).

==== alpine ====
Version update (2.21 -> 2.22)
Subpackages: pico

- Update to release 2.22
* Support for XOAUTH2 authentication method in Gmail.
* NTLM authentication support with the ntlm library.
* Added the "/tls1_3" flag for servers that support it.
* Add the "g" option to the select command that works in IMAP
servers that implement the X-GM-EXT-1 capability (such as the
one offered by Gmail).
* Added "/auth=XYZ" to the way to define a server. This allows
users to select the method to authenticate to an IMAP, SMTP
or POP3 server. Examples are /auth=plain, or /auth=gssapi,
* When a message is of type multipart/mixed, and its first part
is multipart/signed, Alpine will include the text of the
original message in a reply message, instead of including a
multipart attachment.
* Added backward search in the index screen.
* pico: Add -dict option to Pico, which allows users to choose a
dictionary when spelling.
- Drop /usr/bin/mailutil, it is not built by default anymore.
- Remove alpine-pinepw.patch (merged upstream)
- Add description files for patches 600-616. These live in a
separate file because (a) upstream does not offer the description
as part of the patch file, (b) redownloading the patches would
nuke any added description due to <a>.

==== amarok ====
Version update (2.9.70git.20200225T224218~2084224e4c ->

- Update to version 2.9.70git.20200505T221221~fd05592cd8:
* fix compilation on FreeBSD where --libmysql-libs does not exist
* Fix the define used to distinguish MariaDB from Mysql
* Add override identifiers
* Remove MPRIS1 support
* Use desktop entry spec compliant X-KDE-ServiceTypes keys
* Set StartupWMClass in desktop file
* Make icons look sharp with HiDPI
* Port from {from,to}Time_t to {from,to}SecsSinceEpoch
* Use currentDateTimeUtc().toTime_t()
* Add more override markers
* Remove Phabricator's .arcconfig
* Remove nepmukcollection
* Add more override markers
* Conclude porting of to Amarok KF5
* Fix copying and moving files to collection
* Fix dangling string pointers
* Add more override markers
* build: remove extra CMakeLists.txt
* build: re-enable the documentation
* Fix compatibility with modern MySQL
* DiagnosticDialog: Use QStringLiteral
* Fix a crash when trying to open the DiagnosticDialog
* Fix duplicate include guard
* Add more override markers
* fix comparison with literal
* appdata: improve URLs
- Update translations
- Rebase amarok_mariadb.patch
- Rebase 0001-Work-around-QTBUG-75797-for-openQA.patch

==== autogen ====
Subpackages: libopts25

- Increase default timeout
- Run testsuite in verbose mode

==== bind ====
Subpackages: bind-chrootenv bind-doc bind-utils libbind9-1600 libdns1601
libirs1600 libisc1601 libisccc1600 libisccfg1600 python3-bind

- bind needs an accurate clock, so wait for the
to be reached before starting bind.
[bsc#1170667, bsc#1170713, vendor-files.tar.bz2]

==== bison ====
Version update (3.5.4 -> 3.6.1)
Subpackages: bison-lang

- GNU bison 3.6.1:
* fix GNU readline portability issues
* In C++, yy::parser::symbol_name is now a public member, as was
* In C++, yy::parser::symbol_type now has a public name() member
- GNU bison 3.6:
* Backward incompatible change: The YYERROR_VERBOSE macro is no
longer supported
* The YYPRINT macr is deprecated and will be removed eventually
* Improved syntax error messages
* %define parse.error behavior expended
* Token aliases can be internationalized
* Deep overhaul of the symbol and token kinds
* Modernize display of explanatory statements in diagnostics

==== clamav ====
Version update (0.102.2 -> 0.102.3)
Subpackages: libclamav9 libfreshclam2

- Update to 0.102.3
* CVE-2020-3327: Fix a vulnerability in the ARJ archive parsing
module in ClamAV 0.102.2 that could cause a Denial-of-Service (DoS)
condition. Improper bounds checking of an unsigned variable results
in an out-of-bounds read which causes a crash.
* CVE-2020-3341: Fix a vulnerability in the PDF parsing module in
ClamAV 0.101 - 0.102.2 that could cause a Denial-of-Service (DoS)
condition. Improper size checking of a buffer used to initialize AES
decryption routines results in an out-of-bounds read which may cause
a crash.
* Fix "Attempt to allocate 0 bytes" error when parsing some PDF
* Fix a couple of minor memory leaks.
* Updated libclamunrar to UnRAR 5.9.2.

==== crash ====

- remove bypass lto and add -mfull-toc for ppc64le to check boo#1146646

==== drbd-utils ====
Version update (9.12.0 -> 9.13.0)

- bsc#1171419, Update to 9.13.0
* crm-fence-peer{,.9}.sh: detect Pacemaker 2 promotable clones
* submodules: switch to https, which makes it easier to clone
if you are behind some weird company firewalls.
* drbd.service: start pacemaker before drbd-proxy
* windrbd: various new commands including create-resource-from-url,
set-syslog-ip, scan-partitions-for-minor, install-bus-device,
- Remove patch crm-fence-peer-pacemaker2.patch

==== ffmpeg-4 ====
Subpackages: libavcodec58 libavdevice58 libavfilter7 libavformat58
libavresample4 libavutil56 libpostproc55 libswresample3 libswscale5

- Throw out v4l2 m2m. This is likely the same case as boo#1041794.
- Enable v4l2 m2m encoders and decoders
- Add 0001-avcodec-cbs_jpeg-Check-length-for-SOS.patch

==== gcc10 ====
Version update (10.0.1+git175037 -> 10.1.1+git40)
Subpackages: libatomic1 libgcc_s1 libgcc_s1-32bit libgfortran5 libgomp1 libitm1
liblsan0 libobjc4 libquadmath0 libstdc++6 libstdc++6-32bit libstdc++6-locale
libstdc++6-pp-gcc10 libstdc++6-pp-gcc10-32bit libtsan0 libubsan1

- Update to gcc-10 branch head (dd38686d9c810cecbaa80bb82e), git40.
* Includes GCC 10.1 release.
- Update to gcc-10 branch head (2aaa1dc3c87372fd55c1c33aa7a), git5.
* Includes first release candidate for GCC 10.1.
* Includes gcc10-pr94734.patch
- Update to master head (3685c5adf5c0b30268cb8f95c89e4), git176017.
- Add gcc10-pr94734.patch
- Update to master head (b835645c7a51b7e99092abe61d677), git175845.
- Drop to 4 jobs as constraint for s390x.
- Update to master head (effcb4181e143bc390286a489ff84), git175831.
- Package arm_cde.h and arm_mve_types.h for arm.
- Alter _constraints to also constrain jobs.
- Add libzstd-devel BuildRequires to cross compiler specs.
- Switch to release checking builds.
- Update to master head (2dc9294c3c7c81a6d5e1d4dedf58f), git175805.
- Update to master head (13e41d8b9d3d7598c72c38acc86a3), git175688.
- Update to master head (c72a1b6f8b26de37d1a922a8af143), git175641.
- Update to master head (038769535a8cbdd3dd3e100bde314), git175499.
- Update to master head (75c24a08d697d6442fe6c26142f05), git175422.
- Update to master head (7d4549b2cd209eb621453ce13be7f), git175366.
- Update to master head (c7e9019681857b329bbe4c1e7ec8d), git175348.
- Package arm_mve.h for arm.
- Update to master head (4e3d3e40726e1b68bf52fa205c68495124ea60b8).
- libgphobos and libgdruntime SONAME versions were reset to 1.
- Update to master head (3604480a6fe493c51d6ebd53d9b1abeebbbb828f).
- Update embedded newlib to newlib-3.3.0.tar.xz, drop old
- Enable support for amdgcn-amdhsa OpenMP/OpenACC offloading.
- Update to master head (655e5c29ae4080666154b3e10ac81116a1b7a638).
- Re-add gcc9-reproducible-builds.patch and

==== glade ====
Version update (3.22.2 -> 3.36.0)
Subpackages: glade-lang

- Update to version 3.36.0:
+ Adding "Glade" to "About" section.
+ Add initial implementation of Automatic Templates
+ Add initial support for GFile type properties
+ Add metadata information about releases
+ Add OARS tags
+ Add translator comments to the .desktop file
+ Allow to specify placeholder to GtkListBox
+ Allow to use GtkFileChooserNative
+ Appdata: update app-id
+ build:
- Do not use a system variable only for Windows
- Fix OSX support in meson
- Port to meson build system
- Remove G_CONST_RETURN usage
+ Bump Gtk required version to 3.22
+ Couple of fixes for memory leaks found with valgrind
+ Create GladeSettings to hold the settings instead of using a
Gtk widget for holding it
+ dnd: Enable Drag&Drop on wayland
+ doc:
- Modernize the documentation
- Remove missing xml files
- Make some changes to fix warnings with the documentation
+ dtd: Add several new elements
+ Fix loading dylibs on OSX
+ Fix on debug traces after rename GladePropertyClass to
+ Fix several compiler warnings
+ Fix split sentense in GladeProject
+ Fix tab/space identation
+ Fix two memory leaks discovered with valgrind
+ Fix xgettext string extraction for catalogs
+ flatpak: Set meson as buildsystem
+ GladeAdaptorChooser: add missing translation domain
+ GladeCommand:
- Ensure widget name on object properties
- Ignore special child types placeholders in add command.
+ GladeGtkWindow: mark titlebar placeholder as special child
+ GladeEditor: expose signal editor widget as a property
+ GladeEditorProperty, GladePropertyClass, GladeWidgetAdaptor:
+ GladeEPropAttrs: use sane adjustment values for size and scale
+ GladeEPropNumeric: bind precision property to spin button
+ GladeGtkAdjustment: add digits virtual property
+ GladeGtkBin: add initial support for GtkBin abstract class
+ GladeGtkBox: improve children sort function
+ GladeGtkDialog: chain up post_create() method
+ GladeGtkHeaderBar:
- Improve position packing property handling
- Mark title and subtitle as translatable
+ GladeGtkWidget: save accessible-role atk property
+ GladeGtkWindow:
- Fix regression in csd handling
- Remove get_children() method
+ GladeImageItemEditor: use display name for commands names
+ GladeIntro:
- Fix regresion in find_widget_forall()
- Use name and buildable name to find widgets
+ GladeModelButton:
- Enable icon/iconic properties
- Improve editor
+ GladePopup: Clear add item when adding as toplevel
+ GladeProject:
- Add handler signals
- Escape markup in parser errors
+ GladeProperty:
- Add precision property
- Keep the bind-source, bind-property and bind-flags elements
+ GladePropertyClass: round floating point values to epsilon
+ GladeSignalClass: rename glade_signal_class_get_type
+ GladeSignalDef: fix documentation for
+ gladeui-2.0.pc: Data paths relative to datadir
+ gladeui:
- Change the boolean parsing logic to be the same as Gtk
- Ensure that we write the "type-func" property when a
get-type-function is defined in the catalog
- Fix crash on drag-n-drop
- Fix GIR package reference and add c-include
- Fix leak of create_type in GladePropertyClass
- Fix memory leak in GWActionClass
- Fix several memory leaks with GladeWidgetAdaptor
- Fix several tiny memory leaks found with valgrind
- Fix wrong pointer convertion in GladeDesignView
- ignore various GParameter deprecations
- Modernize GladeSignalEditor codebase
- Modernize GladeWidgetAdaptor definition
- Plug tiny leak on Drag & Drop
- remove implicit cast in assignment
- remove unused type_func variable
- Replace the last occurences of GladeWidgetClass with
GladeWidgetAdaptor in the comments
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeAdaptorChooserWidget
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeBaseEditor
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeCellRendererIcon
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeClipboard
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeDesignLayout
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeDesignView
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeEditorProperty
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeEditorSkeleton
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeEditorTable
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeInspector
- Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for GladeNamedIconChooserDialog
- Use G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE for GladeObjectStub
- Use G_DECLARE_INTERFACE for GladeEditable
+ GladeWidgetAdaptor:
- added deprecated-since metadata
- add glade_widget_adaptor_get_display_name()
+ GladeWidget: add support for abstract classes
+ GladeWindow:
- move actions to GtkApplication
- port to GtkApplication
- simplify pointer mode actions
+ GtkActionable: add action-target property
+ gtk+:
- Add deprecated flag to GtkButton and GtkImage stock
- Add homogeneous property to GtkStackSwitcher
- Add missing 3.22 enum/flag values
- Allow to use GtkResponseType with GtkDialog and GtkInfobar
- Keep internationalization context in Atk properties
- properly cast to avoid warnings
- Provide Gtk 3.22 properties for GtkScrolledWindow
- workaround truncation warning by being safer
+ Gtk Catalog:
- add back GtkStatusbar
- mark GtkImageMenuItem as deprecated since 3.10
+ GtkImage: Fix icon size being reset
+ GtkLinkButton: allow to edit the label
+ Gtk plugin: add support for GFileIcon
+ i18n: Do not use input file for not translated files
+ icon: update app icon
+ introspection: Add many annotations to sources
+ Make it easier to track GladeXML elements and be GObject
Introspection friendly by registering boxed types
+ meson: Activate enable-debug variables
+ Migrate from intltool to gettext
+ No wide handles in `center_paned` and `left_paned`
+ Prevent dragging an ancestor inside a child
+ RDNN appdata & desktop file
+ Remove GladeInstantiable prefix from UI
+ Rename GladePropertyClass to GladePropertyDef and declare it as
+ Rename GladeSignalClass to GladeSignalDef and declare it as
+ Rename GWActionClass to GladeWidgetActionDef to use the right
+ Rename *Klass to *Class as there are no name collision anymore
+ Replace some functions by Gtk 3.22 ones
+ Respect the Glade namespace for macros and defines
+ Set the "About Dialogue" as modal
+ snap: update for icon filename changes
+ Stop defaulting missing images to deprecated stock icons
+ tests: Include back GtkTreeViewColumn
+ ui/widget: Make template ver# warning more useful
+ Update FSF address
+ Use autoreconf instead deprecated gnome-common
+ Utils: get the absolute path but avoid accessing it
+ widget: canonicalize support-warning property name
+ widget-editor: Replace margin right/left for end/start
- Add define soname libgladeui-2-12, and rename subpackage
following upstreams soname bump/change.

==== gnome-clocks ====
Version update (3.36.0 -> 3.36.2)
Subpackages: gnome-clocks-lang gnome-shell-search-provider-gnome-clocks

- Update to version 3.36.2:
+ World: Handle impossible places.
+ Timer: Fix signal for updating the duration.

==== gnome-shell ====
Subpackages: gnome-shell-calendar gnome-shell-lang

- Add gnome-shell-panel-center-app-icon.patch: panel: Center app
icon. Giving the icon extra space may distort it, so center it
- Move gnome-extensions to seperate package since gnome-software
allows to uninstall the package causing gnome-shell to be
uninstalled with it

==== libcap-ng ====
Version update (0.7.9 -> 0.7.10)

- Update to 0.7.10:
* Update capng_change_id man page
* Add capng_have_permitted_capabilities function
* Update filecap to output which set the capabilities are in
* Fix filecap to not output an error when a file has no capabilities
* Add udplite support to netcap
* Fix usage of pthread_atfork (Joe Orton)
* Mark processes in child user namespaces with * (Danila Kiver)

==== libhandy ====
Subpackages: libhandy-0_0-0 typelib-1_0-Handy-0_0

- Add libhandy-adapt-glade-3-36.patch: Fix build with new glade

==== libmypaint ====
Version update (1.5.1 -> 1.6.0)

- Update to version 1.6.0:
* The new mypaint_brush_stroke_to_2_linearsRGB function.
* Some performance improvements, particularly improved
* auto-vectorization in the spectral->rgb conversion function
* Improved documentation (still lacking a comprehensive
* Updated translations.
- Bump shared lib version in keeping with upstream numbering.
- Define macros for consistent shared object and shlib versioning.

==== libsoup ====
Subpackages: libsoup-2_4-1 libsoup-lang typelib-1_0-Soup-2_4

- Autodetect the location of krb5-config: krb5 adds itself to

==== perl-XML-LibXML ====
Version update (2.0204 -> 2.0205)

updated to 2.0205
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-XML-LibXML/Changes
2.0205 2020-05-08
- Add XML::LibXML to the XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini configuration file
upon installation.
- Thanks to SREZIC , @genio , and @plicease .

==== permissions ====
Version update (1550_20200324 -> 1550_20200506)
Subpackages: chkstat permissions-config permissions-doc

- Update to version 20200506:
* add whitelist for files in /usr/lib to be also allowed in
/usr/libexec (bsc#1171164)

==== plasma5-desktop ====
Subpackages: plasma5-desktop-emojier plasma5-desktop-lang

- Add patch to fix animations with Frameworks 5.70:
* 0001-Stop-multiplying-duration-values.patch

==== plasma5-workspace ====
Subpackages: gmenudbusmenuproxy plasma5-session plasma5-session-wayland
plasma5-workspace-lang plasma5-workspace-libs xembedsniproxy

- Add patch to fix animations with Frameworks 5.70:
* 0001-Stop-multiplying-duration-values.patch

==== redis ====

- redis-disable_integration_logging.patch: remove
- redis-enable-bactrace-on-x86-ia64-and_arm32_only.patch: remove
- getMcontextEip-return-value.patch: Add missing return value

==== rubygem-rails-6.0 ====

- Added gem 'listen' as a recommendation
* required by bundler

==== rubygem-rspec-expectations ====
Version update (3.9.1 -> 3.9.2)

- updated to version 3.9.2
Bug Fixes:
* Issue a proper `ArgumentError` when invalid arguments are given to
modifiers such as `at_least` et al. (Marc-André Lafortune, #1167)
* Prevent Ruby 2.7 keyword arguments warning from being issued by custom
matcher definitions. (Jon Rowe, #1176)

==== schily ====
Subpackages: cdda2wav cdrecord libcdrdeflt1_0 libdeflt1_0 libedc_ecc1_0
libedc_ecc_dec1_0 libfile1_0 libfind4_0 libparanoia1_0 librmt1_0 librscg1_0
libscg1_0 libscgcmd1_0 libschily2_0 mkisofs readcd spax star

- mkisofs: fix integer overflow in partition table calculation
when chrp-boot is enabled and a large ISO image is created.
(large_mac_iso.patch, bsc#1169420)

==== shared-mime-info ====
Subpackages: shared-mime-info-lang

- Create and own /usr/share/mime/application: many packages install
files in there and it makes sense to continue delivering the
basic directory layout.
- Add smi-Fix-pkg-config-installation-path.patch: Fix pkg-config
installation path.

==== utempter ====
Version update (1.1.6 -> 1.2.0)

- version update to 1.2.0
* maintenance work:
- modified patches
% utempter-no-staticlib.patch (refreshed)
- modified sources
% utempter.keyring
- set now libexecdir=%{_libexecdir} as utemper binary complies FHS

==== valgrind ====

- add dhat-use-datadir.patch:
* move the dhat* scripts to datadir

==== yast2-core ====
Version update (4.1.0 -> 4.3.0)

- Fixed building with new bison 3.6 (bsc#1171505)
- 4.3.0
- Fixed Clang warnings (unused variables)

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