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[opensuse-factory] Closing The Leap Gap Weekly Update Meeting 15.05.2020
Closing the Leap Gap - Weekly Update
All meeting minutes can be found here:

Attendees (please add yourself):
lkocman, mawerner, gp, aherzig, adrian, marcus, stephan

1.0 Project plan:

2.0 Schedule:

openSUSE Leap 15.2 FCS July 2nd 2020
3.0 Priority items and blockers

List of features marked as "DeveloperProgram"
JUMP related work is tracked here
Simplified Feature request for openSUSE Leap contributors

No blockers as of today.

4.0 Updates from individual teams

4.1 Product Management
Owner: Stefan Behlert

No update. Stefan is in constant contact with Release Managers.
Stefan is aware of Gerald's feedback (see section bellow), we'll think
about it.

4.2 openSUSE Leap Release Management
Owner: Lubos Kocman

A initial meeting with JIRA team. A process diagram to be delivered by
May 19th.
WIP on my laptop ( end result svg will be here together with
basic adoc structure
Goal is to mark section of process/workflow which need to be revisited,
replaced etc ...
Big thanks for Frank S. on guidance on writing docs git -> daps ->
pdf|html. This will also render attached svg properly to the document.
If this works out well it might be alsobenefitial for any "stuck" non-
release notes documentation requests in openSUSE Distribution ->

kernel-rt is now part of openSUSE Leap since beginning this week so any
RealTime dependent features are now unblocked.

* lttng-modues: sync SLE and openSUSE Leap differences (RT)
* drbd: not build against rt on openSUSE x86_64
* crash: crash.ko and realtime support enabled if NOT opensuse

Conversation of supporting RT in Tumbleweed seems to hit on engineering
"copy paste"
I think RT on tumbleweed is unrealistic
until such time as upstream preempt-rt is merged with mainline and RT
becomes a configuration flavour instead of a code fork. It would be a
much better use of time to actually help with the merging of preempt-rt
instead of constantly rebasing for Tumbleweed.

Adrian: le'ts make sure that we have someting that works for both bugs
and feature requests. Internal workflow is up for discussion about how
to make it visible.

Let's differentiate in between bugfixes, small changes, big feature
Make sure that we do respect SLE schedule for 1/3 of Leap packages.
Adrian: if SR would be done against public project.

Differentiation is already implemented in OBS, how to accept it and
acknowledge it is a different thing.

A CtLG guidance for where to submit request:
^ Revisited by Maintenance and shared on devel-tpm@
Any feedback are we okay with adding it as a subpage of as it is?

4.3. openSUSE Leap Release Engineering
Owner: Max Lin

No update from Max this week.

4.4 SLE Release Management
Owner: Alex Herzig, Stefan Weiberg

All Features are being worked on. Jira does not reflect that well as
TMP Evaluates also includes when the Engineering team is evaluating.
30 Features are done, 43 features done, 54 in progress

Vincent: Anything worth to mention to communtiy regarding desktop
related features? Nothing special, Stefan will re-scan Medium
complexity items.
Big thanks to Yifan and his team for work on the Desktop part. All
qemu/libvirt part is postponed to next release.
Some features are blocked on update of relevant libraries (libzstd,
lighttpd integration).

4.5 Autobuild
Owner: Lars Vogdt, Adrian Schroeter

Adrian: no update.

4.6 Maintenance
Owner: Stephan Barth

No udpate, ECOs are ongoing, all fine.
Some ECOs were openned, so far all looks good. Feel free to reach out
to us, if something is blocked.

4.7 Security
Owner: Marcus Meissner

No upate this week, Marcus is involved in current CtLG features.
Clarification of ECO and CtLG. This will be covered in FAQ
4.8 Package Hub
Owner: Wolfgang Engel

Ismail: No update from package side.

4.9 Beta Program
Owner: Vincent Moutoussamy

Not available.
We've started a draft of communication regarding recent changes towards
improved transparency with the community. Communication will not
happen until Monday. Gerald offered help to review the document.

Thanks Gerald for community teasers.

How would be the go/nogo for the CtLG handled?
Lubos: Distribution build wise: I'd like to have a ins

tallable image build as part of the Jump:15.2 OBS project.
Then we'd like have a period of testing for the community, consume
fedback and have a Go-Nogo session on the openSUSE Release Engineering

Gerald: There is multiple related efforts, such opening Bugzilla,
improving the feature process, merging changes in Leap to SLE,
Jump,.... Many of these should quite non-controversial. Unless there
is clear pushback, openSUSE tends to follow a "those who do decide".
Lubos: the CtLG effort has multiple building blocks. Each block has
probably different set of stakeholders or approvers. Let's make sure
that we get them all right. Action item for Lubos is to map efforts on

- Discuss, Define and be Transparent with the openSUSE Community:
Communication sent to openSUSE but also internal SUSE ML (linux@) and
Public SLE Beta ML (sle-beta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
- Upcoming news-o-o ->

I hope to review some to give an initial inputs on the opening bugzilla
initiative next week.
Gerald: I've read the email thread and there was just one response. Was
it just an update or are there any next steps from the email.
Vincent: It was intended to be a status update on all of the efforts
and initiatives which are currently.

Action item: keep opensuse-project@ updated with perhaps changes. This
could be first set of incomming bugs and so on. Way for community to
engage or see the value.

Vincent: the initiative for bugzilla is a longer term effort, so please
expect this to take some time.
Gerald: Release early, Release often.

Progress on public bugzilla is currently slowed down for a few reasons.

- What do you guys think about ? Could we
make SLE visible here so people can check openSUSE AND SLE packages
- @lubos do you need support for CtLG wiki pages updates? I can
help but I need some inputs
Lubos will have a look at the status of the page and will schedule a
meeting with Vincent somewhen next week.
- No interesting update regarding Bugzilla, instances move under
our control now, discussion still ongoing for the "opening"
lkocman: SLE + Packagehub will be the same as openSUSE Leap. So perhaps
just rename Leap to SLE 15 and openSUSE Leap. There should be no
difference in 15 SP3 GA, this is not the case currently.
Adrian: likes the idea to support statement that both systems are the

Gerald: how about binary-only packages, we might differentiate in e.g.
3rd party binary-only java distributions.
Adrian: it would be nice if the statement would be that same 3rd party
packages work for both.

Marita: perhaps this is not for commercialized open source projects.
Vincent: RHEL is there. At least Amazon Linux and EPEL are there.
Vincent will double check on that. Adrian: United Linux? ;)

4.10 Engineering / Product Migration
Owner: Jiri Srain

* i586 kernel issue resolved (yast2-sund building without driver
database on i586)
* yast2-translations is currently in a different version, this seems to
be okay based on the feedback from development.
- this is currently handled not by yast team. Jiri will have a look
whether we could use the SLE package in the future.

Discussion regarding yast dependency on kernel. kernel does not exist
for i586. No conclusion yet.
Current migration scenarion is being tested by QA (roughly for a month

Have a look into Fedora single click migration.
3 step migration, in principal everything is in. Necessary packages
need to be part of opensuse (migration plugin etc.)
SCC will have to be configured properly. We'll have to deal with
packaging issues regarding branding packages.
Everything should be ideally solved on the packaging side. Some hacks
can be done but it's not prefered.

Current approach is handling all on the packaging side (Effort by

Registration schema (for AutoYaST) is currently in the queue for Public
RC milestone of SLES.

Todo: Migration path from Leap to Jump.
4.11 Engineering - Kernel
Owner: Libor Pechacek

No substantial progress this week.

lkocman: A pending meeting to resolve all kernel for Leap/Jump issue,
timeline, implementation etc.

Yast package dependency on kernel on i586 has been resolved. Libor does
not see any compelling reason, other than support for "old" hardware,
for building 32bit kernel so the 32bit topic is closed for the moment
on his side.

Maybe we should keep Jump with aligned with SLE as much as possibe, to
make the migration path to SLE as easy as possible. We don't have 32bit
kernel in SLE therefore it shouldn't be in Jump or Leap as well.

This topic was raised because of the yast2 buildrequires on kernel. See
SLE RM section.
Libor is open to hear any other reasoning to have 32bit in Leap.

There are two features about RT, what should QA do about them? The
highest RT level, does not come for free and development have invested
quite a lot of time to get this working. It's a PM decision.

lkocman: sync of kernel-rt was approved, but nothing to do for QA yet
on any RT features.
stefan: We do not expect Leap to ship the full RT product as of now.

Libor: Current Leap kernel has bettert RT behavior than SLE, so the
fact that we would not include in in Leap seems awkward.

Adrian: Jump would get kernel-rt as soon as it's exported, so would
have to blacklist it from ftp tree in Leap.
Let's postpone pending RT features (lttng, ...) to the next release.
4.12 Engineering - Desktop
Owner: Stefan Weiberg

Yifan's team is done with all Low and Medium Complexity GNOME realted
tickets in time for Public RC2. Most of changes are to packages which
are not on the media. Otherwise version syncs and so on.
New backends for gvfs which were not previously available to Leap.

HighComplexity features - team is working on it in parallel with bug
fixising for SLE. We'd like to be finished until end of the Alpha phase
of SLE 15 SP3.
4.13 Quality Assurance
Owner: Marita Werner

Most "Done" features will be tested this and next week. I expect that
most of the features, that are not in the PublicRC2 (published next
week) will be moved to SP3 or to an ECO.

4.14 SLE Architect
Owner: Thorsten Kukuk

Not present, therefore no update.

4.15 Marketing and Community management
Owner: Douglas DeMaio
Bug with Virtual Summit Videos. Patrick is tracking down the videos.
Think about openSUSE + LibreOffice Conference Talk

Confirmation: kernel-rt is already present in openSUSE Leap 15.2

4.16 Marketing Customers & Partners
Owner: Sarah Whitlock

No update this week.

4.17 Gerald
Owner: Gerald ;-)

What's happening on the bugzilla topic? There was an email. What are
the next steps?
Vincent: The idea about how to proceed was shared with Anna. Gerald:
Please let me know if I can help.
Vincent: we'd like to have a shiny new version of bugzilla in the

Interview with Swapnil Bhartiya now online:

Are we involving (the non-SUSE part of) openSUSE enough? Can we open
more regarding work done, updates,...?
There is not much visible right now and people could be more informing.

Lubos: Perhaps provide a summary of changes related to CtLG landing in
Leap in a given week could bring more visibility?
lkocman: ^ I did started to share more details about the feature
progress on the ReleaseEngineering meeting, e.g. GNOME Stack update,
now the real-time update as part of this meeting. Still a long way to

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