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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200419 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 19:00:33 +0000
  • Message-id: <158749563331.9328.16258162938227420499@go-agent-stagingbot-6>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
bison (3.5.3 -> 3.5.4)
git (2.26.0 -> 2.26.1)
python-PyHamcrest (1.9.0 -> 2.0.2)
python-Pygments (2.4.2 -> 2.6.1)
python-SecretStorage (2.3.1 -> 3.1.2)
python-click (7.0 -> 7.1.1)
python-gunicorn (19.10.0 -> 20.0.4)
python-keyring (18.0.1 -> 21.2.0)
python-matplotlib (3.1.3 -> 3.2.1)
python-msgpack (0.6.2 -> 1.0.0)
python-numpy (1.17.4 -> 1.18.2)
python-pycairo (1.18.1 -> 1.19.1)
python-redis (3.3.11 -> 3.4.1)
python-reno (2.11.3 -> 3.0.1)
python-sphinxcontrib-websupport (1.1.2 -> 1.2.1)
xapian-core (1.4.9 -> 1.4.14)
xorgproto (2019.2 -> 2020.1)

=== Details ===

==== avahi ====
Subpackages: avahi-lang libavahi-client3 libavahi-client3-32bit
libavahi-common3 libavahi-common3-32bit libavahi-core7

- Do not pull in dbus-1-python which is py2 variant but properly
pull in the python3 package

==== bison ====
Version update (3.5.3 -> 3.5.4)
Subpackages: bison-lang

- bison 3.5.4:
* Fix portability issues of the package itself on old compilers
* Fix api.token.raw support in Java

==== bluez ====
Subpackages: libbluetooth3

- Pull in python3 packages, the tests are py3 based so it does not
make sense to pull in py2 packages.

==== boost-defaults ====
Subpackages: boost-devel boost-jam

- Fix build without python2 available by generating the py2
depending packages only when needed

==== gdb ====

- Fix build with gcc 10 [bsc#1169368, swo#25717].
* bfd-change-num_group-to-unsigned-int.patch

==== git ====
Version update (2.26.0 -> 2.26.1)
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web gitk

- Fix git-daemon not starting after conversion from sysvinit to systemd service
- git 2.26.1:
* CVE-2020-5260: Specially crafted URLs with newline characters
could have been used to make the Git client to send credential
information for a wrong host to the attacker's site boo#1168930

==== inkscape ====
Subpackages: inkscape-extensions-extra inkscape-extensions-gimp inkscape-lang

- Fixup files sections for sk1 exclusion.
- Remove sk1 depending extension as sk1 is py2 only
* Keep conditioned so it will stay on Leap 15 if backported

==== libxml2 ====
Subpackages: libxml2-2 libxml2-2-32bit libxml2-tools

- Do not pull in the non-python deps on the python build
- Revert the previous change and use multibuild to determine
supported flavors.
We need to be able to enable/disable pythons in prjconf and
multibuild directly clashes with that.

==== libxml2-python ====

- Do not pull in the non-python deps on the python build
- Revert the previous change and use multibuild to determine
supported flavors.
We need to be able to enable/disable pythons in prjconf and
multibuild directly clashes with that.

==== ncurses ====
Subpackages: libncurses6 ncurses-devel ncurses-utils tack terminfo
terminfo-base terminfo-screen

- Add check for wide character support in libncursesw

==== python-PyHamcrest ====
Version update (1.9.0 -> 2.0.2)

- Update to 2.0.2
* Make hamcrest package PEP 561 compatible, i.e. supply type hints for
external use.
* Drop formal support for 2.x
* Drop formal support for 3.x < 3.5
* Made has_properties() report all mismatches, not just the first.
* Silence warnings.
* Type fixes.
* Remove obsolete dependencies.
* Add support up to Python 3.8
- Removed upstreamed patch pytest4-02.patch

==== python-PyNaCl ====

- Fix tests with latest hypothesis:
* hypothesis-no-unilmited.patch

==== python-Pygments ====
Version update (2.4.2 -> 2.6.1)

- Don't use %python3_only command, but properly use alternatives.
- fix the path of non-oss licensed files to remove
- set the minimal version of python to 3.5 to match upstream
- update to version 2.6.1:
* This release fixes a packaging issue. No functional changes.
- additional changes from version 2.6.0:
* Running Pygments on Python 2.x is no longer supported.
* Added lexers:
+ Linux kernel logs (PR#1310)
+ LLVM MIR (PR#1361)
+ MiniScript (PR#1397)
+ Mosel (PR#1287, PR#1326)
+ Parsing Expression Grammar (PR#1336)
+ ReasonML (PR#1386)
+ Ride (PR#1319, PR#1321)
+ Sieve (PR#1257)
+ USD (PR#1290)
+ WebIDL (PR#1309)
* Updated lexers:
+ Apache2 (PR#1378)
+ Chapel (PR#1357)
+ CSound (PR#1383)
+ D (PR#1375, PR#1362)
+ Idris (PR#1360)
+ Perl6/Raku lexer (PR#1344)
+ Python3 (PR#1382, PR#1385)
+ Rust: Updated lexer to cover more builtins (mostly macros)
and miscellaneous new syntax (PR#1320)
+ SQL: Add temporal support keywords (PR#1402)
* The 256-color/true-color terminal formatters now support the
italic attribute in styles (PR#1288)
* Support HTTP 2/3 header (PR#1308)
* Support missing reason in HTTP header (PR#1322)
* Boogie/Silver: support line continuations and triggers, move
contract keywords to separate category (PR#1299)
* GAS: support C-style comments (PR#1291)
* Fix names in S lexer (PR#1330, PR#1333)
* Fix numeric literals in Ada (PR#1334)
* Recognize .mjs files as Javascript (PR#1392)
* Recognize .eex files as Elixir (PR#1387)
* Fix re.MULTILINE usage (PR#1388)
* Recognize pipenv and poetry dependency & lock files (PR#1376)
* Improve font search on Windows (#1247)
* Remove unused script block (#1401)
- disable python2 build: Pygments is python 3 only now
- remove shebang from pygments/lexers/ unneeded
- update to version 2.5.2:
* Fix incompatibility with some setuptools versions (PR#1316)
* Fix lexing of ReST field lists (PR#1279)
* Fix lexing of Matlab keywords as field names (PR#1282)
* Recognize double-quoted strings in Matlab (PR#1278)
* Avoid slow backtracking in Vim lexer (PR#1312)
* Fix Scala highlighting of types (PR#1315)
* Highlight field lists more consistently in ReST (PR#1279)
* Fix highlighting Matlab keywords in field names (PR#1282)
* Recognize Matlab double quoted strings (PR#1278)
* Add some Terraform keywords
* Update Modelica lexer to 3.4
* Update Crystal examples
- additional changes from version 2.5.1:
* This release fixes a packaging issue. No functional changes.
- additional changes from version 2.5.0:
* Added lexers:
+ Email (PR#1246)
+ Erlang, Elxir shells (PR#823, #1521)
+ Notmuch (PR#1264)
+ Scdoc (PR#1268)
+ Solidity (#1214)
+ Zeek (new name for Bro) (PR#1269)
+ Zig (PR#820)
* Updated lexers:
+ Apache2 Configuration (PR#1251)
+ Bash sessions (#1253)
+ CSound (PR#1250)
+ Dart
+ Dockerfile
+ Emacs Lisp
+ Handlebars (PR#773)
+ Java (#1101, #987)
+ Logtalk (PR#1261)
+ Matlab (PR#1271)
+ Praat (PR#1277)
+ Python3 (PR#1255)
+ Ruby
+ YAML (#1528)
+ Velocity
* Added styles:
+ Inkpot (PR#1276)
* The PythonLexer class is now an alias for the former
Python3Lexer. The old PythonLexer is available as Python2Lexer.
* Bump NasmLexer priority over TasmLexer for .asm files
(fixes #1326)
* Default font in the ImageFormatter has been updated
(#928, PR#1245)
* Test suite switched to py.test, removed nose dependency (#1490)
* Reduce TeraTerm lexer score -- it used to match nearly all
languages (#1256)
* Treat Skylark/Starlark files as Python files (PR#1259)
* Image formatter: actually respect line_number_separator option
* Add LICENSE file to wheel builds
* Agda: fix lambda highlighting
* Dart: support @ annotations
* Dockerfile: accept FROM ... AS syntax
* Emacs Lisp: add more string functions
* GAS: accept registers in directive arguments
* Java: make structural punctuation (braces, parens, colon,
comma) Punctuation, not Operator (#987)
* Java: support var contextual keyword (#1101)
* Matlab: Fix recognition of function keyword (PR#1271)
* Python: recognize .jy filenames (#976)
* Python: recognize f string prefix (#1156)
* Ruby: support squiggly heredocs
* Shell sessions: recognize Virtualenv prompt (PR#1266)
* Velocity: support silent reference syntax
- drop denose.patch: fixed upstream
- fix postuninstall alternative

==== python-SecretStorage ====
Version update (2.3.1 -> 3.1.2)

- version update to 3.1.2
SecretStorage 3.1.2, 2020-01-08
* Updated the docs to describe how to close the D-Bus connection after use.
* For secrets of wrong type, a TypeError is now raised [`#20`_].
SecretStorage 3.1.1, 2019-01-24
* Fixes TypeError with cryptography 2.5.
Thanks Zach Hoffman for the pull request!
SecretStorage 3.1.0, 2018-09-02
* The ``dbus_init`` function no longer accepts any arguments.
* The ``dbus_init`` function now converts ``ConnectionError`` and
``ValueError`` to ``SecretServiceNotAvailableException``.
* New exception class: ``PromptDismissedException``.
* Switched to declarative setup configuration. Build now requires
setuptools 30.3 or newer.
* Added support for prompts when deleting collections and items.
* Added type annotations to all methods.
SecretStorage 3.0.1, 2018-04-24
* When ``DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS`` environment variable is unset, and
Jeepney raises a ``KeyError`` because of that, SecretStorage now intercepts
that error and re-raises it as ``SecretServiceNotAvailableException``.
* Uploaded to PyPI with fixed meta-data.
SecretStorage 3.0.0, 2018-04-23
.. warning::
This release is backwards incompatible with the previous versions.
* Python 3.5 or newer is now required.
* SecretStorage has been ported from dbus-python to Jeepney_, a
pure Python D-Bus client.
* The asynchronous API has been removed. If you need it, please
file a bug and describe your use case.
* The ``bus`` argument is now called ``connection`` in all functions
that accept it.

==== python-click ====
Version update (7.0 -> 7.1.1)

- Update to 7.1.1
* Fix ``ClickException`` output going to stdout instead of stderr.
* Fix PyPI package name, "click" is lowercase again.
* Fix link in ``unicode_literals`` error message. :pr:`1151`
* Add support for colored output on UNIX Jupyter notebooks.
* Operations that strip ANSI controls will strip the cursor hide/show
sequences. :issue:`1216`
* Remove unused compat shim for ``bytes``. :pr:`1195`
* Always return one of the passed choices for ``click.Choice``
:issue:`1277`, :pr:`1318`
* Handle ``env MYPATH=''`` as though the option were not passed.
* It is once again possible to call ``next(bar)`` on an active
progress bar instance. :issue:`1125`
* ``open_file`` with ``atomic=True`` retains permissions of existing
files and respects the current umask for new files. :issue:`1376`
* Fix ``TypeError`` raised when using bool flags and specifying
``type=bool``. :issue:`1287`
* Newlines in option help text are replaced with spaces before
re-wrapping to avoid uneven line breaks. :issue:`834`
* ``MissingParameter`` exceptions are printable in the Python
interpreter. :issue:`1139`
* Fix how default values for file-type options are shown during
prompts. :issue:`914`
* Option help text that is wrapped adds an extra newline at the end to
distinguish it from the next option. :issue:`1075`
* Consider ``sensible-editor`` when determining the editor to use for
``click.edit()``. :pr:`1469`
* Arguments to system calls such as the executable path passed to
``click.edit`` can contains spaces. :pr:`1470`
* Add ZSH completion autoloading and error handling. :issue:`1348`
* ZSH completion escapes special characters in values. :pr:`1418`
* Add completion support for Fish shell. :pr:`1423`
* Decoding bytes option values falls back to UTF-8 in more cases.
* Make the warning about old 2-arg parameter callbacks a deprecation
warning, to be removed in 8.0. This has been a warning since Click
2.0. :pr:`1492`

==== python-docutils ====

- Fix the condition to really generate the direct binaries
- Remove %python3_only and use full alternatives.
- Add patch to fix build with pygments 2.4 and newer:
* pygments25.patch

==== python-gobject2 ====

- Use python2_sitearch to fix build without extra macros

==== python-gunicorn ====
Version update (19.10.0 -> 20.0.4)

- update to 20.0.4
* Ensure WSGI header value is string before conducting regex search on it.
* Use importlib instead of __import__ and eval
* Use Python default SSL cipher list by default
* Support str and bytes for UNIX socket addresses
* fixed the way the config module is loaded. __file__ is now available
* only support Python >= 3.5
* load the WSGI application before the loader to pick up all files
- Dropped patch pytest5.patch

==== python-keyring ====
Version update (18.0.1 -> 21.2.0)

- version update to 21.2.0
- ------
* #372: Chainer now deterministically resolves at a lower
priority than the Fail keyring (when there are no backends
to chain).
* #372: Fail keyring now raises a ``NoKeyringError`` for
easier selectability.
* #405: Keyring now logs at DEBUG rather than INFO during
backend startup.
- ------
* Refreshed package metadata.
- ------
* #380: In SecretService backend, close connections after
using them.
- ------
* Require Python 3.6 or later.
- ------
* #417: Fix TypeError when backend fails to initialize.
- ------
* Extracted ``keyring.testing`` package to contain supporting
functionality for plugin backends. ``keyring.tests`` has been
removed from the package.
- ------
* Switch to `importlib.metadata
for loading entry points. Removes one dependency on Python 3.8.
* Added new ``KeyringBackend.set_properties_from_env``.
* #382: Add support for alternate persistence scopes for Windows
backend. Set ``.persist`` to "local machine" or "session"
to enable the alternate scopes or "enterprise" to use the
default scope.
* #404: Improve import times when a backend is specifically
configured by lazily calling ``get_all_keyring``.
- -----
* Add support for get_credential() with the SecretService backend.
- -----
* #369: macOS Keyring now honors a ``KEYCHAIN_PATH``
environment variable. If set, Keyring will use that
keychain instead of the default.
- -----
* Refresh package skeleton.
* Adopt `black <>`_ code style.
- -----
* Merge with 18.0.1.

==== python-matplotlib ====
Version update (3.1.3 -> 3.2.1)
Subpackages: python3-matplotlib python3-matplotlib-cairo python3-matplotlib-gtk3

- specfile:
* update copyright year
* and are not part of the build process anymore
(the backends still exist though); removed appropiate files from %files
- update to version 3.2.1:
* fix Quiver.set_UVC calls with scalar inputs
* fix bezier.get_parallels failure from floating point rounding
* fix markers specified as tuples (polygons, stars, or asterisks)
* fix saving PNGs to file objects in some places
* fix saving figures using the nbAgg/notebook backend
* fix saving with tight layout using the PGF backend
* fix setting custom datapath in rcParams (note: it is still
* fix various issues running in non-CI environments
* fix xpdf distiller
* various minor bug and documentation fixes
- changes from version 3.2.0:
* default image interpolation is now `'antialiased'` to better
handle down-sampling and reduce artifacts when up-sampling by
small ratios.
* change when ticks switch to using an offset to improve readability
* improvements to auto-scaling and auto-limits
* `DivergingNorm` has been renamed to `TwoSlopeNorm`
* support for 3 and 4 digit hex colors (`#123` maps to `#112233`)
* improvements to Logit scale ticker and formatter
* control of where errorbars start getting placed with `errorevery`
* correct kerning when laying out text
* improvements to MovieRegistry
* For the full details please see the whats new [1] and API changes
[2] in the documentation

==== python-msgpack ====
Version update (0.6.2 -> 1.0.0)

- version update to 1.0.0
* Remove Python 2 support from the msgpack/_cmsgpack. msgpack/fallback still
supports Python 2.
* Remove encoding option from the Packer and Unpacker.
* Unpacker: The default value of max_buffer_type is changed to 100MiB.
* Unpacker: strict_map_key is True by default now.
* Unpacker: String map keys are interned.
* Drop old buffer protocol support.
* Support Timestamp type.
* Support serializing and decerializing datetime object with tzinfo.
* Unpacker: Fix Unpacker.read_bytes() in fallback implementation. (#352)

==== python-networkx ====

- Add patch to fix matplotlib deprecation:
* matplotlib.patch
- Skip two tests that keep failing everywhere

==== python-numpy ====
Version update (1.17.4 -> 1.18.2)

- Do not use alternatives on HPC as it is pain to get it working
- Also still install f2py<PYTHON_MAJOR> that is used by many other
depending software
- Use update-alternatives for /usr/bin/f2py
- update to version 1.18.2:
* #15675: TST: move _no_tracing to testing._private
* #15676: MAINT: Large overhead in some random functions
* #15677: TST: Do not create gfortran link in azure Mac testing.
* #15679: BUG: Added missing error check in ndarray.__contains__
* #15722: MAINT: use list-based APIs to call subprocesses
* #15734: BUG: fix logic error when nm fails on 32-bit
- update to version 1.18.1
* The cython random extension test was not using a temporary
directory for building, resulting in a permission violation.
* Numpy distutils was appending -std=c99 to all C compiler runs,
leading to changed behavior and compile problems downstream.
That flag is now only applied when building numpy C code.
- update to version 1.18.0:
+ Highlights
* The C-API for ``numpy.random`` has been defined and documented.
* Basic infrastructure for linking with 64 bit BLAS and LAPACK libraries.
* Many documentation improvements.
+ New functions
* Multivariate hypergeometric distribution added to ``numpy.random``
+ Deprecations
* ``np.fromfile`` and ``np.fromstring`` will error on bad data
* Deprecate non-scalar arrays as fill values in ``ma.fill_value``
* Deprecate ``PyArray_As1D``, ``PyArray_As2D``
* Deprecate ``np.alen``
* Deprecate the financial functions
* The ``axis`` argument to ```` and ````
is deprecated
+ Expired deprecations
* ``PyArray_As1D`` and ``PyArray_As2D`` have been removed in favor of
* ``np.rank`` has been removed. This was deprecated in NumPy 1.10
and has been replaced by ``np.ndim``.
* The deprecation of ``expand_dims`` out-of-range axes in 1.13.0 has
* ``PyArray_FromDimsAndDataAndDescr`` and ``PyArray_FromDims`` have been
removed (they will always raise an error). Use ``PyArray_NewFromDescr``
and ``PyArray_SimpleNew`` instead.
* ``numeric.loads``, ``numeric.load``, ````,
````, ````, ```` are removed,
use ``pickle`` methods instead
* ``arrayprint.FloatFormat``, ``arrayprint.LongFloatFormat`` has been removed,
use ``FloatingFormat`` instead
* ``arrayprint.ComplexFormat``, ``arrayprint.LongComplexFormat`` has been
removed, use ``ComplexFloatingFormat`` instead
* ``arrayprint.StructureFormat`` has been removed, use ``StructureVoidFormat``
* ``np.testing.rand`` has been removed. This was deprecated in NumPy 1.11
and has been replaced by ``np.random.rand``.
* Class ``SafeEval`` in ``numpy/lib/`` has been removed.
This was deprecated in NumPy 1.10. Use ``np.safe_eval`` instead.
* Remove deprecated support for boolean and empty condition lists in
* Array order only accepts 'C', 'F', 'A', and 'K'. More permissive options
were deprecated in NumPy 1.11.
* np.linspace parameter ``num`` must be an integer. Deprecated in NumPy 1.12.
* UFuncs with multiple outputs must use a tuple for the ``out`` kwarg. This
finishes a deprecation started in NumPy 1.10.
* The files ``numpy/testing/``, ``numpy/testing/``
and ``numpy/testing/`` have been removed. They were never
meant to be public (all relevant objects are present in the
``numpy.testing`` namespace), and importing them has given a deprecation
warning since NumPy 1.15.0
+ Compatibility notes
* `numpy.lib.recfunctions.drop_fields` can no longer return None
* ``numpy.argmin/argmax/min/max`` returns ``NaT`` if it exists in array
* ``np.can_cast(np.uint64, np.timedelta64, casting='safe')`` is now ``False``
* Changed random variate stream from ``numpy.random.Generator.integers``
* Add more ufunc loops for ``datetime64``, ``timedelta64``
* Moved modules in ``numpy.random``
+ C API changes
* ``PyDataType_ISUNSIZED(descr)`` now returns False for structured datatypes
+ New Features
* Add our own ``*.pxd`` cython import file
* A tuple of axes can now be input to ``expand_dims``
* Support for 64-bit OpenBLAS
* Add ``--f2cmap`` option to F2PY
+ Improvements
* Different C numeric types of the same size have unique names
* ``argwhere`` now produces a consistent result on 0d arrays
* Add ``axis`` argument for ``random.permutation`` and ``random.shuffle``
* ``method`` keyword argument for ``np.random.multivariate_normal``
* Add complex number support for ``numpy.fromstring``
* ``numpy.unique`` has consistent axes order when ``axis`` is not None
* ``numpy.matmul`` with boolean output now converts to boolean values
* ``numpy.random.randint`` produced incorrect value when the range was
* Add complex number support for ``numpy.fromfile``
* ``std=c99`` added if compiler is named ``gcc``
+ Changes
* ``NaT`` now sorts to the end of arrays
* Incorrect ``threshold`` in ``np.set_printoptions`` raises ``TypeError`` or
* Warn when saving a dtype with metadata
* ``numpy.distutils`` append behavior changed for LDFLAGS and similar
* Remove ``numpy.random.entropy`` without a deprecation
* Add options to quiet build configuration and build with ``-Werror``

==== python-pycairo ====
Version update (1.18.1 -> 1.19.1)

- Add missing dep on setuptools
- Update to 1.19.1:
* support for new python
* remove support for python 2.x
- Remove patch python38.patch

==== python-redis ====
Version update (3.3.11 -> 3.4.1)

- version update to 3.4.1
* 3.4.1
* Move the username argument in the Redis and Connection classes to the
end of the argument list. This helps those poor souls that specify all
their connection options as non-keyword arguments. #1276
* Prior to ACL support, redis-py ignored the username component of
Connection URLs. With ACL support, usernames are no longer ignored and
are used to authenticate against an ACL rule. Some cloud vendors with
managed Redis instances (like Heroku) provide connection URLs with a
username component pre-ACL that is not intended to be used. Sending that
username to Redis servers < 6.0.0 results in an error. Attempt to detect
this condition and retry the AUTH command with only the password such
that authentication continues to work for these users. #1274
* Removed the __eq__ hooks to Redis and ConnectionPool that were added
in 3.4.0. This ended up being a bad idea as two separate connection
pools be considered equal yet manage a completely separate set of
* 3.4.0
* Allow empty pipelines to be executed if there are WATCHed keys.
This is a convenient way to test if any of the watched keys changed
without actually running any other commands. Thanks @brianmaissy.
[#1233], #1234
* Removed support for end of life Python 3.4.
* Added support for all ACL commands in Redis 6. Thanks @IAmATeaPot418
for helping.
* Pipeline instances now always evaluate to True. Prior to this change,
pipeline instances relied on __len__ for boolean evaluation which
meant that pipelines with no commands on the stack would be considered
False. #994
* Client instances and Connection pools now support a 'client_name'
argument. If supplied, all connections created will call CLIENT SETNAME
as soon as the connection is opened. Thanks to @Habbie for supplying
the basis of this change. #802
* Added the 'ssl_check_hostname' argument to specify whether SSL
connections should require the server hostname to match the hostname
specified in the SSL cert. By default 'ssl_check_hostname' is False
for backwards compatibility. #1196
* Slightly optimized command packing. Thanks @Deneby67. #1255
* Added support for the TYPE argument to SCAN. Thanks @netocp. #1220
* Better thread and fork safety in ConnectionPool and
BlockingConnectionPool. Added better locking to synchronize critical
sections rather than relying on CPython-specific implementation details
relating to atomic operations. Adjusted how the pools identify and
deal with a fork. Added a ChildDeadlockedError exception that is
raised by child processes in the very unlikely chance that a deadlock
is encountered. Thanks @gmbnomis, @mdellweg, @yht804421715. #1270,
[#1138], #1178, #906, #1262
* Added __eq__ hooks to the Redis and ConnectionPool classes.
Thanks @brainix. #1240
- deleted patches
- 0001-fix-tests-with-redis-pre-5.0.0.patch (upstreamed)

==== python-reno ====
Version update (2.11.3 -> 3.0.1)

- update to 3.0.1
* scan the whole branch if a version cannot be found
- version update to 3.0.0
* Remove usage of six
* [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing
* Add extension metadata to sphinxext
* Handle Windows compatibility
* Scan all branches for cache generation
* Avoid docutils 0.15 with py2
* Add Python 3 Train unit tests
* Fix py27 test: Update sphinx requirement
* OpenDev Migration Patch
* Switch to current hacking
* Remove references to oslosphinx

==== python-sphinxcontrib-websupport ====
Version update (1.1.2 -> 1.2.1)

- version update to 1.2.1
* #41: templates/searchresults.html is missing in the source tarball
- update to 1.2.0:
* Drop python2.7 and 3.4 support

==== python2-pycairo ====

- Use py2 variable as this is not singlespec
- Install the fake egg-info folder to work with pip and friends
- Rename the common-devel to be prefixed with python2 in order
to not be replaced by common-devel from the py3 variant of pycairo
- Fix build with py2 build disabled in singlespec
- Rename to python2-pycairo, as we still need python-gtk for
- Remove patch python38.patch as we don't build against py3

==== python3-qt5 ====

- Stop building python2-qt5 for openSUSE Tumbleweed.

==== rpm ====
Subpackages: librpmbuild9 rpm-build rpm-build-perl rpm-build-python rpm-devel

- Fix verification of DSA2 signatures with libgrcypt [bnc#1165731]
* new patch: gcryptdsa2.diff
- Do not map the index database read-write all the time
* new patch: ndb_backport2.diff
- Fix name of Packages DB file in rpmconfigcheck

==== xapian-core ====
Version update (1.4.9 -> 1.4.14)

- Update to 1.4.14:
* API:
+ Xapian::QueryParser: Handle "" inside a quoted phrase better. In a quoted
boolean term, "" is treated as an escaped ", so handle it in a compatible
for quoted phrases. Previously we'd drop out of the phrase and start a new
phrase. Fixes #630, reported by Austin Clements.
+ Xapian::Stem: The constructor which takes a stemmer name now takes an
optional second bool parameter - if this is true, then an unknown stemmer
name falls back to using the "none" stemmer instead of throwing an
This allows simply constructing a stemmer from an ISO language code without
having to worry about whether there's a stemmer for that language, and
without having to handle an exception if there isn't.
+ Xapian::Stem: Fix a bug with handling 4-byte UTF-8 sequences which
potentially affects most of the stemmers. None of the stemmers work in
languages where 4-byte UTF-8 sequences are part of the alphabet, but this
bug could result in invalid UTF-8 sequences in terms generated from text
containing high Unicode codepoints such as emoji, which can cause issues
example, in some language bindings). Fix synced from Snowball git post
+ Xapian::Stem: Add a new is_none() method which tests if this is a "none"
+ Xapian::Weight: The total length of all documents is now made available to
Xapian::Weight subclasses, and this is now used by DLHWeight, DPHWeight and
LMWeight. To maintain ABI compatibility, internally this still fetches the
average length and the number of documents, multiplies them, then rounds the
result, but in the next release series this will be handled directly.
+ Xapian::Database::locked() on an inmemory database used to always return
false, but an inmemory Database is always actually a WritableDatabase
underneath, so now we always report true in this case because it's really
always report being locked for writing.
+ testsuite:
* Fix failing multi_glass_remoteprog_glass tests on x86. When the tests are
run under valgrind, remote servers should be run using the runsrv wrapper
script, but this wasn't happening for remote servers in multi-databases -
it is. Also, previously runsrv only used valgrind for the remote for an x86
build that didn't use SSE, but it seems there are x87 instructions in libc
that are affected by valgrind not providing excess precision, so do this for
x86 builds which use SSE too. Together these changes fix failures of
topercent2, xor2, tradweight1 under backend multi_glass_remoteprog_glass on
* Fix C++ One-Definition Rule (ODR) violation in testsuite code. Two
source files linked into apitest were each defining a different `struct
test`. Wrap each in an anonymous namespace to localise it to the file it is
defined and used in. This was probably harmless in practice, unless trying
to build with Link-Time Optimisation or similar (which is how it was
* Test all language codes in stemlangs1. The testsuite hardcodes a list of
supported language codes which hadn't been updated since 2008.
* Improve DateRangeProcessor test coverage.
+ matcher:
* Handle pruning under a positional check. This used to be impossible, but
since 1.4.13 it can happen as we now hoist AND_NOT to just below where we
hoist the positional checks. The code on master already handles pruning
so this bug is specific to the RELEASE/1.4 branch.
* When searching with collapsing over multiple shards, at least some of which
are remote, uncollapsed_upper_bound could be too low and
uncollapsed_lower_bound too high. This was causing assertion failures in
testcases msize1 and msize2 under test harness backends
multi_glass_remoteprog_glass and multi_remoteprog_glass.
* Internally we no longer calculate a bogus total_term_count as the sum of
total_length * doc_count for all shards. Instead we just use the sum of
total_length, which gives the total number of term occurrences. This change
should improve the estimated collection_freq values for synonyms.
* Several places where we might divide zero by zero in a database where wdf
always zero have been fixed.
+ build system:
* configure: Stop using AC_FUNC_MEMCMP. The autoconf manual marks it as
"obsolescent", and it seems clear that nobody's relying on it as we're
missing the "'AC_LIBOBJ' replacement for 'memcmp'" which it would try to
use if needed.
+ documentation:
* HACKING: Replace release docs with pointer to the developer guide where they
are now maintained.
+ portability:
* Eliminate 2 uses of atoi(). These are potentially problematic in a
multithreaded application if setlocale() is called by another thread at the
same time.
* Don't check __GNUC__ in visibility.h as the configure probe before defining
XAPIAN_ENABLE_VISIBILITY checks that the visibility attributes work. This
probably makes no difference in practice, as all compilers we're aware of
which support symbol visibility also define __GNUC__.
* Document Sun C++ requires --disable-shared.
- Update to 1.4.13:
+ API:
* Fix write one past end of std::vector on certain QueryParser parser errors.
This is undefined behaviour, but the write was always into reserved space,
in practice we'd actually get away with it (it was noticed because it
triggers an error when running under ubsan and using libc++).
* MSet::get_matches_estimated(): Improve rounding of result - a bug meant we
would almost always round down.
* Optimise test for UTF-8 continuation character. Performing a signed char
comparison shaves an instruction or two on most architectures.
* Database::get_revision(): Return revision 0 for a Database with no shards
rather that throwing InvalidOperationError.
* DPHWeight: Avoid dividing by 0 when searching a sharded database when one
shard is empty. The result wasn't used in this case, but it's still
undefined behaviour. Detected by UBSan.
+ testsuite:
* The "singlefile" test harness backend manager now creates databases by
compacting the corresponding underlying backend database (creating it first
if need be) rather than always creating a temporary database to compact.
* Enable compaction testcases for multi and singlefile test harness backends.
* Add generated database support for remoteprog and remotetcp test harness
* Add test harness support for running testcases using a multi database
comprised of one local and one remote shard, or two remote shards.
* Check if removing existing multi stub failed. Previously if removing an
existing stub failed, the test harness would create a temporary new stub and
then try to rename it over the old one, which will always fail on Microsoft
* Wait for xapian-tcpsrv processes to finish before moving on to the next
testcase under __WIN32__ like we already do on POSIX platforms.
+ matcher:
* Optimise OP_AND_NOT better. We now combine its left argument with other
connected and-like subqueries, and gather up and hoist the negated
and apply them together above the combined and-like subqueries, just below
any positional filters.
* Optimise OP_AND_MAYBE better. We now combine its left argument with other
connected and-like subqueries, and gather up and hoist the optional
subqueries and apply them together above the combined and-like subqueries
any hoisted positional filters.
* Treat all BoolWeight queries as scaled by 0 - we can optimise better if we
know the query is unweighted.
+ glass backend:
* Allow zlib compression to reduce size by one byte. We were specifying an
output buffer size one byte smaller than the input, but it appears zlib
use the final byte in the buffer, so we actually need to pass the input size
as the output buffer size.
* Only try to compress Btree item values > 18 bytes, which saves CPU time
without sacrificing any significant size savings.
+ remote backend:
* Fix match stats when searching with collapsing over multiple shards and at
least some shards are remote.
* Ignore orphaned remote protocol replies which can happen when searching with
a remote shard if an exception is thrown by another shard.
* Wait for xapian-progsrv child to exit when a remote Database or
WritableDatabase object is closed under __WIN32__ like we already do for
POSIX platforms.
+ documentation:
* Correct documentation of initial messages in replication protocol.
+ tools:
* quest: Report bounds and estimate of number of matches.
* xapian-delve: Improve output when database revision information is not
available. We now specially handle the cases of a DB with multiple shards
and a backend which doesn't support get_revision().
+ portability:
* Fix warning from GCC 9 with -Wdeprecated-copy (which is enabled by -Wextra)
if a reference to an Error object is thrown.
* Suppress GCC warning in our API headers when compiling code using Xapian
GCC and -Wduplicated-branches.
* Mark some internal classes as final (following GCC -Wsuggest-final-types
suggestions to allow some method calls to be devirtualised).
* Fix to build with --enable-maintainer-mode and Perl < 5.10, which doesn't
have the `//=` operator. It's unlikely developers will have such an old
Perl, but the mingw environment on appveyor CI does. The use of `//=` was
introduced by changes in 1.4.10.
- Update to 1.4.12:
+ API:
* Xapian::PostingSource: When a PostingSource without a clone() method is used
with a Database containing multiple shards, the documented behaviour has
always been that Xapian::InvalidOperationError is thrown. However, since at
least 1.4.0, this exception hasn't been thrown, but instead a single
PostingSource object would get used for all the shards, typically leading to
incorrect results. The actual behaviour now matches what was documented.
* Xapian::Database: Add size() method which reports the number of shards.
* Xapian::Database::check(): You can now pass a stub database which will check
all the databases listed in it (or throw Xapian::UnimplementError for
backends which don't support checking).
* Xapian::Document: When updating a document use a emplace_hint() to make the
bulk insertion O(n) instead of O(n·log(n)), and use std::move() to avoid
copying OmDocumentTerm objects.
* Xapian::Query: Add missing get_unique_terms_end() method.
* Xapian::iterator_valid(): Implement for Utf8Iterator
+ testsuite:
* Fix keepalive1 failures on some platforms. On some platforms a timeout
gives NetworkTimeoutError and on others NetworkError - since 1.4.10 changed
to checking the exact exception type, keepalive1 has been failing on the
former set of platforms. We now just check for NetworkError or a subclass
here (since NetworkTimeoutError is a subclass of NetworkError).
* Run cursordelbug1 testcase with multi databases too.
+ matcher:
* Ownership of PostingSource objects during the match now makes use of the
optional reference-counting mechanism rather than a separate flag.
+ remote backend:
* Fix remote protocol design bug. Previously some messages didn't send a
but could result in an exception being sent over the link. That exception
would then get read as a response to the next message instead of its actual
response so we'd be out of step.
This fix necessitated a minor version bump in the remote protocol (to 39.1).
If you are upgrading a live system which uses the remote backend, upgrade
servers before the clients.
* Fix socket leaks on errors during opening a database.
* Don't close remote DB socket on receiving EOF as the levels above won't
know it's been closed and may try to perform operations on it, which would
problematic if that fd gets reused in the meantime. Leaving it open means
any further operations will also get EOF.
* We add a wrapper around the libc socket() function which deals with the
corner case where SOCK_CLOEXEC is defined but socket() fails if it is
specified (which can happen with a newer libc and older kernel).
Unfortunately, this wrapper wasn't checking the returned value from socket()
correctly, so when SOCK_CLOEXEC was specified and non-zero it would create
the socket() with SOCK_CLOEXEC, then leak that one and create it again
without SOCK_CLOEXEC. We now check the return value properly.
* Fix potential infinite loop in ValueCountMatchSpy::merge_results() if passed
serialised results with extra data appended (which shouldn't happen in
+ build system:
* Current versions of valgrind result in false positives on current versions
macOS, so on this platform configure now only enables use of valgrind if
specified explicitly.
* Refactor macros to probe for compiler flags so they automatically cache
their results and consistently report success/failure.
* Rename our custom TYPE_SOCKLEN_T macro to XAPIAN_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T. The
AX_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T macro defines an alias of TYPE_SOCKLEN_T for itself which
means it can get used instead in some situations, but it isn't compatible
with our macro. We can't just switch to AX_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T as it doesn't
handle cases we need, so just rename our macro to avoid potential problems.
+ documentation:
* Improve API documentation for Xapian::Query class. Add missing doc
comments and improve some of the existing ones.
* Add Unicode consortium names and codes for categories from Chapter 4,
11 of the Unicode standard. Patch from David Bremner.
* Improve configure --help output - drop "[default=no]" for --enable-*
options which default off.
* Fix API documentation typo - Query::op (the type) not op_ (a parameter
* Note which version Document::remove_postings() was added in.
* In the remote protocol documentation, MSG_REPLACEDOCUMENTTERM was documented
as not having a reply, but actually REPLY_ADDDOCUMENT is sent.
* Update list of <xapian/iterator.h> users.
+ tools:
* copydatabase: A change in 1.4.6 which added support for \ as directory
separator on platforms where that's the norm broke the code in copydatabase
which removes a trailing slash from input databases.
+ portability:
* Add missing '#include <cstring>'.
* Fix str() helper function when converting the most negative value
of a signed integer type.
* Avoid calling close() on fd we know must actually be a WIN32 SOCKET.
* Include <ios> not <iomanip> for std::boolalpha.
* Rework setenv() compatibility handling. Now that Solaris 9 is dead we can
assume setenv() is provided by Unix-like platforms (POSIX requires it). For
other platforms, provide a compatibility implementation of setenv() which
so the compatibility code is encapsulated in one place rather than
at every use.
* Fix maintainer-mode builds on Solaris where /bin/tr is not POSIX compliant.
We now use the simple workaround suggested by the autoconf manual.
* Improve support for Sun C++:
+ Suppress unhelpful warning for lambda with multiple return statements.
+ Enable reporting the tags corresponding to warnings, which we need
to know in order to suppress any new unhelpful warnings.
+ Adjust our workaround for bug with this compiler's <cmath> header to avoid
a compiler warning.
+ Use -xldscope=symbolic for Sun C++. This flag is roughly equivalent to
- Bsymbolic-functions which we've probed for with GNU ld since Xapian 1.0.0.
- Update to 1.4.11:
+ API:
* MSet::SNIPPET_CJK_NGRAM - new flag for use with MSet::snippet() to enable
support for selecting and highlighting snippets which works with the
QueryParser and TermGenerator FLAG_CJK_NGRAM flags. This mode can also be
enabled by setting environment variable XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM to a non-empty
value. (There was nominally already support for XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM in
MSet::snippet(), but it didn't work usefully - the highlighting added was
empty start/end pairs at the end of the span of CJK characters containing
CJK ngram terms, which to the user would typically look like it was
the end of the text and not highlighting anything).
* Deprecate XAPIAN_CJK_NGRAM environment variable. There are now flags which
can be used instead in all cases, and there's sadly no portable thread-safe
way to read an environment variable so checking environment variables is
problematic in library code that may be used in multithreaded programs.
* Query::OP_ELITE_SET currently incorrectly recursively flattens any OP_OR (or
OP_OR-like) subqueries into the list of subqueries it selects from - until
that's fixed, we now select from the full exploded list rather than the last
n (where n is the number of direct subqueries of the OP_ELITE_SET).
+ testsuite:
* Testcases which need a generated database now get run with a sharded
* Avoid using strerror() in the testsuite which removes an obstacle to running
tests in parallel in separate threads.
+ matcher:
* Extend detection of cases of OP_SYNONYM with disjoint subqueries (which
we don't need document length) which was added in 1.4.8 - we now detect when
all subqueries are different terms, or when all subqueries are
non-overlapping wildcards. The second case is what QueryParser produces for
a wildcard or partial query with a query prefix which maps to more than one
term prefix.
+ glass backend:
* Handle an empty value slot lower bound gracefully. This shouldn't happen
a non-empty slot, but has been reported by a notmuch user so it seems there
is (or perhaps was as the database was several years old) a way it can come
about. We now check for this situation and set the smallest possible valid
lower bound instead, so other code assuming a valid lower bound will work
+ chert backend:
* Handle an empty value slot lower bound gracefully, equivalent to the change
made for glass.
+ documentation:
* HACKING: We no longer use auto_ptr<>.
* NEWS: Correct factual error in old entry - the 0.4.1 release was Open Muscat
not OmSee (the OmSee name was only applied after that final release was
and only used internally to BrightStation).
+ portability:
* Suppress more clang -Wself-assign-overloaded warnings in testcases which are
deliberately testing handling of self-assignment.
* Add missing includes of <cerrno>.
+ debug code:
* When configured with --enable-log, the O_SYNC flag was always specified when
opening the logfile, with the intention that the most recent log entries
wouldn't get lost if there was a crash, but O_SYNC can incur a significant
performance overhead and most debugging is not of such crashes. So we no
longer specify O_SYNC by default, but you can now request synchronous
by including %! anywhere in the filename specified with XAPIAN_DEBUG_LOG
(the %! is replaced with the empty string). We also now use O_DSYNC if
available in preference to O_SYNC, since the mtime of the log file isn't
- Update to 1.4.10:
+ API:
* DatabaseClosedError: New exception class thrown instead of DatabaseError
an operation is attempted which can't be completed because it involves a
database which close() was previously called on. DatabaseClosedError is a
subclass of DatabaseError so existing code catching DatabaseError will still
work as before.
* DatabaseNotFoundError: New exception class thrown instead of
DatabaseOpeningError when the problem is the problem is "file not found" or
similar. DatabaseNotFoundError is a subclass of DatabaseOpeningError so
existing code catching DatabaseOpeningError will still work as before.
* Query: Make &=, |= and ^= on Query objects opportunistically append to
an existing query with a matching query operator which has a reference
count of 1. This provides an easy way to incrementally build flatter query
* Query: Support `query &= ~query2` better - this now is handled exactly
equivalent to `query = query & ~query2` and gives `query AND_NOT query2`
instead of `query AND (<alldocuments> AND_NOT query2)`.
* QueryParser: Now uses &=, |= and ^= to produce flatter query trees. This
fixes problems with running out of stack space when handling Query object
trees built by abusing QueryParser to parse very large machine-generated
* Stopper: Fix incorrect accents in Hungarian stopword list. Patch from David
+ testsuite:
* Test MSet::snippet() with small and zero lengths.
* Fix testcase stubdb4 annotations - this testcase doesn't need a backend.
* Add PATH annotation for testcases needing get_database_path() to avoid
to repeatedly list the backends where this is supported in testcase
* TEST_EXCEPTION helper macro now checks that the exact specified exception
type is thrown. Previously it would allow a subclass of the specified
exception type, but in testcases we really want to be able to test for an
exact type.
+ matcher:
* Map OP_VALUE_GE/OP_VALUE_LE on an empty slot to EmptyPostList. We already
this for OP_VALUE_RANGE, and it's a little more efficient than creating a
postlist object which checks the empty value slot.
+ glass backend:
* We no longer flush all pending positional changes when a postlist, termlist
or all-terms is opened on a modified WritableDatabase. Doing so was
incurring a significant performance cost, and the first of these happens
internally when `replace_document(term, doc)` is used, which is the usual
to support non-numeric unique ids. We now only flush pending positional
changes when committing.
+ remote backend:
* Use poll() where available instead of select(). poll() is specified by
POSIX.1-2001 so should be widely available by now, and it allows watching
fd (select() is limited to watching fds < FD_SETSIZE). For any platforms
which still lack poll() we now workaround this select() limitation when a
high numbered fd needs to be watched (for example, by trying a non-blocking
read or write and on EAGAIN sleeping for a bit before retrying).
* Stop watching fds for "exceptional conditions" - none of these are relevant
to our usage.
* Remove 0.1s timeout in ready_to_read(). The comment says this is to avoid a
busy loop, but that's out of date - the matcher first checks which remotes
are ready to read and then does a second pass to handle those which weren't
with a blocking read.
+ build system:
* Stop probing for header sys/errno.h which is no longer used - it was only
needed for Compaq C++, support for which was dropped in 1.4.8.
+ documentation:
* docs/valueranges.html: Update to document RangeProcessor instead of
ValueRangeProcessor - the latter is deprecated and will be gone in the next
release series.
* Document RangeProcessor::operator()() returns OP_INVALID to signal it
recognise a range.
* Update some URLs for pages which have moved.
* Use https for URLs where available.
* HACKING: Update "empty()" section for changes in C++11.
+ portability:
* Suppress clang warnings for self-assignment tests. Some testcases trigger
this new-ish clang warning while testing that self-assignment works, which
seems a useful thing to be testing - at least one of these is a regression
* Add std::move to fix clang -Wreturn-std-move warning (which is enabled by
- Wall).
* Add casts to fix ubsan warnings. These cases aren't undefined behaviour,
are reported by ubsan extra checks implicit-integer-truncation and/or
implicit-conversion which it is useful to be able to enable to catch
potential bugs.
* Fix check for when to use _byteswap_ulong() - in practice this would only
have caused a problem if a platform provided _byteswap_ushort() but not
_byteswap_ulong(), but we're not aware of any which do.
* Fix return values of do_bswap() helpers to match parameter types (previously
we always returned int and only supported swapping types up to 32 bits, so
this probably doesn't result in any behavioural changes).
* Only include <intrin.h> if we'll use it instead of always including it when
it exists. Including <intrin.h> can result in warnings about duplicate
declarations of builtin functions under mingw.
* Remove call to close()/closesocket() when the argument is always -1 (since
the change to use getaddrinfo() in 1.3.3).

==== xorgproto ====
Version update (2019.2 -> 2020.1)

- xorgproto 2020.1
* This release adds a new keysym, a state-change event to the
DPMS extension, synchronizes more of the meson and autotools
build sytems, and converts some quasi-text documentation to

N�����r��y隊Z)z{.���r�+�맲��r��z�^�ˬz��N�(�֜��^� ޭ隊Z)z{.���r�+��0�������Ǩ�
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