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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200416 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 00:02:10 +0000
  • Message-id: <158725453085.31524.6356402279857259464@go-agent-stagingbot-2>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
checkmedia (5.3 -> 5.4)
dar (2.5.14 -> 2.6.9)
kernel-firmware (20200316 -> 20200413)
kernel-source (5.6.2 -> 5.6.4)
p11-kit (0.23.12 -> 0.23.20)
perl-Apache-AuthCookie (3.29 -> 3.30)
purple-rocketchat (0.0+hg20190218 -> 0.0+hg20200403)
rubygem-rubocop (0.81.0 -> 0.82.0)
yast2-bootloader (4.2.21 -> 4.2.22)
yast2-storage-ng (4.2.107 -> 4.2.108)

=== Details ===

==== checkmedia ====
Version update (5.3 -> 5.4)
Subpackages: libmediacheck5

- merge gh#openSUSE/checkmedia#14
- work better with broken media (bsc#1169420)
- 5.4

==== clamav ====
Subpackages: libclamav9 libfreshclam2

- Drop python build dependency as it is not needed

==== dar ====
Version update (2.5.14 -> 2.6.9)
Subpackages: dar-lang

- Update to version 2.6.9
* too many changes to list, see ChangeLog file
- Drop dar-use-libc-xattr.patch (fixed upstream)
- Drop Group tag
- Spec cleanup

==== kernel-firmware ====
Version update (20200316 -> 20200413)
Subpackages: kernel-firmware-all kernel-firmware-amdgpu kernel-firmware-ath10k
kernel-firmware-atheros kernel-firmware-bluetooth kernel-firmware-bnx2
kernel-firmware-brcm kernel-firmware-chelsio kernel-firmware-dpaa2
kernel-firmware-i915 kernel-firmware-intel kernel-firmware-iwlwifi
kernel-firmware-liquidio kernel-firmware-marvell kernel-firmware-media
kernel-firmware-mediatek kernel-firmware-mellanox kernel-firmware-mwifiex
kernel-firmware-network kernel-firmware-nfp kernel-firmware-nvidia
kernel-firmware-platform kernel-firmware-qlogic kernel-firmware-radeon
kernel-firmware-realtek kernel-firmware-serial kernel-firmware-sound
kernel-firmware-ti kernel-firmware-ueagle kernel-firmware-usb-network ucode-amd

- Update aliases per 5.6 and 5.7 kernels
- Update to version 20200413 (git commit 64dba0fedb22):
* linux-firmware: add firmware for MT7663 Wifi/BT combo device
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX200
* linux-firmware: Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX201
* qcom: Add SDM845 Adreno ZAP shader firmware
* qca: Enable transparent WBS for WCN3991
* QCA: Add Bluetooth firmware for QCA6390
* mediatek: Add mt8183 SCP firmware

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (5.6.2 -> 5.6.4)
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms

- Linux 5.6.4 (bnc#1012628).
- driver core: Reevaluate dev->links.need_for_probe as suppliers
are added (bnc#1012628).
- io-uring: drop completion when removing file (bnc#1012628).
- fbcon: fix null-ptr-deref in fbcon_switch (bnc#1012628).
- blk-mq: Keep set->nr_hw_queues and set->map[].nr_queues in sync
- RDMA/cm: Update num_paths in cma_resolve_iboe_route error flow
- Bluetooth: RFCOMM: fix ODEBUG bug in rfcomm_dev_ioctl
- RDMA/siw: Fix passive connection establishment (bnc#1012628).
- RDMA/cma: Teach lockdep about the order of rtnl and lock
- RDMA/ucma: Put a lock around every call to the rdma_cm layer
- ubi: fastmap: Free unused fastmap anchor peb during detach
- IB/mlx5: Replace tunnel mpls capability bits for tunnel_offloads
- IB/hfi1: Fix memory leaks in sysfs registration and
unregistration (bnc#1012628).
- IB/hfi1: Call kobject_put() when kobject_init_and_add() fails
- ASoC: jz4740-i2s: Fix divider written at incorrect offset in
register (bnc#1012628).
- ASoC: tas2562: Fixed incorrect amp_level setting (bnc#1012628).
- platform/x86: intel_int0002_vgpio: Use
acpi_register_wakeup_handler() (bnc#1012628).
- ACPI: PM: Add acpi_[un]register_wakeup_handler() (bnc#1012628).
- hwrng: imx-rngc - fix an error path (bnc#1012628).
- tools/accounting/getdelays.c: fix netlink attribute length
- slub: improve bit diffusion for freelist ptr obfuscation
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Wrap around when skip TRBs (bnc#1012628).
- random: always use batched entropy for get_random_u{32,64}
- s390: prevent leaking kernel address in BEAR (bnc#1012628).
- net: phy: at803x: fix clock sink configuration on ATH8030 and
ATH8035 (bnc#1012628).
- cxgb4: free MQPRIO resources in shutdown path (bnc#1012628).
- r8169: change back SG and TSO to be disabled by default
- mlxsw: spectrum_flower: Do not stop at FLOW_ACTION_VLAN_MANGLE
- tun: Don't put_page() for all negative return values from XDP
program (bnc#1012628).
- slcan: Don't transmit uninitialized stack data in padding
- net: stmmac: dwmac1000: fix out-of-bounds mac address reg
setting (bnc#1012628).
- net_sched: fix a missing refcnt in tcindex_init() (bnc#1012628).
- net_sched: add a temporary refcnt for struct tcindex_data
- net: phy: micrel: kszphy_resume(): add delay after
genphy_resume() before accessing PHY registers (bnc#1012628).
- net: dsa: mt7530: fix null pointer dereferencing in port5 setup
- net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Ensure correct sub-node is parsed
- net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Do not register slave MDIO bus with OF
- ipv6: don't auto-add link-local address to lag ports
- cxgb4: fix MPS index overwrite when setting MAC address
- commit e42da4f
- constrants: fix malformed XML
Closing tag of an element is "</foo>", not "<foo/>".
Fixes: 8b37de2eb835 ("rpm/ Increase memory for kernel-docs")
- commit 4a8ca28
- Refresh
Update upstream status.
- commit 5b340fd
- efi/x86: Fix the deletion of variables in mixed mode
- commit 61c9284
- efi/x86: Don't remap text<->rodata gap read-only for mixed mode
- commit fd9c360
- Update config files to disable CONFIG_TRACE_IRQFLAGS (bsc#1169078).
- commit d379575
- rpm/ Increase memory for kernel-docs
- commit 8b37de2
- cachefiles: fix corruption of 'ret' (boo#1168841).
- commit 0a79cdc
- Linux 5.6.3 (bnc#1012628).
- ipv4: fix a RCU-list lock in fib_triestat_seq_show
- net: dsa: ksz: Select KSZ protocol tag (bnc#1012628).
- net, ip_tunnel: fix interface lookup with no key (bnc#1012628).
- sctp: fix possibly using a bad saddr with a given dst
- sctp: fix refcount bug in sctp_wfree (bnc#1012628).
- net: macb: Fix handling of fixed-link node (bnc#1012628).
- net: fix fraglist segmentation reference count leak
- udp: initialize is_flist with 0 in udp_gro_receive
- padata: fix uninitialized return value in padata_replace()
- brcmfmac: abort and release host after error (bnc#1012628).
- XArray: Fix xa_find_next for large multi-index entries
- drm/bridge: analogix-anx6345: Avoid duplicate -supply suffix
- misc: rtsx: set correct pcr_ops for rts522A (bnc#1012628).
- misc: pci_endpoint_test: Fix to support > 10 pci-endpoint-test
devices (bnc#1012628).
- misc: pci_endpoint_test: Avoid using module parameter to
determine irqtype (bnc#1012628).
- PCI: sysfs: Revert "rescan" file renames (bnc#1012628).
- coresight: do not use the BIT() macro in the UAPI header
- mei: me: add cedar fork device ids (bnc#1012628).
- nvmem: release the write-protect pin (bnc#1012628).
- nvmem: check for NULL reg_read and reg_write before
dereferencing (bnc#1012628).
- nvmem: sprd: Fix the block lock operation (bnc#1012628).
- extcon: axp288: Add wakeup support (bnc#1012628).
- power: supply: axp288_charger: Add special handling for HP
Pavilion x2 10 (bnc#1012628).
- Revert "ALSA: uapi: Drop asound.h inclusion from asoc.h"
- Revert "dm: always call blk_queue_split() in dm_process_bio()"
- ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Add Recon3Di quirk to handle integrated
sound on EVGA X99 Classified motherboard (bnc#1012628).
- soc: mediatek: knows_txdone needs to be set in Mediatek CMDQ
helper (bnc#1012628).
- perf python: Fix clang detection to strip out options passed
in $CC (bnc#1012628).
- mm: mempolicy: require at least one nodeid for MPOL_PREFERRED
- commit 97c6e99
- s390x: zfcpdump: disable CONFIG_RELOCATABLE (bsc#1168847).
- commit c824449
- Update config files to disable CONFIG_UCLAMP_TASK (bsc#1168888).
- commit 025835f
- net/bpfilter: remove superfluous testing message (bnc#1168664).
- commit 7d8cfa8
- Delete patches.rpmify/powerpc-Blacklist-GCC-5.4-6.1-and-6.2.patch.
- commit daf9f5a
- config: arm64: enable cpufreq driver for Jetson Nano and Jetson TX1
- commit 3187813

==== p11-kit ====
Version update (0.23.12 -> 0.23.20)
Subpackages: libp11-kit0 libp11-kit0-32bit p11-kit-tools

- Update to version 0.23.20:
* Revert "Fix RPC when length-s are 0" changes [PR#276]
- Changes for version 0.23.19:
* common: add Russian PKCS#11 extensions to pkcs11x.h header [PR#255]
* Add simple bash completion for provided commands [PR#258]
* Unbreak list matching in enable-in and disable-in [PR#262]
* Fix RPC when length-s are 0 [PR#259]
* rpc: Add vsock transport support [PR#270]
* Build fixes [PR#271, PR#272, PR#273, ...]
- Changes for version 0.23.18:
* rpc: Allow empty CK_DATE value [PR#253]
* build: Meson fixes [PR#245]
* build: Adjust feature parity between meson and autotools [PR#247]
- Changes for version 0.23.17:
* common: Fix uClibc-ng compilation [PR#237]
* trust: do not allow daylight to invalidate date validation [PR#236]
* build: Port to meson build system [PR#231, PR#234]
* rpc: On UNIX wait on condition variable instead of FD if header is for a
different thread [PR#232]
* doc: Add 'server' command in help [PR#229]
* Build and test fixes [PR#230]
- Changes for version 0.23.16:
* proxy: Support C_WaitForSlotEvent() if CKF_DONT_BLOCK is specified [PR#225]
* conf: Ignore user configuration if the program is running as root [PR#226]
* proxy: Refresh slot list on every C_GetSlotList call [PR#224]
* modules: Fix index used in call to p11_dict_remove() [PR#219]
* Fix Win32 p11_dl_error crash [PR#218]
* modules: check gl.modules before iterates on it when freeing [PR#217]
* trust: Ignore unreadable content in anchors [PR#215]
* extract-jks: Prefer _p11_extract_jks_timestamp to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH [PR#213]
- Changes for version 0.23.15:
* trust: Improve error handling if backed trust file is corrupted [PR#206]
* url: Prefer upper-case letters in hex characters when encoding [PR#193]
* trust/extract-jks.c: also honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH time [PR#202]
* virtual: Prefer fixed closures to libffi closures [PR#196]
* Fix issues spotted by coverity and cppcheck [PR#194, PR#204]
* Build and test fixes [PR#164, PR#191, PR#199, PR#201]
- Changes for version 0.23.14:
* proxy: Avoid invalid memory access when unloading proxy module [PR#180]
* Update pkcs11 header to allow SoftHSMv2 to compile [PR#181]
* build: Restore libpthread dependency [PR#183]
* Build fixes [PR#188]
- Changes for version 0.23.13:
* server: Enable socket activation through systemd [PR#173]
* rpc-server: p11_kit_remote_serve_tokens: Allow exporting all modules
* proxy: Fail early if there is no slot mapping [PR#175]
* Remove hard dependency on libpthread [PR#177]
* Build fixes [PR#170, PR#176]

==== patterns-base ====
Subpackages: patterns-base-apparmor patterns-base-base patterns-base-basesystem
patterns-base-basic_desktop patterns-base-console patterns-base-documentation
patterns-base-enhanced_base patterns-base-minimal_base
patterns-base-sw_management patterns-base-transactional_base patterns-base-x11

- Add bootloader pattern. Useful for appliances to not repeat the logic
in kiwi files.

==== perl-Apache-AuthCookie ====
Version update (3.29 -> 3.30)

- updated to 3.30
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Apache-AuthCookie/Changes
3.30 2020-04-14
- Fix logic error for EnforceLocalDestination
- Add a bunch of tests to cover all scenarios of EnforceLocalDestination and

==== purple-rocketchat ====
Version update (0.0+hg20190218 -> 0.0+hg20200403)
Subpackages: libpurple-plugin-rocketchat pidgin-plugin-rocketchat

- Update to version 0.0+hg20200403 (changes since 0.0+hg20190218):
* 800ef89: Attempt to fetch user statuses at login. Not quite working yet
* f723268: Subscribe to status changes to help issue #61
* 284839c: Use 'hg' instead of 'git' for PLUGIN_VERSION.

==== rubygem-rubocop ====
Version update (0.81.0 -> 0.82.0)

- New upstream release 0.82.0
[#]## New features
* [#7867]( Add support for
tabs in indentation. ([@DracoAter][])
* [#7863]( Corrector now
accepts nodes in addition to ranges. ([@marcandre][])
* [#7862]( Corrector now
has a `wrap` method. ([@marcandre][])
* [#7850]( Make it possible
to enable/disable pending cops. ([@koic][])
* [#7861]( Make it to allow
`Style/CaseEquality` when the receiver is a constant. ([@rafaelfranca][])
* [#7851]( Add a new
`Style/ExponentialNotation` cop. ([@tdeo][])
* [#7384]( Add new
`Style/DisableCopsWithinSourceCodeDirective` cop. ([@egze][])
* [#7826]( Add new
`Layout/SpaceAroundMethodCallOperator` cop. ([@saurabhmaurya15][])
[#]## Bug fixes
* [#7871]( Fix an
auto-correction bug in `Lint/BooleanSymbol`. ([@knu][])
* [#7842]( Fix a false
positive for `Lint/RaiseException` when raising Exception with explicit
namespace. ([@koic][])
* [#7834]( Fix
`Lint/UriRegexp` to register offense with array
arguments. ([@tejasbubane][])
* [#7841]( Fix an error for
`Style/TrailingCommaInBlockArgs` when lambda literal (`->`) has multiple
arguments. ([@koic][])
* [#7842]( Fix a false
positive for `Lint/RaiseException` when Exception without cbase specified
under the namespace `Gem` by adding `AllowedImplicitNamespaces`
option. ([@koic][])
* `Style/IfUnlessModifier` does not infinite-loop when autocorrecting long
lines which use if/unless modifiers and have multiple statements separated
by semicolons. ([@alexdowad][])

Use `ConfigLoader.default_configuration` for the default
config. ([@hanachin][])
[#]## Changes
* **(Breaking)** Renamed `Layout/Tab` cop to
`Layout/IndentationStyle`. ([@DracoAter][])
* [#7869]( **(Breaking)**
Drop support for Ruby 2.3. ([@koic][])

==== subversion ====
Subpackages: libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring-1-0 libsvn_auth_kwallet-1-0
subversion-bash-completion subversion-perl

- Try to get building with ruby 2.7 bsc#1169446
- Add patches:
* ruby27-warnings.patch
* ruby-includes.patch

==== swig ====

- Ruby 2.7 support (cherry-picked from upstream)

==== virt-bootstrap ====

- Don't use %python3_only command, but properly use alternatives.

==== yast2-bootloader ====
Version update (4.2.21 -> 4.2.22)

- update s390x secure boot message (bsc#1168165)
- 4.2.22

==== yast2-storage-ng ====
Version update (4.2.107 -> 4.2.108)

- rework VFAT mount option handling (bsc#1161771)
- 4.2.108

==== zsh ====

- Add aliases from /etc/bash.bashrc into /etc/zshrc so we don't

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