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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bumblebee up for grabs
Am 2020-04-10 16:24, schrieb Mathias Homann:
Am Freitag, 10. April 2020, 15:07:29 CEST schrieb Stefan Dirsch:

Nothing is safe nowadays. I won't fix your messed up system later. ;-)

see, this is why my / is on LVM.

ok so here is what I did now:

1. create LVM snapshot of my root partition

2. add the 15.1 repo of X11:Xorg with prio 98, to make sure everything
from there always overrides stuff from the main repo

3. run "zypper dup -l --allow-vendor-change --allow-arch-change

4. run "LANG=CTYPE zypper search -si -t package | grep '\''(System
Packages)'\''| cut -d '\''|'\'' -f 2,4|sed '\''s/ *| /-/g'\''|xargs -r
zypper rm -u" which basically finds all packages that are not available
in repos anymore, and offers to remove them

5. install and configure suse-prime

6. select intel: sudo /usr/sbin/prime-select intel

7. create /usr/bin/prime-run with this content:

# for prime render offloading

now offloading works, and I can either just pass the variables on the
commandline or use prime-run the way I used to use primusrun in the

Gonna observe the behaviour for a bit, and then maybe delete the
snapshots in a week or so.


Mathias Homann
irc: [lemmy] on freenode and ircnet
obs: lemmy04
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