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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200409 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2020 22:00:35 +0000
  • Message-id: <158664243548.22867.7647333525081773111@go-agent-stagingbot-5>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
flatpak (1.6.2 -> 1.6.3)
fstrm (0.3.2 -> 0.6.0)
llvm10 (9.0.1 -> 10.0.0)
python-Sphinx (2.4.4 -> 2.3.1)
python-Sphinx-test (2.4.4 -> 2.3.1)
python-pywbem (0.16.0 -> 0.17.0)
slang (2.3.1a -> 2.3.2)
strace (5.5 -> 5.6)
transactional-update (2.21 -> 2.21.1)

=== Details ===

==== flatpak ====
Version update (1.6.2 -> 1.6.3)
Subpackages: libflatpak0 system-user-flatpak typelib-1_0-Flatpak-1_0

- Require bubblewrap 0.4.1
- Update to version 1.6.3:
+ The main change in this version is a fix for a regression in
the progress calculation for applications using extra-data.
Additionally the bundled version of bubblewrap is updated to
0.4.1 which fixes a security issue in some cases. See
GHSA-j2qp-rvxj-43vj for details.
+ Don't break if users primary gid is not in the nsswitch
+ Fix crash in flatpak repair if no remotes are configured
+ Some updates to the oci authenticator
+ Retry downloads of extra data
+ Updated translations.

==== fstrm ====
Version update (0.3.2 -> 0.6.0)

- Update to 0.6.0
It adds a new feature for fstrm_capture. It can perform output
file rotation when a SIGUSR1 signal is received by fstrm_capture.
(See the --gmtime or --localtime options.) This allows
fstrm_capture's output file to be rotated by logrotate or a
similar external utility. (Output rotation is suppressed if
fstrm_capture is writing to stdout.)
- Changes from 0.5.0
- Change license to modern MIT license for compatibility with
GPLv2 software. Contact software@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for
alternate licensing.
- src/fstrm_replay.c: For OpenBSD and Posix portability include
netinet/in.h and sys/socket.h to get struct sockaddr_in and the
AF_* defines respectively.
- Fix various compiler warnings.
- Changes from 0.4.0
The C implementation of the Frame Streams data transport
protocol, fstrm version 0.4.0, was released. It adds TCP support,
a new tool, new documentation, and several improvements.
- Added manual pages for fstrm_capture and fstrm_dump.
- Added new tool, fstrm_replay, for replaying saved Frame Streams
data to a socket connection.
- Adds TCP support. Add tcp_writer to the core library which
implements a bi-directional Frame Streams writer as a TCP
socket client. Introduces new developer API:
fstrm_tcp_writer_init, fstrm_tcp_writer_options_init,
fstrm_tcp_writer_options_set_socket_address, and
- fstrm_capture: new options for reading from TCP socket.
- fstrm_capture: add "-c" / "--connections" option to limit the
number of concurrent connections it will accept.
- fstrm_capture: add "-b / --buffer-size" option to set the read
buffer size (effectively the maximum frame size) to a value
other than the default 256 KiB.
- fstrm_capture: skip oversize messages to fix stalled
connections caused by messages larger than the read highwater
mark of the input buffer. Discarded messages are logged for the
purposes of tuning the input buffer size.
- fstrm_capture: complete sending of FINISH frame before closing
- Various test additions and improvements.

==== llvm10 ====
Version update (9.0.1 -> 10.0.0)
Subpackages: clang-tools libc++-devel libc++1 libc++abi-devel libc++abi1

- Update to version 10.0.0.
* New LLVM tools: llvm-ifs, llvm-install-name-tool, llvm-reduce.
* New Clang tools: clang-move, clang-offload-wrapper, pp-trace.
* lldb-mi moved to a separate project and is no longer available.
- Dropped obsolete patches:
* clang-fix-powerpc-triplet.patch
* clang-riscv64-rv64gc.diff
* compiler-rt-move-fdp.patch
* compiler-rt-sanitizer-ipc-perm.patch
* D60657-riscv-pcrel_lo.diff
* gwp-asan-lto.patch
* libcxx-tests-linux-distribution.patch
* link-lldb-shared.patch
* llvm-riscv64-fix-cffi.diff
* openmp-export-fini.patch
* riscv-eh-frame-fixup.patch
* riscv64-suse-linux.patch
- Rebased patches:
* assume-opensuse.patch
* link-clang-tools-extra-shared.patch
* lldb-cmake.patch
* llvm_build_tablegen_component_as_shared_library.patch
* llvm-do-not-install-static-libraries.patch
* llvm-remove-clang-only-flags.patch
* lto-disable-cache.patch
* polly-pthread.patch
* tests-use-python3.patch
- Add tablegen-test-link-static.patch: fix TableGenTests.
- Add ValueLattice-Add-new-state-for-undef-constants.patch: fix
miscompilation on ppc64/s390x that was leading to test crashes.
- Enable ThinLTO on aarch64.
- Disable ThinLTO on ppc64le due to internal error in gold.
- Delete object files and static libraries from build tree in
%install already, because debuginfo extraction happens after
that. If we do it after %check, we run out of disk space.
- Run tests "manually", because we've already removed many targets.
- Don't build unit tests, because some of them are now statically
linked, which is very expensive with LTO. Also unit tests are
probably not very interesting on the distribution level, we don't
expect them to perform different than in upstream. The relevant
upstream change for this is
- Drop %if for openSUSE 13.2.

==== nfs-utils ====
Subpackages: libnfsidmap1 nfs-client nfs-doc nfs-kernel-server

- Remove obsolete useradd call

==== python-Sphinx ====
Version update (2.4.4 -> 2.3.1)

- Revert to 2.3.1 due to severely increased memory usage when building
kernel documentation. bsc#1166965

==== python-Sphinx-test ====
Version update (2.4.4 -> 2.3.1)

- Revert to 2.3.1 due to severely increased memory usage when building
kernel documentation. bsc#1166965

==== python-pywbem ====
Version update (0.16.0 -> 0.17.0)

- Update to 0.17.0:
- Dev: Fixed installation of Jupyter Notebook on Python 3.4 by defining
the appropriate minimum versions of the ipython package,
per Python version. (See issue #2135)
- Changed the HTTPS support of pywbem.WBEMListener from using
the deprecated ssl.wrap_socket() function to using the
ssl.SSLContext class that was introduced in Python 2.7.9.
This causes more secure SSL settings to be used.
(See issue #2002)
- Renamed all sub-modules within the pywbem namespace so they are
now private (i.e. with a leading underscore).
This has been done for consistency with the upcoming 1.0.0
version of pywbem (See issue #1925)

==== python-setuptools ====

- Fix License to the correct MIT

==== slang ====
Version update (2.3.1a -> 2.3.2)
Subpackages: libslang2 slang-slsh

- slang 2.3.2:
* It is now possible to use reserved words as struct
field names without quoting them. For example, it is now possible
to write
s = struct { public = value };
Previously, this required the field name to be quoted:
s = struct { "public" = value };
- drop static library and its LTO workaround
- git-6dd5ade9a97b52ace4ac033779a6d3c1c51db4d1.patch: upstreamed
- slang-fsuid.patch: refreshed

==== snapper ====
Subpackages: libsnapper5 snapper-zypp-plugin

- updated translations (bsc#1149754)
- generate dsc file for Ubuntu 19.10

==== strace ====
Version update (5.5 -> 5.6)

- Update to strace 5.6
* Changes in behaviour
* Messages about unknown tracees are now subject to the strace's quietness
setting (-q/--quiet).
* If -A option is provided without -o, or -S option without -c/-C, a warning
about its uselessness is printed now.
* The usage of --seccomp-bpf without -f has no effect now.
* Improvements
* Every short option now has a long option alias, which also has enabled
the following improvements:
* Ability to use human-readable settings for -I/--interruptible,
- D/--daemonize options.
* Ability to silence specific messages using -e quiet/--quiet qualifier
(an alias for the -q option), including those that couldn't be silenced
previously (path resolution messages and "superseded by execve").
* Ability to specify selected fd decoding features using
- e decode-fds/--decode-fds qualifier (an alias for the -y option).
* Ability to set precision for the absolute timestamp, relative timestamp,
and syscall time output (using --absolute-timestamps,
- -relative-timestamps, and --syscall-times options, respectively).
* Implemented ability to select the set of displayed columns in the call
summary output (-U/--summary-columns option).
* Implemented ability to sort on any summary column.
* Implemented ability to show information about minimum and maximum call
duration in the call summary output (addresses Debian bug #240945).
* Implemented printing of PIDs associated with pidfds in -yy mode.
* Implemented PTRACE_GETREGS API support on hppa, sh, sh64, and xtensa.
* Improved performance of libdw-based stack traces printing by implementing
a symbol-to-address cache.
* Implemented decoding of openat2 and pidfd_getfd syscalls.
* Enhanced io_uring_register, prctl, sched_getattr, and sched_setattr syscall
* Implemented decoding of BPF_MAP_LOOKUP_BATCH,
BPF_MAP_DELETE_BATCH bpf syscall commands.
* Enhanced decoding of BPF_MAP_CREATE and BPF_PROG_ATTACH bpf syscall
* Enhanced decoding of RTC_VL_READ ioctl command.
* Enhanced decoding of IFLA_* netlink attributes.
* Implemented HIDIOCGRAWUNIQ() ioctl command number printing.
* Wired up kexec_file_load syscall on hppa.
* Updated lists of AUDIT_*, BPF_*, CLONE_*, GRND_*, IFLA_*, IORING_*,
IPPROTO_*, KEY_*, KVM_*, RTM_F_*, SCHED_*, and *_MAGIC constants.
* Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 5.6.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed build on csky abiv1 architecture.
* Various minor fixes in VIDIOC_* ioctl output formatting.
* Fix printing of the size field for _IOC_NONE ioctl command numbers on sparc.

==== transactional-update ====
Version update (2.21 -> 2.21.1)
Subpackages: transactional-update-zypp-config

- Version 2.21.1
- Rework error messages on failing umount [boo#1168389]

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