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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bumblebee up for grabs
On Thu, Apr 09, 2020 at 08:40:23AM +0200, Mathias Homann wrote:
Am 2020-04-09 01:35, schrieb Stefan Dirsch:
On Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 12:17:06PM +0200, Mathias Homann wrote:

But ... for the new feature you need also a Turing GPU

And who already has such a GPU in his laptop?

I need to improve the documentation in the github project ...


the documentation still points at a few files that actually don't
in the system...

Not sure which files you mean here. Can you eloborate?

is what I'm talking about.

Where are those files? If they're already put in the right place as part
of the rpm package it should be mentioned in that readme...

Well, I was assuming people reading this git documentation also are using the
checked out git tree. Then later I adjusted the code so people reading it but
using the RPMs instead don't run into issues, i.e. it just does nothing if the
files already exist.

anyway, so to use prime offloading I need a laptop with an intel, and
bleeding edge nvidia card, or a desktop with the same, but bumblebee
outdated and no longer maintained?

I can't help but consider this crazy.

I haven't said that. Turing is only needed for DynamicPowerManagement,
not for
NVIDIA's PRIME Render Offload feature. is there a "nondynamic" powermanagement for cards before turing?

There is no DynamicPowerManagement before Turing.

- why would anyone who has something like a GTX2060 in a desktop use
onboard intel card for graphics, so he'd have to do prime offloading

Desktop? We're talking about laptops here.

we're talking about nvidia turing cards here - so far I've only seen
those in high end gaming rigs, where the mainboards don't even HAVE an
onboard intel card, but definitely support crossfire... or maybe the
occasional alienware "bricktop" (pseudolaptop - way to heavy and
powerhungry to actually use it like a laptop, i.e. without its

Anyway, so **how** do I set up a Leap 15.1 machine so that the desktop
is rendered through the intel card and I can offload openGL stuff to the
nvidia card by setting those __NV* variables?

I've tried suse-prime that comes with Leap 15.1, I've tried suse-prime
from X11:Xorg, all I've managed to get to work is either "pure" intel
graphics or "pure" nvidia.

I don't think you can easily use suse-prime on desktops with Intel/NVIDIA GPU
combination. I'm not aware of this working.


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