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Re: [opensuse-factory] Help needed with Apple Magic Keyboard, Microsoft Remote Desktop and opensuse tw
Hi Luiz,

El vie, 03-04-2020 a las 10:38 -0300, Luiz Alberto Saba escribió:
I'm using a mac-mini (with the little wireless keyboard) runing
Microsoft Remote Desktop to access my tumbleweed machine at the

Why Microsoft Remote Desktop, does it work for you to connect via SSH?

It works fine, but the keyboard mapping is messed.

We need more data.
- Which keyboard layout has your tumbleweed machine?
- Which keyboard layout has your wireless keyboard?
- Which keys are messed up?
- Which applications do you need to run on your Tumbleweed workstation?

Any known workaround:

You could install and use the X forwarding
feature of SSH to run graphical aplications on your Tumbleweed
workstation that will "draw" on MacOS/X11.

Kind Regards
Sergio Lindo Mansilla
Software developer with DevOps tendencies
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