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Re: [opensuse-factory] [Tumbleweed] mpv no longer plays movie files on samba share on Tumbleweed
According to ffmpeg configure file, to support samba it needs to be compiled
with the "--enable-libsmbclient" configuration option. However, by default it
is not turned on. I have confirmed this by printing all the config options of
my ffmpeg from Packman:

Adding "--enable-libsmbclient" option and libsmbclient-devel dependency to the
packman build (and the OSS build) should solve this problem.


Xu Zhao

On Fri, 13 Mar 2020, at 7:39 AM, İsmail Dönmez wrote:

On 13 Mar 07:35, Xu Zhao wrote:
After a Tumbleweed update, mpv no longer plays movie files on a samba share
of my NAS drive.
The Tumbleweed version is 20200309.

Opening the movie file from the commandline throws the following error:

$ mpv smb://admin@
[ffmpeg] Protocol not found. Make sure ffmpeg/Libav is compiled with
networking support.
Failed to open smb://admin@

I am using the following versions of ffmpeg and libav* from the Packman
ffmpeg4: 4.2.2-5.2
libavdevice58: 4.2.2-5.2
libavfilter7: 4.2.2-5.2
libavformat58: 4.2.2-5.2
libavresample4: 4.2.2-5.2
libavutil56: 4.2.2-5.2

I have seen a similar complaint on openSUSE forum which describes the exact
same problem:

Does anything change recently on buliding the ffmpeg and/or mpv related

mpv is now using ffmpeg for samba support:
but looks like our ffmpeg is missing samba support. Will look into it.


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