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Re: [opensuse-factory] time to unlock fully encrypted partition
W dniu 08.03.2020 o 17:59, Neil Rickert pisze:
On 3/8/20 8:10 AM, Axel Braun wrote:

I have a new TW installation with a 940GB encrypted root partition
(including /boot, excluding /boot/efi).
When starting the machine, grub asks in text mode for the passphrase.
After entering the passphrase, it takes about 20s until the graphical boot
screen appears.

I feel this is much too long....

Has anyone a similar experience?

Perhaps around 10 seconds, running in a KVM virtual machine. Around 1
second on a real machine.

However, I am using "ext4". It is probably slower with "btrfs". I
don't have "btrfs" and encryption on the same machine, but "grub"
loading a menu from "btrfs" is noticeably slower than loading its menu
from "ext4".

Filesystem is irrelevant here. Encryption is done by LUKS, which is a
layer between raw block device and filesystem.

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