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Re: [opensuse-factory] why upgrading too leap15.2?
Dne 29. 02. 20 v 17:24 Jan Engelhardt napsal(a):
On Saturday 2020-02-29 16:22, Frans de Boer wrote:
Very much more happy. I just don't understand why so much effort is made - or
in my view energy wasted - to make a "new" distribution, based on years of
old/ancient (core) packages. I, however, can understand that one would take a
snapshot of TW and iron out some bugs and let that live for some time. That
sounds more productive then reverting to 3-4 years old packages.
You talk the talk, but when was the last time you *actually* needed a
glibc package right out of the factory?
I currently use glibc from factory for one game:

I expect that problem will widen. At least games already started to abandoning glibc older then Ubuntu's 18.04. Chrome uses usually not old glibc, so when Chrome updates glibc dependencies again, we will stuck not only without proprietary version of Chrome, but without all electron based applications.

I don't know, why someone decided not to upgrade glibc. We have newer glibc in SLE 11 SP2 (or SP3?) and in 12 SP2/Leap 42.2, so I expected this update for Leap 15.2 . For desktop are newer drivers (backported or within newer kernel, mesa, alsa) and newer glibc needed. First thing Leap 15.2 has, second thing is missing.

Even worse is, that old glibc in 15.2 means very probably old glibc in 15.3, because 15.2 is that "refresh" version, where bigger updates were expected.

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