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Re: [opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200220 released! - hanging update of an older system!
On Mon, Feb 24, Jiri Slaby wrote:

Looking at the nth report of the same, whoever introduced this state,
should fix it. No matter how /etc/nsswitch.conf was modified, an update
shall not break a working system. Period. If it does, _we_ failed, not
them. And if we keep repeating "you did update the file, handle it", we
are only losing users, right?

Wrong. You are looking at a very trivial example, which breaks your
system visible. So you had luck.
We had examples last year, where ignoring *.rpmnew files could lead
to security holes, and because of the complex syntax of the config
files, a simple approach of fixing this automatically is impossoble.
So in that cases, no visible break, but invisible security holes.

/me neither changed /etc/nsswitch.conf manually and I had to fix this
mess up. If yast or some %post script did it, OK, so what -- should I
fix it? Not at all, the update should as I am using high-level tools
like yast. If we are to modify files anyway, we can drop yast completely
as it becomes useless.

If this is not resolved properly, I vote for reverting the change in
Tumbleweed, so that it does not propagate any further. Especially to Leap.

As I wrote: we have an automatism in place to adjust the config,
but it looks like this is not working for everybody.
And as I wrote: if this move would be the only root cause, why have
so many people still problems after reverting the change?
It's simple to jump on a train, but not to jump on the correct train.
The update contain many more updates, not only the move of services,
like nfs, which seems to contain a config file with syntax errors ...


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