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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20200107 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2020 05:00:33 +0000
  • Message-id: <157854603384.15225.2133184465904651731@go-agent-stagingbot-1>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
Mesa (19.2.6 -> 19.3.1)
Mesa-drivers (19.2.6 -> 19.3.1)
bluez-tools (0.1.38+git20161212 -> 0.1.38+git20190428)
dconf-editor (3.34.2 -> 3.34.3)
eog-plugins (3.26.4 -> 3.26.5)
epiphany (3.34.2 ->
exim (4.93 ->
iagno (3.34.3 -> 3.34.4)
kdevelop5 (5.4.5 -> 5.4.6)
kismet (2019_09_R1 -> 2019_12_R2)
libXpm (3.5.12 -> 3.5.13)
libfprint (0.99.0 -> 1.0)
libinput (1.14.3 -> 1.15.0)
libxcb (1.13 -> 1.13.1)
osc (0.167.1 -> 0.167.2)
rubygem-parser ( ->
talloc (2.2.0 -> 2.3.0)
tevent (0.10.0 -> 0.10.1)
tigervnc (1.9.0 -> 1.10.0)
xf86-video-sis (0.10.9 -> 0.12.0)

=== Details ===

==== Mesa ====
Version update (19.2.6 -> 19.3.1)
Subpackages: Mesa-dri-devel Mesa-libEGL1 Mesa-libGL1 Mesa-libglapi0 libgbm1

- n_drirc-disable-rgb10-for-chromium-on-amd.patch
* fixes patch (boo#1145188)
- Update to version 19.3.1
* Bugfixes for i965/iris, anv and radv
- Update to version 19.3.0
* Mainly changes to the build system, i965, aco, radv and anv
* New features, check Phoronix:

==== Mesa-drivers ====
Version update (19.2.6 -> 19.3.1)
Subpackages: Mesa-dri Mesa-dri-nouveau Mesa-gallium Mesa-libva libvdpau_nouveau
libvdpau_r300 libvdpau_r600 libvdpau_radeonsi libvulkan_intel libvulkan_radeon

- n_drirc-disable-rgb10-for-chromium-on-amd.patch
* fixes patch (boo#1145188)
- Update to version 19.3.1
* Bugfixes for i965/iris, anv and radv
- Update to version 19.3.0
* Mainly changes to the build system, i965, aco, radv and anv
* New features, check Phoronix:

==== bluez-tools ====
Version update (0.1.38+git20161212 -> 0.1.38+git20190428)

- Update to version 0.1.38+git20190428 (changes since
* Fix grammar in bt-obex help.
* Add UUID for SIMAccess.

==== dconf-editor ====
Version update (3.34.2 -> 3.34.3)
Subpackages: dconf-editor-lang

- Update to version 3.34.3:
+ Updated translations.

==== eog-plugins ====
Version update (3.26.4 -> 3.26.5)
Subpackages: eog-plugins-lang

- Update to version 3.26.5:
+ Plugin changes:
- Export to Folder:
. Fix setting target directory.
. Small UI improvements in configuration dialog.

==== epiphany ====
Version update (3.34.2 ->
Subpackages: epiphany-lang gnome-shell-search-provider-epiphany

- Update to version
+ Forgot to update version number.
- Changes from version 3.34.3:
+ Try harder to avoid session data loss.
+ Reenable on-demand hardware acceleration.
+ Fix localization of reader mode preferences.
+ Security popover's per-website adblocker preference now
actually works.
+ Fix search provider crash when there are no bookmarks.
+ Disable Search the Web in application mode.
+ Fix crashes on web app creation dialog.

==== exim ====
Version update (4.93 ->

- update to exim (+fixes release)
* Avoid costly startup code when not strictly needed. This reduces time
for some exim process initialisations. It does mean that the logging
of TLS configuration problems is only done for the daemon startup.
* Early-pipelining support code is now included unless disabled in Makefile.
* DKIM verification defaults no long accept sha1 hashes, to conform to
RFC 8301. They can still be enabled, using the dkim_verify_hashes main
* Support CHUNKING from an smtp transport using a transport_filter, when
DKIM signing is being done. Previously a transport_filter would always
disable CHUNKING, falling back to traditional DATA.
* Regard command-line receipients as tainted.
* Bug 340: Remove the daemon pid file on exit, whe due to SIGTERM.
* Bug 2489: Fix crash in the "pam" expansion condition. It seems that the
PAM library frees one of the arguments given to it, despite the
documentation. Therefore a plain malloc must be used.
* Bug 2491: Use tainted buffers for the transport smtp context. Previously
on-stack buffers were used, resulting in a taint trap when DSN information
copied from a received message was written into the buffer.
* Bug 2493: Harden ARC verify against Outlook, whick has been seen to mix
the ordering of its ARC headers. This caused a crash.
* Bug 2492: Use tainted memory for retry record when needed. Previously when
a new record was being constructed with information from the peer, a trap
was taken.
* Bug 2494: Unset the default for dmarc_tld_file. Previously a naiive
installation would get error messages from DMARC verify, when it hit the
nonexistent file indicated by the default. Distros wanting DMARC enabled
should both provide the file and set the option.
Also enforce no DMARC verification for command-line sourced messages.
* Fix an uninitialised flag in early-pipelining. Previously connections
could, depending on the platform, hang at the STARTTLS response.
* Bug 2498: Reset a counter used for ARC verify before handling another
message on a connection. Previously if one message had ARC headers and
the following one did not, a crash could result when adding an
Authentication-Results: header.
* Bug 2500: Rewind some of the common-coding in string handling between the
Exim main code and Exim-related utities. The introduction of taint
tracking also did many adjustments to string handling. Since then, eximon
frequently terminated with an assert failure.
* When PIPELINING, synch after every hundred or so RCPT commands sent and
check for 452 responses. This slightly helps the inefficieny of doing
a large alias-expansion into a recipient-limited target. The max_rcpt
transport option still applies (and at the current default, will override
the new feature). The check is done for either cause of synch, and forces
a fast-retry of all 452'd recipients using a new MAIL FROM on the same
connection. The new facility is not tunable at this time.
* Fix the variables set by the gsasl authenticator. Previously a pointer to
library live data was being used, so the results became garbage. Make
copies while it is still usable.
* Logging: when the deliver_time selector ise set, include the DT= field
on delivery deferred (==) and failed (**) lines (if a delivery was
attemtped). Previously it was only on completion (=>) lines.
* Authentication: the gsasl driver not provides the $authN variables in time
for the expansion of the server_scram_iter and server_scram_salt options.

==== iagno ====
Version update (3.34.3 -> 3.34.4)
Subpackages: iagno-lang

- Update to version 3.34.4:
+ Updated translations.

==== kdevelop5 ====
Version update (5.4.5 -> 5.4.6)
Subpackages: kdevelop5-lang kdevplatform kdevplatform-lang libkdevplatform54

- Update to 5.4.6
* Filetemplates: update addresses to web ones for GPLv2 & LGPLv2
* Filetemplates: fix wrong text of LGPLv2+ (KDE) (was GPLv2+
(KDE) one) (kde#414978)
* Shell: default to kdevelop icon for plugins in
LoadedPluginsDialog list
* Shell: use KAboutPluginDialog in LoadedPluginsDialog
* Make ForegroundLock::isLockedForThread() also consider the
current thread being the main (Qt) thread, and thus add this
check in more places
* Clang: Fix a case of concurrent access to KTextEditor
* Fix wrongly internally duplicated KHelpMenu instance
* Only unload plugins after the DUChain shutdown to prevent
infinite loop due to non-loaded factories for types

==== kismet ====
Version update (2019_09_R1 -> 2019_12_R2)
Subpackages: kismet-capture-freaklabs-zigbee kismet-capture-linux-bluetooth
kismet-capture-linux-wifi kismet-capture-nrf-mousejack
kismet-capture-sdr-rtl433 kismet-capture-sdr-rtladsb kismet-capture-sdr-rtlamr

- Update to version 2019-12-R2
A bugfix release for Kismet 2019-12, R2 solves a number of quirks
which were quite annoying:
* Solve a race condition in Linux with interface naming. Due to
how the nl80211 layer handles interface naming, combined with
how systemd can name interfaces on some systems, it was
possible to have a race condition when Kismet defaulted to
kismonX interface names, resulting in either errors or Kismet
ignoring one of the interfaces.
* Solve a free on an unused pointer in nl80211 vif creation. The
new vif creation code doesn?t use the nl80211 flags
sub-message when there are no flags to add, but tried to free
it. This could cause a crash the first time trying to open a
source, but the second time would succeed.
* Fix TICC2540 USB devices. Some systems were very unhappy with
the order in which the USB device was initialized; now it
should be fine.
* Work around the very broken RTL8812BU driver. While we don?t
recommend this driver or these cards, due to a HUGE number of
issues, Kismet will now do its best to open one and get it
into monitor mode.
* Much smoother operation with very very large numbers of
sources. A side effect of the vif naming fix, interfaces are
now initialized and opened one at a time. While this may take
much longer to open huge numbers (dozens or more) of
interfaces, it is much more reliable and much less likely to
cause Kismet or kernel problems during the initial bring-up
and firmware load of interfaces.
* Minor output text fixes. Capture interface and base
interface were swapped in some messages to the user.
- Update to version 2019-12-R1
Bugfixes and performance boosts
* Remove OpenMP/parallel processing; this resolves a massive
CPU burn on even moderate numbers of devices.
* Fix logging bug causing export of all devices every logging
cycle, instead of only modified and new devices.
* Revamped python-kismet-external using asyncio to prevent a
large CPU wasting IO loop.
* Bugfixes to the Linux netlink monitor controls to prefer
nl80211, find existing monitor interfaces correctly, and to
work on devices that don?t support IOxIWCTL iocontrols at all
* Switch to std::unordered_map hash maps for O(1) lookups
whenever possible
New features
* BTLE packet capture and basic device display, using the
aUbertooth One, CC2540, or nRF51822;
* New SDR demodulators for ADSB (airplane) and AMR (power and
water meter) with no external dependencies beyond librtlsdr
and python3!
* New ADSB mapping UI
* BTLE support in the UI
* New formatting options for ekjson to simplify export to other
* Device present/missing alerts
* ADSB geolocation
* Detection of CVE-2019-17666 RTLWIFI vulnerabilities

==== libKF5NetworkManagerQt ====

- Add patch to fix compatibility with NM 1.22 (kde#415670):
* 0001-Sync-Utils-securityIsValid-with-NetworkManager.patch

==== libXpm ====
Version update (3.5.12 -> 3.5.13)
Subpackages: libXpm-devel libXpm4

- Update to version 3.5.13
The fixes here are some found by static analysers, and a build
fix for Windows (which, curiously, is dated to 2012 so clearly
we're at the top of the game here). Nothing overly exciting,
but covscan, parfait, etc. should be a bit happier now.

==== libdc1394 ====

- Drop pkgconfig(sdl), no point in building examples which are
not packaged.

==== libfprint ====
Version update (0.99.0 -> 1.0)

- update to 1.0:
* Library:
* Add guards to the public API and require GLib 2.50
* Deprecate print storage API
* Better documentation for fp_discover_devs()
* Remove unused internal fpi_timeout_cancel_for_dev()
* Remove state from fp_img_driver activate handler
* Bug fixes related to restarting a failed verification immediately
* Drivers:
* The Elan driver received a lot of bug fixes including a fix for a hang when
verifying prints with fprintd, quirks for some devices, a memory leak fix and
support for 04f3:0c42
* Fix a probable crash in all the AES drivers
* Add support for Lenovo Preferred Pro Keyboard (KUF1256) to vfs5011
* Prevent hang during enroll process in etes603 driver
* Fix possible integer overflow in uru4000
* Work-around SELinux AVC warnings when uru4000 driver starts
* Remove long-unmaintained and broken fdu2000 driver
* Tools/Examples:
* Fix examples not working due to an overly strict check
* Fix crash in GTK demo when there's no supported devices
* Disable GTK demo until we have a USB Flatpak portal
* Remove sleep() in enroll example which caused a crash in some drivers
* Add a simple storage implementation example

==== libinput ====
Version update (1.14.3 -> 1.15.0)
Subpackages: libinput-udev libinput10

- Remove doxygen and graphviz BuildRequires, documentation has
been disabled for some time already.
- Update to release 1.15.0
* Scroll button locking and tablet pad keys support.
* Table device hardware buttons that are designed to map to a
specific functionality (e.g. to open the OSD) are now
supported through the new LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET_PAD_KEY
* Quirks for the Logitech MX Master 2S and the Madcatz R.A.T.3
mouse were added.
* Touchpad scrolling was approximately 10% faster than the
nominal pointer speed, that has been adjusted now.

==== libmbim ====
Subpackages: libmbim-glib4 mbimcli-bash-completion

- Only require python3-base package for building instead of
full python3 package.

==== libxcb ====
Version update (1.13 -> 1.13.1)
Subpackages: libxcb-composite0 libxcb-damage0 libxcb-devel libxcb-dpms0
libxcb-dri2-0 libxcb-dri3-0 libxcb-glx0 libxcb-present0 libxcb-randr0
libxcb-record0 libxcb-render0 libxcb-render0-32bit libxcb-res0
libxcb-screensaver0 libxcb-shape0 libxcb-shm0 libxcb-shm0-32bit libxcb-sync1
libxcb-xf86dri0 libxcb-xfixes0 libxcb-xinerama0 libxcb-xinput0 libxcb-xkb1
libxcb-xtest0 libxcb-xv0 libxcb-xvmc0 libxcb1 libxcb1-32bit

- Update 1.13.1
* u_don-t-flag-extra-reply-in-xcb_take_socket.patch has been upstreamed.

==== osc ====
Version update (0.167.1 -> 0.167.2)

- 0.167.2
* fix regression in osc chroot
* fix broken importsrcpkg

==== python-service_identity ====

- Format with spec-cleaner
- Upstream seems to rebase the tarball, refetch it

==== rubygem-parser ====
Version update ( ->

- New upstream release
v2.7.0.1 (2019-12-30)
Bugs fixed:
* dedenter.rb: prevent `ArgumentError` when processing binary en? (#642)
(Koichi ITO)
v2.7.0.0 (2019-12-26)
API modifications:
* documented compatibility issue with EOF chars after? (#637)
(Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: refactor logic around 'circular argument reference'(#628) (Ilya
Features implemented:
* ruby27.y: added pattern matching (#574) (Ilya Bylich)
* lexer.rl: parse embedded ivars/cvars starting with digit as str (#639)
(Ilya Bylich)
* lexer.rl: warn on `...` at EOL. (#636) (Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: removed opt_block_args_tail: tOROP rule. (#635) (Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: reverted method reference operator (added in #634) (Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: treat numparams as locals outside numblock. (#633) (Ilya Bylich)
Bugs fixed:
* dedenter.rb: fixed over-dedenting of squiggly heredocs (#641) (Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: added "arguments forwarding" (#625) (Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: reject circular argument reference. (#622) (Ilya Bylich)
* ruby27.y: changed prefix of numparams to "_" (#620) (Ilya Bylich)
v2.6.5.0 (2019-10-03)
API modifications:
* Bump ruby versions to 2.4.9, 2.5.7 and 2.6.5. (#619) (Ilya Bylich)
Features implemented:
* lexer.rl: changed max numparam to `@9` (#617) (Ilya Bylich)
* lexer.rl: support comments before leading dot in 27 mode. (#613) (Ilya
Bugs fixed:
* lexer.rl: emit tMETHREF as tDOT+tCOLON for rubies \< 27. (#614) (Ilya

==== talloc ====
Version update (2.2.0 -> 2.3.0)
Subpackages: libtalloc2 libtalloc2-32bit python3-talloc

- Upgrade to 2.3.0.
- Patches waf_upgrade.patch and waf_use_native_waf_timer.patch
are no needed anymore. They are subsumed by the upstream

==== tevent ====
Version update (0.10.0 -> 0.10.1)
Subpackages: libtevent0 python3-tevent

- Update to 0.10.1 ... make build with Python 3.8 working again
(new waf).

==== tigervnc ====
Version update (1.9.0 -> 1.10.0)
Subpackages: libXvnc1 xorg-x11-Xvnc xorg-x11-Xvnc-module

- Add tigervnc-fix-saving-of-bad-server-certs.patch
* fix saving of bad server certificates (boo#1159948)
- tigervnc-1.10.0
* The clipboard now supports full Unicode in the native viewer, WinVNC and
* The native client will now respect the system trust store when verifying
server certificates
* Improved compatibility with VMware's VNC server
* Improved compatibility with some input methods on macOS
* Improvements to the automatic "repair" of JPEG artefacts
* Better handling of the Alt keys in some corner cases
* The Java web server has been removed as applets are no longer support by
most browsers
* x0vncserver can now be configured to only allow local connections
* x0vncserver has received fixes for when only part of the display is shared
* Polling is now default in WinVNC as that works better for most

==== xf86-video-sis ====
Version update (0.10.9 -> 0.12.0)

- Update to version 1.12.0
- supersedes U_06-Remove-reference-to-virtualFrom.patch,

==== xorg-x11-server ====
Subpackages: xorg-x11-server-Xvfb xorg-x11-server-extra xorg-x11-server-sdk

- Build XWayland also on s390.

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