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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20191106 released!
  • From: Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019 15:01:46 +0000
  • Message-id: <157322530640.17227.11355165892984299033@go-agent-stagingbot-7>

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
MozillaThunderbird (68.2.0 -> 68.2.1)
engrampa (1.23.0 -> 1.23.1)
gnome-shell (3.34.1+6 -> 3.34.1+7)
ipset (7.3 -> 7.4)
jack (1.9.12 -> 1.9.13)
kdevelop5 (5.4.3 -> 5.4.4)
opencv3 (3.4.6 -> 3.4.7)
perl-Archive-Zip (1.64 -> 1.67)
perl-Mojolicious (8.25 -> 8.26)
samba (4.11.0+git.95.c88b5f2c0c6 -> 4.11.2+git.99.f93cc798f2e)
sshfs (3.5.2 -> 3.6.0)
xfce4-screenshooter (1.9.6 -> 1.9.7)
xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin (2.3.3 -> 2.3.4)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaThunderbird ====
Version update (68.2.0 -> 68.2.1)
Subpackages: MozillaThunderbird-translations-common

- Mozilla Thunderbird 68.2.1
* A language for the user interface can now be chosen in the
advanced settings (multilingual UI)
* Fixed problem with Google authentication (OAuth2)
* Selected or unread messages were not shown in the correct color
in the thread pane (message list) under some circumstances
* When using a language pack, names of standard folders weren't
localized (boo#1149126)
* Address book default startup directory in preferences panel was
not persisted
* Chat: Extended context menu on Instant messaging status dialog
(Show Accounts)
- added mozilla-bmo1504834-part4.patch to fix some visual issues on
big endian platforms

==== NetworkManager ====
Subpackages: NetworkManager-lang libnm0 typelib-1_0-NM-1_0

- Drop NetworkNanager-client recommends: this is no longer needed,
as NM itself ships a frontend by now (nmtui). If a DE has a
better way to manage NM (by means of applets or other way of
integration) it is up to the DE to depend on the applets.

==== PackageKit ====
Subpackages: PackageKit-backend-zypp PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin
PackageKit-gtk3-module PackageKit-lang libpackagekit-glib2-18

- Remove zypp-Switch-to-doUpgrade-solver-when-required-by-distribution.patch,
rebase zypp-perform-actions-disallowed-by-update-in-upgrade-mode.patch,
add PackageKit-zypp-dont-set-upgrade-mode-on-updating-specific-packages.patch:
zypp: Don't set upgrade mode in update-packages
- Add PackageKit-zypp-get-updates-dup-or-up.patch: Fix get-updates
in Tumbleweed(gh#hughsie/PackageKit#343).
- Modify PackageKit-systemd-timers.patch: Port the cron
configuration variables to the script, and add -sendwait
parameter to mail in the script(bsc#1130306).
- Refresh patches with quilt.
- Drop PackageKit-cron-without-sleep.patch: Not needed for any
current version of openSUSE.
- Add PackageKit-drop-gtk2.patch: Port away from gtk2 dependency,
drop gtk2-devel BuildRequires (gh#/hughsie/PackageKit#333).
- Add autoconf-archive BuildRequires and run, needed as
above patch touches buildsystem.
- Add PackageKit-zypp-fix-what-provides-newest-filter.patch:
zypp: Add support for newest filter in what-provides(bsc#984865,
- Rename PackageKit-remove-default-thread-check.patch to
and update it with the one accepted upstream.
- Add PackageKit-zypp-fix-newest-filter.patch: zypp: Emit installed
package for newest filter (bsc#1125434, gh#hughsie/PackageKit#329).
- Add zypp-perform-actions-disallowed-by-update-in-upgrade-mode.patch
to fix switch to upgrade mode in the backend
- Add PackageKit-remove-polkit-rules.patch: Remove polkit rules
file (bsc#1125434).
- Limit fdupes to the btrfs subvolume.
- Combine %service_* calls to reduce generated boilerplate.
- Redo summaries without em dashes.
- Reduce %systemd_requires to %systemd_ordering; %service_*
can deal with the absence of it.
- Modify PackageKit-systemd-timers.patch: Fix unit field in
packagekit-background.timer (boo#1126943).
- Add zypp-Switch-to-doUpgrade-solver-when-required-by-distribution.patch
so Tumbleweed can properly update
- Add PackageKit-systemd-timers.patch: Migrate from cron to
systemd timer (bsc#1115410).
- Drop PackageKit-avoid-endless-loop-on-autoupdate.patch: With
PackageKit-return-on-transactions-going-backwards.patch and
PackageKit-remove-default-thread-check.patch, EULA promt works
without any issue (bsc#1038425).
- Add PackageKit-remove-default-thread-check.patch: Remove the
pk_is_thread_default() check in pk_backend_is_eula_valid() so
that we can call it in zypp backend without any issue
(gh#hughsie/PackageKit#301, bsc#1038425).
- Add PackageKit-return-on-transactions-going-backwards.patch:
transaction: Return directly when its state is going backwards
(gh#hughsie/PackageKit#301, bsc#1038425).
- Update to version 1.1.12:
+ common: Handle quoted strings in /etc/os-release.
+ offline update: Fix translations to show up.
+ Backends:
- zypp: Implement GetFilesLocal in zypp backend.
- Various changes related to aptcc and dnf.
- Changes from version 1.1.11:
+ New Features:
- Add --autoremove option to pkcon.
- Shutdown the daemon on idle by default.
+ Bugfixes:
- De-register callbacks on PkClientHelper finalize.
- Don't complain if command-not-found get uninstalled while
- Fix critical on idle shutdown.
- Fix issues with debconf helper not working.
- Never assert when an interactive TTY is not available.
- Schedule offline update service to run after
- Shut down services cleanly before rebooting after offline
+ Backends:
- Various changes related to aptcc, dnf and nix.
- Drop PackageKit-get-files-local.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add files/directories created by tmpfiles.d under /var as ghost
entries to the rpm filelist.
- Add PackageKit-get-files-local.patch: Implement GetFilesLocal
method in zypp backend (bsc#1097581).
- Add PackageKit.tmpfiles: Use tmpfile.d to make sure PackageKit
doesn't package files in /var (bsc#1098042).
- offline updates should be disabled in Leap too, just like SLE
- Update to version 1.1.10:
+ Notes: This release fixes CVE-2018-1106 which is a moderate
security issue (boo#1086936).
+ Backends:
- zypp:
. Implement GetDetailsLocal in zypp backend.
. Improve refresh-cache function in zypp backend.
- Various changes related to aptcc and dnf.
- Drop PackageKit-zypp-backend-improve-refresh-cache.patch and
PackageKit-zypp-backend-get-details-local.patch: Fixed upstream.
- Drop NetworkManager-devel BuildRequires: Not used since version
- Disable offline-update when building for SLE.
- Remove pkgconfig(npapi-sdk) BuildRequires:, it is no longer
needed as browser plugin is not built since 1.1.0.
- Unconditionally enable translation-update-upstream: on
Tumbleweed, this results in a NOP and for Leap in SLE paid
translations being used (boo#1086036).
- Update to version 1.1.9:
+ Fix missing PK_STATUS_ENUM_RUN_HOOK in pk-enum.c.
+ Fix Qt annotation on DBus signature.
+ client: Fix an invalid read when cancelling races with Finish.
+ engine: Fix a memory leak when handling GetTransactionList.
+ Fix getting user session ID with D-Bus "user bus" model.
+ Fix g_object_ref() type cast warnings with glib 2.56.
+ Rename "Software Sources" to "Software Repositories".
+ transaction: Don't leak polkit authority.
+ transaction: Fix a memory leak when authorizing actions.
+ transaction: Log transaction completed messages on debug, not
info level.
+ Backends:
- zypp: remove memory leak from zypp backend.
- Various changes related to aptcc, dnf, slack and urpmi.
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
- Add PackageKit-zypp-backend-get-details-local.patch: Implement
GetDetailsLocal method in zypp backend (bsc#1008287).
- Update to version 1.1.8:
+ Notes: The Slackware backend was renamed from "katja" to
+ Libraries:
- Add getters for PkEulaRequired.
- Add new pk_results_set_role() API.
+ New Features: Save transaction role to the offline update
results file.
+ Bugfixes:
- Various fixes to docs.
- Bring introspection and vapigen m4 macros into the source.
- command-not-found: Be more explicit when ignoring path
- service: Use ConditionPathExists=!/run/ostree-booted.
+ Backends:
- zypp: Return error if invalid package IDs are detected.
- Various changes related to aptcc and slack.
- Drop PK-zypp-return-error-invalid-package-ids.patch: fixed
- Drop autoconf-archive and automake BuildRequires and no longer
call autoreconf: no patch changes the build system.
- Replace --enable/disable-systemd-updates configure parameter with
- -enable/disable-offline-update: the relevant systemd-updates
parameters have not been valid since PackageKit 1.0.0.
- Drop --with-default-backend=zypp configure parameter: this has
not been udnerstood since PackageKit 1.0. PK just used the one
and only backend installed in the distro.

==== a2ps ====
Subpackages: liba2ps1

- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)

==== abcde ====

- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)

==== awesfx ====

- Remove obsolete Groups tag (fate#326485)

==== boost-base ====
Subpackages: boost-license1_71_0 boost1_71_0-jam libboost_date_time1_71_0
libboost_filesystem1_71_0 libboost_headers1_71_0-devel libboost_iostreams1_71_0
libboost_locale1_71_0 libboost_program_options1_71_0 libboost_regex1_71_0

- Use new openmpi-macros-devel package

==== boost-extra ====

- Use new openmpi-macros-devel package

==== engrampa ====
Version update (1.23.0 -> 1.23.1)
Subpackages: engrampa-lang

- Fix build error complaining about conflicting types for
g_ptr_array_copy by updating to 1.23.1.
- Update to version 1.23.1:
* Update translations
* glib-utils: Remove unused function - g_ptr_array_copy
* Remove some unused/deprecated functions
* Various smaller fixes

==== gnome-shell ====
Version update (3.34.1+6 -> 3.34.1+7)
Subpackages: gnome-shell-calendar gnome-shell-lang

- Rebase patch gnome-shell-domain.patch and
- Update to version 3.34.1+7:
* dnd: Skip drag target when its acceptDrop() throws an exception

==== ipset ====
Version update (7.3 -> 7.4)
Subpackages: libipset13

- Update to release 7.4
* Wildcard support for the "hash:net,iface" type.

==== jack ====
Version update (1.9.12 -> 1.9.13)

- Update to 1.9.13
* Meta-data API implementation. (and a few tools updated with support for it)
* Correct GPL licence to LGPL for files needed to build libjack.
* Remove FreeBoB backend (superseded by FFADO).
* define JACK_LIB_EXPORT, useful for internal clients.
* Mark jack_midi_reset_buffer as deprecated.
* Add example systemd unit file
* Signal to systemd when jackd is ready.
* Set "seq" alsa midi driver to maximum resolution possible.
* Fix loading internal clients from another internal client.
- Delete the following patches, as they were fixed upstream:
* 0001-Make-jack_control-python2-3-compatible.patch
* fix-mmap-return-value-check.patch
* jack-waf2.patch
- Add 0001-fix-complation-on-arm.patch

==== jasper ====

- bsc#1117507 CVE-2018-19541: Properly fix heap based overread
in jas_image_depalettize. Original fix caused segfaults.
Update jasper-CVE-2018-19541.patch

==== kdevelop5 ====
Version update (5.4.3 -> 5.4.4)
Subpackages: kdevelop5-lang kdevplatform kdevplatform-lang libkdevplatform54

- Update to 5.4.4
* Fix copyright date display in About KDevelop/KDevPlatform
dialogs (kde#413390)
* FindClang.cmake: also search LLVM version 9
* Clang: Workaround for empty problem ranges at start of document

==== mhvtl ====

- Change install of systemd generatos to /usr/lib/systemd/...
instead of /usr/libexec/systemd/..., which does not yet exist,
to fix build issue

==== ncurses ====
Subpackages: libncurses6 ncurses-devel ncurses-utils tack terminfo
terminfo-base terminfo-screen

- Add tack patch 1.08-20190721
* tack.c, edit.c, tack.h: gcc-8.x-warnings
* init.c, edit.c: gcc 4.x warning
* charset.c: update copyright
* charset.c: rewrite of set_attr resulted in off-by-one loop limit
* aclocal.m4:
add CF_CURSES_TERM_H to get proper ifdef's for the boolnames arrays
* aclocal.m4: add CF_TERMIOS_TYPES, from xterm
* sysdep.c: use termios types such as tcflag_t
* tack.h: update copyright
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf
* package/debian/changelog, package/tack.spec, tack.h: bump
* config.sub: 2019-06-30
* config.guess: 2019-06-10
- Add ncurses patch 20191026
+ add a note in man/curs_add_wch.3x about Unicode terminology for the
line-drawing characters (report by Nick Black).
+ improve comment in lib_tgoto.c regarding the use of \200 where a
\0 would be intended by the caller (report by "64 bit", cf: 20000923).
+ modify linux-16color to accommodate Linux console driver change in
early 2018 (report by Dino Petrucci).
- Correct offsets of hunks of patch ncurses-6.1.dif for misc/terminfo.src

==== open-iscsi ====
Subpackages: iscsiuio libopeniscsiusr0_2_0

- Fix issue where CHAP was not working after latest update
(bsc#1155510), updating:
* open-iscsi-SUSE-latest.diff.bz2

==== opencv3 ====
Version update (3.4.6 -> 3.4.7)

- Update to 3.4.7
Maintenance release, no changelog provided
* Security fixes: CVE-2019-14491 (boo#1144352), CVE-2019-14492
- Drop fix_processor_detection_for_32bit_on_64bit.patch: fixed
- Add CVE-2019-15939.patch: add input check in HOG detector
(boo#1149742 CVE-2019-15939).

==== perl-Archive-Zip ====
Version update (1.64 -> 1.67)

- Update to 1.67
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Archive-Zip/Changes
1.67 Sun 06 Oct 2019
- Fixed compatibility issues with zip64 format (defined-or, pack)
- Fixed hard-coded version fields introduced in version 1.66
- Fixed merge glitch with tests 26 and 27
- Fixed merge glitch with bzip passthrough
- Updated bzip test file to avoid zip bomb detection
- updated to 1.66
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Archive-Zip/Changes
1.66 Mon 16 Sep 2019
- Refactored low-level methods for reading and writing zip files
in zip64 format. Added new parameters and return values to
most of these. Extended constants in Archive::Zip to cover
zip64 formats and lengths.
- Added public APIs
and constants
plus POD on these.
- Added tests for zip64 format in t/21_zip64.t and more test zip
files below t/data. Extended tests in t/02_main.t to perform
all existing tests in all possible desired zip64 modes.
- Extended methods
to perform format checks when called as setters and to reject
any zip64 extended information extra fields passed by the user.
Extended POD and tests in t/02_main.t accordingly.
- Setting {'compressedSize'} after writing central directory
- Added new optional parameter $noFormatError to method
Archive::Zip::_readSignature to silence any format errros when
testing for signatures.
- Added error handling for potentially failed object conversion
after calling method Archive::Zip::Member::_become. Factored
in method Archive::Zip::Member::_becomeDirectoryIfNecessary
into caller.
- Changed methods
(and all inheriting from these) to consistently return a pair
($contents, $status) when called in list context and a scalar
$contents when called in scalar context. Extended tests in
t/02_main.t accordingly.
- Changed method Archive::Zip::Member::extractToFileHandle to
accept a file name instead of a file handle when extracting
symbolic links. Changed lower-level and higher-level methods
to use that feature. Cleaned up code related to the handling
of symbolic links. Added creation of intermediate directories
in method Archive::Zip::Member::extractToFileNamed for symbolic
links as well. Reporting errors from symlink call as AZ-error.
Added POD and test zip file t/data/ and tests in
t/26_symlinks.t for these changes.
- Cleaned up code and added comment related to that highly
dubious (?) {'wasWritten'} logic.
- updated to 1.65
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Archive-Zip/Changes
1.65 Sat 7 Sep 2019
- Fix for members using bzip compression [github/pmqs]
- NetBSD doesn't mind empty zips [github/pmqs]
- Solaris test failure, Add diag to failing test to collect data [github/pmqs]
- Test for presence of Test::MockModule [github/pmqs]
- Fix skip line for Windows [github/pmqs]
- Skip tests that assume /tmp on Windows [github/pmqs]

==== perl-Mojolicious ====
Version update (8.25 -> 8.26)

- updated to 8.26
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Mojolicious/Changes
8.26 2019-11-02
- Removed deprecated slice method from Mojo::Collection.
- Moved HTML entities from Mojo::Util into a separate file. (rage311)
- Changed how the state of the event loop is determined in Mojo::Reactor::EV
to be more consistent with Mojo::Reactor::Poll.

==== samba ====
Version update (4.11.0+git.95.c88b5f2c0c6 -> 4.11.2+git.99.f93cc798f2e)
Subpackages: libdcerpc-binding0 libdcerpc-binding0-32bit libdcerpc0
libdcerpc0-32bit libndr-krb5pac0 libndr-krb5pac0-32bit libndr-nbt0
libndr-nbt0-32bit libndr-standard0 libndr-standard0-32bit libndr0 libndr0-32bit
libnetapi0 libnetapi0-32bit libsamba-credentials0 libsamba-credentials0-32bit
libsamba-errors0 libsamba-errors0-32bit libsamba-hostconfig0
libsamba-hostconfig0-32bit libsamba-passdb0 libsamba-passdb0-32bit
libsamba-policy0-python3 libsamba-util0 libsamba-util0-32bit libsamdb0
libsamdb0-32bit libsmbclient0 libsmbconf0 libsmbconf0-32bit libsmbldap2
libsmbldap2-32bit libtevent-util0 libtevent-util0-32bit libwbclient0
libwbclient0-32bit samba-client samba-client-32bit samba-doc samba-libs
samba-libs-32bit samba-libs-python3 samba-python3 samba-winbind

- Update to samba 4.11.2
+ CVE-2019-10218: Client code can return filenames containing
path separators; (bsc#1144902); (bso#14071).
+ CVE-2019-14833: Samba AD DC check password script does not
receive the full password; (bso#12438).
+ CVE-2019-14847: User with "get changes" permission can crash
AD DC LDAP server via dirsync; (bso#14040).
- Fixes from 4.11.1
+ Overlinking libreplace against librt and pthread against every
binary or library causes issues; (bso#14140);
+ kpasswd fails when built with MIT Kerberos; (bso#14155);
+ Fix spnego fallback from kerberos to ntlmssp in smbd server;
+ Stale file handle error when using mkstemp on a share; (bso#14137);
+ non-AES schannel broken; (bso#14134);
+ Joining Active Directory should not use SAMR to set the password;
+ smbclient can blunder into the SMB1 specific cli_RNetShareEnum()
call on an SMB2 connection; (bso#14152);
+ Deleted records can be resurrected during recovery; (bso#14147);
+ getpwnam and getpwuid need to return data for ID_TYPE_BOTH group;
+ winbind does not list forest trusts with additional trust
attributes; (bso#14130);
+ fault report points to outdated documentation; (bso#14139);
+ pam_winbind with krb5_auth or wbinfo -K doesn't work for users of
trusted domains/forests; (bso#14124);
+ classicupgrade results in uncaught exception - a bytes-like object
is required, not 'str'; (bso#14136);
+ pod2man is not longer required, stop checking at build time;
+ Exit code of ctdb nodestatus should not be influenced by deleted
nodes; (bso#14129);
+ username/password authentication doesn't work with CUPS and
smbspool; (bso#14128);
+ smbc_readdirplus() is incompatible with smbc_telldir() and
smbc_lseekdir(); (bso#14094);

==== soxr ====

- Disable LTO (boo#1155011) for ARM targets.

==== sshfs ====
Version update (3.5.2 -> 3.6.0)

- Update to version 3.6.0
* Added "-o direct_io" option.
This option disables the use of page cache in kernel.
This is useful for example if the file size is not known before reading it.
For example if you mount /proc dir from a remote host without the direct_io
option, the read always will return zero bytes instead of actual data.
* Added --verbose option.
* Fixed a number of compiler warnings.
* Improved performance under OS X.

==== texlive ====
Subpackages: libkpathsea6 libsynctex2

- Add patch source-fix-axohelp.patch for bsc#1155411
* CVE-2019-18604: improper use of sprintf
- Add 0001-Updated-tests-after-U-C-upgrade-changed-sortinit-hashes.patch
from upstream (with context modifications to apply correctly) to update
biber tests after the Unicode::Collate upgrade from 1.25 to 1.27
changed sortinit hashes with (at least) perl 5.26, while using
perl 5.28 seems to work fine (boo#1152776)

==== virtualbox ====
Subpackages: virtualbox-guest-tools virtualbox-guest-x11 virtualbox-kmp-default

- Try to fix unresolvable kernel version in Leap 15.2.
- Fix build errors in Leap 42.3
- Update "fixes_for_5.4.patch" for kernel API backport in openSUSE 15.2

==== xfce4-screenshooter ====
Version update (1.9.6 -> 1.9.7)
Subpackages: xfce4-screenshooter-lang xfce4-screenshooter-plugin

- Update to version 1.9.7
* Add warning notice to imgur upload option (bxo#15347)
* Fix cursor capture when near screen edge (bxo#9262)
* Improve wording (bxo#15429)
* Allow compilation with panel 4.15
* Restore libxfce4ui 4.12 compatibility
* Translation Updates

==== xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin ====
Version update (2.3.3 -> 2.3.4)
Subpackages: xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin-lang

- Update to 2.3.4
* Fix building against xfce4-panel 4.15.0
* Translation updates

==== xslide ====

- Stop loading xslide automatically because of conflicts with css-mode.el;

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