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[opensuse-factory] Some new Plasma desktop features

Plasma users might already have noticed two new features:

- The updater applet works for Tumbleweed now

While the change to switch libzypp into "dup mode" on Tumbleweed landed a while
ago, it needed some time to mature and the applet also did not handle EULA
prompts. The latter is now fixed, which means that you can simply click on
"Install updates" when the popup appears and end up on a new snapshot!

Big disclaimer: PackageKit for dupdating TW snapshots is not openQA tested,
use at your own risk. Also, installation of updates while using the desktop
might result in some issues, like applications behaving weirdly as files are
swapped out underneath them.

Note that Discover uses PackageKit as well, so you can use it for updating your
TW systems too. With the right backends installed, it also handles updates of
Flatpak applications and system firmware. There is no full applet though.

- New "Full Wayland" session option for Plasma

If you use the "Plasma (Wayland)" option to start the session, many
applications are talking over X11 to Xwayland instead of to the Wayland
compositor directly. While this works around bugs and missing features, it also
means that some advantages of Wayland are not accessible.
By simply selecting "Plasma (Full Wayland)", GTK and Qt applications use their
native Wayland backends.

In the future, when the most severe GTK and qtwayland bugs are fixed, this will
become the default mode of "Plasma (Wayland)".

And btw, the Beta for Plasma 5.17 will be out soon. If you want to help testing
you can then grab it from KDE:Frameworks5 as usual or use one of the Live isos.

Have a lot of fun,

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