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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Dependencies of python3-qt5-devel, hplip build failures for ppc64 and armv7l
On Mon, 2019-09-02 at 14:19 +0000, Brüns, Stefan wrote:
On Montag, 2. September 2019 14:50:34 CEST Simon Lees wrote:
I guess you could make the argument that the primary use case for
packages could be to allow developers / users to write new
using the library / toolkit etc and as such atleast recommending
development documentation makes sense. But I agree that a
that leads to smaller build environments makes more sense. Although
as a
passing thought I wonder how much would fail / break, if we setup
obs to
ignore Recommends when setting up build roots. There are probably
evil autotools scripts out there doing autodetection that will
drop features just because a header is no longer present. So I
guess if
someone did want to test it they'd have to do it in a separate
with reproducible build checking enabled.

The -devel package still recommends libqt5-qttools and libqt5-
qttools-doc, but
the OBS already ignores Recommends for building.

Simotek says recommends are honoured, you say they're ignored ... I'm
confused. I confess my ignorance about how this is designed to work.


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