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Re: [opensuse-factory] Accepting requests by non-maintainers
On Fri, 2019-07-12 at 09:45 +0200, Stefan Seyfried wrote:

It *had* a maintainer until about an hour ago. Said maintainer
removed himself at that time.

Hint (in case you're still interested...):

Setting yourself as "reviewer" helps to avoid this. Even though I
think the pending review can still be overridden, it
send a very clear signal to all other project maintainers about that
there is someone interested in this package and so
this will not happen accidentally.

This is good advice, especially when you consider many Project
Maintainers are Project Maintainers in different projects..and not all
Project's have the same ways of working.

This is by design..the whole point of the Devel Project model is that
each Devel Project should come up with rules that works for the
individuals involved.

But when you then consider that we have some horrifically large Devel
Projects with hundreds of packages, some of which are cared for by
individual maintainers who have different expectations than the rest of
the Project..sure, I can see how this issue still happens even with
everyone acting with absolute best intentions.

Speaking from my own experience in the GNOME: devel projects, we have
things set up so that every SR _MUST_ be reviewed by someone else in
the GNOME project before it can be accepted by anyone in the GNOME
Project. This two stage approach pretty much utterly kills off self-
accepting anything.

In devel:kubic things are a little more split up, as we have pretty
much only myself as the Project Maintainer, but a growing handful of
Package Maintainers.

If I'm submitting something to a package with a Package Maintainer, I
will almost always respect OBS's bloody huge warning message and only
self-accept my own SR as a last resort, after giving some significant
time to pass for the assigned maintainer to do their thing.

Any exceptions will only be in the name of fixing major issues urgently
in Kubic/Tumbleweed, and I'll be explaining myself to the Package
Maintainer when I do that.

The same goes for devel:kubic's Package Maintainers - self-acceptance
should be avoided when it can, so I do my best to review SR's from
assigned maintainers quickly so they're not feeling like they're stuck

In short - as empathetic as I am to the original posters plight, I do
think talking directly to the Project Maintainers involved is a better
approach than profane posts to -factory.


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