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Re: [opensuse-factory] Bad Windows 10 performance on Qemu 4.0

On 11/07/2019 05:05, Bjoern Voigt wrote:
Since several months I have performance problems with my Windows 10
virtual machine.

The host system (Intel Core i5 750, 2.8 GHz; 16 GB RAM; 3 TB WD Red
harddisk for the VMs) with openSUSE TW (Qemu 4.0) should be strong
enough to run a single Windows 10 desktop in a virtual machine. Other
VMs (Linux, FreeBSD) are running without performance problems.

But if I start Windows 10 as a single Qemu KVM guest system, the desktop
of the host system sometimes becomes unresponsive during Windows boot.
The performance of the Windows 10 desktop is bad, approximately 10-20x
slower than native and the host system performance also becomes worse.

I had the performance problems with Windows 10 1809. Now I installed a
fresh Windows 10 1903 machine. The performance is better compared to the
old VM, but also bad.

I implemented the common performance hints:
- enough hard disk (55 GB) and RAM (2-5 GB) and CPU cores (2) for the
guest system
- all available Virtio drivers (disk, network, balloon, spice, tablet)
- disabled disk cache (currently cache='unsafe', but also tried
- HyperV options enabled (see

Here is my Windows 10 1903 quest setup:

Does anyone has a working configuration on TW or configuration hints for me?

This is a support question and should be on the openSUSE support mailing list, not the general openSUSE development list, as a rule of thumb generally posts here should affect more then one package, or most users.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
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