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[opensuse-factory] Missing announcement for TW Snapsh 0708
Dear Users,

A new snapshot, 20190708, has been published to the mirrors and is
available for installation.

Unofrtunately, the release mail will not come. In the last days, the
openqa infrastructure was upgraded to Leap 15.1 (yay!) - and the web
app producing the changelogs for the announcement is also running on
this server. Unofrtunately, the upgrade caused a minor issue on this
app - which is not installed from a package, but comes directly from
git checkouts. As a consequence, it remained unnoticed that a package
was no longer present on said machine.

This issue has now been fixed, the missing package installed and the
webapp is back operational.

This means that the next snapshot to be published (hopefully 0709)
should have the release announcement mail again and will contain the
changelog of 0708 in plus (as the bot always does the diff to the last
published changelog file it has)

Additionally, there is a minor glitch which I can warn you about
regarding this snapshot:

The package python-Sphin1 has been renamed to python2-Sphinx (which is
more in line with the package naming standards). This naturally
resulted in rebuilt packages. The old as well as the new source package
produce a python2-Sphinx-1.8.5-1.1.rpm - with different content.

The repo metadata now contains the info about the NEW variant of those
two RPMs, but most mirrors will stick with what they already have, as
they check the file names to identify what needs to be mirrored. I
retriggered this package for a rebuild, which will also be part of 0709
- resulting in python2-sphinx-1.8.5-1.2.rpm. This will allow mirrors to
see this as a new file to be mirrored.

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