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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: please someone help with SR#711379

On Monday 2019-07-01 15:18, Neal Gompa wrote:

Bad example, %make_install is a standard rpm macro and has been for many years.

And still people... "forget" to use it.

An example is the difference between using %systemd_post and
%service_add_post. The former is the cross-distro one implemented in
systemd upstream[1]. The latter is the openSUSE specific variant[2]. I use the
former, and some people use the latter. In openSUSE, the systemd macros are
adjusted to account for openSUSE weirdness as needed. From my point of view,
there's virtually no reason for me to use the SUSE-only macro.

%service_* implements some form of upgrade migration, and %systemd_* does not,
because that project has... "different priorities" to say it nice.

In fact, I would go so far as to say we should
disallow it unless you're packaging sysvinit scripts (which you
shouldn't be doing anyway!).

In this age, certainly. But it was different a few years ago.

And yet, openSUSE is among the distros with the highest package counts
(whether that is good or bad, I'll put aside), so the situation is not
too bad.

It has the lowest number of source packages among the major RPM-based
Linux distributions. Binary package numbers mean absolutely nothing,
since everyone does package splits differently, and even openSUSE is
inconsistent on how it does package splits for various reasons.

Source packages likewise don't mean anything, because we are, for example,
collecting the 6000-or-so texlive packages in 26 source packages.

* Fedora: 22,003 (current rawhide)
* Mageia: 14,672 (core only)
* openSUSE: 12,135 (openSUSE:Factory)

I counted 34000 last time (with OBS - as is a fair comparison when everyone
else also includes AUR and whatnot).
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