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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: please someone help with SR#711379
On Mon, 1 Jul 2019 at 10:41, Johannes Meixner <jsmeix@xxxxxxx> wrote:


On Jul 1 10:06 Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:

I remember some years ago kkaempf told the story how he packaged
something to build for both Fedora and openSUSE. Fedora accepted
the package, openSUSE didnt - because there were some (possibly
openSUSE-only) macros that "could have been used".
In general it seems to be good when openSUSE RPM spec files
are in compliance with a reasonable openSUSE standard.

But on the other hand enforcing it could be a hindrance
for openSUSE contributors to use ready-made RPM spec files
from whatever upstream projects also for openSUSE RPMs
with only some minor openSUSE-specific adaptions
to get software easily built also for openSUSE.

What is more important for openSUSE:
Be open for others (and accept diversity)
be uniform (to make maintenance easier)?

Please don't misuse the important topic of diversity to further your agenda.
If diversity is truly your goal, lets aim for diversity of opinions,
genders, cultures, etc, not a diversity in package quality.

So by striving to have uniform, easy-to-maintain packages
we get less packages. And less packagers, too.

In general uniformity does not make life easier for free
openSUSE contributors but perhaps uniformity is mainly
useful for some special SUSE maintenance people?

The current processes are open to anyone, and the standards have been
established through regular iterations by the the diverse openSUSE
community, who are also responsible for their implementation.
openSUSE's level of engineering excellence is repeatedly cited as a
reason many of our users are drawn to our offerings. We should never
put that at risk.

I notice many of the complainants against the status quo in this
thread are SUSE employees who are either expressing opinions or
relaying the opinions of others that do not comply with SUSE's Open
Source Policy.

I would recommend that those employees contact their management to
discuss their inability to comply or disinterest in following company
The benefit or lack thereof a publicly announced company policy is
best not discussed on any mailing-list.

I would also point out that if the openSUSE community reduced its
level of quality and uniformity in the codebase, there is a
significant chance that openSUSE's usefulness to SUSE would be
directly impacted.
An openSUSE with less reliable package quality would require
significant extra work by SUSE, probably requiring significantly more
effort by the very same employees advocating here for openSUSE to be
less consistent in its quality controls.
I seems logical to me for both the benefit of SUSE & openSUSE that as
much of that work possible should be done early, in the open, and
distributed as part of a broader community.

I think the only sensible path forward would be for those unhappy with
the status quo would be to contribute to improving the automation so
it's easier and smoother for contributors while still enforcing
openSUSE's current standards.
Such contributions are probably best done in the form of pull requests
to rather than
continuing this thread.
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