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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: please someone help with SR#711379

On 01/07/2019 17:03, Johannes Meixner wrote:


On Jul 1 08:14 Michal Kubecek wrote (excerpt):
I don't dare to guess how big the two parts are
and which of them deserves the term "most places".

Because those who are driven away do no longer count
their percentage shrinks while the percentage of those
who are left increases until only the latter part is left.

In general it seems to be good when openSUSE RPM ... files
are in compliance with a reasonable openSUSE standard.

But on the other hand enforcing it could be a hindrance
for openSUSE contributors ...

What is more important for openSUSE:
Be open for others (and accept diversity)
be uniform (to make maintenance easier)?

Perhaps only for openSUSE core packages (whatever that
exactly means - perhaps packages that are also in SLE ?)
the RPM spec files and the RPM changelogs must be in
compliance with a standard to make maintenance easier?

This is a thread about a certain tool that can be used to clean up spec files, when dealing with a really old package it can be quite useful, but we have no policy that says you must run it and many of the things that it does are helpful rather then policy because at times they can be unhelpful. Personally I don't have the service installed because it can break some things and especially when dealing with maintenance updates it makes changes that are unhelpful, having said that there are times when I need to clean something up and I'll clone it from git and run it manually on a spec file.


What is the benefit for openSUSE users and contributors
to enforce a special openSUSE uniformity ...
What is more important for openSUSE:
Be open and accept diversity or enforce uniformity?

Yeah I care less about this one, at the same time I don't recall having to do any work to fix it, the people that care about it did that. So I don't see it as a major issue, the project decided by vote how it should be and i'm happy to respect that I see no reason not to have it uniform and hopefully all the templates etc have been updated so unless you write something from scratch, which you shouldn't it won't be an issue for you.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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