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Re: [opensuse-factory] LTO in openSUSE:Factory
On Mon, 29 Apr 2019, Martin Liška wrote:

On 4/25/19 9:23 AM, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:


On Tue, Apr 23, Martin Liška wrote:

LTO stands for Link Time Optimization and it is a GCC optimization
technique that improves speed and reduces size of binaries. According
to our measurements, ELF binaries will be about 5% smaller and debug
info packages by 15%. Now, there are various interesting packages that
have been LTO in Factory right now: libreoffice, MozillaFirefox, python3,

If I read that LTO doesn't work with symbol versioning, isn't then
introducing LTO contra productive?

No. Right now we're talking about 15-20 packages that use symbol versioning
(out of ~3000).
Moreover, LTO is the most beneficial for executables of a reasonable size
where scope
of exported symbols is limited. On the contrary, libraries have a lot of
symbols (functions)

Note that we're planning to add support for symber in next GCC release.

IIRC symbol-versioning with -Wl,-map should work just fine, just the
glibc way of using toplevel asms does not. Hopefully not too many
projects copied that way.

For C++ restricting visibility is something that works as well
and is similarly useful (just w/o the versions).

We need much more shared libraries
with symbol versioning then less or LTO ...


I think we need more (C++) shared libraries that make their set of
exported symbols explicit. Not sure if we really need more libraries
with several variants of the same symbol ;)




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