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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20190425 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
crash (7.2.3_k5.0.8_1 -> 7.2.5_k5.0.9_1)
installation-images-Kubic (14.420 -> 14.422)
installation-images-MicroOS (14.420 -> 14.422)
kernel-source (5.0.8 -> 5.0.9)
unar (1.10.1 -> 1.10.5)
xfce4-notifyd (0.4.3 -> 0.4.4)
yast2-installation (4.2.2 -> 4.2.3)
yast2-pam (4.1.0 -> 4.2.1)
yast2-users (4.1.11 -> 4.2.0)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaThunderbird ====
Subpackages: MozillaThunderbird-translations-common

- Disable LTO (boo#1133267).

==== crash ====
Version update (7.2.3_k5.0.8_1 -> 7.2.5_k5.0.9_1)

- Upgrade the source tarball to version 7.2.5
- drop patches obsoleted by version upgrade:
* crash-fix-snprintf-overflow.patch
* crash-stop_read_error_when_intent_is_retry.patch
* crash-update-recognition-of-x86_64-CPU_ENTRY_AREA.patch
- post-7.2.5 upstream patches for kernel 5.0/5.1 compatibility:
* crash-fix-for-4.20-without-CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE.patch
* crash-fix-for-virsh-dump-dumps-with-KASLR.patch
* crash-fix-kmem-z-on-kernel-5.0.patch
* crash-fix-kmem-i-on-kernel-5.0.patch
* crash-fix-sym-for-module-symbols-on-kernel-5.0.patch
* crash-fix-dis-function-for-module-symbols-on-kernel-5.0.patch
* crash-handle-radix_tree_root-changes-in-post-5.1-kernels.patch
* crash-find-kernel-configuration-data-with-kernel-5.1.patch
* crash-fix-dev-dD-on-kernel-5.1.patch

==== installation-images-Kubic ====
Version update (14.420 -> 14.422)

- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#308
- add /dev/btrfs-control to initrd (bsc#1133368)
- 14.422
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#307
- patch zypp config also for MicroOS (bsc#1132848)
- adjust branding example
- 14.421

==== installation-images-MicroOS ====
Version update (14.420 -> 14.422)

- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#308
- add /dev/btrfs-control to initrd (bsc#1133368)
- 14.422
- merge gh#openSUSE/installation-images#307
- patch zypp config also for MicroOS (bsc#1132848)
- adjust branding example
- 14.421

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (5.0.8 -> 5.0.9)
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms kernel-vanilla

- Linux 5.0.9 (bnc#1012628).
- paride/pcd: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference and mem leak
- paride/pf: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (bnc#1012628).
- IB/hfi1: Failed to drain send queue when QP is put into error
state (bnc#1012628).
- bpf: fix use after free in bpf_evict_inode (bnc#1012628).
- include/linux/swap.h: use offsetof() instead of custom
__swapoffset macro (bnc#1012628).
- f2fs: fix to add refcount once page is tagged PG_private
- f2fs: fix to use kvfree instead of kzfree (bnc#1012628).
- f2fs: fix to dirty inode for i_mode recovery (bnc#1012628).
- rxrpc: Fix client call connect/disconnect race (bnc#1012628).
- lib/div64.c: off by one in shift (bnc#1012628).
- cifs: return -ENODATA when deleting an xattr that does not exist
- appletalk: Fix use-after-free in atalk_proc_exit (bnc#1012628).
- drm/amdkfd: use init_mqd function to allocate object for hid_mqd
(CI) (bnc#1012628).
- ARM: 8839/1: kprobe: make patch_lock a raw_spinlock_t
- platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: Quirk to ignore XTAL shutdown
- drm/nouveau/volt/gf117: fix speedo readout register
- f2fs: sync filesystem after roll-forward recovery (bnc#1012628).
- PCI/ASPM: Save LTR Capability for suspend/resume (bnc#1012628).
- PCI: Blacklist power management of Gigabyte X299 DESIGNARE EX
PCIe ports (bnc#1012628).
- coresight: cpu-debug: Support for CA73 CPUs (bnc#1012628).
- RDMA/hns: Fix the Oops during rmmod or insmod ko when reset
occurs (bnc#1012628).
- Revert "ACPI / EC: Remove old CLEAR_ON_RESUME quirk"
- crypto: axis - fix for recursive locking from bottom half
- net: hns3: Fix NULL deref when unloading driver (bnc#1012628).
- drm/panel: panel-innolux: set display off in
innolux_panel_unprepare (bnc#1012628).
- drm/amdgpu: psp_ring_destroy cause psp->km_ring.ring_mem NULL
- lkdtm: Add tests for NULL pointer dereference (bnc#1012628).
- lkdtm: Print real addresses (bnc#1012628).
- ext4: prohibit fstrim in norecovery mode (bnc#1012628).
- x86/gart: Exclude GART aperture from kcore (bnc#1012628).
- cifs: Fix slab-out-of-bounds when tracing SMB tcon
- fix incorrect error code mapping for OBJECTID_NOT_FOUND
- cifs: fix that return -EINVAL when do dedupe operation
- x86/hw_breakpoints: Make default case in
hw_breakpoint_arch_parse() return an error (bnc#1012628).
- iommu/vt-d: Save the right domain ID used by hardware
- iommu/vt-d: Check capability before disabling protected memory
- drm/nouveau/debugfs: Fix check of pm_runtime_get_sync failure
- x86/cpu/cyrix: Use correct macros for Cyrix calls on Geode
processors (bnc#1012628).
- x86/hyperv: Prevent potential NULL pointer dereference
- x86/hpet: Prevent potential NULL pointer dereference
- irqchip/mbigen: Don't clear eventid when freeing an MSI
- irqchip/stm32: Don't set rising configuration registers at init
- irqchip/stm32: Don't clear rising/falling config registers at
init (bnc#1012628).
- drm/exynos/mixer: fix MIXER shadow registry synchronisation code
- blk-iolatency: #include "blk.h" (bnc#1012628).
- PM / Domains: Avoid a potential deadlock (bnc#1012628).
- ACPI / utils: Drop reference in test for device presence
- perf tests: Fix a memory leak in
test__perf_evsel__tp_sched_test() (bnc#1012628).
- perf tests: Fix memory leak by expr__find_other() in
test__expr() (bnc#1012628).
- perf tests: Fix a memory leak of cpu_map object in the
openat_syscall_event_on_all_cpus test (bnc#1012628).
- perf evsel: Free evsel->counts in perf_evsel__exit()
- perf top: Fix global-buffer-overflow issue (bnc#1012628).
- perf maps: Purge all maps from the 'names' tree (bnc#1012628).
- perf map: Remove map from 'names' tree in __maps__remove()
- perf hist: Add missing map__put() in error case (bnc#1012628).
- perf top: Fix error handling in cmd_top() (bnc#1012628).
- perf build-id: Fix memory leak in print_sdt_events()
- perf config: Fix a memory leak in collect_config()
- perf config: Fix an error in the config template documentation
- perf tools: Fix errors under optimization level '-Og'
- perf list: Don't forget to drop the reference to the allocated
thread_map (bnc#1012628).
- perf stat: Fix --no-scale (bnc#1012628).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NULL pointer crash due to stale CPUID
- scsi: core: Also call destroy_rcu_head() for passthrough
requests (bnc#1012628).
- tools/power turbostat: return the exit status of a command
- x86/mm: Don't leak kernel addresses (bnc#1012628).
- sched/core: Fix buffer overflow in cgroup2 property cpu.max
- sched/cpufreq: Fix 32-bit math overflow (bnc#1012628).
- scsi: iscsi: flush running unbind operations when removing a
session (bnc#1012628).
- thermal/intel_powerclamp: fix truncated kthread name
- thermal/int340x_thermal: fix mode setting (bnc#1012628).
- thermal/int340x_thermal: Add additional UUIDs (bnc#1012628).
- thermal: bcm2835: Fix crash in bcm2835_thermal_debugfs
- thermal: samsung: Fix incorrect check after code merge
- thermal/intel_powerclamp: fix __percpu declaration of
worker_data (bnc#1012628).
- paride/pcd: cleanup queues when detection fails (bnc#1012628).
- paride/pf: cleanup queues when detection fails (bnc#1012628).
- ALSA: opl3: fix mismatch between snd_opl3_drum_switch definition
and declaration (bnc#1012628).
- mmc: davinci: remove extraneous __init annotation (bnc#1012628).
- i40iw: Avoid panic when handling the inetdev event
- IB/mlx4: Fix race condition between catas error reset and
aliasguid flows (bnc#1012628).
- drm/udl: use drm_gem_object_put_unlocked (bnc#1012628).
- auxdisplay: hd44780: Fix memory leak on ->remove()
- ALSA: sb8: add a check for request_region (bnc#1012628).
- ALSA: echoaudio: add a check for ioremap_nocache (bnc#1012628).
- ext4: report real fs size after failed resize (bnc#1012628).
- ext4: add missing brelse() in add_new_gdb_meta_bg()
- ext4: avoid panic during forced reboot (bnc#1012628).
- mips: bcm47xx: Enable USB power on Netgear WNDR3400v2
- perf/core: Restore mmap record type correctly (bnc#1012628).
- inotify: Fix fsnotify_mark refcount leak in
inotify_update_existing_watch() (bnc#1012628).
- arc: hsdk_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM (bnc#1012628).
- ARC: u-boot args: check that magic number is correct
- commit 7bd8353

==== osc ====

- osc-0.165.0.tar.gz now contains the correct version (tag 0.165.0)
- simplify "BuildArch:" decission if statements. (Avoid double
BuildArch lines)
- Fedora29: m2crypto for python3 is named python3-m2crypto now

==== squashfs ====

- Disable LTO (boo#1133284).
- Use | instead of / that can be part of -L or -I options.
- Use / as sed command delimiter. Comma can actually show up in
optflags (think -Wl,?), which then breaks the sed command line
- sysmacros.patch: Include <sys/sysmacros.h> for major/minor/makedev
- Machines with 1024 processors or more reach the limit of maximum
file descriptors (bsc#984136). Other limits apply that may be
hit for no good reason. Simply limit the number of used threads
to an arbitrary number, squashfs-thread-limit.
- fix build for SLE12 and older
- add patches to fix eventual file corruption (boo#953723)
- Enable LZ4 support
- Use url for source
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Since version 4.3, squasfs does not require attr-devel
but uses glibc instead.

==== unar ====
Version update (1.10.1 -> 1.10.5)

- update to version 1.10.5
* Update/linux build validation
* Remove wavpack sources from linux distribution
* [TUN-62] Some symlinks aren't handled by the unarchiver
* [TUN-62] Fix Symlink extration for certain files
* Add faster IEEECRC32 calculation
* Fix 7zip unarchivation for files with delta filter
* Select correct Parser in conflicting SFX Archives
* Correct RAR5 variable int reading for correct reading
values >> 32 bit
* Fix case when old solid rar archives weren't correctly extracted
* Fix broken symbolic links for the archives, created in Windows
* Fix case when JSON output explodes in solid archives with
a lot of files
* Support WARC 1.0 compliant WARC-Target-URI fields
* Support extracting warc.{gz,bz2,lzma,xz,Z} files directly
* Add support for self extracting archives in RAR5
- update fixes [bsc#1127736]
- remove the following patches (applied upstream)
* use-system-wavpack.patch
* document-undocumented-options.patch
* unar-1.10.1-self-extracting_rar.patch
- change Source for the upstream tarball

==== xfce4-notifyd ====
Version update (0.4.3 -> 0.4.4)
Subpackages: xfce4-notifyd-lang

- This is a bugfix release:
* Drop reference to dbus-binding-tool (bxo#14835)
* Make more strings translatable (bxo#14890)
* panel plugin: Fix menu position
* panel-plugin: Fix first log entry not being shown (bxo#14920)
* Fix Chrome notification icons (bxo#15215)
* Fix output of xfce4-notifyd-config --help (bxo#14922)
* Get rid of gdk_error_trap* deprecations
* Add fallback for label alignment and older Gtk+3
* Fix icon-size in the log toolbar
- Updated translations
- Spec file updated

==== yast2-installation ====
Version update (4.2.2 -> 4.2.3)

- Make sure pkg target is active as long as still needed (bsc#1128385)
- 4.2.3

==== yast2-pam ====
Version update (4.1.0 -> 4.2.1)

- Skip loading the package manager in the test mode, fixes
broken unit tests in yast2-users and yast2-nis-client
(related to the previous fix bsc#1128385)
- 4.2.1
- Offer autologin only if a display manager that supports it is
installed (bsc#1128385)
- 4.2.0

==== yast2-users ====
Version update (4.1.11 -> 4.2.0)

- Offer autologin only if a display manager that supports it is
installed (bsc#1128385)
- 4.2.0
- AY creating user: Improved checking of already existing home
directories (bsc#1130158)
- 4.1.12

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