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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20190417 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
accountsservice (0.6.50 -> 0.6.54)
elementary-xfce-icon-theme (0.13.1~git12.5a5d511b -> 0.13.1~git17.6118c6a9)
gdm-branding-openSUSE (42.3 -> 15.1)
gtk3 (3.24.7 -> 3.24.8)
icewm (1.4.2 -> 1.5.3)
libcroco (0.6.12 -> 0.6.13)
libdazzle (3.32.0 -> 3.32.1)
libqmi (1.22.2 -> 1.22.4)
libreoffice ( ->
linux-glibc-devel (4.20 -> 5.0)
nano (4.0 -> 4.1)
obs-service-format_spec_file (20190312 -> 20190411)
patterns-xfce (20190302 -> 20190412)
pk-update-icon (2 -> 3)
polkit-default-privs (13.2+20190315.3da47ba -> 13.2+20190411.5775d58)
python-kiwi (9.17.35 -> 9.17.37)
yast2-trans (84.87.20190410.077cc7c58a -> 84.87.20190412.26ef452e5e)

=== Details ===

==== accountsservice ====
Version update (0.6.50 -> 0.6.54)
Subpackages: accountsservice-lang libaccountsservice0

- Drop upstream fixed patches:
+ accountsservice-lib-don-not-set-loaded-state-until-seat-fetched.patch
- Update patches:
+ accountsservice-read-root-user-cache.patch
+ accountsservice-sysconfig.patch

==== bluez ====
Subpackages: libbluetooth3

- install bluetoothd sample config file as %doc for reference

==== docbook_4 ====

- Enable 4.5 SGML and XML DTD for processing with SGML tools;
- Do not install catalogs in /var/lib/sgml; bsc#1093345.

==== elementary-xfce-icon-theme ====
Version update (0.13.1~git12.5a5d511b -> 0.13.1~git17.6118c6a9)

- Update to version 0.13.1~git17.6118c6a9:
* Adding symlink to appropriate update icon for gpk
* Fix gradients and shadows of software-update icons
* software-update-icons: Fixed 16px icons to match 22px design
* Add approved 'monochrome' panel icons for software updater
* Fix last remaining blue folders (gh#shimmerproject/elementary-xfce#127)

==== enchant ====
Subpackages: enchant-2-backend-hunspell enchant-data libenchant-2-2

- Add enchant-2-backend-aspell package which provides the aspell
backend for enchant.

==== gdm ====
Subpackages: gdm-lang gdmflexiserver libgdm1 typelib-1_0-Gdm-1_0

- Add gdm.tmpfiles to create directories under /var with
systemd-tmpfiles in order to support transactional updates.
- Mark directories under /var as %ghost so they're not created
during package installation (related to boo#1098063, fate#325524)

==== gdm-branding-openSUSE ====
Version update (42.3 -> 15.1)

- Adjust to new plymouth imagery
- 15.1

==== git ====
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web gitk

- update git-web AppArmor profile for bash and tar usrMerge (boo#1132350)

==== gtk3 ====
Version update (3.24.7 -> 3.24.8)
Subpackages: gtk3-data gtk3-immodule-amharic gtk3-immodule-inuktitut
gtk3-immodule-thai gtk3-immodule-tigrigna gtk3-immodule-vietnamese
gtk3-immodule-xim gtk3-lang gtk3-tools libgtk-3-0 typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0

- Update to version 3.24.8:
+ Color editor: don't warn if editing is cancelled.
+ Always redraw on allocate - not doing so is not safe when any
widget can have a background.
+ Use GLSL 3.30 for shaders.
+ Quartz: add a preliminary GdkGLContext implementation.
+ Win32: Fix a bug that prevented storing printer driver prefs.
+ Wayland: properly place window menus.
+ GtkApplication: support session state changes in sandboxes,
using the inhibit portal.
+ Fix a problem with autostart notification.
+ Places: Show loop devices as reported by gvfs.
+ Updated translations.

==== hplip ====
Subpackages: hplip-hpijs hplip-sane

- Remove dependency on python3-pillow on SLE (bsc#1131613), and
remove the hp-scan tool that needs it. "scanimage" must be used

==== icewm ====
Version update (1.4.2 -> 1.5.3)
Subpackages: icewm-config-upstream icewm-default icewm-lang icewm-lite

- Update to 1.5.3
- Rebase patches
- icewm-susemenu.patch: rebase "suseprog" function
- icewm-desktop-nodisplay.patch: rebase, set NoDisplay for
- icewm-preferences.patch: rebase, only IconPath hunk not in
upstream now
- Drop patches
- icewm-mate.patch: upstream no longer uses icewm-menu-gnome2 to
generate a default menu, the current approach
is superior for current distros
- icewm-use-iproute2-ss-instead-of-netstat.patch:
was accepted by upstream

==== jack ====

- Added 0001-Make-jack_control-python2-3-compatible.patch from git
to fix boo#1132458.

==== kwin5 ====
Subpackages: kwin5-lang

- Revert upstream commit to avoid issues with NVIDIA optimus (kde#406180):
* 0001-Revert-platforms-x11-Force-glXSwapBuffers-to-block-w.patch

==== libcroco ====
Version update (0.6.12 -> 0.6.13)

- Update to version
+ Visual Studio builds: Enhance security of x64 binaries.
+ win32/ Fix replacing items in files with UTF-8
+ tknzr: support only max long rgb values.
+ input: check end of input before reading a byte.
- Drop upstream fixed patches:
+ libcroco-fix-CVE-2017-7960.patch.
+ libcroco-fix-CVE-2017-7961.patch.
- Stop exporting -fno-strict-aliasing" to configure, no longer
- Update URL to new gitlab home.

==== libdazzle ====
Version update (3.32.0 -> 3.32.1)
Subpackages: libdazzle-1_0-0 typelib-1_0-libdazzle-1_0

- Update to version 3.32.1:
+ Fix subproject builds.
+ Fix macOS symbol versioning.
+ Fix missing error propagation for reaper task.
+ Fix adwaita menu padding.

==== libkolabxml ====

- Make sure libxerces-c-devel is installed before using

==== libqmi ====
Version update (1.22.2 -> 1.22.4)
Subpackages: libqmi-glib5 libqmi-tools

- Update to version 1.22.4:
+ New request/responses/indications:
- uim: new "Register Events" request/response.
- dms: new "Dell Change Device Mode" request/response.
- dms: new "Dell Get Firmware Version" request/response.
+ libqmi-glib:
- wds: fixed reporting unknown current rates.
+ qmi-proxy:
- Increased empty lifetime to 300s.
+ qmicli:
Avoid priting service option in 3GPP devices.

==== libreoffice ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: libreoffice-base libreoffice-base-drivers-firebird
libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw libreoffice-filters-optional
libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-icon-themes libreoffice-impress
libreoffice-l10n-cs libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-l10n-el
libreoffice-l10n-en libreoffice-l10n-en_GB libreoffice-l10n-es
libreoffice-l10n-fr libreoffice-l10n-hu libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja
libreoffice-l10n-pl libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru
libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW libreoffice-mailmerge
libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno libreoffice-qt5 libreoffice-writer

- Update to
* Bugfix release 6.2.3
- Remove merged patches:
* old-boost.patch
* libreoffice-postgresql.patch
* 0001-Fix-LTO-segfault-in-libtest_sw_uwriter-test.patch
* boost_169.patch
* kde5.patch
* old-icu.patch

==== libxslt ====
Subpackages: libxslt-tools libxslt1

- Security fix: [bsc#1132160, CVE-2019-11068]
* Bypass of a protection mechanism because callers of xsltCheckRead
and xsltCheckWrite permit access even upon receiving a -1 error
code. xsltCheckRead can return -1 for a crafted URL that is not
actually invalid and is subsequently loaded.
* Added libxslt-CVE-2019-11068.patch

==== linux-glibc-devel ====
Version update (4.20 -> 5.0)

- Update to kernel headers 5.0

==== lsof ====

- Add lsof-glibc-linux-5.0.patch: Fix build with
linux-glibc-devel-5.0 by including sysmacros.h as needed.

==== nano ====
Version update (4.0 -> 4.1)
Subpackages: nano-lang

- Update to GNU nano 4.1:
* Newline char is auto added to the end of a buffer
* -finalnewline (-f) has been removed
* Syntax files are read in alpha order when globbing
* preproc directives are highlighted with C syntax
* M-S now toggles soft wrapping M-N toggles numbers
* Jumpy -scrolling toggle removed
* ^W/^Y and ^W/^V are recognized again
* Executing external command disallowed in view mode
* Resizing issues during external or spelling cmds fixed

==== netcontrol ====

- Install pkgconfig into libdir instead of datadir

==== obs-service-format_spec_file ====
Version update (20190312 -> 20190411)

- Update to version 20190411:
* Update SPDX license list

==== patterns-xfce ====
Version update (20190302 -> 20190412)
Subpackages: patterns-xfce-xfce patterns-xfce-xfce_basis
patterns-xfce-xfce_laptop patterns-xfce-xfce_office

- package-update-indicator replaces no longer maintained pk-update-icon

==== pk-update-icon ====
Version update (2 -> 3)
Subpackages: pk-update-icon-lang

- update to version 3
- Add note that pk-update-icon is no longer developed
- Simplify PkuiBackend
- Only show notification action if the update viewer executable exists
- Exclude "." from tarballs
- Update email address
- added note about stopped development to description

==== polkit-default-privs ====
Version update (13.2+20190315.3da47ba -> 13.2+20190411.5775d58)

- Update to version 13.2+20190411.5775d58:
* gamemode: additional polkit action for gpuclockctl (bsc#1129967)
* NetworkManager: remove wrongly named wifi-scan rule (bsc#1128560)

==== pulseaudio ====
Subpackages: libpulse-mainloop-glib0 libpulse0 pulseaudio-bash-completion
pulseaudio-gdm-hooks pulseaudio-lang pulseaudio-module-bluetooth
pulseaudio-module-gsettings pulseaudio-module-x11 pulseaudio-module-zeroconf

- Remove one redundant Requires: systemd, and add
BuildRequires: systemd-rpm-macros.
- Use alsa API properly. Consumers are expected to use
<alsa/asoundlib.h> instead of <asoundlib.h>.
This is in preparation of an change to pkgconfig(alsa) to
not pollute CFLAGS with -I/usr/include/alsa anymore (bsc#1130333)
- Make /var/lib/gdm %ghost again in pulseaudio-gdm-hooks so we don't
create the directory when installing the package. gdm was just
changed to create that directory as %ghost too to keep both
packages in sync.
- Add /var/lib/pulseaudio (which is already created by systemd-tmpfiles)
as %ghost so users can easily query who created the directory,
it gets uninstalled on package removal and rpmlint doesn't complain
about it.
- Enable systemd user socket for activating PA (bsc#1083473)
- Disable auto-spawn along with the change above

==== python-kiwi ====
Version update (9.17.35 -> 9.17.37)

- Bump version: 9.17.36 ? 9.17.37
- Fix rpm metadata creation
There are rpm versions that require access to /dev and fail
with the error message 'Failed to initialize NSS library'
For details see:
Due to the rpm location checkup fix from Issue #1037 this
change impacts builds for distributions that uses an rpm
version with the above behavior (e.g CentOS) and fails as
consequence of the rpm call error. This commit fixes this
in a way that we make sure the host /dev is available at
the time of the call.
- Bump version: 9.17.35 ? 9.17.36
- Fix xml syntax on documentation example
- Add custom curl options docs
- Refactor handling of runtime tests check dict
Consolidate check list into CliTask base class such that we
can avoid duplication of runtime check dicts. Only runtime
tests that require stateful information according to the
commandline call are handled directly in the task code
- Delete check_grub_efi_installed_for_efi_firmware
The motivation is nice to check if the required grub module
package is part of the package list if the efi firmware is
requested, but as long as there is no distribution wide
standard for packaging grub this check will cause more trouble
than it is of help. Currently it failed for the arm architecture
and the grub2-arm64-efi package. We decided to prevent checking
against static lists and dropped this runtime check. Missing
grub modules will be recognized at the grub stage when we
search for them.
- Adding custom curl options for dracut-kiwi-lib module
This commit parses the `` argument from
the kernel command line to read and use curl options for the
`fetch_file` function of `` utility. Options are passed
as comma separated values.
Fixes #891
- Auto upgrade all image descriptions to v7.0 schema
- Deleted pxedeploy section
There is no further demand in the client config creation for the
legacy netboot code. Customers using the netboot initrd already
create the client config.<MAC> file manually or through another
system. With the next generation kiwi we also recommend the disk
based network deployment using the dracut capabilities and marked
the netboot code as still supported but on the legacy stream.
Along with the deletion in the schema the following changes
were also done:
* Deleted use of pxedeploy section in implementation
* Increase schema version to v7.0
* Update documentation on schema version update
* Added xsl stylesheet conversion from v6.9 to v7.0
Automatic schema version upgrade from v6.9 to v7.0 deletes
the pxedeploy section from any type specification
This Fixes #19

==== rubygem-pg ====

- Add use-pkg-config.patch to avoid relying on postgresql-server.

==== rubygem-winrm-2_1 ====

- Cleanup RPM warnings
Add 0001-Fix-line-endings-of-lib-winrm-psrp-powershell_output.patch:
upstream fix for the end of line issues

==== xdg-desktop-portal ====
Subpackages: xdg-desktop-portal-lang

- BuildIgnore xdg-desktop-portal: self-requires is not needed here
to build. Flatkpak has a (correct) dependency on
xdg-desktop-portal, but since we don't run flatpak during build,
but merely require its -devel package, we can break up this

==== yast2-trans ====
Version update (84.87.20190410.077cc7c58a -> 84.87.20190412.26ef452e5e)
Subpackages: yast2-trans-af yast2-trans-ar yast2-trans-bg yast2-trans-bn
yast2-trans-bs yast2-trans-ca yast2-trans-cs yast2-trans-cy yast2-trans-da
yast2-trans-de yast2-trans-el yast2-trans-en yast2-trans-en_GB
yast2-trans-en_US yast2-trans-es yast2-trans-et yast2-trans-fa yast2-trans-fi
yast2-trans-fr yast2-trans-gl yast2-trans-gu yast2-trans-hi yast2-trans-hr
yast2-trans-hu yast2-trans-id yast2-trans-it yast2-trans-ja yast2-trans-jv
yast2-trans-ka yast2-trans-km yast2-trans-ko yast2-trans-lo yast2-trans-lt
yast2-trans-mk yast2-trans-mr yast2-trans-nb yast2-trans-nl yast2-trans-pa
yast2-trans-pl yast2-trans-pt yast2-trans-pt_BR yast2-trans-ro yast2-trans-ru
yast2-trans-si yast2-trans-sk yast2-trans-sl yast2-trans-sr yast2-trans-sv
yast2-trans-ta yast2-trans-th yast2-trans-tr yast2-trans-uk yast2-trans-vi
yast2-trans-wa yast2-trans-xh yast2-trans-zh_CN yast2-trans-zh_TW yast2-trans-zu

- Update to version 84.87.20190412.26ef452e5e:
* New POT for text domain 'rpm-groups'.
* New POT for text domain 'packager'.
* New POT for text domain 'firstboot'.
* Remove unnecessary code
* Add download for updated rpm-groups.pot

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