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[opensuse-factory] nfs mounts show a fail state in TW after upgrade to 20190411
  • From: Hans-Peter Jansen <hpj@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019 19:27:58 +0200
  • Message-id: <3026169.prE3NrGEiA@xrated>

after upgrading to TW 20190411, my systemd nfs mounts started to get into a
state, although they're mounted fine after boot:

$ systemctl --failed

● home-nfs.mount loaded failed failed /home/nfs

● video.mount loaded failed failed /video

● work.mount loaded failed failed /work

$ grep nfs /etc/fstab
server:/home /home/nfs nfs
nfsvers=4,x-systemd.requires=/home,x-systemd.requires=nfs-mountd.service 0 0
server:/work /work nfs
nfsvers=4,x-systemd.requires=nfs-mountd.service 0 0
server:/video /video nfs
nfsvers=4,x-systemd.requires=nfs-mountd.service 0 0

2019-04-14T15:29:22.925116+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Started System Security
Services Daemon.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.925227+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: home-nfs.mount: Mount
process finished, but there is no mount.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.925289+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: home-nfs.mount: Failed with
result 'protocol'.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.925610+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Failed to mount /home/nfs.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.925818+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Dependency failed for
Remote File Systems.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.925866+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Job failed with result 'dependency'.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.925984+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: work.mount: Mount process
finished, but there is no mount.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.926029+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: work.mount: Failed with
result 'protocol'.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.926246+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Failed to mount /work.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.926495+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: video.mount: Mount process
finished, but there is no mount.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.926548+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: video.mount: Failed with
result 'protocol'.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.926780+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Failed to mount /video.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.927205+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: rpc-statd-notify.service:
2019-04-14T15:29:22.927493+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Started Notify NFS peers of
a restart.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.928432+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Reached target User and
Group Name Lookups.
2019-04-14T15:29:22.929360+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Starting Permit User
2019-04-14T15:29:22.930346+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Starting Login Service...
2019-04-14T15:29:22.938858+02:00 xrated systemd[1]: Reloading.

Before the upgrade, thing behaved.

Any idea, what's going wrong here?


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