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Re: [opensuse-factory] Naming policy for containers inside the distro
On Thu, 11 Apr 2019 at 15:56, Fabian Vogt <fvogt@xxxxxxx> wrote:

We're shipping podman by default in our container focused openSUSE offerings

Yes, but the images offered are (hopefully!) not only used on openSUSE

In this case Alexa has a valid concern about namespace/repo name overlap,
is something we can't just ignore because "it works on openSUSE".
Containers are meant to work outside of a single environment after all.

Yes, but we shouldn't just cater to the lowest common denominator of
one less-than-ideal runtime.

My proposals work for any other distribution using any saner OCI
runtime, such as podman on Fedora, who may have
interleaved between a Fedora registry and dockerhub in their registry
config for example.

In that case their "podman pull fedora" would pull a fedora image from
a fedora registry, "podman pull tumbleweed" would pull TW from our
registry, and "podman pull alpine" from the docker hub.

That's debatable - do we actually need a Kubic base container?
The current kubic-* containers are all using plain Tumbleweed as content,
so they would perfectly fit the "tumbleweed/$containername" description.
I'd say we would need it if we can answer this question appropriately:
What would be the difference between e.g. tumbleweed/cilium and kubic/cilium?
If so, the answer could be the base for a definition on what "kubic/" means.

I'd be fine without a kubic/ base container or namespace, and having
all Kubic configurations/manifests referencing tumbleweed/$foo

"podman pull opensuse/tumbleweed" or "docker pull opensuse/tumbleweed"
should pull the Tumbleweed base container, from
in podman or docker hub in docker
"podman|docker pull opensuse/leap" for leap

Technically doable, just not supported by kiwi currently - multiple tags
are allowed (additonaltags="latest,%OS_VERSION_ID%"), but not multiple
namespace/repository names.

I think the way we've done mapping with should
work fine with that already.


I'm confused - you say kiwi doesn't support it, then agree with my
suggestion that we have it working already.

If maps the /opensuse namespace as it's default
for the purposes of people pulling from, I don't
care how ;)

Putting my suggestions all together and in other words;
I do not think there should be an 'opensuse' container, because there
is no 'opensuse' distribution

opensuse/ is just a namespace - there isn't a home base container either
just because you can pull

I'd say as long as there is a clear definition what each namespace means, it
doesn't necessarily have to be uniform to "$base/$containername".

True, but in the opensuse/ namespace, aka the default namespace, aka the "official openSUSE
containers" namespace, I think the $base/$containername approach is
the only reasonable one available.
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