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[opensuse-factory] Naming policy for containers inside the distro

as you might already be aware of, it's possible to build containers as part
of Tumbleweed and Leap 15.1+ for some time now.
(If you aren't, read

All images part of the distro are made available at the top level of the
openSUSE registry at, e.g. That's unlike containers published from
anywhere else - those always have the project + repository name as prefix to
prevent any collisions.
Additionally, if is configured as default registry in
docker/podman/whatever, the image name is all that's visible when referencing a
container, so "kubic/pause" instead of "". So
the name itself without the registry should be meaningful enough.

This means there have to be certain rules for naming containers to avoid issues
like conflicts and also to enforce uniformity and consistency. Use of tags
should not need to be restricted or specified in any way as no collisions with
other images are possible. So tags are managed entirely by image maintainers.

The names of the base containers ("opensuse/tumbleweed", etc.) are just
unchanged from its heritage on Docker Hub and recently some images for Kubic
got added, those have "kubic/" as prefix (e.g. "kubic/kured", "kubic/pause").

Now we've got a request to add a new base container using busybox on Tumbleweed
and it currently uses "tumbleweed/busybox" as name.

Question is now what to do about that - call the base containers using opensuse
as prefix an exception and allow tumbleweed/* and leap/* containers explicitly
or enforce an opensuse/ prefix on all image? That would be consistent with
kubic/* images we already have, but might not be as descriptive for some.


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