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Re: [opensuse-factory] Don't upgrade to a 5.0.x Kernel with a Dell Precision 5530
Hi Larry,

thanks for the tip, appending nomodeset did indeed work. Now I have a tty again!

X is currently not starting, due to this error:
[ 473.385] intel: waited 2020 ms for i915.ko driver to load

which I suspect is due to the nomodeset parameter.

Is there somewhere an up to date guide for building a custom kernel? I have the
linux kernel sources checked out and could try to bisect the issue.



Larry Finger <Larry.Finger@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 03/18/19 3:25 PM >>>
On 3/18/19 9:11 AM, Dan Cermak wrote:
Nope, I have blacklisted everything from Nvidia & Nouveau, so only the Intel
driver should be running.

Also, I tried the Tumbleweed rescue disk: that one will start booting, but at
some point the laptop screen just turns off and that's it.

If you force the kernel to not load any graphics accelerator, does it boot?
at the GRUB line, select the Advanced option and the 5.0.1 kernel. Then press E
to edit the line. Find the line that starts with "linuxefi" or "linux", press
the END key to get to the end of the line, and append " nomodeset". Then press
the F10 key to boot. Do you get a desktop this way? If so, it will have no
acceleration and limited resolution, but we will have isolated the graphics
driver as the problem.


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