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Re: [opensuse-factory] vmware player does not build on kernel 5.0.1 Was: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20190314 released!
On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 12:57:49PM -0500, Larry Finger wrote:
On 3/17/19 12:28 PM, Christian Mahr wrote:
Hi All,

FYI : with the new kernel 5.0.1, the modules for "vmplayer" (both
version 14.2.1 and 15.0.3) do not build anymore.

Version 14.2.1? Is that some non-public beta? The official download page
only offers versions up to 14.1.6 and 15.0.3.

Seems to be a known issue. need to wait for an updated vmplayer until I
can update to the 5.0.1 kernel.

Or does anyone has a fix/patch?

I'm sure that there are published patches available on the web.

There were two API changes between 4.19 and 5.0. One was the removal of
do_gettimeofday() previously discussed on this ML, and the second was the
move of mount.h from include/linux to include/uapi/linux. Neither is very
complicated to fix.

For the record, there are three changes affecting VMware host modules
between v4.20 and v5.0:

- totalram_pages is now an inline helper rather than a variable
- do_gettimeofday() removal
- third argument of access_ok() dropped

(For the sake of completeness, there is also the deprecation of SUBDIRS
variable but that's only a warning for now.) Then there are two more in
mainline since v5.0:

- get_ds() drop
- vm_operations_struct::fault return type changed to unsigned

There may be a vmplayer problem with Leap 15.1. The 4.12.14 kernel used
there has a lot of API changes backported from later kernels. These make it
harder to compile kernel modules as the simple test of macro
LINUX_VERSION_CODE no longer is sufficient. It took some work to get the
VirtualBox modules to build under Leap 15.1.

There don't seem to be any problems with openSUSE-15.1 branch and VMware
Workstation/Player 15.0.3 host modules (which are unchanged since
15.0.1). There is a lot of warnings (VMware doesn't seem to care about
those) but except for one unprotected indirect call (written in inline
assembler), all are harmless.

Michal Kubecek
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