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[opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed rsync repo sync issue?
I asked on another board a while back, then yesterday on the OpenSUSE
forums -- where I was then directed here.  To repeat the only
significant part of the question:

Basically, I've recently (last few months, maybe?) noticed that my local
Tumbleweed repo is more often than not in a broken state, as the
repodata/repomod.xml file refers to files which do not exist -- which
leads zypper to express its disappointment using red text. :)  This
appears to be a result of discrepancies between the always-working
download.opensuse site - - and the
often-not-working rsync.opensuse site - 

The rsync site is broken right now, in fact, per the message "File
not found on medium 'http://mymirrorhost/opensuse/tumbleweed/repo/oss'"

Do I have to go through the process of getting access to the staging
repo (I'm only mirroring[1] the tumbleweed section of the repo to begin
with), should I switch to a third-party mirror, or is there someone I
can help / harangue to get the public rsync server in a bit better
state?  I have crummy bandwidth, so I'm somewhat motivated. :)


[1] the rsync command I'm running once daily is:
rsync -az --delete --delete-excluded --include 'repodata/**' --exclude

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