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[opensuse-factory] Can we assume that /bin/sh is bash?
Hi Jan, all,

I'd like to carry our OBS dicussion to a wider audience

The question is whether we can assume that "/bin/sh" links to bash,
in particular whether rpm scriptlets without explicit -p interpreter
can be assumed to interpreted by bash.

I'm aware that, in principle, /bin/sh is supposed to be the Bourne
shell on Unix systems. But as a matter of fact, on current openSUSE, it
is not. Unless it's tampered with, /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/bash.
bash is not started in full POSIX mode if invoked as /bin/sh, and even
if it's in POSIX mode, it supports some extensions over the POSIX shell
spec (e.g. the [[ ]] construct), which makes it behave differently than
another shell not supporting [[ ]] would (*). Problably there are more
differences, I can't claim to know them all.

Here are some arguments why I think it'd be reasonable to assume that
/bin/sh is bash on openSUSE:

1. patterns-base-minimal_base depends on bash, and the /bin/sh symlink
is a non-configurable part of the "bash" package.
2. we could handle /bin/sh via /etc/alternatives, but we don't.
3. our Wiki suggests testing failing scriplets using "bash -xv"
4. /bin/sh has pointed to bash for a long time (not sure how long

FTR, Fedora basically guarantees (sh == bash) for the purpose of rpm
scriptlets ( So
Fedora <-> openSUSE portability may also be an issue to consider.

If we can't assume that /bin/sh is bash, what else can we assume? I
recall from earlier work that writing really 100% compatible shell code
for all kinds of environments is really hard. E.g., "[" isn't 100%
portable either, even though it's part of the POSIX "test" standard

We should have clear rules which syntax expressions can be used in rpm
scriptlets, and which can't. IMO we should define one of the various
existing shells as a reference by saying "if it's supported
by this shell, it's valid scriptlet code". That'd be easier (especially
for testing compliance) than referring to a spec. That reference shell
doesn't have to be bash, of course.


(*) For example:

# ln -s /usr/bin/echo '/usr/bin/[['
# ls -l /bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Feb 8 10:38 /bin/sh -> bash
# /bin/sh --posix -c '[[ 2 = 1 ]] && echo yes'
# dash -c '[[ 2 = 1 ]] && echo yes'
2 -eq 1 ]]

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