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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20181211 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
MozillaThunderbird (60.3.2 -> 60.3.3)
babl (0.1.58 -> 0.1.60)
btrfsprogs (4.17.1 -> 4.19.1)
cups-filters (1.21.1 -> 1.21.4)
cyrus-sasl (2.1.26 -> 2.1.27)
dejagnu (1.6.1 -> 1.6.2)
editorconfig-core-c (0.12.2 -> 0.12.3)
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr (1.6.29 -> 1.6.33)
gcc7 (7.3.1+r263609 -> 7.4.0+r266845)
gmime (3.2.0 -> 3.2.3)
guile (2.0.14 -> 2.2.4)
hwinfo (21.62 -> 21.63)
inst-source-utils (2018.04.06 -> 2018.12.05)
kmozillahelper (5.0.2 -> 5.0.3)
libgpg-error (1.32 -> 1.33)
libgphoto2 (2.5.20 -> 2.5.21)
libnettle (3.4 -> 3.4.1~rc1)
libvirt (4.9.0 -> 4.10.0)
mercurial (4.8 -> 4.8.1)
multipath-tools (0.7.7+136+suse.d814d8e -> 0.7.9+58+suse.0790830)
openblas_pthreads (0.3.3 -> 0.3.4)
plymouth (0.9.4+git20181129.a7ec3e6 -> 0.9.4+git20181204.0cd0613)
python-kiwi (9.16.27 -> 9.17.1)
python-libvirt-python (4.9.0 -> 4.10.0)
rubygem-fast_gettext (1.7.0 -> 1.8.0)
rubygem-pkg-config (1.3.1 -> 1.3.2)
schily (2018.10.30 -> 2018.11.22)
snapper (0.8.0 -> 0.8.1)
soundtouch (2.1.0 -> 2.1.2)
taglib (1.11.1 -> 1.11.1+git20181028)
tree (1.7.0 -> 1.8.0)
util-linux (2.32.1 -> 2.33)
util-linux-systemd (2.32.1 -> 2.33)
vim (8.1.0527 -> 8.1.0565)
wget (1.19.5 -> 1.20)
xen (4.11.0_09 -> 4.11.1_02)
xf86-video-i128 (1.3.6 -> 1.4.0)
xfce4-notifyd (0.4.2 -> 0.4.3)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaThunderbird ====
Version update (60.3.2 -> 60.3.3)
Subpackages: MozillaThunderbird-translations-common

- Mozilla Thunderbird 60.3.3
* Thunderbird 60 will migrate security databases (key3.db, cert8.db
to key4.db, cert9.db). Thunderbird 60.3.2 and earlier contained a
fault that potentially deleted saved passwords and private certificate
keys for users using a master password. Version 60.3.3 will prevent
the loss of data; affected users who have already upgraded to version
60.3.2 or earlier can restore the deleted key3.db file from backup
to complete the migration.
* Address book search and auto-complete slowness introduced in
Thunderbird 60.3.2
* Plain text markup with * for bold, / for italics, _ for underline
and | for code did not work when the enclosed text contained
non-ASCII characters
* While composing a message, a link not removed when link location
was removed in the link properties panel

==== alsa-plugins ====
Subpackages: alsa-plugins-pulse alsa-plugins-pulse-32bit

- Use ffmpeg-4 versions of pkgconfig(libav*).

==== babl ====
Version update (0.1.58 -> 0.1.60)

- Update to version 0.1.60:
+ Improved thread safety, acceleration for R'G'B'A u8 ->
cairo-ARGB32 conversion.

==== btrfsprogs ====
Version update (4.17.1 -> 4.19.1)
Subpackages: btrfsprogs-udev-rules libbtrfs0

- update to version 4.19.1
* check
* many lowmem mode improvements
* properly report qgroup mismatch errors
* check symlinks with append/immutable flags
* fi usage
* correctly calculate allocated/unallocated for raid10
* minor output updates
* mkfs
* detect ENOSPC on thinly provisioned devices
* fix spurious EEXIST during directory traversal
* restore: fix relative path for restore target
* dump-tree: print symbolic tree names for backrefs
* send: fix regression preventing send -p with subvolumes mounted on "/"
* corrupt-tree: refactoring and command line updates
* build
* make it work with e2fsprogs < 1.42 again
* restore support for autoconf 2.63
* detect if -std=gnu90 is supported
* other
* new tests
* cleanups
- update to version 4.19
* check: support repair of fs with free-space-tree feature
* core:
* port delayed ref infrastructure from kernel
* support write to free space tree
* dump-tree: new options for BFS and DFS enumeration of b-trees
* quota: rescan is now done automatically after 'assign'
* btrfstune: incomplete fix to uuid change
* subvol: fix 255 char limit checks
* completion: complete block devices and now regular files too
* docs:
* ship uncompressed manual pages
* btrfsck uses a manual page link instead of symlink
* other
* improved error handling
* docs
* new tests
- update to version 4.17.1
* check:
* add ability to fix wrong ram_bytes for compressed inline files
* beautify progress output
* btrfstune: allow to continue uuid change after unclean interruption
* several fuzz fixes:
* detect overalpping chunks
* chunk loading error handling
* don't crash with unexpected root refs to extents
* relax option parsing again to allow mixing options and non-options
* fix qgroup rescan status reporting
* build:
* drop obsolete dir-test
* new configure option to disable building of tools
* add compatibility options --disable-static and --disable-shared
* other:
* cleanups and preparatory work
* new test images
- spec cleanup
- update to version 4.17
* check
* many lowmem mode improvements
* properly report qgroup mismatch errors
* check symlinks with append/immutable flags
* fi usage
* correctly calculate allocated/unallocated for raid10
* minor output updates
* mkfs
* detect ENOSPC on thinly provisioned devices
* fix spurious EEXIST during directory traversal
* restore: fix relative path for restore target
* dump-tree: print symbolic tree names for backrefs
* send: fix regression preventing send -p with subvolumes mounted on "/"
* corrupt-tree: refactoring and command line updates
* build
* make it work with e2fsprogs < 1.42 again
* restore support for autoconf 2.63
* detect if -std=gnu90 is supported
- Removed patches (upstreamed):
* 0001-btrfs-progs-convert-fix-support-for-e2fsprogs-1.42.patch
* 0002-btrfs-progs-build-autoconf-2.63-compatibility.patch
* 0003-btrfs-progs-build-detect-whether-std-gnu90-is-suppor.patch
- Don't require libzstd-devel-static on builds that don't use it.
- fix installation of btrfs.5.gz
- Fix building on SLE11:
* btrfs-progs: convert: fix support for e2fsprogs < 1.42
* btrfs-progs: build: detect whether -std=gnu90 is supported
* btrfs-progs: build: autoconf 2.63 compatibility
* Fixed mismerged addition of libbtrfsutil1 package description
- Added patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-convert-fix-support-for-e2fsprogs-1.42.patch
* 0002-btrfs-progs-build-autoconf-2.63-compatibility.patch
* 0003-btrfs-progs-build-detect-whether-std-gnu90-is-suppor.patch
- update to version 4.16.1
* remove obsolete tools: btrfs-debug-tree, btrfs-zero-log, btrfs-show-super,
* sb-mod: new debugging tool to edit superblock items
* mkfs: detect if thin-provisioned device does not have enough space
* check: don't try to verify checksums on metadata dump images
* build: fail documentation build if xmlto is not found
* build: fix build of btrfs.static
- Remove patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-build-fix-static-build.patch (upstream)
- Update initrd script
- update to version 4.16
* libbtrfsutil - new LGPL library to wrap userspace functionality
* several 'btrfs' commands converted to use it:
* properties
* filesystem sync
* subvolume set-default/get-default/delete/show/sync
* python bindings, tests
* build
* use configured pkg-config path
* CI: add python, musl/clang, built dependencies caching
* convert: build fix for e2fsprogs 1.44+
* don't install library links with wrong permissions
* fixes
* prevent incorrect use of subvol_strip_mountpoint
* dump-super: don't verify csum for unknown type
* convert: fix inline extent creation condition
* check:
* lowmem: fix false alert for 'data extent backref lost for snapshot'
* lowmem: fix false alert for orphan inode
* lowmem: fix false alert for shared prealloc extents
* mkfs:
* add UUID and otime to root of FS_TREE - with the uuid, snapshots will
be now linked to the toplevel subvol by the parent UUID
* don't follow symlinks when calculating size
* pre-create the UUID tree
* fix --rootdir with selinux enabled
* dump-tree: add option to print only children nodes of a given block
* image: handle missing device for RAID1
* other
* new tests
* test script cleanups (quoting, helpers)
* tool to edit superblocks
* updated docs
- Add patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-build-fix-static-build.patch
- Add new library packages: libbtrfsutil
- use documentation shipped by upstream tar, reduce dependencies
- enable static build again, zstd now has static version
- update to version 4.15
* mkfs --rootdir reworked, does not minimize the final image but can be still
done using a new option --shrink
* fix allocation of system chunk, don't allocate from the reserved area
* other
* new and updated tests
* cleanups, refactoring
* doc updates
- spec: fix distro version condition
- update to version 4.14.1
* dump-tree: print times of root items
* check: fix several lowmem mode bugs
* convert: fix rollback after balance
* other
* new and updated tests, enabled lowmem mode in CI
* docs updates
* fix travis CI build
* build fixes
* cleanups
- update to version 4.14
* build: libzstd now required by default
* check: more lowmem mode repair enhancements
* subvol set-default: also accept path
* prop set: compression accepts no/none, same as ""
* filesystem usage: enable for filesystem on top of a seed device
* rescue: new command fix-device-size
* other
* new tests
* cleanups and refactoring
* doc updates
- Removed patches:
- rollback-regression-fix.patch - upstreamed
- spec: disable static build, missing libzstd-devel-static
- spec: disable zstd support for non-Tumbleweed distros
- Fix rollback regression which can lead to data corruption
Added patches: rollback-regression-fix.patch (bsc#1069478)
- Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm.
RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as 'the main packages version'.
- Add dependencies for libreiserfscore0 3.6.27 or newer (bsc#1071085).
- update to version 4.13.3:
* check: fix --force, wrong check for a mounted block device
* build: fix --with-convert parsing
* subvol list: don't list TOPLEVEL
* other: update tests
- update to version 4.13.2:
* subvol list:
* don't list toplevel subvolume among deleted (broken since 4.8.3)
* minor adjustments of uuid print format
* subvol delete:
* fix swapped behaviour of --commit-each and --commit-after
* fix potentially lost sync if subvolumes are from different filesystems
* check: add cache for metadata blocks, should improve performance
* other:
* new tests, testsuite updates
* doc updates
* cleanups
- update to version 4.13.1:
* image: speed up generating the sanitized names, do not generate unprintable
* completion: add missing commands, better mount point detection
* restore: add zstd support; libzstd detected automatically, will be
requested by default in the future, or can be configured out
* other:
* misc fixes found by sparse
* doc enhancements, ioctl manual page started
* updated and new tests
* build fixes
- update to version 4.13:
* convert: reiserfs support
* check: new option --force to allow check of a mounted filesystem (no repair)
* mkfs: --rootdir will now copy special files
* dump-tree: minor output changes
* inspect rootid: accept file as arugment
* dev usage: don't calculate slack space for missing devices
* fi du: don't print error on EMPTY_SUBVOL (inode number 2)
* build:
* fixed support for sanitization features on gcc (tsan, asan, ubsan)
* fix PIE build
* other:
* misc cleanups and stability fixes
* travis CI enhancements
* new tests, fuzzed images
* testsuite cleanups
- Removed patches:
- 0163-btrfs-progs-fsck-fix-segfault.patch - will be upstreamed
- local-version-override.patch - not needed anymore
- btrfs-support-pie.patch - upstremed
- Removed patches:
- 0167-Btrfs-progs-make-find_and_setup_root-return-an-error.patch
- 0168-Btrfs-progs-don-t-bug-out-if-we-can-t-find-the-last-.patch
- update to 4.12.1
* build:
* fix cross-compilation
* use gnu90 explicitly
* dump-tree: more relaxed checks so -b can print block on a damaged fs
* convert: fix the 1MB range exclusion
* check: more dir_item hash checks
* other
* added missing getopt spec for some options
* doc fixes
* cleanups
* test updates
- update to 4.12
* subvol show: new options --rootid, --uuid to show subvol by the given spec
* convert: progress report fixes, found by tsan
* image: progress report fixes, found by tsan
* fix infinite looping in find-root, or when looking for free extents
* other:
* code refactoring
* docs updates
* build: ThreadSanitizer support
* tests: stricter checks for mounted filesystem
- update to -4.11.1
* image: restoring from multiple devices
* dev stats: make --check option work
* check: fix false alert with extent hole on a NO_HOLE filesystem
* check: lowmem mode, fix false alert in case of mixed inline and compressed
* convert: work with large filesystems (many TB)
* convert: fix overwriting of eb header flags
* convert: do not clear NODATASUM flag in inodes when run with --no-datasum
* docs updates
* build: sync with Makefile
* tests:
* new tests
* fix 008 and 009, shell quotation mistake
- update to 4.11
* receive: fix handling empty stream with -e (multi-stream)
* send dump: fix printing long file names
* stability fixes for: dump-super, print-tree, check
* option parser updates: global options are parsed before the subcommand name
(old xfstests will fail)
* new and updated tests
* documentation updates
- btrfs-support-pie.patch: remove CFLAGS usage from linker lines,
this will allow the default PIE support to work.
- update to 4.10.2
* check: lowmem mode fix for false alert about lost backrefs
* convert: minor bugfix
* library: fix build, misisng symbols, added tests
- update to 4.10.1
* receive: handle subvolume in path clone
* convert: rollback fixed (rewrite was needed to address previous design
* build: fix build of 3rd party tools, missing <linux/sizes.h>
* dump-tree: print log trees
* other: new and updated tests
- update to 4.10
* send: dump output fixes: missing newlies
* check: several fixes for the lowmem mode, improved error reporting
* build
* removed some library deps for binaries that not use them
* ctags, cscope
* split Makefile to the autotool generated part and the rest, not needed
to after adding a file
* shared code: sync easy parts with kernel sources
* other
* lots of cleanups
* source file reorganization: convert, mkfs, utils
* lots of spelling fixes in docs, other updates
* more tests
- update to 4.9.1
* check:
* use correct inode number for lost+found files
* lowmem mode: fix false alert on dropped leaf
* size reports: negative numbers might appear in size reports during device
deletes (previously in EiB units)
* mkfs: print device being trimmed
* defrag: v1 ioctl support dropped
* quota: print message before starting to wait for rescan
* qgroup show: new option to sync before printing the stats
* other:
* corrupt-block enhancements
* backtrace and co. cleanups
* doc fixes
- update to 4.9
* check: many lowmem mode updates
* send: use splice syscall to copy buffer from kernel
* receive: new option to dump the stream in textual form
* convert:
* move sources to own directory
* prevent accounting of blocks beyond end of the device
* make it work with 64k sectorsize
* mkfs: move sources to own directory
* defrag: warns if directory used without -r
* dev stats:
* new option to check stats for non-zero values
* add long option for -z
* library: version bump to 0.1.2, added subvol_uuid_search2
* other:
* cleanups
* docs updates
- update to 4.8.5
* receive: fix detection of end of stream (error reported even for valid
* other:
* added test for the receive bug
* fix linking of library-test
- update to 4.8.4
* check: support for clearing space cache v2 (free-space-tree)
* send:
* more sanity checks (with tests), cleanups
* fix for fstests/btrfs/038 and btrfs/117 failures
* build:
* fix compilation of standalone ioctl.h, pull NULL definition
* fix library link errors introduced in 4.8.3
* tests:
* add more fuzzed images from bugzilla
* add bogus send stream checks
* fixups and enhancements for CI environment builds
* misc refinements and updates of testing framework
* other:
* move sources for btrfs-image to own directory
* deprecated and not build by default: btrfs-calc-size, btrfs-show-super
* docs updates
- update to 4.8.3
* check:
* support for clearing space cache (v1)
* size reduction of inode backref structure
* send:
* fix handling of multiple snapshots (-p and -c options)
* transfer buffer increased (should reduce number of context switches)
* reuse existing file for output (-f), eg. when root cannot create files (NFS)
* dump-tree:
* print missing items for various structures
* new: dev stats, balance status item
* sync key names with kernel (the persistent items)
* subvol show: now able to print the toplevel subvolume -- the creation time
might be wrong though
* mkfs:
* store the creation time of toplevel root inode
* print UUID in the summary
* build: travis CI for devel
* other:
* lots of cleanups and refactoring
* switched to on-stack path structure
* fixes from coverity, asan, ubsan
* new tests
* updates in testing infrastructure
* fixed convert test 005
- update to 4.8.2
* convert: also convert file attributes
* convert: fix wrong tree block alignment for unalianged block group
* check: quota verify fixes, handle reloc tree
* build: add stub for FIEMAP_EXTENT_SHARED, compiles on ancient kernels
* build: add stub for BUILD_ASSERT when ioctl.h is included
* dump-tree: don't crash on unrecognized tree id for -t
* tests:
* add more ioctl tests
* convert: more symlink tests, attribute tests
* quota verify for reloc tree
* other cleanups
- Add ability to provide site specific defaults for mkfs (FATE#320615).
* Only used for SLES11 defaults.
- Added patch mkfs-default-features.patch
- update to 4.8.1
* 32bit builds fixed
* build without backtrace support fixed
- update to 4.8
* error handling improvements all over the place
* new fuzzed images, test updates
* doc fixups
* minor cleanups and improvements
* kernel library helpers moved to own directory
* qgroup: fix regression leading to incorrect status after check,
introduced in 4.7
- update to 4.7.3
* fixed free space tree compat status
* check: low-mem mode: handle partially dropped snapshots
* dump-super: consolidate options for superblock copy
* tree-stats: check mount status
* subvol delete: handle verbosity option
* defrag: print correct error string
* mkfs: fix reading rotational status
* other:
* UBSAN build option
* documentation updates
* enhanced tests: convert, fuzzed images, more tools to run on fuzzed
- removed btrfsprogs-only-install-udev-rules-for-udev-190.patch: fix build
- update to 4.7.2
* check:
* urgent fix: false report of backref mismatches; do not --repair
last unaffected version 4.6.1 (code reverted to that state)
* fuzzing and fixes
* added more sanity checks for various structures
* testing images added
* build: udev compatibility: do not install .rules on version < 190
* other:
* dump-super: do not crash on garbage value in csum_type
* minor improvements in messages and help strings
* documentation:
* filesystem features
- Add new btrfsprogs-udev-rules package to contain the udev rules.
- Fix packaging for udev rules:
- btrfs builtin didn't exist prior to udev v190, so the rules must
depend on that version.
- Added patch:
* btrfsprogs-only-install-udev-rules-for-udev-190.patch
- update to 4.7.1
* check:
* new optional mode: optimized for low memory usage (memory/io tradeoff)
* --mode=lowmem, not default, still considered experimental
* does not work with --repair yet
* convert: regression fix, ext2_subvol/image rw permissions
* mkfs/convert:
* two-staged creation, partially created filesystem will not be recognized
* improved error handling (fewer BUG_ONs)
* convert: preparation for more filesystems to convert from
* documentation updates: quota, qgroup
* other
* message updates
* more tests
* more build options, enhanced debugging
- update to 4.7
* convert: fix creating discontig extents
* check: speed up traversing heavily reflinked extents within a file
* check: verify qgroups of higher levels
* check: repair can now fix wrong qgroup numbers
* balance: new option to run in the background
* defrag: default extent target size changed to 32MiB
* du: silently skip non-btrfs dirs/files
* documentation updates: btrfs(5), btrfs(8), balance, subvolume, scrub,
filesystem, convert
* bugfixes:
* unaligned access (reported for sparc64) in raid56 parity calculations
* use /bin/bash
* other stability fixes and cleanups
* more tests
- Removed patches:
* 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-verify-qgroups-above-level-0.patch
* 0003-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-write-corrected-qgroup-info-to-d.patch
- update to 4.6.1
* fi resize: negative resize argument accepted again
* qgroup rescan: fix skipping when rescan is in progress
* mkfs: initialize stripesize to correct value
* testsuite updates, mostly convert tests
* documentation updates
* btrfs-device, btrfs-restore manual pages enhanced
* misc fixups
- update to 4.6
* convert - major rewrite:
* fix a long-standing bug that led to mixing data blocks into metadata block
* the workaround was to do full balance after conversion, which was
recommended practice anyway
* explicitly set the lowest supported version of e2fstools to 1.41
* provide and install udev rules file that addresses problems with device
mapper devices, renames after removal
* send: new option: quiet
* dev usage: report slack space (device size minus filesystem area on the dev)
* image: support DUP
* build: short options to enable debugging builds
* other:
* code cleanups
* build fixes
* more tests and other enhancements
* Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-free-qgroup-counts-in-btrfsck.patch
* 0169-btrfs-progs-udev-add-rules-for-dm-devices.patch
* btrfs-progs-no-PKG_CHECK_VAR
- btrfsck updates for qgroup verification and repair (fate#318144)
* We can now check all qgroup levels
* btrfsck will write out corrected qgroups when run with --repair
- Added patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-free-qgroup-counts-in-btrfsck.patch
- Added patch: 0002-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-verify-qgroups-above-level-0.patch
- Added patch: 0003-btrfs-progs-btrfsck-write-corrected-qgroup-info-to-d.patch
- update to 4.5.3
* ioctl: fix unaligned access in buffer from TREE_SEARCH; might cause SIGBUS
on architectures that do not support unaligned access and do not performa
any fixups
* improved validation checks of superblock and chunk-related structures
* subvolume sync: fix handling of -s option
* balance: adjust timing of safety delay countdown with --full-balance
* rescue super-recover: fix reversed condition check
* check: fix bytes_used accounting
* documentation updates: mount options, scrub, send, receive, select-super,
check, mkfs
* testing: new fuzzed images, for superblock and chunks
- fix build failure on 13.1: conditional default for udevdir
- fix build failure on SLE11SP4: wrong check in makefile
- Add udev rules for dm devices (bsc#912170 bsc#888215)
- Added patch: 0169-btrfs-progs-udev-add-rules-for-dm-devices.patch
- Added patch: btrfs-progs-no-PKG_CHECK_VAR
- update to 4.5.2
* new/moved command: btrfs-calc-stats -> btrfs inspect tree-stats
* check: fix false alert for metadata blocks crossing stripe boundary
* check: catch when qgroup numbers mismatch
* check: detect running quota rescan and report mismatches
* balance start: add safety delay before doing a full balance
* fi sync: is now silent
* fi show: don't miss filesystems with partially matching uuids
* dev ready: accept only one argument for device
* dev stats: print "devid:N" for a missing device instead of "(null)"
* other:
* lowest supported version of e2fsprogs is 1.41
* minor cleanups, test updates
- Removed patch: 2000-btrfs-full-balance-warning.diff
- update to 4.5.1
* mkfs: allow DUP on multidev fs
* fix static build
- update to 4.5
* new/moved commands
* btrfs-show-super -> btrfs inspect-internal dump-super
* btrfs-debug-tree -> btrfs inspect-internal dump-tree
* new commands
* btrfs fi du - calculate disk usage, including shared extents
* enhancements
* device delete - delete by id (needs kernel support, not merged to 4.6)
* check - new option to specify chunk root
* debug-tree/dump-tree - option -t understands human readable name of the
tree (along numerical ids)
* btrfs-debugfs - can dump block group information
* bugfixes
* all commands should accept the option separator "--"
* several fixes in device scan
* restore works on filesystems with sectorsize > 4k
* debug-tree/dump-tree - print compression type as string
* subvol sync: fix crash, memory corruption
* argument parsing fixes: subvol get-default, qgroup create/destroy/assign,
inspect subvolid-resolve
* check for block device or regular file in several commands
* other
* documentation updates
* manual pages for the moved tools now point to btrfs-filesystem
* testsuite updates
- Removed patch (upstream):
- Recommend btrfsmaintenance
- hide min/max macros clashing with gcc 6 (bnc#966257)
- update to 4.4.1
* find-root: don't skip the first chunk
* free-space-tree compat bits fix
* build: target symlinks
* documentation updates
* test updates
- update to 4.4
* mkfs.btrfs --data dup
* support balance filters added/enhanced in linux 4.4
* manual pages enhanced (btrfs, mkfs, mount, filesystem, balance)
* 'btrfs filesystem usage' works with mixed blockgroups
* build: installation to /usr/local
* build: the 'ar' tool is properly deteced during cross-compilation
* improved stability on fuzzed/crafted images when reading sys array in
* debug-tree: option -t understands ids for tree root and chnuk tree
* check: properly reset nlink of multi-linked file
* chunk recovery: fix floating point exception
* chunk recovery: endianity bugfix during rebuild
* mkfs with 64K pages and nodesize reported superblock checksum mismatch
- Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-mkfs-use-correct-size-for-superblock-csu.patch
* fix-doc-build-on-SLE11SP3.diff
- Fix missing dependency on coreutils for initrd macros (boo#958562)
- Call missing initrd macro at post / postun (boo#958562)
- fix mkfs failure on ppc64 (or with sectorsize > 4k) (bsc#956819)
- Added patch: 0001-btrfs-progs-mkfs-use-correct-size-for-superblock-csu.patch
- update to 4.3.1
* fixes
* device delete: recognize 'missing' again
* mkfs: long names are not trimmed when doing ssd check
* support partitioned loop devices
* other
* replace several mallocs with on-stack variables
* more memory allocation failure handling
* add tests for bugs fixed
* cmd-device: switch to new message printing helpers
* minor code cleanups
- update to 4.3
* mkfs
* mixed mode is not forced for filesystems smaller than 1GiB
* mixed mode broken with mismatching sectorsize and nodesize, fixed
* print version info earlier
* print devices sorted by id
* do not truncate target image with --rootsize
* fi usage:
* don't print global block reserve
* print device id
* minor output tuning
* other cleanups
* calc-size:
* div-by-zero fix on an empty filesystem
* fix crash
* bugfixes:
* more superblock sanity checks
* consistently round size of all devices down to sectorsize
* misc leak fixes
* convert: don't try to rollback with a half-deleted ext2_saved subvolume
* other:
* check: add progress indicator
* scrub: enahced error message
* show-super: read superblock from a given offset
* add README
* docs: update manual page for mkfs.btrfs, btrfstune, balance, convert and
* build: optional build with more warnings (W=...)
* build: better support for static checkers
* build: html output of documentation
* pretty-print: last_snapshot for root_item
* pretty-print: stripe dev uuid
* error reporting wrappers, introduced and example use
* refactor open_file_or_dir
* other docs and help updates
* testing:
* test for nodes crossing stripes
* test for broken 'subvolume sync'
* basic tests for mkfs, raid option combinations
* basic tests for fuzzed images (check)
* command intrumentation (eg valgrind)
* print commands if requested
* add README for tests
- build btrfsprogs-static package for 13.2 and Factory, package
with static versions of the utilities, aimed for rescue environments
- update to 4.2.3
- subvol sync: make it actually work again
- scanning: do not scan already discovered filesystems (minor optimization)
- convert: better error message in case the filesystem is not finalized
- restore: off-by-one symlink path check fix
- update to 4.2.2
- fi label: use fallback if the label ioctl is not available
- convert: check nodesize constraints against commandline features (-O)
- scrub: report status 'running' until all devices are finished
- device scanning might crash in some scenarios
- fi usage: print summary for non-root users
- update to 4.2.1
- fix an off-by-one error in cross-stripe boundary check
- convert: don't write uninitialized data to image
- image: don't loop with option -t0
- image: don't create threads if compression is not requested
- Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-fix-cross-stripe-boundary-check.patch
- make mkfs work with 64k nodesize again, notably fixes mkfs on ppc64
- Added patch:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-fix-cross-stripe-boundary-check.patch
- version 4.2
* enhancements:
* mkfs: do not create extra single chunks on multiple devices
* resize: try to guess the minimal size, 'inspect min-dev-size'
* qgroup assign: add option to schedule rescan
* chunk-recover: be more verbose about the scanning process
* fixes:
* check:
* find stripes crossing stripe boundary -- created by convert
* print correct range for file hole when there are no extents
and learn how to fix it
* replace: more sanity checks
* convert: concurrency fixes related to reporting progress
* find-root: option -a will not skip the current root anymore
* subvol list: fix occasional crash
* do not create stripes crossing stripe boundary
* build:
* fixes for musl libc
* preliminary support for android (not working yet, more code changes needed)
* other:
* lots of cleanups
* tests: lots of updates, new tests, framework improvements
* documentation updates
* debugging: print-tree shows stripe length
- Removed patches (upstreamed):
* 2104-get-min-size-for-resize.patch
* 2105-move-min-resize-implementation-to-inspec.patch
* 2106-inspect-add-command-min-dev-size.patch
- add warning before full balance starts (bsc#940467, fate#319317)
- Added patches:
- Add feature to get minimum size a filesystem can be resized to
- Added patches:
* 2104-get-min-size-for-resize.patch
* 2105-move-min-resize-implementation-to-inspec.patch
* 2106-inspect-add-command-min-dev-size.patch
- version 4.1.2
- mkfs: bugfix, previous version does not create entierly correct
filesystem (has to be recreated)
- version 4.1.1
* bugfixes
- defrag: threshold overflow fix
- fsck:
- check if items fit into the leaf space
- fix wrong nbytes
- mkfs:
- create only desired block groups for single device
- preparatory work for fix on multiple devices
* enhancements
- new alias for 'device delete': 'device remove'
* other
- fix compilation on old gcc (4.3)
- documentation updates
- debug-tree: print nbytes
- test: image for corrupted nbytes
- corupt-block: let it kill nbytes
- spec: drop libacl dependency
- version 4.1
* bugfixes
- fsck.btrfs: no bash-isms
- bugzilla 97171: invalid memory access (with tests)
- receive:
- cloning works with --chroot
- capabilities not lost
- mkfs: do not try to register bare file images
- option --help accepted by the standalone utilities
* enhancements
- corrupt block: ability to remove csums
- mkfs:
- warn if metadata redundancy is lower than for data
- options to make the output quiet (only errors)
- mixed case names of raid profiles accepted
- rework the output:
- more comprehensive, 'key: value' format
- subvol:
- show:
- print received uuid
- update the output
- new options to specify size units
- sync:
- grab all deleted ids and print them as they're removed,
previous implementation only checked if there are any
to be deleted - change in command semantics
- scrub: print timestamps in days HMS format
- receive:
- can specify mount point, do not rely on /proc
- can work inside subvolumes
- send:
- new option to send stream without data (NO_FILE_DATA)
- convert:
- specify incompat features on the new fs
- qgroup:
- show: distinguish no limits and 0 limit value
- limit: ability to clear the limit
- help for 'btrfs' is shorter, 1st level command overview
- debug tree: print key names according to their C name
* new
- rescure zero-log
- btrfsune:
- rewrite uuid on a filesystem image
- new option to turn on NO_HOLES incompat feature
* deprecated
- standalone btrfs-zero-log
* other
- testing framework updates
- uuid rewrite test
- btrfstune feature setting test
- zero-log tests
- more testing image formats
- manual page updates
- ioctl.h synced with current kernel uapi version
- convert: preparatory works for more filesystems (reiserfs pending)
- use static buffers for path handling where possible
- add new helpers for send uilts that check memory allocations,
switch all users, deprecate old helpers
- Makefile: fix build dependency generation
- map-logical: make it work again
- Install bash completion for btrfs.
- version 4.0
* resize:
* don't accept file as an argument (it's confusing)
* print better error message in case of an error
* restore: optionally restore metadata (time, mode, uid/gid)
* receive: optionally enforce chroot
* new rescue subcommand 'zero-log', same as btrfs-zero-log, but
now also part of the main utility
* check:
* free space checks match kernel, fixes incorrect reports
* convert: fix setting of checksum bit if --no-datasum is used
* fsck.btrfs: don't print messages
* fix quota rescan on PPC64 (mangled ioctl number)
* test updates
* documentation: files renamed to .asciidoc, misc fixups
- version 3.19.1
- convert:
- new option to specify metadata block size
- --no-progress actually works
- restore: properly handle the page boundary corner case
- build fixes:
- missing macro from public header, BTRFS_BUILD_VERSION
- wrong handling of --enable-convert
- fi usage: reports correct space for degraded mounts
- other:
- mkfs: help string updates
- completion: added 'usage' subcommands
- cleanups in qgroup code, preparatory work
- version 3.19
- btrfs-image
- restore can now run in parallel threads
- fixed restore of multiple image from multiple devices onto a single dev
- introduced metadump v2
- check
- make --init-csum-tree and --init-extent-tree work together
- find-new
- option to search through all metadata even if a root was already found
- convert
- show progress by default, can be turned off
- corrupt-block
- option to work on a specific root
- bash completion script for all subcommands
- spec: convert to autotools
Removed patch 0169-btrfs-progs-Check-metadata-mirrors-in-find-root.patch
- version 3.18.2
* qgroup show: print human readable sizes, options to say otherwise
* check: new option to explicitly say no to writes
* mkfs: message about trimming is not printed to stderr
* fi show: fixed return value
* tests: new infrastructure
* btrfstune: force flag can be used together with seeding option
* backtrace support is back
* getopt cleanups
* doc and help updates
- version 3.18.1
- minor fixes
- documentation updates
- version 3.18
- mkfs - skinny-metadata feature is now on by default, first introduced in
kernel 3.10
- filesystem usage - give an overview of fs usage in a way that's more
comprehensible than existing 'fi df'
- device usage - more detailed information about per-device allocations
- check:
- option to set a different tree root byte number
- ability to link lost files to lost+found, caused by a recent kernel bug
- repair of severely corrupted fs (use with care)
- convert - option to show progress
- subvol create - print the commit mode inline, print the global mode only if
- other updates: musl-libc support, coverity bugfixes, new test images,
- Removed patches (upstreamed):
* 0010-btrfs-progs-move-group-type-and-profile-pretty-print.patch
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0014-btrfs-progs-Add-btrfs-device-disk-usage-command.patch
* 0015-btrfs-progs-cleanup-dead-return-after-usage-for-fi-d.patch
* 0016-btrfs-progs-Fix-memleak-in-get_raid56_used.patch
* 0017-Btrfs-progs-fi-usage-free-memory-if-realloc-fails.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0021-btrfs-progs-check-if-we-can-t-get-info-from-ioctls-d.patch
* 0022-btrfs-progs-zero-out-structures-before-calling-ioctl.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0026-btrfs-progs-add-section-of-overall-filesystem-usage.patch
* 0027-btrfs-progs-cleanup-filesystem-device-usage-code.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-rework-calculations-of-fi-usage.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
* 0030-btrfs-progs-clean-up-return-codes-and-paths.patch
* 0031-btrfs-progs-move-global-reserve-to-overall-summary.patch
- version 3.17.3
- convert: fix conversion of sparse ext* filesystems
- show: resolve to the correct path
- fsck: more verbose error for root dir problems
- version 3.17.2
- check improvements
- add ability to replace missing dir item/dir indexes
- fix missing inode items
- create missing root dirid
- corrupt block: enhancements for testing fsck
- zero-log: able to reset a fs with bogus log tree pointer (bko#72151)
- package mkinitrd scripts conditionally (bsc#893577)
- spec: minor updates
- version 3.17.1
- fi df: argument handling
- fix linking with libbtrfs
- replace: better error reporting
- fi show: fixed stall if run concurrently with balance
- check: fixed argument parsing for --subvol-extents
- fi df: SI prefixes corrected
- Added patches:
* fix-doc-build-on-SLE11SP3.diff
- Removed patches:
* 0042-btrfs-progs-fix-linking-with-libbtrfs.patch
* 0043-btrfs-progs-libbtrfs-make-exported-headers-compatibl.patch
- Modified patches:
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
- version 3.17
- check: --init-csum-tree acutally does something useful, rebuilds the whole
csum tree
- /dev scanning for btrfs devices is gone
- /proc/partitions scanning is gone, blkid is used exclusively
- new subcommand subvolume sync
- filesystem df: new options to set unit format
- convert: allow to copy label from the origin, or specify a new one
- Modified patches:
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0014-btrfs-progs-Add-btrfs-device-disk-usage-command.patch
* 0015-btrfs-progs-cleanup-dead-return-after-usage-for-fi-d.patch
* 0016-btrfs-progs-Fix-memleak-in-get_raid56_used.patch
* 0017-Btrfs-progs-fi-usage-free-memory-if-realloc-fails.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0021-btrfs-progs-check-if-we-can-t-get-info-from-ioctls-d.patch
* 0022-btrfs-progs-zero-out-structures-before-calling-ioctl.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0026-btrfs-progs-add-section-of-overall-filesystem-usage.patch
* 0027-btrfs-progs-cleanup-filesystem-device-usage-code.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
* 0030-btrfs-progs-clean-up-return-codes-and-paths.patch
* 0031-btrfs-progs-move-global-reserve-to-overall-summary.patch
- Added patches:
* 0010-btrfs-progs-move-group-type-and-profile-pretty-print.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-rework-calculations-of-fi-usage.patch
* 0042-btrfs-progs-fix-linking-with-libbtrfs.patch
* 0043-btrfs-progs-libbtrfs-make-exported-headers-compatibl.patch
- Removed patches:
* 0006-Btrfs-progs-fsck-clear-out-log-tree-in-repair-mode.patch
* 0007-Btrfs-progs-fsck-avoid-pinning-same-block-several-ti.patch
* 0008-Btrfs-progs-fsck-add-ability-to-check-reloc-roots.patch
* 0018-btrfs-progs-read-global-reserve-size-from-space-info.patch
* 0023-btrfs-progs-print-B-for-bytes.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0164-btrfs-progs-convert-set-label-or-copy-from-origin.patch
* 0171-btrfs-progs-make-free-space-checker-work-on-non-4k-s.patch
- version 3.16.2
- fsck: handle bad extent mapping
- image: make it work on a balanced fs
- btrfs-show-super: print flags in human readable way
- documentation updates
- version 3.16.1
- library version defines
- subvol list: -R to print received UUID
- fixed detection of multiple mounts on the same directory
- restore: misc fixes
- other fixes
- Modified patches (sync with pending upstream versions):
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0018-btrfs-progs-read-global-reserve-size-from-space-info.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
- Removed patch: library-version-defines.patch (upstream)
- send-stream API users updatd, drop the workaround
- Removed patch: send-stream-api-wokaround.patch
- workaround for send api breakage
- Added patch: send-stream-api-wokaround.patch
- add api versioning and package version.h (now 0.1.1)
- Added patches:
* library-version-defines.patch
- version 3.16
- show-super: skip unrecognized sb, add option to force
- debug-tree: print tree by id
- mkfs: new option to specify UUID
- receive: new option to limit number of errors
- check: new option to verify quotas
- check: reduced memory requirements
- check: new option to print extent sharing
- restore: check length before decompression
- restore: more error handling
- balance: new filter 'limit'
- recover: allow to read all sb copies
- restore: option to loop during restoring
- mkfs: drop experimental notice
- btrfstune: new option to force dangerous changes
- documentation updates
- Deleted patches (upstream):
* 0001-btrfs-progs-doc-fix-symlink-target-for-btrfsck.8.patch
* 0200-btrfs-progs-print-qgroup-excl-as-unsigned.patch
* 0201-btrfs-progs-import-ulist.patch
* 0202-btrfs-progs-add-quota-group-verify-code.patch
* 0203-btrfs-progs-show-extent-state-for-a-subvolume.patch
* 0204-btrfs-progs-ignore-orphaned-qgroups-by-default.patch
* btrfs-progs-canonicalize-pathnames-for-device-commands
- Refreshed patches:
* 0006-Btrfs-progs-fsck-clear-out-log-tree-in-repair-mode.patch
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0164-btrfs-progs-convert-set-label-or-copy-from-origin.patch
- refresh references on the following patches:
* 0200-btrfs-progs-print-qgroup-excl-as-unsigned.patch
* 0201-btrfs-progs-import-ulist.patch
* 0202-btrfs-progs-add-quota-group-verify-code.patch
* 0203-btrfs-progs-show-extent-state-for-a-subvolume.patch
- btrfs-progs: ignore orphaned qgroups by default
- Added patch:
* 0204-btrfs-progs-ignore-orphaned-qgroups-by-default.patch
- btrfs-progs: show extent state for a subvolume (bnc#865621)
- Added patch:
* 0203-btrfs-progs-show-extent-state-for-a-subvolume.patch
- btrfs-progs: canonicalize pathnames for device commands (bnc#880486).
- Added patch:
* btrfs-progs-canonicalize-pathnames-for-device-commands
- fsck: fix checking on filesystems with large sectorsize (bnc#872286)
- Added patches:
* 0171-btrfs-progs-make-free-space-checker-work-on-non-4k-s.patch
- Do not package btrfs-find-root and btrfs-select-super by default.
- Removed printing byte number for every slot (bnc#872364).
- Removed patch:
* 0170-btrfs-progs-In-find-root-dump-bytenr-for-every-slot.patch
- update to upstream 3.14.2
- man: separate pages for all subcommands
- minor bugfixes
- spec: removed upstreamed patches, update build dependencies
- Added patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-doc-fix-symlink-target-for-btrfsck.8.patch
- Removed patches:
* 0001-Btrfs-progs-fix-check-to-test-trim-support.patch
* 0002-Btrfs-progs-fsck-fix-double-free-memory-crash.patch
* 0003-Btrfs-progs-mkfs-Remove-zero_end-1-since-it-has-been.patch
* 0004-btrfs-progs-fix-wrong-max-system-array-size-check-in.patch
* 0005-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
* 0009-btrfs-progs-prevent-close_root-if-the-root-to-close-.patch
* 0010-btrfs-progs-fix-mkfs.btrfs-segfault-with-features-op.patch
- add quota group verify patches, sent to list near end of the week starting
- updates btrfsck with the ability to verify quota groups
- Update the changelog with some sad version of diffstat output to meet
- Added patches:
* 0200-btrfs-progs-print-qgroup-excl-as-unsigned.patch
* 0201-btrfs-progs-import-ulist.patch
* 0202-btrfs-progs-add-quota-group-verify-code.patch
- add quota group verify patches, sent to list near end of the week starting
- updates btrfsck with the ability to verify quota groups
- update to upstream 3.14.1
- mkfs:
- fix TRIM detection
- do not zero-out end of device unconditionally
- no crash with --features option
- fsck:
- clear log tree in repair mode
- check reloc roots
- btrfs - reworked space reporting (bnc#873106)
- btrfs fi usage - new command
- btrfs dev usage - new command
- btrfs fi df - enhanced output with GlobalReserve
- Removed patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
- Added patches:
* 0001-Btrfs-progs-fix-check-to-test-trim-support.patch
* 0002-Btrfs-progs-fsck-fix-double-free-memory-crash.patch
* 0003-Btrfs-progs-mkfs-Remove-zero_end-1-since-it-has-been.patch
* 0004-btrfs-progs-fix-wrong-max-system-array-size-check-in.patch
* 0005-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
* 0006-Btrfs-progs-fsck-clear-out-log-tree-in-repair-mode.patch
* 0007-Btrfs-progs-fsck-avoid-pinning-same-block-several-ti.patch
* 0008-Btrfs-progs-fsck-add-ability-to-check-reloc-roots.patch
* 0009-btrfs-progs-prevent-close_root-if-the-root-to-close-.patch
* 0010-btrfs-progs-fix-mkfs.btrfs-segfault-with-features-op.patch
* 0011-btrfs-progs-Enhance-the-command-btrfs-filesystem-df.patch
* 0012-btrfs-progs-Add-helpers-functions-to-handle-the-prin.patch
* 0013-btrfs-progs-Add-command-btrfs-filesystem-disk-usage.patch
* 0014-btrfs-progs-Add-btrfs-device-disk-usage-command.patch
* 0015-btrfs-progs-cleanup-dead-return-after-usage-for-fi-d.patch
* 0016-btrfs-progs-Fix-memleak-in-get_raid56_used.patch
* 0017-Btrfs-progs-fi-usage-free-memory-if-realloc-fails.patch
* 0018-btrfs-progs-read-global-reserve-size-from-space-info.patch
* 0019-btrfs-progs-add-original-df-and-rename-disk_usage-to.patch
* 0020-btrfs-progs-move-device-usage-to-cmds-device-more-cl.patch
* 0021-btrfs-progs-check-if-we-can-t-get-info-from-ioctls-d.patch
* 0022-btrfs-progs-zero-out-structures-before-calling-ioctl.patch
* 0023-btrfs-progs-print-B-for-bytes.patch
* 0024-btrfs-progs-Print-more-info-about-device-sizes.patch
* 0025-btrfs-progs-compare-unallocated-space-against-the-co.patch
* 0026-btrfs-progs-add-section-of-overall-filesystem-usage.patch
* 0027-btrfs-progs-cleanup-filesystem-device-usage-code.patch
* 0028-btrfs-progs-extend-pretty-printers-with-unit-mode.patch
* 0029-btrfs-progs-replace-df_pretty_sizes-with-pretty_size.patch
* 0030-btrfs-progs-clean-up-return-codes-and-paths.patch
* 0031-btrfs-progs-move-global-reserve-to-overall-summary.patch
- own mkinitrd directories
- add missing symbol to library (bnc#873164)
- add version dependency for devel package
- Added patches:
* 0001-btrfs-progs-move-arg_strtou64-to-a-separate-file-for.patch
- fsck: fixes and enahancements to --init-extent-tree mode
- fsck: chunk-recover updates
- scrub: add force option -f
- send: check if subvolumes are read-only
- subvol snapshot: add options to affect commit behaviour
- btrfs: add properties command group
- restore: add dry-run option
- restore: fix restoring of compressed files
- mkfs: support for no-holes feature
- mkfs: option -r deals with hardlinks and relative paths
- mkfs: discard phase is interruptible
- documentation updates
- cleaned spec file
- Removed patches:
* 0162-btrfs-progs-fix-loop-device-mount-checks.patch
* 0165-Revert-btrfs-progs-update-options-in-find-root.c.patch
* 0166-Btrfs-progs-add-some-verbose-output-to-find-root.patch
- bump version to 3.12
- update tarball and remove upstreamed patches
- fsck, image, restore: various improvements and fixes
- btrfs: quota rescan (fate#312751)
- fsck updates
- more mkfs sanity checks
- qgroup rescan wait
- Added patches:
* 0050-Btrfs-progs-commit-the-csum_root-if-we-do-init-csum-.patch
* 0051-btrfs-progs-Fix-getopt-on-arm-ppc-platforms.patch
* 0052-btrfs-progs-fix-duplicate-__-su-typedefs-on-ppc64.patch
* 0053-btrfs-progs-use-reentrant-localtime.patch
* 0054-btrfs-progs-don-t-have-to-report-ENOMEDIUM-error-dur.patch
* 0055-Btrfs-progs-added-btrfs-quota-rescan-w-switch-wait.patch
* 0056-btrfs-progs-fix-qgroup-realloc-inheritance.patch
* 0057-Btrfs-progs-fix-restore-command-leaving-corrupted-fi.patch
* 0058-btrfs-progs-avoid-write-to-the-disk-before-sure-to-c.patch
* 0059-btrfs-progs-error-if-device-for-mkfs-is-too-small.patch
* 0060-btrfs-progs-error-if-device-have-no-space-to-make-pr.patch
* 0061-btrfs-progs-calculate-available-blocks-on-device-pro.patch
* 0062-Btrfs-progs-keep-track-of-transid-failures-and-fix-t.patch
- Change udev rule filename in to
/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/64-btrfs.rules from
from /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/80-btrfs.rules (bnc#839960 comment#7)
- Remove udev rules file - udev packages one itself (bnc#839960).
- update to upstream master (194aa4a1)
- btrfs-restore: deal with NULL returns from read_node_slot
- btrfs-restore: use the correct leafsize when reading the FS location
- btrfs-find-root: Add options to control generation and level
- btrfsck: fix incorrect casting on items in the corrupt_blocks tree
- Btrfs-progs: fix closing of devices
- Btrfs-progs: enhance btrfs-image to restore image onto multiple disks
- Btrfs-progs: cleanup btrfs-image usage
- Btrfs-progs: delete fs_devices itself from fs_uuid list before freeing
- Btrfs-progs: skip open devices which is missing
- Btrfs-progs: fix misuse of skinny metadata in btrfs-image
- Btrfs-progs: recover raid0/raid10/raid5/raid6 metadata chunk
- Btrfs-progs: Add chunk rebuild function for RAID1/SINGLE/DUP
- Btrfs-progs: introduce list_{first, next}_entry/list_splice_tail{_init}
- Btrfs-progs: Add chunk recover function - using old chunk items
- Btrfs-progs: Add block group check funtion
- Btrfs-progs: extend the extent cache for the device extent
- Btrfs-progs: use rb-tree instead of extent cache tree for fs/file roots
- Btrfs-progs: introduce common insert/search/delete functions for rb-tree
- Btrfs-progs: cleanup similar code in open_ctree_* and close_ctree
- Btrfs-progs: Don't free the devices when close the ctree
- Btrfs-progs: don't close the file descriptor 0 when closing a device
- Btrfs-progs: fix missing recow roots when making btrfs filesystem
- Add fix for passing super_nr while opening ctree
- btrfs-progs-mkfs-default-extref.diff: turn on extended refs by
default, (aka hardlink count limtitation) (bnc#835695)
- added 0040-btrfs-progs-fix-loop-device-mount-checks.patch: fix
loop mount detection again (bnc#834173)
- Simplify checks in mkinitrd scripts.
They are always true because they come from the same package
Use relative paths to binaries
- Move udev rules to /usr.
- Adjust rules to call binary from /usr
- Simplify fsck.btrfs, its just a dummy until fixed
- update to upstream master (f00dd8386a57d241d0f7c)
- Make requirement on libattr-devel explicit
- initrd support: add module (bnc#750185, bnc#727383)
- set correct file mode if writing replacement fsck
- fix build failure
- add btrfs-debug-tree to initrd
- adjust fs size to correct size (bnc#744593)
- man page documentation updates
- do not package obsolete utilities
- mkfs: store correct size of device in superblock (bnc#730103)
- updated restriper/balance commands to match kernel version
- place binaries in /usr tree (UsrMerge project)
- adjust mkinitrd scrippt accordingly
- add btrfsck repair options for:
- rebuild extent records
- fix block group accounting
- reset csums for rescue nodatasum mount
- prune corrupt extent allocation tree blocks
- device scanning fixes for dm and multipath (bnc#749540)
- initrd support: move btrfs device scan after block device setup
- documentation updates
- add csize for file commpressed size
- updated restore utility
- patch license to follow standard
- btrfs-progs-fix-open_ctree_usage_segfaults.patch: fix
segfaults from bnc#710486 due to unchecked usage of return
value of open_ctree()
[fixed compilation warnings]
- pull upstream, replace existing patches, spec update
- update 'restore' utility
- lzo support
- tools may now take earlies superblock when opening the fs
- other fixes
- pull integration-20111030 branch
- mkfs: force mkfs if desired
- other fixes
- add btrfs-dump-super to mkinitrd
- other fixes
- skip non-existent devices or without media
- documentation updates
- scrubbing single device
- graceful error handling when opening fs fails
- updated mkinitrd script to scan devices before mount (bnc#727383)
- add several tools to mkinitrd if root fs is btrfs
- pull upstream branch and delete local patches
- btrfsck: ignore -a (bnc#655906)
- btrfsck: fix strerror value
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
- add patch for local version override as we do not build from
git, and avoid doubled "Btrfs" in output of 'btrfs'
- reorder help for 'get-default' right after 'set-default'
- add option -p to print parent subvolume
- add subvolume 'get-default' subsubcommand
- remove debugging printf from
- add support for currently available kernel features:
- add scrub subcommand
- scan /proc/partitions by default (or use --all-devices for all)
- mkfs fixes and improvements
- documentation fixes
- fix failing on deleted loop mounts (bnc#697671)
- update from git:
- add btrfs-select-super utility
- add btrfs-label utility
- allow mixed data+metadata (option --mixed)
- allow populating new filesystem with files (option --rootdir)
- allow discard support in mkfs
- lzo support
- deprecate 'btrfsctl' 'btrfs-vol' 'btrfs-show'
- other bugfixes and documentation improvements
- change to a hardlink
- add link for fsck.btrfs (bnc#665899)
- update to v0.19-35-g1b444cd:
* used space accounting fix for the converter
* Add btrfs-list for listing subvolumes
* Add new util: 'btrfs'
* multidevice support for check_mounted
* check slash in deleting subvolumes
* Add btrfsck option to select the super block copy
* btrfs-debug-tree: add -d option to print only the device mapping
- fix crash on creating filesystems (bnc#603620)
- revert last change (bnc#599224#c3)
- add hardlink from fsck.btrfs (bnc#599224)
- fix memory leak (bnc#537633)
- Updated to latest repo version.
- used space accounting fix for the converter
- btrfsctl: add snapshot/subvolume destroy ioctl
- btrfsck: check root back/forward references
- Add btrfs-map-logical program to map and read logical block numbers
- build btfs-convert (bnc#572912)
- enable parallel build
- added Supplements
- move apps to /sbin
- update to 0.19:
- build with rpm optflags
- install man pages
- fix leak in extends checking (bnc#523447)

==== chrony ====

- Remove discrepancies between spec file and chrony-tmpfiles (boo#1115529)

==== cups-filters ====
Version update (1.21.1 -> 1.21.4)

- Update to version 1.21.4:
* cups-browsed: cups-browsed: Limit the number of retries for
creating a print queue when it comes to HTTP timeouts. Number
of retries given by HttpMaxRetries directive in
* cups-browsed: Read out current time right before setting the
* libcupsfilters: In the PPD generator for driverless IPP
printing let "*cupsManualCopies: true" lines get added to
the PPD if printing is done in a raster format as then
pdftopdf needs to generate the copies.
* pdftoraster, pdftoopvp, pdftoijs: Fix build with Poppler >=
* pdftopdf: Fixed printing multiple copies on driverless IPP
printers. When printing collated copies the multiple copies
got applied twice, resulting in n*n instead of n copies.
* pdftoraster, pdftoopvp, pdftoijs: Poppler removed memCheck
and gMemReport functions, remove appropriate calls.
- Changes from version 1.21.3:
* foomatic-rip: Reset stdin after replacing the underlying file
- Changes from version 1.21.2:
* cups-browsed: Fixed freeing of literal string caused by
Coverity Scan issue fix.

==== cyrus-sasl ====
Version update (2.1.26 -> 2.1.27)
Subpackages: cyrus-sasl-crammd5 cyrus-sasl-devel cyrus-sasl-digestmd5
cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-plain libsasl2-3 libsasl2-3-32bit

- removed patches obsoleted by upstream changes:
* shared_link_on_ppc.patch
* fix-sasl-header.diff
* cyrus-sasl-revert_gssapi_flags.patch
* cyrus-sasl-issue-402.patch
* cyrus-sasl-2.1.27-openssl-1.1.0.patch
- replaced cumlocal/ with m4/ in patches
- added fix_libpq-fe_include.diff for fixing including libpq-fe.h
- Update to 2.1.27
* Added support for OpenSSL 1.1
* Added support for lmdb
* Lots of build fixes
* Treat SCRAM and DIGEST-MD5 as more secure than PLAIN when selecting client
* DIGEST-MD5 plugin:
Fixed memory leaks
Fixed a segfault when looking for non-existent reauth cache
Prevent client from going from step 3 back to step 2
Allow cmusaslsecretDIGEST-MD5 property to be disabled
* GSSAPI plugin:
Added support for retrieving negotiated SSF
Fixed GSS-SPNEGO to use flags negotiated by GSSAPI for SSF
Properly compute maxbufsize AFTER security layers have been set
* SCRAM plugin:
Added support for SCRAM-SHA-256
* LOGIN plugin:
Don?t prompt client for password until requested by server
* NTLM plugin:
Fixed crash due to uninitialized HMAC context

==== dejagnu ====
Version update (1.6.1 -> 1.6.2)

- Update to dejagnu 1.6.2
* runtest will abort if $DEJAGNU is defined but the file is not
- close-wait-program.patch: Removed

==== drbd ====
Subpackages: drbd-kmp-default

- bsc#1118841, kernel compatible issue.
Have bioset_init but no bioset_initialized
- Add patch compat_no_bioset_initialized.patch
Remove patch compat_have_mempool_init.patch

==== editorconfig-core-c ====
Version update (0.12.2 -> 0.12.3)

- update to 0.12.3:
* Bump required minimum cmake version to 2.8.12.
* Support pcre2 and drop support for pcre.
- use pkconfig to find libpcre2

==== epson-inkjet-printer-escpr ====
Version update (1.6.29 -> 1.6.33)

- Update to 1.6.33:
* Supported new models:
+ ET-4700_Series
+ L1110_Series
+ L5190_Series
+ L7180_Series
+ PX-S170T_Series
+ PX-S170UT_Series

==== ffmpeg-4 ====
Subpackages: libavcodec58 libavdevice58 libavfilter7 libavformat58
libavresample4 libavutil56 libpostproc55 libswresample3 libswscale5

- Enable encoding/decoding with nvcodec, the required headers are already
in TW (permissively licensed). The required NVidia libraries are dlopen'ed.
- Enable ILBC decoder, ilbc is free and already packaged standalone.

==== fwupd ====
Subpackages: fwupd-lang libfwupd2

- Use gnu-efi only if %{with efi_fw_update}, always use pkgconfig(efivar)
- Fix file list
- Amend %post and %postun to install/uninstall fwupd*.efi to the
EFI system partition
+ Also add shim to Requires for fwupdx64.efi
- Mark fwupdate as obsolete
+ fwupdate has been merged into fwupd since fwupd 1.1.0.

==== gcc7 ====
Version update (7.3.1+r263609 -> 7.4.0+r266845)

- Update to GCC 7.4 release.
- Fix AVR configuration to not use __cxa_atexit or libstdc++ headers.
Point to /usr/avr/sys-root/include as system header include directory.

==== git ====
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web gitk

- Use Requires(pre).
- Do not ignore error returns from useradd.
- Package descriptions need not be wrapped in %if..%endif.
- Avoid boo#1082023 - git send-email fails to authenticate with
SMTP server

==== gmime ====
Version update (3.2.0 -> 3.2.3)

- Update to version 3.2.3:
+ Fixed GMimeFilterBasic for uudecode.
+ Fixed a bug in g_mime_uuencode_step().
+ Modified GMimeParser to work around broken mailers that send
base64 encoded message/rfc822 parts.
+ Fixed a bug in g_mime_quoted_encode_close() where it would
incorrectly end the quoted-printable output with a line
containing only "=\n" even when it is not needed.
+ Improved g_mime_content_encoding_from_string().
+ Really, really fixed the packaging to include the Vala build
- Changes from version 3.2.2:
+ Fixed packaging to include Vala files.
- Changes from version 3.2.1:
+ Fixed GMimeParser to recognize the message/global mime-type.
+ Updated GMime to use libidn2 instead of the older libidn
+ Fixed address quoting logic and IDN2 encoding.
pass to g_mime_crypto_context_decrypt(). Also added
pass to g_mime_crypto_context_verify().
+ Fixed g_mime_message_write_to_stream() to prioritize message
headers over body headers.
+ The GMimeParser can now warn about a number of RFC-compliance
issues that it finds when parsing messages.
+ Fixed GMimeTextPart to make sure that the GMimeFilterCharset is
non-null before trying to use it. This can happen if the
charset specified in the Content-Type header is unsupported by
the iconv library.

==== guile ====
Version update (2.0.14 -> 2.2.4)

- Update to version 2.2.4. [boo#1117121]
Notable changes compared to 2.0.14:
* speed
* better thread and space-safety
* improved locale support
* dynamically expandable stacks
* many small improvements and bug fixes
This release brings incompatible changes to 2.0.x versions.
More details: /usr/share/doc/packages/guile/NEWS
- add patches:
* disable-posix-crypt-test.patch: test glibc EINVAL fails
* disable-test-out-of-memory.patch: heap error during test
- refresh patches:
* guile-2.0.14-gc_pkgconfig_private.patch: rebase on guile 2.2
and rename to guile-2.2-gc_pkgconfig_private.patch
- remove patches:
* guile-64bit.patch
* guile-1.6.10-mktemp.patch
* guile-threads-test.patch
* guile-net-db-test.patch: guile doesn't fail to build anymore
* guile-disable-int-tests.patch: guile builds fine with glibc2.27
- reorder patches
- remove libguilereadline packages, as it became an extension

==== hwinfo ====
Version update (21.62 -> 21.63)

- merge gh#openSUSE/hwinfo#75
- adjust system type detection (bsc#1117982)
- rework version number generation in header file
- small correction
- 21.63

==== inst-source-utils ====
Version update (2018.04.06 -> 2018.12.05)

- Add pattern-category (fate#323785)

==== kmozillahelper ====
Version update (5.0.2 -> 5.0.3)

- Update to 5.0.3:
* Improve HiDPI support
- Add %license

==== libcontainers-common ====

- Update to latest libpod and storage to support cri-o 1.13
- Use seccomp.json from, instead of
installing the tar.xz on users systems (boo#1118444)

==== libgpg-error ====
Version update (1.32 -> 1.33)
Subpackages: libgpg-error0 libgpg-error0-32bit

- update to 1.33:
* New unified config script gpgrt-config
* The log functions now sanitize strings printed with the "%s"
format specifier
* New fprintf style function to apply a custom filter for string
* New function to compare version strings

==== libgphoto2 ====
Version update (2.5.20 -> 2.5.21)
Subpackages: libgphoto2-6 libgphoto2-6-lang

- updated to 2.5.21 release
* Nikon Z series support added
* New Canon Powershot SX / GX also support capture, ALPHA support added
* Canon EOS bugfixes
* imported IDs from libmtp
* Added:
* Nikon Z6, Z7
* Canon Powershot SX720HS, G5X
* Canon IXUS 185

==== libnettle ====
Version update (3.4 -> 3.4.1~rc1)
Subpackages: libhogweed4 libhogweed4-32bit libnettle6 libnettle6-32bit

- Adjust SRPM group.
- libnettle 3.4.1rc1: [bsc#1118086, CVE-2018-16869]
* pkcs1-decrypt.c (pkcs1_decrypt): Rewrite as a wrapper around
_pkcs1_sec_decrypt_variable. Improves side-channel silence of the
only caller, rsa_decrypt.
* rsa-sec-compute-root.c (sec_mul, sec_mod_mul, sec_powm): New
local helper functions, with their own itch functions.
(_rsa_sec_compute_root_itch, _rsa_sec_compute_root): Rewrote to
use helpers, for clarity.
* rsa-decrypt-tr.c (rsa_decrypt_tr): Use NETTLE_OCTET_SIZE_TO_LIMB_SIZE.
* rsa-sec-compute-root.c (_rsa_sec_compute_root): Avoid calls to
mpz_sizeinbase, since that potentially leaks most significant bits
of private key parameters a and b.
* rsa-sign.c (rsa_compute_root) [!NETTLE_USE_MINI_GMP]: Use
* testsuite/rsa-sec-compute-root-test.c: Add more tests for new
side-channel silent functions.
* rsa-sign.c (rsa_private_key_prepare): Check that qn + cn >= pn,
since that is required for one of the GMP calls in
* rsa-decrypt-tr.c: Switch to use side-channel silent functions.
* pkcs1-sec-decrypt.c (_pkcs1_sec_decrypt_variable): New private
function. Variable size version for backwards compatibility.
* testsuite/rsa-sec-decrypt-test.c: Adds more tests.
* rsa-sec-decrypt.c (rsa_sec_decrypt): New function.
Fixed length side-channel silent version of rsa-decrypt.
* testsuite/rsa-encrypt-test.c: add tests for the new fucntion.
* testsuite/pkcs1-sec-decrypt-test.c: Adds tests for _pkcs1_sec_decrypt.
* gmp-glue.c (mpn_get_base256): New function.
* pkcs1-sec-decrypt.c (_pkcs1_sec_decrypt): New private function.
Fixed length side-channel silent version of pkcs1-decrypt.
* cnd-memcpy.c (cnd_memcpy): New function.
* testsuite/cnd-memcpy-test.c: New test case.
* rsa-sign-tr.c (rsa_sec_compute_root_tr): New function that uses
_rsa_sec_compute_root, as well as side-channel silent RSA blinding.
(rsa_compute_root_tr) Rewritten as a wrapper around rsa_sec_compute_root_tr.
(rsa_sec_blind, rsa_sec_unblind, sec_equal, rsa_sec_check_root)
(cnd_mpn_zero): New helper functions.
(rsa_sec_compute_root_tr) [NETTLE_USE_MINI_GMP]: Defined as a not
side-channel silent wrapper around rsa_compute_root_tr, and the
latter function left unchanged.
* rsa-sec-compute-root.c (_rsa_sec_compute_root_itch)
(_rsa_sec_compute_root): New file, new private functions.
Side-channel silent version of rsa_compute_root.
* rsa-internal.h: New header file with declarations.
* gmp-glue.h (NETTLE_OCTET_SIZE_TO_LIMB_SIZE): New macro.
* tools/pkcs1-conv.c (convert_file): Add missing break statements.
* nettle-internal.c (des_set_key_wrapper, des3_set_key_wrapper)
(blowfish128_set_key_wrapper): Wrapper functions, to avoid cast
between incompatible function types (which gcc-8 warns about).
Wrappers are expected to compile to a single jmp instruction.
* des-compat.c (des_compat_des3_decrypt): Change length argument type to

==== libreoffice ====
Subpackages: libreoffice-branding-upstream libreoffice-calc libreoffice-draw
libreoffice-filters-optional libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk3
libreoffice-icon-themes libreoffice-impress libreoffice-l10n-cs
libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-l10n-el libreoffice-l10n-en
libreoffice-l10n-en_GB libreoffice-l10n-es libreoffice-l10n-fr
libreoffice-l10n-hu libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja libreoffice-l10n-pl
libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN
libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW libreoffice-mailmerge libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno
libreoffice-qt5 libreoffice-writer libreofficekit

- Add libreoffice-poppler-0.71.patch: Fix build with poppler 0.71

==== libsndfile ====

- Fix segfault in wav conversion due to the invalid loop count
(CVE-2018-19758, bsc#1117954):

==== libvirt ====
Version update (4.9.0 -> 4.10.0)
Subpackages: libvirt-client libvirt-daemon libvirt-daemon-driver-interface
libvirt-daemon-driver-libxl libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc
libvirt-daemon-driver-network libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret libvirt-daemon-driver-storage
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi
libvirt-daemon-lxc libvirt-daemon-qemu libvirt-daemon-xen libvirt-libs

- Update to libvirt 4.10.0
- Many incremental improvements and bug fixes, see
- Dropped patches:
- Added patches:
- FATE#320928, FATE#325817, FATE#326380, FATE#326698

==== mariadb ====
Subpackages: libmysqld19 mariadb-client mariadb-errormessages

- Add patch to link against libatomic where necessary and
use C++11 atomics instead of gcc built-in atomics
* mariadb-10.2.19-link-and-enable-c++11-atomics.patch
- Add two tests to suse_skipped_tests.list for ppc
* encryption.innodb-bad-key-change2
* encryption.innodb-bad-key-change4

==== mercurial ====
Version update (4.8 -> 4.8.1)
Subpackages: mercurial-lang

- Mercurial 4.8.1
A regularly scheduled bugfix release. Some security fixes are included, but
all are expected to be low-risk.
* commands
- commandserver: get around ETIMEDOUT raised by selectors2
- graft: do not try to skip rev derived from ancestor more than
once (issue6024)
- verify: provide unit to ui.makeprogress()
* core
- revlog: fix out-of-bounds access by negative parents read from
revlog (SEC)
* extensions
- rebase: abort in-mem rebase if there's a dirty merge state
- rebase: fix dir/file conflict detection when using in-mem merge
- rebase: fix path auditing to audit path relative to repo root (issue5818)
- rebase: preserve working copy when redoing in-mem rebase on disk
* unsorted
- tests: stabilize test-inherit-mode.t on FreeBSD and macOS (issue6026)

==== multipath-tools ====
Version update (0.7.7+136+suse.d814d8e -> 0.7.9+58+suse.0790830)
Subpackages: kpartx

- Update to version 0.7.9+58+suse.0790830:
* libmpathpersist: fix off-by-one error in PRIN length check
* multipathd: fix mpp->hwe handling when paths are freed
(fix possible crash caused by new hardware table code)
- Update to version 0.7.9+55+suse.9fc8439:
(note the "55" is due to former merge operations. We actually
only have 7 patches on top of upstream. All other patches
referenced below as "not upstream" have been merged).
* Bump version to 0.7.9
* multipathd: reset delay_wait_checks counter on failure
* multipathd: fix irritating "minor number mismatch" message
* fix posible failure to shut down (bsc#1110060, bsc#1110439)
* upstream "checker overhaul" - cleanups and improvements for
path checkers
* Upstream fixes for failures handling path initializiation
* various small upstream bug fixes.

==== open-iscsi ====
Subpackages: iscsiuio libopeniscsiusr0_2_0

- Fixed iscsiuio issues (bsc#1116712) by merging the latest from
upstream, bringing the iscsiuio version to v0.7.8.5, updating:
* open-iscsi-SUSE-latest.diff.bz2

==== openblas_pthreads ====
Version update (0.3.3 -> 0.3.4)

- Update to version 0.3.4
* The new, experimental thread-local memory allocation had
inadvertently been left enabled for gmake builds in 0.3.3
despite the announcement. It is now disabled by default,
and single-threaded builds will keep using the old
allocator even if the USE_TLS option is turned on.
* OpenBLAS will now provide enough buffer space for at least
50 threads by default.
* The output of openblas_get_config() now contains the version
* A serious thread safety bug in GEMV operation with small M and
large N size has been fixed.
* The code will now automatically call blas_thread_init after
a fork if needed before handling a call to
* Accesses to parallelized level3 functions from multiple
callers are now serialized to avoid thread races
(unless using OpenMP).
* This should provide better performance than the
known-threadsafe (but non-default)
* When building LAPACK with gfortran, -frecursive is now
(again) enabled by default to ensure correct behaviour.
* The OpenBLAS version cblas.h now supports both CBLAS_ORDER
and CBLAS_LAYOUT as the name of the matrix row/column order
* Externally set LDFLAGS are now passed through to the final
* steps to facilitate setting platform-specific linker flags.
* A potential race condition during the build of LAPACK
(that would usually manifest itself as a failure to build
TESTING/MATGEN) has been fixed.
* xHEMV has been changed to stay single-threaded for small
input sizes where the overhead of multithreading exceeds
any possible gains
* CSWAP and ZSWAP have been limited to a single thread
except on ARMV8 or ThunderX hardware with sizable input.
* Linker flags for the PGI compiler have been updated
* Behaviour of AXPY with zero increments is now handled
in the C interface, correcting the result on at least
Intel Atom.
* The result matrix from calling SGELSS with an all-zero
input matrix is now zeroed completely.
* Autodetection of AMD Ryzen2 has been fixed (again).
* CMAKE builds now support labeling of an INTERFACE64=1
build of the library with the _64 suffix.
* AVX512 version of DGEMM has been added and the
AVX512 SGEMM kernel has been sped up by rewriting
with C intrinsics
* Fixed compilation on RHEL5/CENTOS5
(issue with typename __WAIT_STATUS)
* DYNAMic_ARCH support is now available for 64bit ARM
* cross-compiling for ARMV8 under iOS now works.
* cpu-specific code has been rearranged to make better
use of both hardware commonalities and model-specific
compiler optimizations.
* XGENE1 has been removed as a TARGET, superseded by the
improved generic ARMV8 support.
* Older assembly mnemonics have been converted to UAL
form to allow building with clang 7.0

==== ovmf ====
Subpackages: qemu-ovmf-x86_64

- Update ovmf-embed-default-keys.patch and add owner-guid-zero.h to
set the default owner of PK/KEK/db/dbx and make the
auto-enrollment only happen at the very first boot. (bsc#1117998)
- Change the group of qemu-ovmf-x86_64-debug to Development/Sources
since there is no Development/Debug anymore

==== patterns-fonts ====
Subpackages: patterns-fonts-fonts patterns-fonts-fonts_opt

- Adjust icons to state of yast2-theme package

==== patterns-network ====

- Adjust icons to state of yast2-theme package

==== plymouth ====
Version update (0.9.4+git20181129.a7ec3e6 -> 0.9.4+git20181204.0cd0613)
Subpackages: libply-boot-client4 libply-splash-core4 libply-splash-graphics4
libply4 plymouth-dracut plymouth-plugin-label plymouth-plugin-label-ft
plymouth-plugin-script plymouth-plugin-two-step plymouth-scripts

- Update to version 0.9.4+git20181204.0cd0613:
* drm: Pick a controller for unconfigured connectors
* drm: Drop crtcs for clones for which we've picked different
* drm: More connector enumeration refactoring
* drm: Store tiled and rotation in ply_output_t
* drm: Refactor create_heads_for_active_connectors
* drm: Directly store the mode instead of the mode_index
* drm: Drop unused encoder_id

==== psmisc ====
Subpackages: psmisc-lang

- Modify patch 0001-Use-mountinfo-to-be-able-to-use-the-mount-identity.patch
* Always initialize head of simple linked list (bsc#1098697)
* stat(2) on binary does not see subvol dev

==== python ====
Subpackages: python-curses python-tk

- Enable all the tests in %check
- Add more patches to successfully build with openssl 1.1.1
* openssl-111-middlebox-compat.patch
* openssl-111-ssl_options.patch
- Add patch openssl-111.patch to work with openssl-1.1.1

==== python-base ====
Subpackages: libpython2_7-1_0 libpython2_7-1_0-32bit python-xml

- Add patch openssl-111.patch to work with openssl-1.1.1

==== python-kiwi ====
Version update (9.16.27 -> 9.17.1)

- Bump version: 9.17.0 ? 9.17.1
- Little code styling fix
- Fixed oem installer
In the implementation of the ramdisk installer from
SUSE/ramdisk_deployment(4fdeee3faa3) an error for the
standard case was introduced such that the lsblk call
was invalid. This lead to no devices being present
for the installation. This patch Fixes #877
- Fix rsync call for filesystem images
For filesystem images the rsync call was missing a finale slash for
the source path causing the sync also the containing directory. With
this change the filesystem image does not include the rootfs in any
Fixes #875
- Add history metadata for container builds
This commit adds the history section in contianerconfig. With it
'author', 'created_by' and 'comment' can be customized. In addition
'created' is always included with the image creation date time.
'created_by' entry is set to 'KIWI __version__' by default if nothing
is provided.
Fixes #852
- Bump version: 9.16.36 ? 9.17.0
- Change bundling of image formats
By default none of the image formats were stored as compressed
file. The reason behind this was the assumption that some
formats automatically makes use of compression, which is true
but only in their processing and not in their data blocks at
creation time. Storage and handling of the image file itself
becomes cumbersome and therefore we change the default bundle
setup for image formats to be compressed. This means the image
as it gets packed by KIWI needs to be uncompressed before use.
The following image formats are affected by the change in a
call of the result bundler:
kiwi result bundle ...
* qcow2 (.qcow2.xz)
* vdi (.vdi.xz)
* vhd (.vhd.xz)
* vhdx (.vhdx.xz)
* vmdk (.vmdk.xz)
All other image formats already defined a custom bundling
setup including compression and are not affected by this change.
This Fixes #650
- Fixed firmware strip and lookup for kiwi initrd
In a kiwi initrd the function baseStripFirmware can be
used to strip down the firmware to the actually used
kernel drivers in that initrd. The code to do this was
broken due to the changes in #64cb5b003140a. This
patch done by Ruediger Oertel <ro@xxxxxxx> fixes the
method to work correctly again.
- kiwi-partitions-lib: wait for udev before lsblk
A LVM-enabled oem image spuriously did not resize its PV / LVs. Tracking
this down, I discovered that lsblk was sometimes racing with udev and
the disk was just not available during get_partition_node_name().
Call udev_pending() before all lsblk calls to avoid that.
(lsblk man page also advocates this to synchronize with udev)
- Bump version: 9.16.35 ? 9.16.36
- Bypass Jekyll processing for github pages
sphinx uses directories that start with underscores which
Jekyll considers these to be special resources and does not copy
them to the final site.
- Bump version: 9.16.34 ? 9.16.35
- Revert last travis.yml change
This reverts commit 7fb7e8c39fa861b6226d54e04483be8e96a5f8be.
- Bump version: 9.16.33 ? 9.16.34
- Next try to fixup pypi deployment
Reset to encrypted password hash which worked before
- Bump version: 9.16.32 ? 9.16.33
- Move pypi secret to secure variable on travis
- Bump version: 9.16.31 ? 9.16.32
- Use travis-sphinx to generate github pages doc
The output from the sphinx build does not render css
and java script correctly on github pages, thus switch
back to travis-sphinx to generate that data
- Bump version: 9.16.30 ? 9.16.31
- Move github token to secure variable on travis
- Bump version: 9.16.29 ? 9.16.30
- Run pages deployment before pypi
In addition update the pypi secret
- Move travis references to .com domain
- Bump version: 9.16.28 ? 9.16.29
- Arrange command test arguments to match py2 and py3 order
Apparently dictionary keys are not sorted equaly in py2 and py3. While
the code does not relay on command flags order the test command
validation does. This commit ensures the umoci command is the same for
both, py2 and py3, with all the flags in the same order.
- Make process config arguments method static
- Added oci_tools to package MANIFEST
- Use the travis pages provider for doc deployment
In the past we used the travis-sphinx script to deploy
the documentation to gh-pages via the travis CI. However
with the change to the travis github App we need to
change this deployment into a real deployment stage
of the travis setup
- Fixed azurectl redirect in documentation
- Bump version: 9.16.27 ? 9.16.28
- Added Deploy and Run System in a RamDisk docu
- Refactor containerconfig xml evaluation
This commit refactors the extracted data from containerconfig section
to be tool agnostic.
Related to #863
- Support ramdisk deployment in OEM images
Using the boot option enables the deployment
into a ramdisk. If this option is enabled only ramdisk devices
as provided by the brd kernel driver will be available for
- Apply OCI interface for container and root_import
Instead of directly calling the container archiving tool,
in this case umoci, the code has been changed to use the
new OCI interface class. This Fixes #859
- Distinguish install and image dracut config
This commit distinguishes the files that should be installed inside
the image dracut only than the ones installed in both, in install initrd
and image initrd.
Fixes #858
- Added OCI tooling interface class
An initiative to formulate industry standards around container
formats and runtime is available at
Different tools to implement the specifications had been
created. The purpose of this class and its sub-classes is
to provide a common interface in kiwi to allow using all
tools such that the container support in kiwi covers every
linux distribution no matter what tooling was preferred.
Related to Issue #859
- Warn on Modifications to intermediate config files
Some files are taken from the host and managed as intermediate
config files during the build of the image. Changes to those
files during the build run by e.g a script will not become
effective because the file gets restored. With this patch we
detect the modification condition and throw a warning message
such that the author of the image can adapt the description
as suggested in the message. This Fixes #817
- Cleanup code to make flake8 happy
The new version of flake8 is more strict on code checking and
complained at several places. This commit fixes the code smells
such that flake8 is happy again

==== python-libvirt-python ====
Version update (4.9.0 -> 4.10.0)

- Update to 4.10.0
- Add all new APIs and constants in libvirt 4.10.0
- FATE#320928, FATE#325817, FATE#326380, FATE#326698

==== python-rpm ====
Subpackages: python2-rpm python3-rpm

- Fix python-module compatibility with older distros

==== rubygem-fast_gettext ====
Version update (1.7.0 -> 1.8.0)

- updated to version 1.8.0
see installed CHANGELOG

==== rubygem-pkg-config ====
Version update (1.3.1 -> 1.3.2)

- updated to version 1.3.2
see installed NEWS
== 1.3.2 - 2018-11-03
=== Improvements
* Added support for Ruby installed by RubyInstaller for Windows with

==== schily ====
Version update (2018.10.30 -> 2018.11.22)
Subpackages: libdeflt1_0 libfind3_0 librmt1_0 libschily2_0 spax star

- Package bsh, pfbsh symlinks.
- Update to new upstream release 2018.11.22
* include/schily/getopt.h: A new include file has been created
for our libgetopt that includes an enhanced getopt()
* libschily: resolvenpath() did not work as expected when some
path names do not exist. A stat() call that should check
whether we already reached the "/" directory caused a return
(-1) even with (flags & RSPF_EXIST) == 0. This bug caused
star to classify more symlinks as dangerous than needed.
- Remove schily-linker.diff (resolved upstream)

==== snapper ====
Version update (0.8.0 -> 0.8.1)
Subpackages: libsnapper4 snapper-zypp-plugin

- validate snapshot id corresponding to the default subvolume
before using it for the current config (gh#openSUSE/snapper#449)
- version 0.8.1

==== soundtouch ====
Version update (2.1.0 -> 2.1.2)

- Update to version 2.1.2
* Bugfixes: Fixed potential buffer overwrite bugs in WavFile routines.
Replaced asserts with runtime exceptions. (CVE-2018-17097, bsc#1108632)
* Automake: unset ACLOCAL in bootstrap script to avoid error in case
earlier build script has set it

==== syslogd ====

- Set /bin/bash as scriptlet interpreter where needed.
- Use setlogcons and dmesg instead of klogconsole;
perform migration of sysconfig/boot file (boo#1116277).

==== systemd ====
Subpackages: libsystemd0 libsystemd0-32bit libudev-devel libudev1
libudev1-32bit systemd-32bit systemd-coredump systemd-logger systemd-sysvinit

- Import commit 8ae56af7802ef8f91fac64fa244d62a4468fbbd5
4474878178 udev-builtin-kmod: adjust logging
805534aff5 core: use the generic module_load() function
ac7e902530 shared/module-util: fix preexisting mixup with errno sign
415aa40793 udev-builtin-kmod: use the generic module_load() function
8a36b4bac6 Move module-util.h to src/shared/ and load_module() to libshared
999b910752 core/kmod-setup: restore comments
1f2b822a21 logind: stop managing VT switches if no sessions are registered on
that VT
5ad8d374c5 terminal-util: introduce vt_release() helper
145d492490 logind: become the controlling terminal process before restoring
VT (bsc#1101591)
d4b5dbc033 terminal-util: introduce vt_restore() helper
2e8af185f0 logind: make session_restore_vt() static
ff3048364f udev: downgrade message when we fail to set inotify watch up
- Fix the test for figuring out if /etc/machine-id is writable in %post
"test -w" always returns true for root user even if the writable
mode bits are not set. Fix this by testing the file mode bit value
- Move systemd-sysv-convert from /usr/sbin to /usr/lib/systemd
This tool is not supposed to be run by users.

==== systemd-presets-common-SUSE ====

- mandb.timer: added as mandb moved from cron job to systemd
timer (bsc#1115406)

==== systemd-rpm-macros ====

- systemd-sysv-convert has been moved from /usr/sbin to /usr/lib/systemd

==== taglib ====
Version update (1.11.1 -> 1.11.1+git20181028)
Subpackages: libtag1 libtag_c0

- Update to 1.11.1+git20181028 and add taglib-versionbump.patch to
enable qt5 clementine to build with system taglib.
- Removed incorporated taglib-CVE-2017-12678.patch,
taglib-CVE-2018-11439.patch and taglib-fix-ogg.patch.
- Upstream changes:
* Added support for DSF and DSDIFF files.
* Added support for WinRT.
* Added support for classical music tags of iTunes 12.5.
* Added support for file descriptor to FileStream.
* Added support for 'cmID', 'purl', 'egid' MP4 atoms.
* Enabled FileRef to detect file types based on the stream content.
* Check for mandatory header objects in ASF files.
* Fixed OOB read on invalid Ogg FLAC files (CVE-2018-11439).
* Fixed handling of empty MPEG files.
* Fixed reading MP4 atoms with zero length.
* Fixed reading FLAC files with zero-sized seektables.
* Fixed handling of lowercase field names in Vorbis Comments.
* Fixed handling of 'rate' atoms in MP4 files.
* Fixed handling of invalid UTF-8 sequences.
* Fixed possible file corruptions when saving Ogg files.
* TableOfContentsFrame::toString() improved.
* UserTextIdentificationFrame::toString() improved.
* Marked FileRef::create() deprecated.
* Several smaller bug fixes and performance improvements.

==== tcpdump ====

- Security fix [bsc#1117267, CVE-2018-19519]
* Buffer overread in print-hncp.c:print_prefix.
* Added patch tcpdump-CVE-2018-19519.patch

==== texinfo ====
Subpackages: info makeinfo

- Use noun phrase for summaries.
- Add patch perl-5.28-fixes.patch to get build cehck working again
due broken perl API with perl 5.28 and up (boo#1113945)

==== tree ====
Version update (1.7.0 -> 1.8.0)

Update to 1.8.0:
* Added an experimental --fromfile option (suggested by several people.)
This may eventually be replaced or supplimented by a --fromjson option.
* Added support for BSD's CLICOLOR and CLICOLOR_FORCE environment variables.
(Suggested by Alyssa Ross)
* Use strftime() exclusively when formatting date/time to respect locale.
* Some man page fixes and cleanups curtsey of Kirill Kolyshkin
* Update BINDIR in Makefile for MacOS X -- It is not allowed to install
programs to /usr/bin on MacOS X any longer due to System Integrity
Protection (SIP) (Shawn Mehan)
* Misc patches from Jacob Wahlgren:
- Improved command line switch error reporting.
- Symbolic links not displayed if a -P pattern is active
- Missing argument error reporting fixes on long format switches.
* Fixed JSON output hanging commas (John Lane, Tad, others)
* JSON size output ignored -h/--si flags (Wagner Camarao)
* Fixed issue with malformed multibyte string handling. (Mantas
* Fixed issue where mbstowcs() fails to null terminate the string due to
improper UTF-8 encoding leading to garbage being printed. (Nick Craig-Wood)
* Found a bug where the wrong inode (and device) information would be printed
for symbolic links. (Stephan Gabert)
- adjust tree-makefile.patch

==== util-linux ====
Version update (2.32.1 -> 2.33)
Subpackages: libblkid-devel libblkid1 libblkid1-32bit libfdisk1 libmount1
libmount1-32bit libsmartcols1 libuuid-devel libuuid1 libuuid1-32bit

- Update to version 2.33:
* choom: new command to adjust and display the current OOM-killer
* libsmartcols has been improved to differentiate between
numbers, booleans and strings in JSON output.
* fstrim(8): trim all mounted filesystems from /etc/fstab
(-A|--fstab), new command line option --dry-run.
* hwclock(8) new command line option --delay.
* mount umount, libmount allow to mount and umount filesystem in
another namespace.
* rename(1) new command line option --interactive.
* setarch(8) does not require architecture when modify
personality like ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE. The architecture argument
is optional now.
* command su(1) new command line option --whitelist-environment.
* setpriv(1) new command line option --reset-env and --pdeathsig.
* fdisk(8), sfdisk(8): print disk model name to simplify device
* column --table-empty-lines" allows to use empty lines in
formatted output.
* wipefs improved to postpone BLKRRPART ioctl until all magic
strings are wiped.
* script(1) extended to store more information about terminal
size and type to the typescript header. New command line
option --output-limit.
* libblkid provides BitLocker and basic APFS detection now.
* lsblk is possible to execute against /sys and /proc dumps with
- -sysroot is specified.
* agetty(8) reload issue only if it is really needed
- Drop klogconsole in favor of dmesg --console-level plus
setlogcons (kbd) (boo#1116277).

==== util-linux-systemd ====
Version update (2.32.1 -> 2.33)

- Update to version 2.33:
* choom: new command to adjust and display the current OOM-killer
* libsmartcols has been improved to differentiate between
numbers, booleans and strings in JSON output.
* fstrim(8): trim all mounted filesystems from /etc/fstab
(-A|--fstab), new command line option --dry-run.
* hwclock(8) new command line option --delay.
* mount umount, libmount allow to mount and umount filesystem in
another namespace.
* rename(1) new command line option --interactive.
* setarch(8) does not require architecture when modify
personality like ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE. The architecture argument
is optional now.
* command su(1) new command line option --whitelist-environment.
* setpriv(1) new command line option --reset-env and --pdeathsig.
* fdisk(8), sfdisk(8): print disk model name to simplify device
* column --table-empty-lines" allows to use empty lines in
formatted output.
* wipefs improved to postpone BLKRRPART ioctl until all magic
strings are wiped.
* script(1) extended to store more information about terminal
size and type to the typescript header. New command line
option --output-limit.
* libblkid provides BitLocker and basic APFS detection now.
* lsblk is possible to execute against /sys and /proc dumps with
- -sysroot is specified.
* agetty(8) reload issue only if it is really needed
- Drop klogconsole in favor of dmesg --console-level plus
setlogcons (kbd) (boo#1116277).

==== valgrind ====

- drop unreproducible unused .a files to make the package build
reproducible (boo#1118163)

==== vim ====
Version update (8.1.0527 -> 8.1.0565)
Subpackages: gvim vim-data vim-data-common

- Updated to version 8.1.0565, fixes the following problems
* Using 'shiftwidth' from wrong buffer for folding.
* Flaky test sometimes fails in different ways.
* Channel and terminal tests that start a server can be flaky.
* Flaky tests often fail with a common error message.
* Cannot distinguish between quickfix and location list.
* Screendump tests can be flaky.
* Increment/decrement might get interrupted by updating folds.
* File time test fails when using NFS.
* ui_breakcheck() may be called recursively, which doesn't work.
* Evaluating a modeline might invoke using a shell command.
* Cannot build without the sandbox.
* May evaluate insecure value when appending to option.
* Help message in dosinst.c is outdated.
* shiftwidth() does not take 'vartabstop' into account.
* Coverity warns for leaking memory and using wrong struct.
* Setting 'filetype' in a modeline causes an error (Hirohito Higashi).
* When executing indent tests user preferences interfere.
* Modeline test with keymap fails.
* Crash when job callback unloads a buffer.
* Netbeans test depends on README.txt contents.
* Expression evaluation may repeat an error message.
* Saved last search pattern may not be restored.
* It is not easy to edit a script that was sourced.
* Popup menu overlaps with preview window.
* Crash when last search pat is set but not last substitute pat.
* Saving/restoring search patterns share saved last_idx.
* Termdebug: gdb may use X.Y for breakpoint number.
* Command line completion not sufficiently tested.
* Cannot use address type "other" with with user command.
* MSCV error format has changed.
* Parsing of 'diffopt' is slightly wrong.
* Setting v:errors to a string give confusing error.
* Setting v:errors to wrong type still possible.
* Asan complains about reading before allocated block.

==== webkit2gtk3 ====
Subpackages: libjavascriptcoregtk-4_0-18 libwebkit2gtk-4_0-37
libwebkit2gtk3-lang typelib-1_0-JavaScriptCore-4_0 typelib-1_0-WebKit2-4_0

- Disable media source extension on SLE/Leap 15 and earlier, since
it requires gstreamer 1.14.0.

==== wget ====
Version update (1.19.5 -> 1.20)

- Version update to 1.20:
* Add new option `--retry-on-host-error` to treat local errors as
transient and hence Wget will retry to download the file after
a brief waiting period.
* multiple potential resource leaks as found by static analysis.
* Wget will now not create an empty wget-log file when running
with -q and -b. switches together
* When compiled using the GnuTLS = 3.6.3, Wget now has support
for TLSv1.3.
* Now there is support for using libpcre2 for regex pattern
* When downloading over FTP recursively, one can now use the
- -accept,reject -regex switches to fine-tune the downloaded
* Building Wget from the git sources now requires autoconf 2.63
or above. Building from the Tarballs works as it used to.

==== wpa_supplicant ====
Subpackages: wpa_supplicant-gui

- Refresh spec-file: add %license tag.

==== xen ====
Version update (4.11.0_09 -> 4.11.1_02)
Subpackages: xen-libs xen-tools xen-tools-domU

- Update to Xen 4.11.1 bug fix release (bsc#1027519)
- 5b505d59-tools-xentop-replace-use-of-deprecated-vwprintw.patch
replaces xen.2b50cdbc444c637575580dcfa6c9525a84d5cc62.patch
- 5b76ec82-libxl-arm-Fix-build-on-arm64-acpi-w-gcc-8.2.patch
replaces xen.b8f33431f3dd23fb43a879f4bdb4283fdc9465ad.patch
- Drop the following patches contained in the new tarball





==== xf86-video-i128 ====
Version update (1.3.6 -> 1.4.0)

- Update to version 1.4.0
* This is a maintenance release of Number Nine Imagine 128 DDX.
There was one patch that has been languishing over at Patchwork
( for more than 2 years, so
I decided to apply it, and release a new version.
With that patch applied and one more small patch I authored, the DDX
cleanly without compilation warnings.
(Kevin Brace, Brace Computer Laboratory,
- supersedes U_Remove-mibstore.h.patch

==== xfce4-notifyd ====
Version update (0.4.2 -> 0.4.3)
Subpackages: xfce4-notifyd-lang

- update to 0.4.3 (27 October 2018):
This is (mostly) a translation update release.
Bugs fixed:
* Set the correct default value for fadeout (LP#1763674)

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