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Re: [opensuse-factory] emacs-magit silently removed !?
On Tue, 2018-12-04 at 11:34 +0100, Peter Simons wrote:
Hi Martin,

> My TW update today silently removed the emacs-magit package,
> which I heavily depend upon for my daily work.

just in case you weren't aware of that workaround, let me mention
you can install that package quickly on your system by running

M-x package-install magit

in Emacs. This will also give you a much newer and more feature-rich
version than the one TW used to have.

In general I prefer distro-based package management, and haven't used
"M-x package-install" in a long time. But yeah, I've heard about it.

This is a general question - do we want to package emacs packages as
rpms, or should users just grab them with emacs' built-in package
management? Some emacs subpackages still exist in Factory. I guess
it's a similar topic as GNOME shell extensions etc.

Worse, the package in the "editors" repo is also broken, as it
> to the not-anymore- existing package in openSUSE:Factory.

I believe Martin Pluskal has fixed that issue already. The trick is
delete the "_link" file.

Ok, thanks for pointing that out. I verified that the package can now
be checked out.

I don't recall having seen a call for a new maintainer for this
> package anywhere, nor a discussion whether this package
> be ditched.

You are right. I did not post to this list beforehand, and I probably
should have. I didn't realize that emacs-magit was particularly
important to anyone. I thought the fact that it had been broken for a
long time without anyone caring about it would be a pretty good
indication that emacs-magit could be dropped -- especially
it's so incredibly easy to get a newer and better version from within

The brokenness must have been pretty subtle - the package has worked
nicely for me for years.

Anyway, if anyone is willing to maintain that package, then please
request maintainership on OBS [1] and I'll be happy to transfer those
rights and privileges.

Let me think about it. After all, you're right, just using emacs
package management is probably less hassle in the long term.


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