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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Can no longer access pipe on cli
On 17/10/2018 17:12, James Knott wrote:
What about this?

Never really saw much need for it. With a Compose key, you don't need
those special keystrokes -- I can enter them all in a moment anyway.

And personally I find the Compose shortcuts much easier to remember.

E.g. # for tilde? What on Earth? I have a tilde key! It makes, shock
horror, a tilde: ~

So compose, tilde, n is ñ and compose, tilde, N is Ñ, in case I feel
like typing mañana or cañon.

C for cedilla? Then you need to remember what a cedilla is called, which
I will bet many people don't. (Or a tilde, which I've often heard called
a "squiggle".)

Whereas a comma *looks like* a cedilla, so ç is just compose, comma, c.

Backtick is grave: compose, `, a is à.
Ordinary apostrophe is an acute: compose, ', a is á.

As I live in Czechia, it's also useful for things like, well, the name
of the street with SUSE's office -- Křižíkova.

compose, <, r = ř
compose, <, z = ž
compose, ', i = í

And it works exactly the same on any layout, from Azerbaijani to Zulu.

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