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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20180920 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Please do not reply to this email to report issues, rather file a bug
on For more information on filing bugs please

Packages changed:
ImageMagick ( ->
NetworkManager-applet (1.8.16 -> 1.8.18)
dmidecode (3.1 -> 3.2)
fwupd (1.1.0 -> 1.1.2)
gtksourceview (3.24.8 -> 3.24.9)
hwinfo (21.56 -> 21.57)
libarchive (3.3.2 -> 3.3.3)
libinput (1.11.3 -> 1.12.0)
logrotate (3.13.0 -> 3.14.0)
pciutils (3.5.6 -> 3.6.2)
python-simplejson (3.16.0 -> 3.16.1)
rubygem-trollop (2.1.3 -> 2.9.9)
rubygem-unicorn (5.4.0 -> 5.4.1)
rubygem-web-console (3.6.2 -> 3.7.0)
rubygem-yajl-ruby (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)
vim (8.1.0318 -> 8.1.0401)
xf86-video-ati (18.0.1.g50 -> 18.1.0)

=== Details ===

==== ImageMagick ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: ImageMagick-extra libMagick++-7_Q16HDRI4 libMagickCore-7_Q16HDRI6
libMagickWand-7_Q16HDRI6 perl-PerlMagick

- update to 7.0.8-11:
* Fixed numerous use of uninitialized values, integer overflow, memory
exceeded, and timeouts (credit to OSS Fuzz).
* Add support for "module" security policy.
- disable PS, PS2, PS3, XPS and PDF coders in default policy.xml
- update to 7.0.8-10:
* Added dcraw coder (dcraw:img.cr2) that can be used to force the use of the
dcraw delegate when libraw is the default raw delegate.
* Restored thread support for the HEIC coder.
* ThumbnailImage function no longer reveals sensitive information (reference
- remove upstreamed ImageMagick-filter.t.patch

==== NetworkManager-applet ====
Version update (1.8.16 -> 1.8.18)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-applet-lang NetworkManager-connection-editor
libnma0 nma-data typelib-1_0-NMA-1_0

- Update to version 1.8.18:
+ libnma:
- Fix wrongly showing hidden GUI elements, which causes
connection editing to behave wrong
- c-e: Fix translation issues in GUI due to missing gettext
domain (bgo#792285).
+ Updated translations.

==== cpio ====
Subpackages: cpio-lang cpio-mt

- Use URL to fetch keyring
- Do not force building with PIE, it is default now anyways
- Use https for URLs
- Install license

==== dmidecode ====
Version update (3.1 -> 3.2)

- Update to upstream version 3.2:
* [COMPATIBILITY] The UUID is now displayed using lowercase
letters, per RFC 4122 (#53569). You must ensure that any code
parsing it is case-insensitive.
* Support for SMBIOS 3.2.0. This includes new processor names,
new socket and port connector types, new system slot state and
property, and support for non-volatile memory (NVDIMM).
* Support for Redfish management controllers.
* A new command line option to query a specific structure by its
* A new command line option to query the system family string.
* Support for 3 ThinkPad-specific structures (patch #9642).
* Support for HPE's new company name.
* Support UEFI on FreeBSD.
* Important bug fixes:
Fix firmware version of TPM device
Fix the HPE UEFI feature flag check
* (biosdecode) A new command line option to fully decode PIR
information (support request #109339).
* Obsoletes dmioem-reflect-hpe-new-company-name.patch,
dmidecode-fix-tpm-device-firmware-version.patch, and
* CHANGELOG is gone, package more compact NEWS file instead.
- Reenable signature checking.
- Use %license for LICENSE file.

==== firewalld ====
Subpackages: firewall-macros firewalld-lang python3-firewall

- Add upstream patch to fix Neighbor Discovery filtering for IPv6 (bsc#1105821)
* 0001-nftables-fix-rich-rules-ports-protocols-source-ports.patch
- Add upstream patch to fix building rules for multiple IP families
* 0001-fw_zone-consider-destination-for-protocols.patch
* 0002-fw_zone-fix-services-with-multiple-destination-IP-ve.patch

==== fwupd ====
Version update (1.1.0 -> 1.1.2)
Subpackages: fwupd-lang libfwupd2

- Update to version 1.1.2:
+ New Features:
- Add a new device flag "ignore-validation" that will override checks
- Add a new plugin to enumerate EC firmware
- Add a new plugin to update NVMe hardware
- Add a plugin for updating using the flashrom command line tool
- Allow the device list to take care of waiting for the device replug
- Allow updating just one specific device from the command line
- Allow upgrades using a self-signed fwupd.efi binary
- Download firmware if the user specifies a URI
- Include serial number in daemon device output when trusted
- Notify all plugins of device removals through a new vfunc
- Use boltd force power API if available
+ Bugfixes:
- Add an install hook for classic snap
- Allow forcing installation even if no AC power is applied
- Allow using --force to ignore version_lowest
- Always use the same HardwareIDs as Windows
- Check the device state before assuming a fake DFU runtime
- Copy over parent GUIDs from other plugin donors
- Detect location of python3 interpreter
- Do not add udev devices after a small delay
- Don't fail to run if compiled without GPG/PKCS7
- Fix a segfault in fwupdtool caused by cleanup of USB plugins
- Implement the systemd recommendations for offline updates
- Improve performance when reading keys from the quirk database
- Remove children of devices when the parent is removed
- Rewrite synapticsmst to use modern error handling
- Rewrite the unifying plugin to use the new daemon-provided functionality
- Show a time estimate on the progressbar after an update has started
- Use noun phrase for summary. Trim request for comments from
- Update to version 1.1.1:
+ New Features:
- Add support for the Synaptics Panamera hardware
- Add validation for Alpine and Titan Ridge
- Improve the Redfish plugin to actually work with real hardware
+ Bugfixes:
- Allow different plugins to add the same device
- Allow flashing unifying devices in recovery mode
- Allow running synapticsmst on non-Dell hardware
- Check the ESP for sanity at at startup
- Do not hold hidraw devices open forever
- Don't override _FORTIFY_SOURCE when building the EFI binary
- Don't show passwords in fwupdmgr
- Fix a potential segfault in smbios data parsing
- Fix encoding the GUID into the capsule EFI variable
- Fix various bugs when reading the thunderbolt version number
- Reboot synapticsmst devices at the end of flash cycle
- Show status messages when the daemon is initializing
- Show the correct title when updating devices
- Show the reasons that plugins are not run on the CLI
- Use localedir in po/make-images

==== gtksourceview ====
Version update (3.24.8 -> 3.24.9)
Subpackages: gtksourceview-lang libgtksourceview-3_0-1 typelib-1_0-GtkSource-3_0

- Update to version 3.24.9:
+ New syntax highlighting definition file for: Logtalk.
+ Improvements to the syntax highlighting of: Haskell, C++, GLSL,
and Markdown.
+ Performance improvements to space drawing.
+ Missing G_PARAM_DEPRECATED flag was added to :underline
+ Various memory leak fixes.
+ Updated translations.
- Add changes.lang language definition for changes file syntax
highlighting capabilities.

==== hwinfo ====
Version update (21.56 -> 21.57)

- merge gh#openSUSE/hwinfo#69
- check for vmware only when running in a vm (bsc#1105003)
- 21.57

==== icewm ====
Subpackages: icewm-config-upstream icewm-default icewm-lang icewm-lite

- Delete icewm.desktop and rename icewm-session.desktop to
icewm.desktop to fix the upgrade issue ( bsc#1096917 ).

==== libarchive ====
Version update (3.3.2 -> 3.3.3)
Subpackages: bsdtar libarchive13

- update to version 3.3.3
* Avoid super-linear slowdown on malformed mtree files
* Many fixes for building with Visual Studio
* NO_OVERWRITE doesn't change existing directory attributes
* New support for Zstandard read and write filters
- fix-CVE-2017-14166.patch is obsolete

==== libinput ====
Version update (1.11.3 -> 1.12.0)
Subpackages: libinput-udev libinput10

- Update to new upstream release 1.12.0
* Fixed: The tablet axis smoothing previously caused some axes
to change value even though the "axis has changed" bit wasn't
set in the event.
* The delta for tablet axis events is now always 0 for tip
up/down events. This works around the pointer jumps seen on
some devices when the tip is pressed/released.
* The fuzz handling (i.e. hysteresis auto-detection) was
restored after being accidentally removed during the
hwdb->quirks rework.

==== logrotate ====
Version update (3.13.0 -> 3.14.0)

- Rebase the logrotate-3.13.0-systemd_add_home_env.patch to be
unified patch again
- Use noun phrase. Trim filler wording from description.
Add a note that it is unrelated to journald.
- Version update to 3.14.0:
* make configure show support status for SELinux and ACL at the end
* make logrotate build again on FreeBSD
* move wtmp and btmp definitions from logrotate.conf to
separate configuration files in logrotate.d
* print a warning about logrotate doing nothing when -d is used
* do not reject executable config files
* add hardening options to logrotate.service in examples
* fix spurious compressor failure when using su and compress
* keep logrotate version in .tarball-version in release tarballs
* introduce the hourago configuration directive
* ignore empty patterns in tabooext to avoid exclusion of everything
* properly report skipped test cases instead of pretending success

==== mkfontdir ====

- Remove irrelevant parts from the description.
- recommends xorg-x11-fonts-core package, so an approprite
encodings.dir file can be written to each font directory

==== mkfontscale ====

- recommends xorg-x11-fonts-core package, so an approprite
encodings.dir file can be written to each font directory

==== pciutils ====
Version update (3.5.6 -> 3.6.2)
Subpackages: libpci3

- Update to version 3.6.2
* Added "-P" and "-PP" switches to lspci, which display the path
through bridges to each device.
* Fixed a couple of bugs in computation of bus topology. It was
previously used only for the tree display, but we re-use it
for computing the paths.
* As usual, updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
- changes for version 3.6.0
* BARs reported by the OS, but not set on the device itself are
reliably marked with "[virtual]".
* lib: Introduced a generic mechanism of string properties. This
avoids lots of special cases and makes ABI compatibility easier.
* On systems with OpenFirmware, report corresponding device tree
nodes as device properties.
* VPD decoder knows several non-standard extensions.
* When PCIe link speed is less than the maximum supported by the
device, it is explicitly marked as "downgraded".
* Several new capabilities are not decoded yet, but at least
their names are printed.
* The Null capability is easily decoded.
* Formatting of several capabilities was cleaned up.
* The VGA16 bit in the bridge control register is now supported.
* Added a port to SylixOS.
* Added a port to DOS/DJGPP
* The order in which back-ends are probed was decoupled from the
internal back-end IDs. This helps, because new back-ends must
have their ID allocated at the end to keep the ABI, but they
might need to be proved earlier.
* The fbsd-device back-end should work again.
* Fixed a couple of bugs. Most notably, DeviceName was not printed.
- cleanup with spec-cleaner
- rebase pciutils-endianh.patch

==== python-appdirs ====
Subpackages: python2-appdirs python3-appdirs

- Revert removal of the code fixing egginfo (boo#1107798)
- Actually we don't need remove-setuptools-dependency.patch,
when we don't run python test anymore. So, remove it.
- Clean SPEC and remove circular dependency on python-setuptools
(Add remove-setuptools-dependency.patch patch to do this)
- Use setuptools normally
- Run tests
- Submission to SUSE:SLE-12-SP3:Update:PubClouds
This commit tracks the submission for fate#326575
and bsc#1103542

==== python-pycurl ====
Subpackages: python2-pycurl python3-pycurl

- Switch to multibuild, so that we don't need testing BuildRequires

==== python-simplejson ====
Version update (3.16.0 -> 3.16.1)

- update to version 3.16.1:
* Added examples for JSON lines use cases
* Add wheels for more Python versions and platforms

==== rubygem-trollop ====
Version update (2.1.3 -> 2.9.9)

- updated to version 2.9.9
see installed History.txt
== [2.9.9] / 2018-08-49
* [DEPRECATION] This gem has been renamed to optimist and will no longer be
supported. Please switch to optimist as soon as possible.
- updated to version 2.1.3
see installed History.txt

==== rubygem-unicorn ====
Version update (5.4.0 -> 5.4.1)

- updated to version 5.4.1
see installed NEWS
=== unicorn 5.4.0 / 2017-12-23 23:33 UTC
Rack hijack support improves as the app code can capture and use
the Rack `env' privately without copying it (to avoid clobbering
by another client). Thanks to Sam Saffron for reporting and
testing this new feature:
We also now support $DEBUG being set by the Rack app (instead of
relying on the "-d" CLI switch). Thanks to James P Robinson Jr
for reporting this bug:
(Coincidentally, this fix will be irrelevant for Ruby 2.5
which requires 'pp' by default)
There's a few minor test cleanups and documentation updates, too.
All commits since v5.3.1 (2017-10-03):
reduce method calls with String#start_with?
require 'pp' if $DEBUG is set by Rack app
avoid reusing env on hijack
tests: cleanup some unused variable warnings
ISSUES: add a note about Debian BTS interopability
Roughly all mailing discussions since the last release:

==== rubygem-web-console ====
Version update (3.6.2 -> 3.7.0)

- updated to version 3.7.0
see installed CHANGELOG.markdown
[#]# 3.7.0
* [#263]( Show binding changes
* [#258]( Support Ctrl-A,
Ctrl-W and Ctrl-U ([@gsamokovarov])
* [#257]( Always try to keep
the console underneath the website content ([@gsamokovarov])

==== rubygem-yajl-ruby ====
Version update (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)

- updated to version 1.4.1
see installed

==== vim ====
Version update (8.1.0318 -> 8.1.0401)
Subpackages: gvim vim-data vim-data-common

- update to version 8.1.401
* refresh vim-8.1.0297-dump3.patch
* Can't get swap name of another buffer.
* Using freed memory with :diffget.
* 'hlsearch' highlight remains in other window
* No event triggered after updating diffs
* Diffs are not always updated correctly
* Not all white space difference options available.
* Error while typing :/foo/s// with 'incsearch' enabled
* Building in a shadow directory fails.
* Coverity complains about possible NULL pointer use.
* Sign ordering depends on +netbeans feature.
* Missing source file rename.
* some make programs can't handle dependency on "xdiff/../"
* Variable declaration not at start of block.
* "make proto" doesn't work well.
* Xdiff doesn't use the Vim memory allocation functions
* Compiler warning for uninitialized variable.
* Moving the cursor is slow when 'relativenumber' is set.
* Screen updating still slow when 'cursorline' is set.
* Argument types for select() may be wrong.
* Not using internal diff if 'diffopt' is not changed
* Continuation lines cannot contain comments.
* GTK code has too many #ifdefs and building fails with GTK 2.10.
* getchar(1) no longer processes pending messages
* Pieces of the xdiff code are not used.
* Function profile doesn't specify where it was defined.
* compiler warning in xdiff code
* Internal diff isn't used by default as advertised.
* Cannot get the script line number when executing a function.
* Remote user not used for completion.
* Using an external diff program is slow and inflexible.
* Crash when using term_dumpwrite() after the job finished.
* Using :s with 'incsearch' prevents CTRL-R CTRL-W.
* Incorrect adjusting the popup menu for the preview window.
* an "after" directory of a package is appended to 'rtp'
* browsing compressed tar files does not always work
* 'incsearch' for :/foo/s//<Esc> changes last search pattern.
* Vim may block on ch_sendraw()
* Crash when wiping buffer in a callback.
* Cannot get the window id associated with the location list.
* 'hlsearch' highlighting has a gap after /$.
* 'shellslash' is not used for getcwd() with local directory.
* Crash when a callback deletes a window that is being used.
* :argadd in empty buffer changes the buffer name
* wrong highlight when 'incsearch' set and cancelling :s.
* :file fails in quickfix command.
* 'autowrite' takes effect when buffer is not to be written.
* :mkview does not restore cursor properly after "$"
* Get Gdk-Critical error on first balloon show.
* The qf_add_entries() function is too long.
* using inputlist() during startup results in garbage
* inputlist() doesn't work with a timer.
* Screen dump does not consider NUL and space equal.
* Strings in swap file may not be NUL terminated.
* 'incsearch' regression: /\v highlights everything.
* Too much 'incsearch' highlight for pattern matching everything.

==== xf86-video-ati ====
Version update (18.0.1.g50 -> 18.1.0)

- Update to release 18.1.0
* This release supports xserver versions 1.13-1.20.
* Fixed random screen corruption and crashes when using GLAMOR with Xorg
* Support for leasing RandR outputs to clients.
* Various robustness fixes for TearFree. In particular, fixed several
cases in which disabling TearFree at runtime would result in the Xorg
process freezing or crashing.
* Fixed some m4 related build issues with older versions of autotools.

==== xinit ====

- xinit-nolonger-unset-dbus-session.patch
* no longer unset DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS variable to prevent
gnome-session (and probably other DEs or programs, except of
Plasma) from launching a new D-Bus session, while systemd has
already launched its own. Unsetting it broke user systemd
services that use D-Bus (e.g. PulseAudio), because X uses
another D-Bus session (boo#1108549)

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