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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: Let's move to a more modern platform
Please stop cc'ing me personally.
I subscribe to the list. That is adequate.

On 31/07/18 02:48 PM, Ronan Chagas wrote:

Like what? Are you talking about full-text indexing?
Not just this. Things like instant image sharing, real-time conversation,
easier way to show source-code, etc.

There are a number of replies to that.
The fist is about POLICY. We have a policy not to use attachments.
That is both limiting and liberating.
It means you can't mail-bomb user on the list who aren't interested in that
specific thread. It also mean you have a wide range of means of showing your
code elsewhere.

The second is that "real time" is a variable concept[1].
I regularly make use of IM which CAN have a turnaround of second IF AND ONLY IF
the other party is up and ready. Heck, on that basis I've had 'real time'
conversations across the Atlantic by email. Back in 1989.

I've mentioned NetNews. Back before the great Renaming someone observed that
the propagation speed of netnews though the highly connected areas such as
California and New England and the Golden Horseshoe was faster than a wildfire.
The bandwidth might now have rivalled the proverbial truck-load of mag tape but
it was certainly faster than paved highways permitted.

Oh, and there are IRC channels.
I find the lack of threading on them confusing but they are recognized as
powerful and fast "real time" resources.

There's a lot extant if you look for it.

[1] I make this point a many of use have built 'real time' process control where
the response has to be not just in milliseconds or better, but is also strictly
bound in that the response MUST occur within the stated time.
Think avionic control at Mach 5.
Think the speed controlling the magnets on the CERN ring.

/me squares everything, to remove negativeness (except for imaginary things,
which don't matter, and complex things, which are too complex).
-- mdw, on IRC
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