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Re: [opensuse-factory] Proposal: Let's move to a more modern platform
On 31/07/18 01:42 PM, Ronan Chagas wrote:

openSUSE has many mailing lists and some are very active. I, as a developer,
must follow some to make sure I did not miss an important news.

That's your decision.
In my developer days I drilled down on work and test! test! test! and Document!
Document! Document! and see, even now I'm no longer pressured in that way, as
having more than a very few highly focused lists as being a consumer of time
that could be better spent elsewhere. Like scrubbing the kitchen floor!

IMHO, mailing lists through e-mails are not that good anymore.

Agreed but for completely different reasons that you point out.

And it gets back to Churchill's observation about 'democracy':

No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise.
Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst
form of Government except all those other forms that
have been tried from time to time.

For 'democracy' read 'mailing list'; for 'Government' read 'communication'.

It is very
difficult to search for a message (if you did not archive everything,

That begs the question: why would it be easier if you DID archive everything?

then you must rely on the on-line database),

So really your complaint is about the on-line database, not about what a mailing
list is. If you can search you own archive but not a specific mailing list's
on-line archive, that must be the case.

So what is the problem? is it that the on-line database doesn't index the field
you want? Is it that it indexes fields but doesn't do the humongous job of
implementing a full-text search engine on the body of each message as well?
Certainly if you are searching your own archived messages using GREP or
grep-like tools in C/Perl/Python... then the latter is the case.

Please clarify.

if you delete a message, reply to
that thread is not very straightforward, etc.

That I disagree with.
I think it gets down to a matter of 'technique'.

I am wondering why do we not change to a more modern platform created with
this kind of discussion in mind? In Julia project, they setup a discourse
( It turn out that it is very good. In my
opinion, much better than mailing lists using e-mails.

IMNSHO it is not better; it is basically like many web forums that I've seen in
past ages, just dressed slightly differently.

And the main objection most people will have to it is quite simple.
You have to go there.
A mailing list is a lightweight protocol, so lightweight that we can use
text-based interfaces. It is delivered to to.
These are important considerations.
These are the primary objections people have, always have had, to on-line

What do you think about this?

Have you tried the IRC feed?

The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.
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