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Re: [opensuse-factory] Killing Group tag in .spec files
On 2018-05-30, 07:07 GMT, Scott Bahling wrote:
With the high group memberships numbers today
(Languages/Haskell alone for example is 2000+ pkgs) - not to
mention the terrible package descriptions that usually go
along with it - the yast group view certainly feels more like
a telephone book than a curated guide.

Ah yeah, you remind me that I wanted to discuss with the
Haskell team if we can make the rpm Group tags better

It's déjà vu all over again. This is exactly the discussion
I have experienced couple of years on Fedora lists. Let me
enumerate the steps:

1. Somebody asks “What is the Group field for? Does anybody
use it?”

2. “Groups are such mess, that almost nobody uses them.”

3. So, let’s fix them! Current situation when half of our
packages are thrown into Text/Processing is crazy

4. <group of volunteers works for weeks on new list of
groups, which is incredibly long and detailed, so
leaf-nodes lead to some useful selection of packages>

5. It’s crazy, how can I classify everything when selecting
from 1200 groups? Why is one text stream processing tool
(sed) System/Base and other (python2-html2text) is
Development/Languages/Python? Shouldn’t they both be
Productivity/File utilities, or perhaps
Productivity/Text/Editors ? What about
Productivity/Text/Convertors, and

And why there is the first level group Productivity at
all? Does it mean that other packages don’t help

6. <group of volunteers works for weeks on new list of
groups, which is a way shorter>

7. Grr, now Groups are completely useless, because we have
1200 packages in Text/Utilities!

8. <whole dance repeats couple of times>

9. <distro quietly abandons Group field>

Take a look at ... the
bottom part (“Valid (but deprecated) RPM GROUPS”) is the step 6,
top is the step 9. ;)


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